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Does SARS-CoV-2 alter the expression of molecules involved in the homeostasis of blood pressure?

A recent study finds that COVID-19 alters the expression of several molecules involved in the homeostasis of blood pressure.
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Use of nanotherapeutics in treating coronavirus diseases

Despite advancements in medicine, viral infections still pose a huge threat to human health and are a significant concern for global public health systems.
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Coronaviruses identified in two species of Sri Lankan bats

Researchers sampled different species of bats roosting in the Wavul Galge cave in Sri Lanka and found two species harboring alpha- and beta-coronaviruses.
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Single-dose of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine reduces symptom duration

A study of workers administered the first dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine showed that they had reduced symptoms and faster viral clearance within six days of administration.
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Birthday parties may have boosted infection rates at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic

The link between birthdays and COVID-19 could explain higher infections in counties that did not prevent such gatherings.
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[VIDEO] Keep calm & jab on: These numbers will boost your faith in Covid-19 vaccines

Allergic reactions, unusual blood clots and heart inflammation have all been linked to Covid vaccines. But most people won’t experience these severe reactions. Watch this easy explainer The post [VIDEO] Keep calm & jab on: These numbers will boost your faith in Covid-19 vaccines appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Smoother silicone breast implants can reduce inflammation and other immune system reactions

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Rice University in Houston, silicone breast implants with a smoother surface design have less risk of producing inflammation and other immune system reactions than those with more roughly textured coatings.
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Researchers develop new therapeutic approach for treating acute myeloid leukemia

Leukemia stem cells are rare cells that can renew themselves while continuing to generate malignant cells known as leukemic blasts. These cells are difficult to eradicate using chemotherapy drugs and frequently lead to recurrence of leukemia.
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New tool exposes deeply entrenched inequities in COVID-19 outcomes

The Urban Health Collaborative, housed in Drexel University's Dornsife School of Public Health, recently published its "COVID-19 Health Inequities in Cities" dashboard - which exposes deeply entrenched inequities in cities across the United States through the lens of comprehensive data on COVID-19 outcomes.
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New test bed launched to advance the regenerative medicine field

The RegeneratOR Test Bed has officially launched, bringing together resources to advance the regenerative medicine field nationally and create an economic development engine for the region and the state overall.
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Consumption of boiled or baked potatoes can reduce systolic blood pressure

A new study published in Nutrients investigated the effect of increased dietary potassium from a whole food source--baked/boiled potatoes and baked French fries--or a potassium supplement on blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease risk factors compared to a 'typical American' control diet (lower potassium intake) among 30 pre-hypertensive to hypertensive men and women.
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New human organoid mimics the earliest developmental steps of the nervous system in embryos

The progression from a round ball of cells to an embryo with a head and a tail is one of the most critical steps in an organism's development. But just how cells first start organizing themselves with directionality along this head-to-tail axis is hard to study because it happens in the earliest days of embryonic development, in the confines of a mammal's uterus.
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Mediterranean diet combined with a daily bout of exercise can stave off dementia

It's been named the world's best diet for weight loss, but now researchers at the University of South Australia are confident that the Mediterranean Diet - combined with a daily bout of exercise - can also stave off dementia, slowing the decline in brain function that is commonly associated with older age.
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Clinicians report cases of rare neurological disorder following COVID-19 vaccination

In two separate articles in the Annals of Neurology, clinicians in India and England report cases of a rare neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre? syndrome after individuals were vaccinated against COVID-19.
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Study: Immune responses may develop against other proteins produced by SARS-CoV-2

All coronaviruses produce four primary structural proteins and multiple nonstructural proteins. However, the majority of antibody-based SARS-CoV-2 research has focused on the spike and nucleocapsid proteins.
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"EU Atlas: Dementia & Migration" addresses country-specific experiences

For individuals with a migrant background affected by dementia, access to medical information and care services can be hampered due to language barriers and cultural differences from the native population: This is because culturally sensitive medical and nursing care as well as multilingual information materials are not yet standard - neither in Germany nor in many other parts of Europe.
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Tiny home village to shelter homeless Angelenos opens in Echo Park

LOS ANGELES — A “tiny home village” that can serve as interim housing for up to 74 people experiencing homelessness is now open in a former parking lot in Echo Park. Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said the site, located at the corner of Alvarado Street and Scott Avenue, has 38 new cabins, showers, restrooms, a laundry area and a dog run. Residents will be provided with medical care, case management services and three meals a day. Thirty-two people had moved into the village as of Friday, according t...
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LA Care Health Plan commits $5 million to new South LA medical school program

LOS ANGELES — As part of its $155 million commitment to attract physicians to underserved areas, L.A. Care Health Plan announced Monday, June 21 that it is giving $5 million to help fund the creation of a South L.A. medical school program focused on serving under-resourced communities. The donation will support the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, an historically black private medical school in Willowbrook that trains 28 medical students each year through a partnership with UC...
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LA Public Health announces study into Inglewood Oil Field health impacts

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced on Monday, June 21, it will conduct a second study, led by UCLA research teams, into the health impacts of living near the Inglewood Oil Field. UCLA teams will develop and implement the assessment, which will take into consideration residents’ distance from oil fields in an effort to better understand how community health is impacted. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will develop the assessment’s protoco...
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Updated version of AGS Minimum Geriatrics Competencies for Graduating Medical Students published

The American Geriatrics Society has published an updated version of the AGS Minimum Geriatrics Competencies for Graduating Medical Students, which were created to ensure that medical school graduates across the U.S. are prepared to provide high-quality care for us all as we age.
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Dual-antibody combination therapies effective against SARS-CoV-2 variants in animal study

COVID-19 therapies made from antibodies often are given to patients who are at high risk of severe illness and hospitalization. However, there have been nagging questions about whether such antibody therapies retain their effectiveness as worrisome new virus variants arise.
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LGB Millennials have worse health disadvantages, study finds

While the LGBTQ+ community has seen significant advancements in legal rights, political representation and social acceptance over recent years, mental and physical health disparities still exist for queer Americans - and are even worse among younger generations, says a new study from Michigan State University.
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Discovery provides new target to make melanomas more vulnerable to anti-cancer treatments

Hypoxia, or the inadequate oxygenation of a tissue, is a condition occurring frequently in all solid tumors such as melanoma skin cancer.
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Dissatisfaction with married life increases men's risk of death from stroke and premature mortality

Dissatisfaction with married life raises the risk of dying from a cerebrovascular accident: A new Tel Aviv University study reveals that perceiving marriage as unsuccessful is a significant predictor of death from a CVA and premature death among men, no less that well-known risk factors such as smoking and lack of physical activity.
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POSTECH research team develops plant-based, adjuvant-free avian influenza vaccine

The avian influenza, an acute viral infectious disease that occurs in poultry such as chickens, ducks, and migratory birds, has been reported to be transmittable to humans.
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Upper airway model derived from iPSCs paves the way for broader studies of viral lung infections

A team led by researchers at Newcastle University, UK has successfully created a model of the cells found in the lungs that can be used to replicate how COVID-19 infects the airways.
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Unrepaired DNA damage can increase the speed of aging, study suggests

Every day, our bodies face a bombardment of UV rays, ozone, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals and other hazards.
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Researchers analyze how breast implant surfaces influence immune response

Rice University bioengineers collaborated on a six-year study that systematically analyzed how the surface architecture of breast implants influences the development of adverse effects, including an unusual type of lymphoma.
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NAU mechanical engineer awarded NSF grant to pioneer wearable rehabilitation strategy

Zach Lerner, an assistant professor in Northern Arizona University's Department of Mechanical Engineering, was recently awarded a $538,563 grant from the National Science Foundation to build on his research into restoring neuromuscular function and augmenting human ability through the design, control and testing of robotic exoskeletons.
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Scientists use EBRAINS to teach robots vision and touch

How the brain lets us perceive and navigate the world is one of the most fascinating aspects of cognition. When orienting ourselves, we constantly combine information from all six senses in a seemingly effortless way - a feature that even the most advanced AI systems struggle to replicate.
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