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'They don't care whether it looks like an alien invasion': A Canadian inventor says many people prefer his $379 BioVyzr COVID-19 helmet to masks

The $379 COVID-19 visor weighs 2.5 kilograms and "feels like you're standing under an umbrella." VYZR Researchers have debated how protective masks are from COVID-19. A Danish study says they're not as effective as we think. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites 28 studies proving masks offer protection to the wearer and those around them. One inventor based in Toronto says his $379 BioVyzr with built-in air filters is an alternative to uncomfortable masks th...
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Masks are Effective, Despite One Flawed Study From Denmark

"I think the overwhelming body of evidence suggests that masks are effective," the lead author of a study recently cited by America's Center for Disease Control told the Washington Post. They were responding to another (very controversial) outlier study whose findings "conflict with those from a number of other studies," according to the New York Times, citing numerous experts. "Critics were quick to note [that] study's limitations, among them that the design depended heavily on participants re...
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