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14th Anniversary Of Mitch’s Blog; Who I Am, What I Do

Today is the 14th year that I’ve been writing on this blog. Since I took a moment for myself for my 13th anniversary, I’ll bypass that for now because it’s a bit too ingratiating to do it two years in a row; at least that’s how I see it. Most of the time when I […]
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JP & Associates latest brokerage to offer health care to agents

Texas-based JP & Associates Realtors is the latest real estate company to offer its agents an associated health care plan, the company announced.
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Elizabeth Warren to Unveil Universal Child Care Plan Funded by Tax on Ultra-Wealthy

It would limit American families’ expenses to 7% of income
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Health Update

I meant to do this a while back, but I've been busy and not particularly motivated to write.  Because so many of my readers obviously are interested in my health - you guys overwhelmed me with your donations - I thought I'd let you know how things are going.I had my four month, 4,000 mile lube, oil change and tire rotation at Mayo earlier this month.  My A1C (90-day average blood sugar) was 4.2 - the minimum "normal" range - so I'm no longer diabetic.  My cholesterol, both good and bad, is excel...
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You Might Not Have to Pay That Medical Bill

The next time you get a medical bill in the mail, it’s worth a phone call to find out if you actually have to pay it, or if it was billed to you erroneously.Read more...
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Hospital CFO’s, This One’s For You

I write a lot of articles about the revenue cycle in hospitals. In some of them, it looks like I’m picking on chief financial officers. True, I’m the guy who wrote an article telling CFO’s that I don’t want their job. I also wrote an article discussing why hospital CFO’s don’t hire consultants like me […]
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New "swallowable needles" could deliver insulin as a pill

Insulin breaks down in the stomach, so diabetics haven't had the option of taking insulin in a pill.A new device whose design is inspired by tortoises can be swallowed and inject diabetics with insulin from the inside.Though it's still a prototype, the device is an exciting development for delivering insulin and other drugs. None No matter the delivery mechanism, consistently getting a dose of insulin is inconvenient, complicated, and non-negotiable. The unfortunate nature of insulin is that it ...
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Live: Ask the 'Am I Dying?!' Doctors Your Pressing Health Questions [Update: Finished]

Aaaaand we’re live! Until 2 pm EST, cardiologists Christopher Kelly, M.D., M.S., and Marc Eisenberg, M.D., F.A.C.C.—authors of the book—will be in the comments section below to address any health concerns you have. (If you need inspiration, check out our last Q&A with them.)Read more...
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Live: Ask the 'Am I Dying?!' Doctors Your Pressing Health Questions 

Aaaaand we’re live! Until 2 pm EST, cardiologists Christopher Kelly, M.D., M.S., and Marc Eisenberg, M.D., F.A.C.C.—authors of the book—will be in the comments section below to address any health concerns you have. (If you need inspiration, check out our last Q&A with them.)Read more...
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Are You Dying? Ask Two Cardiologists Your Health Questions Tomorrow at 1 PM EST

So: That weird clicking sound in your knee is back again. And today, you randomly got nauseated for like an hour but then it went away and now you kinda have a headache. Oh god, didn’t you read somewhere that that’s the sign of an oncoming stroke? Does anyone else smell burned toast?Read more...
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What to Do With Tax Form 1095-C

The Affordable Care Act requires applicable large employers—or an organization that employs at least 50 workers full time—to send Form 1095-C, “Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage,” to employees. If you’ve worked full time for a company for at least one month of the year, you’ll receive the form in…Read more...
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Johnson & Johnson Will Start Showing Drug Prices in Its TV Ads

Anyone who pays close attention to television drug commercials—perhaps because they enjoy the ominous, rapid muttering of side effects—will soon notice something new. On Thursday, Johnson & Johnson announced it would begin showing drug prices alongside photogenic actors doing mundane things in its televised ads next…Read more...
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Health Officials Are Urging Vaccinations Amid a Measles Outbreak in the Northwest

Health officials worry it could take months to contain the illness due to a lower-than-normal vaccination rate
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How to ask for a raise as a millennial

Millennials objectively have it harder than past generations. Wages are stagnant while housing, healthcare, and education costs soar.Ask for a raise every year. Hobbes frames it like this: "If your company is employing you they are making money off of you, and you are entitled to some percentage of that money."Advice for millennials: Don't plead poverty to get a raise. State your value, or job hop to a company that will pay you more.
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Doctors Make Mistakes. A New Documentary Explores What Happens When They Do—and How to Fix It

"To Err is Human" looks at the consequences of medical errors
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Get Reimbursed for Years-Old Medical Expenses with Your HSA

If you have a Health Savings Account attached to your high-deductible health plan, you likely know that you can use it to get reimbursed throughout the year for medical expenses. But HSAs have another benefit: There’s no time limit on getting reimbursed. As long as you had the HSA open when you accrued a medical bill,…Read more...
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26 ultra-rich people own as much as the world's 3.8 billion poorest

A new report by Oxfam argues that wealth inequality is causing poverty and misery around the world. In the last year, the world's billionaires saw their wealth increase by 12%, while the poorest 3.8 billion people on the planet lost 11% of their wealth.The report prompted Anand Giridharadas to tweet: "Don't be Pinkered into everything's-getting-better complacency." We explain what Steven Pinker's got to do with it.A new report by Oxfam argues that inequality around the word is so out of hand th...
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How pharmaceutical companies game the patent system

When a company reaches the top of the ladder, they typically kick it away so that others cannot climb up on it. The aim? So that another company can't compete. When this happens in the pharmaceutical world, certain companies stay at the top of the ladder, through broadly-protected patents, at the cost of everyday people benefitting from increased competition. Since companies have worked out how to legally game the system, Amin argues we need to get rid of this "one size fits all" system, which t...
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Innovaccer nabs $11 million from Microsoft’s VC arm to give doctors a better window into patient heatlh

Cracking the silos of digital health records promises to bring better care to patients by better informing doctors, according to Abhinav Shashank, the chief executive officer of San Francisco-based startup Innovaccer . Shashank’s company is just wrapping up a $35 million round of financing with a new $11 million commitment from Microsoft’s investment arm M12 (formerly known as Microsoft Ventures). The corporate investor joins Westbridge, and Lightspeed Partners, who previously committed to the...
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Schedule Your Medical Appointments Right Now 

Have you scheduled your annual check-ups for 2019? One consideration: Front load all of your regular medical appointments, screenings and check ins at the beginning of the year.Read more...
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AI Diagnoses Genetic Disorders Using Facial Photos

While doctors can identify genetic disorders with an accuracy between 70% and 75%, DeepGestalt—an AI project by FDNA—can do so with accuracy of 90% and over. By analyzing the face piece-by-piece, the system finds a corresponding disorder for that crop, moves on to the next and then pools the results to find the most proper diagnosis for the patient. For the 8% of the population that’s …
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A Judge Blocked the Trump Administration’s Birth Control Rules in 13 States

The lawsuit covers California, 12 other states and Washington, D.C.
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Is granting children's wishes cost-effective? A new study looks at Make-A-Wish.

Make-A-Wish stories are heartwarming, but are they worth the cost?Effective donations to the right charities can save lives, even if they don't make for good reading.A recent study into the value of wishes on health care costs gives good news for everybody. Remember Batkid? That adorable little cancer patient who saved San Francis— I mean, Gotham, from the Riddler and Penguin? Who had a whole article about him in the San Francisco Chronicle written by Clark Kent? Who reminded us that the world i...
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Do a Medication Checkup With Your Doctor or Pharmacist

If you take multiple prescriptions, or have started using an oner-the-counter medication or supplement, it’s probably time to check in with your doctor.Read more...
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Non Sequiturs: 12.30.18

* In 2018, what did Donald Trump talk about when he talked about the courts? Adam Feldman dives into the data to find out. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of President Trump and the judiciary, he continues to appoint federal judges at a record pace -- but the Democrats are doing everything they can to slow down his progress. [Bench Memos / National Review] * If you care at all about affordable housing, then you should be heartened by these developments in the fight against exclusionary zoning, a...
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5 Tips For Buying High Quality Cannabis On A Budget

Cannabis is becoming a household word as more and more people are realizing the health benefits that little plan contains. Those that used cannabis years ago were considered pot-heads that couldn’t hold a good job because they were stoned all the time. Using cannabis is becoming so popular now that it is widely accepted and readily available, that your average American is enjoying it’s benefits whether you realize it or not. If you are looking to add marijuana into your life, you may be...
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Too far right and left? DC think tank releases manifesto for radical centrism

Niskanen Center, a Washington think tank, argues for avoiding the extremes of political positions.The analysts propose that both a regulated free market and bolstered social insurance programs are important.If we don't correct course soon, the American political system may never recover, warn the authors. None If you've had enough of all the political bickering coming from all sides, a Washington think tank released a manifesto that it hopes will inspire those in the middle. The Niskanen Cen...
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These Were the Flying Hospitals of the Future in 1960

Do you need urgent medical care but are far away from a hospital? We’ll bring the hospital to you! At least, that was the futuristic idea behind this edition of the newspaper comic, Closer Than We Think. And while it still feels a long way off, there are signs that we’re slowly but surely moving into a direction where…Read more...
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A Judge Ruled Obamacare is Unconstitutional, Here’s How it Could Impact Your Health Insurance

A federal judge’s ruling late Friday that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional is raising questions for tens of millions of Americans who depend on the law for their health insurance. However, the law has not been invalidated yet, and the White House,, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have said…
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What's worse than drug addiction? The cruelty of drug treatments.

Many drug treatment centers are run as for-profit institutions. Making a buck off of treating people's addictions often runs counter to actually helping addicts. Some Chinese drug centers are experimenting with removing an addict's nucleus accumbens, which saps them of their ability to feel pleasure. The solution to drug addiction may be creating better drugs to be addicted to, says author and journalist Maia Szalavitz. Unbroken Brain: A R...
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