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Featherlight Lid: POC Ventral Lite Helmet

Obtaining the lightest helmet available isn’t always the ultimate goal. In years past, the end result would have been worthy of serious question. With the current focus on helmet construction and safety — including the integration of additional technologies like MIPS, WaveCel, Koroyd and others — it could be seen as antithetical to introduce a 190 gram, fully-featured road helmet to the market. And, while it’s astoundingly light, the fact hat the Ventral Lite is made by POC tells me that they ma...
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Human-sized 3D-printed LEGO knight helmet

YouTuber Stian from agepbiz decided to 3D print the iconic LEGO Knight Helmet upscaled 2020% so it was wearable. It's one of those things that sounds kind of silly as a premise, but it turned out really great! This is sequel to his fabulous human scale LEGO Stud Launcher: Image: YouTube / agepbiz
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Good News: Riders Are Choosing to Ride Safer

NHTSA says Helmet Use 25%+ Higher in Past Decade According to the survey National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmet usage has risen significantly in the United States. When I first saw this reported on, I knew I had to share on webBikeWorld. According to the NHTSA, since 2010 helmet usage rates have essentially gone from 54.3% of motorcyclists nationwide to 70.8%.   Typically when you are reading about surveys conducted on a nationwide scale, you are usua...
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Fox Racing V3 RS Wired Helmet Hits the Shelves

This Helmet is Really Safe Fox is known for putting out great quality motocross gear that’s built to last. The new V3 RS Wired helmet is no omission to that statement. With such a high-risk form of riding, safety is of the utmost importance; and thank god this helmet brings us another ECE and DOT certified off-road lid to pick from. The shell has a lot to do with the high safety rating due to the multi-composite tech Fox has been incorporating into their recent helmets. The composite blend fea...
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HJC Brings New Helmets And Carbon Versions To NA and EU

HJC Is Back With Four Helmets for Your Safety Europe is the mecca of open-face helmet owners. It’s as if every time you see an individual riding a scooter you can bet they have an open-face helmet on. It makes sense, with such crowded and densely populated areas you want to ensure you have the most visibility possible; especially if you’re going low speeds weaving through traffic. HJC i30 The new HJC i30 is a new open-face option for both American and European riders featuring a full visor/...
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The Lumos Matrix is the ideal urban bike helmet for a smarter, safer day trip

With many of us are still more or less confined to our own homes and limited social spaces for the foreseeable future, and for a lot of you, that has led to a rediscovery of the joys of biking. Bike riding is a great way to spend time outdoors exploring your own town or city, and if you’re just getting into exploring this hobby, or if you’re a long-time bike rider looking for an upgrade, the Lumos Matrix smart helmet is a sensible piece of tech with a solid design that combines a number of conne...
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The Art of Self-Expression on a Steel Pot: Vintage Photos Showing Graffiti on Soldiers’ Helmets During the Vietnam War

A lot of the soldiers wrote graffiti on their helmets with inscriptions of their attitudes about where they were and why they were there. The military called it the M- I helmet, the troops called it a “steel pot”. The damn thing felt like it weighed half a ton when you first put it on your newly shaved head in basic training or boot camp. It’s a sure bet that not long after the U.S. Source
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Bollé adds more MIPS helmets for road & MTB, with sunglasses to match

Leveraging their 133 years of experience, the French brand Bollé has expanded its line of helmet and sunglass offerings. The new LIGHTSHIFT sunglasses are designed to complement their new FURO MIPS road helmet. Plus, their TRACKDOWN mountain helmet now comes with a MIPS liner… Lightshifter Sunglasses The latest shades from Bollé are the Lightshifter. They’re […] The post Bollé adds more MIPS helmets for road & MTB, with sunglasses to match appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Are Bike Lanes Really Safe?

I’ve had two recent cycling accidents in which I had the right of way but inattentive drivers cut me off.
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Baroque Model Portraits Wearing A Helmet: Superb Paintings By Lúcio Carvalho

Lúcio Carvalho works is inspired by scenography as well as Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance era. Emotion, memory and imaginary archives – fragment from the past, projection of the future – are building the work that needs to be protected because of its fragility, to stay preserve for the future to exist with a certain freedom. More: Lúcio Carvalho, Instagram Using painting, photography as well as... Source
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A Look at Dangerous Counterfeit Motorcycle Helmets

Everything Is Not as it Seems Knock-off and counterfeit motorcycle gear is a real problem. Companies sell stuff that looks legit to most people but isn’t. In the case of regular clothing, this is far less problematic, but when it comes to motorcycle gear and especially motorcycle helmets, the difference could be fatal.  Motorcycle News recently did a pretty in-depth report on counterfeit motorcycle helmets. One thing stuck out to me. The publication put up a picture of a real helmet next to a f...
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Wear your helmet, concludes new study showing electronic scooter injuries have nearly tripled in the last four years

Taking a ride on an electronic scooter soon? Wear your helmet! According to a recent study published in JAMA Surgery, not wearing headgear or taking other precautions while riding is increasingly sending young people to the hospital — leading to over 40,000 broken bones, head wounds and other injuries. Unfortunately, less than 5% of riders in the study were found to be wearing their helmet, leading to nearly one-third of patients having a head injury. That’s more than double the rate of head inj...
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Browns’ Myles Garrett Suspended Indefinitely for Hitting Mason Rudolph With Helmet

Garrett yanked off the helmet of Rudolph, the Steelers quarterback, and bashed him on the head. Garrett was suspended for at least the rest of this season and must reapply for reinstatement next year.
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Skullcandy Vert review: Wireless buds for the mountain

They're the perfect solution to the hand-in-glove control problem, but not everyone will like how they fit or how they sound.
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Thyrm Introduces the VariArc Helmet Mount

It’s been a while since TFB covered anything from Thyrm, but with their release of their new Helmet Mount VariArc it’s time again. Previously we have, for instance, covered their Switchback. I don’t really use mine as advertised, but it’s got a steady place on one of my Surefire flashlights. The VariArc is $29,99 which […] Read More … The post Thyrm Introduces the VariArc Helmet Mount appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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A wearable 4K Action Camera that was designed to fit around the contour of your head

The Cambox V4 Pro literally sits where your metaphorical third eye would be, capturing your world through your unique point of view. Its ergonomic and lightweight design, crafted specially for PoV action filming, puts it on a pedestal above most cameras because the Cambox V4 Pro fits right around your forehead, underneath your visor. The Cambox V4 Pro is compatible with all helmets and peaks, and films from a perspective that is much closer to your eye level, allowing you to capture your bike ...
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I Wore Hasbro's Ridiculous New Star Wars Replica Helmet for a Day, and All I Got Was Some Neck Ache

No wonder those pilots spend most of their time outside of the cockpit with these things off. They’re heavy.Read more...
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Samurai Bottle Helmets Are Here To Fiercely And Elegantly Adorn Your Bottles Of Booze

Tadayasu Co., Ltd., producer of traditional Japanese armor, has released a set of intricately crafted bottle toppers in the guise of famous samurai helmets. They’re designed to fit snugly over the top of your drink of choice, whether it’s a large bottle of Japanese sake or your favorite bottle of wine. “The helmets of historic warlords add the sublime to your contemporary lifestyle. Source
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Watch This Very Unscientific Crush Test of Some Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets

You Might Be Surprised At the Results Crushing a motorcycle helmet with a hydraulic press isn’t the most scientific test of a helmet. That said, it does demonstrate the weak points of a helmet when that helmet is put under extreme amounts of pressure. The team over at the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube recently got a bunch of different bicycle and motorcycle helmets to see how much pressure they can withstand. As you might imagine, the higher-dollar, premium motorcycle helmet seems to do be...
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Bontrager Quantum MIPS Is Our Readers' Favorite Helmet

Our readers put their heads together and voted the Bontrager Quantum MIPS as their favorite helmet. For those who don’t know, MIPS technology allows the interior liner of the helmet to rotate independently of the outer shell, which reduces the risk of rotational stress injuries in the case of a crash. (Click here to…Read more...
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These Are Our Readers' Three Favorite Bike Helmets

The overwhelming sentiment in this week’s bike helmet Co-Op was that most helmets are thoroughly safety tested, so you should be focused on fit and comfort, which are obviously subjective and will vary from person to person.Read more...
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What's the Best Bike Helmet?

Even if you don’t own a bike (or, more likely, you own one but never actually use it), the advent of bike sharing and electric scooter apps have pushed helmets up many a “I should buy this at some point” lists. And rightly so! Read more...
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Competitors question Trek’s claims about its new bike helmet tech

Trek's new WaveCel helmet technology is being called into question by competitors MIPS and Koroyd, neither of which have been able to verify the claims of vastly improved safety results that trek claims. The post Competitors question Trek’s claims about its new bike helmet tech appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Portland researchers behind major new helmet tech launched by Trek/Bontrager

WaveCel’s “collapsible cellular membrane” showed much better results in initial lab tests than traditional foam or MIPS. A local company has played a major role in the development of a new helmet released today by Bontrager, a bicycle part and accessory brand owned by Trek Bicycle Corporation. Bontrager says the WaveCel technology used in their new line of helmets, “disrupts 30 years of accepted safety standards.” The company says research proves WaveCel is up to 48X more effective than common ...
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Smart Bike Helmet

This safe and stylish helmet is also smart: outfitted with Bluetooth speakers for hands-free turn-by-turn nav, phone calls and music; and an LED light on the back to signal braking and turning. Though its primary function is protection, also features an SOS sensor to detect falls and alert preset contacts. With a leather brim, the helmet has several detachable components for cleaning too.
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Helmet Maker Vicis Courts NFL QBs to Invest in Latest Funding Round

Aaron Rodgers has taken some trips to the Pacific Northwest he’d probably rather forget. Rodgers, who since 2008 has been the starting quarterback of the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers, has a career 1-4 record in regular season and playoff road games against the Seattle Seahawks, including an overtime loss in 2015 that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.Those sour memories aside, Rodgers is among the many backers of the Emerald City’s early-stage business community. He was one of...
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The Ethicist: I Quit Watching Football Because It Harms Players. Can I Still Keep Up With My Team?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on balancing the negative effects of football against support for your team, and IVF against adoption.
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Best New Backcountry Ski Gear

Some of our favorite new products to make snow adventures bigger, faster, smarter and safer The achievements within snow sports are ever-growing and impressive. Whether these adventures are occurring on the backside of Lake Louise or on some perfect pillow drop at Blanket Glacier, skiers and riders are going bigger, faster and smarter. This is thanks, in part, to gear being more inventive, intuitive, safer …
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New AGV AX9 Helmet Launches in North America

Multiple Configurations, Multiple Uses AGV has been building quality motorcycle helmets since the 1940s. Today, Dainese owns it. Any time the company comes out with something new, you’d better take note. On December 12, AGV announced the North American launch of its new AX9 helmet. The AX9 follows in the footsteps of the AX8 helmet that came before it but offers some new design features and updates. It’s sleeker overall and more of an on-road lid than the AX8 ever was. The AX9 is special becaus...
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Specialized ANGi Turns Helmets into Safety Beacons

Riding without a helmet is… well… stupid. Riding without a MIPS (or similarly-equipped) helmet is also… well… not recommended. Now, Specialized is introducing ANGi, which is a crash-detection device that will automatically send for help if you crash and are unable to respond. All new 2019 Specialized helmets will be ANGi-ready with a few models coming ANGi-equipped out-of-the-box. The following models will come ANGI-equipped, while any others can be equipped by purchasing the ANGi unit separatel...
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