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‘Heels’ Trailer: Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig Are Rival Wrestling Brothers Chasing a Dream

Since GLOW is finished at Netflix, wrestling fans need a new show to latch onto that appeals to their body-slamming interests. Thankfully, Starz is entering the ring with Heels, a new series about two brothers (Stephen Amell of Arrow and Alexander Ludwig of The Hunger Games) who are wrestling rivals in a small-town Georgia ring and trying to make something out of themselves in the real world. Watch the Heels trailer below for a glimpse at the series. Heels Trailer Here’s the official syn...
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Stephen Amell’s Starz Wrestling Drama Heels Gets Trailer & Premiere Date

Starz released the official Heels teaser trailer, which reveals when the show will premiere. Coming later this summer, the show will premiere on August 15, 2021. Starring Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig as two brothers involved in the independent wrestling world. Amell is no stranger to the world of professional wrestling as he competed in a WWE SummerSlam match and during the All In pay-per-view put on by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. RELATED: Starz Developing The Case of Cyntoia Brown L...
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Here Are the 5 Key Elements of Italian Fashion, According to an Italian

When we'd all rather be in Rome.
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Mary McCormack Joins Stephen Amell Wrestling Drama ‘Heels’ at Starz

“Heels” has added another key player to its cast. The Starz wrestling drama, led by former “Arrow” actor Stephen Amell, has cast Mary McCormack in a leading role, Variety has confirmed. The eight-episode drama, which hails from Lionsgate Television in association with Paramount Television Studios, stars Amell and Alexander Ludwig as brothers Jack and Ace Spade. Set […]
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The 5 Pairs of Shoes Every College Woman Needs in Her Closet (Plus 40+ Affordable Examples!)

Carrie Bradshaw would kill me if she read this.
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What to Do with Old Shoes: 15 Stylish Shoe Upcycles to Try ASAP

Cinderella's slippers have nothing on these shoes.
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How to Wear Statement Shoes, Plus Outfit Examples

How to wear those bold but tricky-to-style shoes that are in the back of your closet.
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Ask CF: What Should I Wear to Fall Graduation?

It's time to walk across that stage with style.
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Edgy Style 101: 6 Best Shoe Styles for Edgy Girls

These shoes were made for walking (with style)!Over the past few weeks, we've been talking about edgy style and everything you need to nail the edgy look. Now that your edgy outfit is all picked out and you have your edgy accessories, you may be looking for the final addition to your outfit. That is: edgy shoes.If you're looking to add edge to your look, these shoes will be the perfect additions to your wardrobe. They’re comfortable and chic and best of all, low price! Here are the shoes every e...
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Why I Don't Love Kitten Heels

Just when I thought I had found my purrfect match... Urban Outfitters So I had a problem. About a year ago, I discovered my absolute adoration of heels of all kinds. You could catch me falling for a stiletto, catching feelings for a pump, or lusting over a new pair of block heels. However, I noticed that I had one issue with all of this that I had left out of the equation -- heels can be painful and they're hard to walk in. These two things combined left me searching for a new solution, one wh...
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The Best Places to Buy Heels

It's that Cinderella moment: finding the perfect pair (of heels) for yourself. Here are the stores to shop first. High heels are the ultimate accessory to dress up an outfit and a great confidence boost - nothing is more empowering than strutting down the streets in a pair of stylish heels. Having your favorite pair of boots is a wardrobe must-have. I've already shared the best stores for cheap clothes, but you need the shoes to go with that new wardrobe. Want to know where to get started for t...
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7 Shoes Every Preppy Girl Should Own

Because dressing preppy means doing so from head to toe.Hello, and happy Tuesday to all the amazing ladies out there reading CF! I'm so excited for this part of our preppy style series. As a preppy girl myself, I am obsessed with shoes, and while all of us differ in style and preference, there are some universal shoe styles we all adore. Like Marilyn says, having the right pair of shoes empowers you. It allows you to love yourself to go out and conquer the world. Shoes bring out a strength that...
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We Found the Perfect Party Heels (And They're Under $20)

Because we all need the perfect pair of heels for those campus parties.The “Fabulous Find of the Week” column gives you the heads up on all the hottest, most affordable items at your favorite stores!Hello lovely ladies, and welcome to September! Can you believe that classes have begun and the fall semester is already upon us? With the new school year also comes lots of new parties and social events to attend. That's why this week's Fabulous Find will ensure that you have the perfect pair of shoe...
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British retailer offers 'nude' heels in a variety of skin tones

From light to dark, affordable high-heeled shoes are available in a variety of skin tones from British retail brand Marks and Spencer (M&S). French shoe designer Christian Louboutin first brought "nude" shoes, in seven shades, to the market in 2017, but the collection was very pricey. Now, M&S is offering six "vegan friendly" (which is code for "not leather") shades of stilettos for approximately $33/pair. Not everyone is impressed, however: (TA...
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These cloven toe pumps will make you look twice

These flesh-colored pumps by Maison Margiela ($825) are described as "cloven toe." I might be 12, but wouldn't a better description be "camel toe"? A similarly racy shoe is available in red for $1080. Thanks, Caroline B.!
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Regional Style Guide: Washington, D.C.

This week on Regional Style Guide, we hit up our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. We get insight into what kind of style and trends you will see around the District! This week on Regional Style Guide, we decided to hit up our nation's capital, Washington D.C. (In case you missed them, see our past posts on Milwaukee style, Dallas style, Myrtle Beach style, and Santa Fe style.) Although most people view this region as strictly politics, D.C. is so much more. The District is filled with history...
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What to Wear to Parties - 5 Cute "Going Out" Outfits

We've found the perfect outfits for your next night out. Love it or hate it, partying is part of the college experience. From casual dinner parties with your friends to cramped madness and cheap beer at house parties, there's never any shortage of going out opportunities.And with so many chances to go out at night, that leaves the question - what should I wear for a night out? Today, I'm here to answer that question, with cute going out outfits, college party outfits, date night outfits, and m...
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Looks on Campus: Rachel - Barnard College

Eye see how cute this outfit is!With Thanksgiving out of the way, finals are officially upon us. While it is easy to let our outfits suffer for the sake of our studies, putting on a polished outfit can help you put your best foot forward during crunch time. Rachel's outfit is a perfect example of combining basic closet staples with an eye-catching (no pun intended) outfit that will have you striding fearlessly into exams. Rachel 101 Name: RachelSchool: Barnard CollegeYear: JuniorMajor: Politic...
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Videos of things being crushed by high heels

Looking for something to illustrate a post about crunch-time in game development, I ran into this video depicting many forms of footwear (but mostly high heels) being used to crunch keyboards: It turns out there is a a vast and sprawling genre of "things crushed by heels" — mostly safe for work — on YouTube. Here's a Kiwi, getting what it deserves: Here's high heels crushing a laptop: https://www.youtu...
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Pic & Pay Giveway! My Boots from the Fall/Winter 2017 Line

My shoe wardrobe has needed a wake up call for several months. The truth is… I’ve been avoiding. I create The post Pic & Pay Giveway! My Boots from the Fall/Winter 2017 Line appeared first on Broke and Beautiful.
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Heel Yes! Too Faced Will Sell Stilettos Inspired by Better Than Sex Mascara

A post shared by Jerrod Blandino (@jerrodblandino) on Jul 8, 2017 at 10:01pm PDT Back in July, Jerrod Blandino teased a sneak peek that did not reveal the usual suspects of eye shadow palettes, mascara, lipstick, or blush. Instead, his Summer surprise was geared toward the fashion world. On July 9, the Too Faced creative director took to Instagram to show off the sole of a stiletto that was branded with "Better Than Sex." (That's the name of his brand's much-loved mascara, of cours...
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How to Wear Kitten Heels Without Looking Frumpy or Juvenile

These heels are easy on your feet... and on your eyes. View the original article to see embedded media. When you think of kitten heels, you may think of frumpy, no-nonsense types who don't care about looking stylish; alternately, you may think of young girls who are just starting to wear heels, but aren't yet ready for higher pairs.Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to belong to either of these groups to rock kitten heels in a fashionable way!  My proof? The deluge of kitten heels av...
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Ask CF: How Do I Dress My Age?

How to dress age-appropriately when you look younger than you really are. Age is just a number. Welcome to the latest edition of Ask CF! Every two weeks, we select a reader fashion question and answer it here on the site. Do you have a specific fashion question for us? Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to send it our way! Ask CF Question Hi College Fashion,I recently turned 21! However, people think I am younger and say I look 16. I researched how to look older and some sources su...
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Prisoner Dresses Drag To Escape His Fate

Prisoner Dresses Drag To Escape His Fate The post Prisoner Dresses Drag To Escape His Fate appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Book-Inspired Fashion: Wit by Margaret Edson

Grab a few tissues before diving into this Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Margaret Edson.Fashion inspiration can be found anywhere, and books are incredible sources for style innovation. Book-Inspired Fashion explores these treasure troves, and brings them them to you in looks inspired by vibrant characters, far away lands, brilliantly woven plot lines, and more.I’m the first to say that a book needn't have won a lot of prestigious awards to be worth your time. Wit, however, deserves all of the ...
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Happy Birthday, J.Crew Factory! Thanks for the 50% Off

For the US and Canada, this is gonna be a good week. J.Crew Factory is turning four years old! To celebrate their birthday, they’re taking 50% off of everything on the site except for leather stuff, cashmere, men’s suits, gift cards, and third party branded merchandise. Nothing I want on that list, so no big deal. For those of you wondering what the difference is between J.Crew and J.Crew factory, their website won’t help you. I really had to search to find out what the difference was, and the m...
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4 Reasons Kitten Heels Are Awesome for the Workplace

An original post from Budget Fashionista Kitten heels get a bad rap from bloggers who insist women should be wearing a higher heel. Let’s face it: not everyone can pull off a 5-inch heel, and not everyone who can wants to. There’s a time and a place for every shoe. And in a work environment, high heels can be hazardous and […] 4 Reasons Kitten Heels Are Awesome for the Workplace
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The 10 Pairs of Shoes Every College Girl Should Have in Her Closet

Photo Credit: Elle Hi everyone! So this post is a bit of a sequel to my last article, 15 Tried-And-True Pieces Every College Woman Should Own. Last time, we talked about clothes, and this time, we're tackling my personal favorite subject - shoes!When I say shoes are my favorite subject, I'm not lying: I'm a shoe addict and I want everything. And I mean everything, from basics to outrageous styles I could only wear once. Even coming up with JUST ten pairs for this list seemed insane! But afte...
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It's not an Irish wedding unless...

Photo: Eli Duke 1. It lasts for at least two days because Day 1 is spent building a messy drunken rapport with the other guests and… 2. …Day 2 is for reminiscing with your new friends about the shenanigans that transpired the night before. 3. The passionate hookup of Day 1 will stand awkwardly in the queue for bacon sandwiches on Day 2 and everyone will be gossiping about them. 4. At modern Irish weddings the groom will be photographed downing pints of Guinness with the groomsmen and they’ll ...
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The Best Ankle-Strap Heels Under $50

Practical and chic, these babies are a summer going-out must. Photo credit: ELLE. I love ankle-strap heels for several reasons. First and foremost, I find them to generally easy to walk in, since the strap prevents your foot from slipping around so much. I also find them to be chic and flattering on basically everyone.Many people fear that an ankle strap will cut their leg line off in an awkward way, especially if they're short. While this can be true, I think it's a myth that this trend is on...
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