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Reduce food waste with your new best friend Meal Prep Mate

In a world filled with convenient fast-food wherever you go and a focus on instant gratification, it can be a serious challenge to eat healthily and keep your food waste to a minimum. For many of us, our busy lives cause us to make daily food decisions that fill our diets with highly processed foods, which are often wrapped in single-use packaging. But there is a way you can not only eat healthily, but you can reduce food waste while saving time and money, too. The answer is meal prep. In an ef...
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If You're Tracking Calories, Log Dinner First

Tracking what you eat is a lot like budgeting: you have a certain amount of calories or nutrients to “spend” throughout the day. Planning is key, which can be a little nerve-wracking: what if I spent too many calories on breakfast? Will I be hungry at dinner? Read more...
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How to Track Your Food Without Counting Calories 

Keeping track of what you eat can help you make better choices, because you know that whatever you choose, you’ll have to write it down. But that doesn’t mean you need to obsess over every calorie or ask an app to run weight loss calculations. If you just want to look for big-picture patterns in your diet, YouAte…Read more...
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“End Your Sugar Addiction In 2019”: Guest Expert Dr. Elin Ostman Tells How!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be more physically active? Looking to improve your concentration and sleep patterns? Want to be healthier? Would you want to look younger? You can do that by cutting the sugar you have in your diet. I don’t mean just sugar you dish out by the […]
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8 of the best fruits and vegetables you can eat in their entirety

In the United States, approximately 40 percent of food is never eaten. Not only does this food waste damage your pocketbook, but it also has a major environmental impact. Changing your food habits is a great way to do your part in the battle against food waste. Shopping smarter, eating leftovers, improving food storage and donating to food banks are great ideas for reducing food waste. There is one obvious move you can make that many people don’t realize — you can stop throwing out parts of you...
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It's the Fifth Week of 2019, So Here's Your Reminder to Re-Focus on 5 Healthy Habits

Out with the bad and in with the good! If you've slacked on your resolutions already, here are some simple habits to focus on for a better year. It’s officially 2019 and so far the name of the game has been filling your life with things that spark joy (per Marie Kondo's expertise) and saying thank you, next to the things that don’t.  Aka: self-love > any and all things that intend to bring you down. The most important part of self-love is by far self-care. Putting the proper care into your bod...
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Is a flexitarian diet right for you?

Going vegan or vegetarian might be a good choice for your health — as well as the environment — but not everyone wants to take the extreme measure of cutting meat and other animal products completely out of their diet. So, over the past five years, many who want to live a healthy life and/or do their part in the fight against climate change have opted for the flexitarian diet. What is flexitarianism? Flexitarianism doesn’t go as far as veganism or vegetarianism, but it does include some ...
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Here's How Much Protein You Really Need

Your muscles are made of protein, so if you’re building muscle you need to eat up. But how much protein do you really need? More than a couch potato, but less than the protein-crazy gym bros would have you believe. Here’s how to quickly calculate the real answer. Read more...
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10 tasty and easy vegan dinner ideas

Choosing to live a healthy, vegan lifestyle can be an easy choice to make, but when it comes to actually following through and cooking those meals every day, it can seem like a complicated, time-consuming task. Not to mention, recipes can easily become repetitive. Cooking plant-based meals doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little planning and a smart grocery shopping strategy, you can make quick and easy vegan dinners every day of the week. Here are 10 dinner ideas to help keep your diet ful...
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How to Block Your Sugar Cravings With Chemistry

Clearly sugar is not great for us. But it’s so delicious! And as anyone who’s ever sat down to eat one Twizzler and accidentally polished off the bag (i.e. everyone) can tell you, once you start, it can be hard to stop. If only there was something to interrupt the deadly and delicious cycle...Read more...
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5 Simple Steps to Keep Yourself Healthy in College -- and Why Skipping Them is a Bad Idea

Follow these tips to feel good all throughout the semester, even during finals week."When you feel great, you emanate a certain energy that translates as beautiful." - Christie BrinkleyWe all know that staying healthy in college isn't easy. During the semester it's easy to get wrapped up in heavy coursework, clubs, work, and interning and completely sacrifice your health in the process. While there are some easy steps you can take to avoid germs when you live in the dorms, avoiding acute illness...
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Teaching Your Child Body Positivity

Today’s society has an image-driven culture that focuses on unrealistic standards of beauty for people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities. These standards not only have a negative impact on adults but are impacting children with alarming consequences. Eating disorders among children have increased significantly in the past 20 years. While the greatest prevalence is among adolescents ages 13 to 18, children as young as 5 years old are dieting. More than ever, it’s important to teach children ...
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How to eat healthy while traveling

Eating right while traveling can be tough. Your schedule is thrown out of whack, and there’s a good chance that the food options at most airports or hotels are more in line with Guy Fieri than Antoni Porowski. Sometimes, it can feel like the only option is to abandon your healthy eating goals or go hungry. But you don’t have to let a flight, long hotel stay, or road trip push you into a spiral of fast food and snacks. We reached out to nutritionists to gather the best tips for healthy eating ...
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How to cook and enjoy 10 types of squash other than pumpkin

‘Tis the season for pies, soups, breads and fall produce. Whether you roast, puree, bake or sauté it, squash is one of the few fall/winter options for cooking with fresh produce, thanks to its tough outer skin that shields it from cold temperatures. While pumpkin steals the show this time of year, there are many other options from which to choose. From butternut squash to sweet dumpling squash, there are endless varieties of this amazing vegetable, and even more delicious ways to prepare it. To...
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How Marketing Created Superfoods

What’s so special about superfoods, anyway? Even as the term fades slightly from marketing copy, we all still pay attention to specific foods that we’ve heard are better for us than the rest. Red wine. Goji berries. Kale.Read more...
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Food labels: Can they help us to pick healthy portions?

From packaged food products on the supermarket shelves to calories listed on menus in fast food outlets, food labels and the nutrition information they contain are all around us. But what effect do these labels have on consumers? Does food marketing influence what you actually eat? Previous research has shown that food labels are a useful tool to assist consumers in making healthier food choices. They have also been found to influence how healthy people perceive products to be. For example, when...
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How To Tell If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes has spread across the country like wildfire. There is a pretty good chance that you know someone who is dealing with diabetes. Or, you might be dealing with the disease on your own. The truth of the matter is that diabetes is very dangerous! If it is not monitored and controlled, there is a possibility that it could turn deadly. The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to treat the problem. Within this guide, you’re going to learn more about the symptoms and ...
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Delicious and Easy Nutella Granola Recipe

This post contains affiliate links. Nutella makes everything better. Am I right? Both of my daughters love to eat yogurt as a healthy snack after school but the older they get, I am finding it harder... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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September 2018 Favorites: The 5 Things I Loved Last Month

If 2018 could stop flying by at the speed of light that would be amazing, because I can't believe October is here. October is my favorite month of the year because of one reason: Halloween, AKA the greatest holiday in existence. So while I'm scheming my costume, I still think September was a pretty great month. September was the month of moments, as school officially just started two weeks ago for me. September was celebrating my little brother's birthday, moving back to school, finishing out on...
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5 Ways To Manage Your Energy Levels

No one doubts that we live in a world that is moving at lightning pace. In fact, the speed of change has never been faster. As a result, the most common theme I keep hearing my clients and colleagues say is “there are not enough hours in the day.” How can I get everything done? I need to learn to manage my time better. I need to become more productive. Yet ironically, none of us can learn to manage time. As a leader, you all have 24 hours in a day – 1,440 minutes. This is a constant, which is ne...
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How I Meal Plan on a Budget

Keep your mouth - and your wallet - full.This May, I was faced with a new dilemma. After seventeen years living in my parents' house, and two years living on campus, I was on my own for the first time. This came with a whole new set of responsibilities, from paying rent, to taking out my own trash, to cleaning my own bathroom. But the one that I dealt with most often was having to fend for my own food. I had to buy my own groceries (which I did every week), pack my own lunches, and make my own d...
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7 Natural Foods That Are Great for Your Teeth

Living a natural lifestyle means making choices for your health that aren’t filled with chemicals, additives, and the like, and that includes the food you eat. While most people assume your diet is only beneficial to your health and general well-being, it’s also a good move for your teeth and oral health too. According to Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry, “Most people think of oral health in terms of brushing teeth and flossing, but what they don’t realize is that your oral health is impacted by ...
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Vitamin C: 6 Surprising Things for Moms and Kids to Know

Think you know everything there is to know about vitamin C? There is always more to learn! Recent studies and advice from medical professionals show us that not only can it boost your family’s health in some surprising ways. But it is also nature’s natural beautifier for moms (and dads, too)! Here are 6 facts you to know about this superpower vitamin! It is important for oral health. According to Lane Family Dental, a dental office in Wasilla, AK, “Even in the cleanest of mouths, gums lacki...
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3 Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits for the Entire Family

The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet that research suggests may benefit both children and adults. When followed consistently, the keto diet leads to the state of ketosis, a condition which allows your body to use fat for energy. Ketosis can trigger weight loss, increase energy levels, and lower blood sugar. Furthermore, research has found that the diet may reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures in some people. Weight Loss Following the keto diet is an exce...
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How To Eat Healthy on a Budget

You're reading How To Eat Healthy on a Budget, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Most people really do want to eat healthy, but feel like it's cost prohibitive. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to maintain a healthy diet without putting strain on your wallet. Here’s how to keep your kitchen stocked with satisfying and nutritious foods: 1. Never set out without a plan. One ...
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These 5 Tips From Dietitians Will Make It Easier to Eat Healthy

Dietitians share their secrets for making meal planning simple
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Spring Used To Be A Time For Fasting And Scarce Food Stores

Before mass production of agriculture and refrigeration, life was much different and food sources were very scarce. Refrigeration allows us to store and preserve our foods for long periods of time. Without refrigeration fruits and vegetables will go bad much faster and they will need to be consumed a lot quicker. Refrigeration is a whole industry in itself and revolutionized the way we shop for our foods. Without refrigeration, we wouldn’t be able to shop for foods that are out of season, that a...
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10 Ways to Biohack Your Diet

Dave Asprey, the founder of “Bulletproof Coffee” and the “Bulletproof Diet”, is a proponent of biohacking and a self-proclaimed biohacker. He defines biohacking as, “using science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, your mind, and your life. To become a “superhuman” version of yourself without becoming overwhelmed, stressed or feel like you need to give up”. He created his entire bulletproof program around this mantra. I absolutely love this guy and liste...
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Is the Keto Diet Good For Your Health?

We all want a good, healthy diet for optimum health, vitality, and fitness goals. This is no doubt why people scrutinize the type of foods they eat and try so many different fad diets. But when does it stop being a fad and start making good sense for the long run? A big diet trend right now is, the ketogenic diet, or the keto diet. Due to immense popularity it is one of the diets under scrutiny. Different individuals have questions on how healthy this diet is when we have all heard that ketosis ...
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Superfoods you've never heard of

In nutrition lingo , foods that are densely-packed with health benefits earn the term “superfoods.” Some of these foods are well-known and commonplace in our grocery stores, such as blueberries, kale, broccoli, avocadoes, etc. However, cultures around the world have their own health food that you’re probably not familiar with. Here are seven unique, global superfoods and what to make with them at home. 1. Mangosteen Photo: 4537668 The mangosteen is covered in a purple rind that is peeled an...
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