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Gove and Johnson 'sold as slaves' at Oxford student charity event

After PM’s behaviour with the Bullingdon Club, evidence emerges of further antics at Union Society fundraiser It may have only merited a few paragraphs in the student newspaper and have taken place 33 years ago, but an Oxford Union Society “slave auction” in which Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were involved is powerful proof of how politicians’ pasts can come back to haunt them.“Union slave auction” was the headline in Cherwell, the journal for Oxford students, on 12 June 1987. The small story ...
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Scenes from a Black trans life | D-L Stewart

At the crossroads of life and livelihood, scholar D-L Stewart invites us into scenes from his own life as he resists and reflects on the dehumanizing narratives that shape the Black trans experience in the US. With each word of his captivating and poetic dissection, Stewart emphasizes the magnitude and urgency of the rallying cry "Black trans lives matter" -- and calls on others to uphold that truth, too. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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Can beauty open our hearts to difficult conversations? | Titus Kaphar

An artwork's color or composition can pull you in -- and put you on the path to having important and difficult conversations, says artist Titus Kaphar. In this stunning talk, he reflects on his artistic evolution and takes us on a tour of his career -- from "The Jerome Project," which draws on religious icons to examine the US criminal justice system, to "From a Tropical Space," a haunting body of work that centers around Black mothers whose children have disappeared. Kaphar also shares the idea...
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How the pandemic will shape the near future | Bill Gates

Bill Gates talks best (and worst) case scenarios for the coronavirus pandemic in the months ahead, explaining the challenges of reducing virus transmission, providing an update on promising vaccine candidates, offering his thoughts on reopening and even taking a moment to address conspiracy theories circulating about himself. Stay tuned for his critical call to fellow philanthropists to ramp up their action, ambition and awareness to create a better world for all. (This virtual conversation, hos...
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The courage to live with radical uncertainty | Shekinah Elmore

When your future is uncertain, how do you keep moving forward? In this courageous talk, oncologist and cancer survivor Shekinah Elmore shares how she embraced life after a rare genetic diagnosis -- and explains why she believes doctors have a duty to help their patients learn to live with radical uncertainty. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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'Office for talent' to be set up for scientists who want to work in UK

Unit based in No 10 will help researchers navigate post-Brexit immigration systemDowning Street is to set up a cross-departmental unit called the “office for talent” as a way to help leading scientists, researchers and others live and work in the UK in the post-Brexit immigration system.The plan, which the Liberal Democrats said was simply trying to make up the damage caused by Brexit, is intended to “ensure excellent customer service across the immigration system”, a government announcement sai...
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Cal State Northridge announces Fall semester will be mostly online

Officials at California State University Northridge released details Tuesday on how the school will primarily offer virtual Fall semester classes with only a handful of courses face-to-face. The announcement came as the school launched a new website for online courses. It also follows the unveiling of similar plans by other universities and school districts throughout Southern California that are planning a hybrid model of distance learning with some in-person teaching resuming in the fall. Abou...
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What foods did your ancestors love? | Aparna Pallavi

Around the world, Indigenous food cultures vanish because of industrialized agriculture and a shifting, Western-influenced concept of the ideal diet. Food researcher Aparna Pallavi explores why once-essential culinary traditions disappear from people's lives and memories almost without notice -- and serves up a subtle solution to revitalize our connection to the foods we eat. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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Stop being a bystander in your own life | Tracy Edwards

"Life doesn't go from A to B -- it's messy," says sailing legend Tracy Edwards. In this inspiring talk, she tells how she went from teenage misfit to skipper of the first all-female crew in the toughest race on the seas -- and how she now helps young people around the world achieve their dreams, too. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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The trials, tribulations and timeline of a COVID-19 vaccine | Jerome Kim

Developing a vaccine usually takes five to 10 years, costs about a billion dollars and has a failure rate of 93 percent. Under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists are being asked to speed that timeline up to 12 to 18 months, says Jerome Kim, director general of the International Vaccine Institute. How are things going? Kim updates us on the varied field of vaccine candidates and discusses the challenges of making sure the one that works gets distributed to the whole world. (This...
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How we can build sustainable, equitable cities after the pandemic | Vishaan Chakrabarti

Cities are engines of culture, commerce, knowledge and community, but they're also centers of inequality and poverty. As the world rebuilds from the coronavirus pandemic, can we transform cities into bastions of equity and sustainability? Architect and educator Vishaan Chakrabarti discusses a new urban agenda that provides equitable housing, health care and transportation for all -- and helps build cities rooted in our desire to connect at a human level. "We need a new narrative of generosity, n...
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Princeton to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from school over racist history

University president cites ‘thorough, deliberative’ process to reach decision amid nationwide movementIvy league Princeton University has announced it will remove president Woodrow Wilson’s name from the institution’s School of Public and International Affairs due to his history of racism.In a statement released Saturday, the university president, Christopher Eisgruber, said the decision came after a “thorough, deliberative process” five years after a group of student activists occupied his offi...
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How women will lead us to freedom, justice and peace | H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

"I was the first woman president of an African nation, and I do believe more countries ought to try that," says H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel laureate and former president of Liberia. Telling the story of how Liberian women helped rebuild their country after years of civil war, Sirleaf discusses why gender equality is essential to peace and prosperity -- and shares her plan to uplift a generation of women prepared to take leadership positions and catalyze social change. [Author: [email protected]
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The beauty and complexity of finding common ground | Matt Trombley

How can we disagree with one another, respectfully and productively? In this thoughtful talk, team builder Matt Trombley reflects on "agonism" -- the tendency to take a rigid stance on issues -- and shares why finding aspects of agreement can be the first step in resolving conflict. "When you can find even the smallest bit of common ground with somebody, it allows you to understand the beautiful wonder and complexity and majesty of the other person," he says. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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How Dolly Parton led me to an epiphany | Jad Abumrad

How do you end a story? Host of "Radiolab" Jad Abumrad tells how his search for an answer led him home to the mountains of Tennessee, where he met an unexpected teacher: Dolly Parton. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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Leading others in a time of crisis

Like other sectors, higher education should continue to respond optimally to the coronavirus and map out a new path The post Leading others in a time of crisis appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The new urgency of climate change | Al Gore

The coronavirus brought much of the world to a standstill, dropping carbon emissions by five percent. Al Gore says keeping those rates down is now up to us. In this illuminating interview, he discusses how the steadily declining cost of wind and solar energy will transform manufacturing, transportation and agriculture, offer a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear energy and create millions of new jobs. Stay tuned for a lively debate about geoengineering and hear Gore's thoughts about ...
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The case to infect volunteers with COVID-19 to accelerate vaccine testing | Nir Eyal

Conventional vaccine testing is a slow, years-long process. As thousands of people continue to die each day from COVID-19, bioethicist Nir Eyal proposes a radical idea that could dramatically accelerate the vaccine development timeline: "human challenge trials," in which scientists would deliberately expose volunteers to the virus to more quickly determine a vaccine's efficacy. (This virtual conversation, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson, was recorded June 15, 2020.) [Author: [email protected]
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How to support and celebrate living artists | Swizz Beatz

Legendary hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz is on a mission to revolutionize the way artists do business. In this glorious talk, he shares some of the ways he's helping fellow creatives thrive, including a roving art fair that gives artists 100 percent of their sales, a new commission system for galleries to fund living visual artists and Verzuz, online musical celebrations that bring joy to fans -- and sales to musicians. "If we're not protecting the arts, we're not protecting our future," he says. ...
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A vision for the future of Afghanistan | Ashraf Ghani

Offering a vision of Afghanistan that goes beyond what's often depicted in the media, President Ashraf Ghani shares his thoughts on peacemaking, the true cost of war, the nation's COVID-19 response strategy and the sweeping economic and social reforms happening throughout the country. "The ultimate goal is a sovereign, democratic, united Afghanistan at peace with itself and the world," he says. (This virtual conversation, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson, was recorded June 16, 2020.) [Author...
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Why colonialist stereotypes persist -- and how to stop romanticizing history | Farish Ahmad-Noor

Colonialism remains an inescapable blight on the present, lingering in the toxic, internalized mythologies and stereotypes that have outlived the regimes that created them, says historian Farish Ahmad-Noor. Examining why these prejudices and narratives persist (and sometimes thrive), he suggests a multidisciplinary approach to reject cultural obsessions with romanticized history and prevent this nostalgia from perpetuating past oppressions. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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Why is colonialism (still) romanticized? | Farish Ahmad-Noor

Colonialism remains an inescapable blight on the present, lingering in the toxic, internalized mythologies and stereotypes that have outlived the regimes that created them, says historian Farish Ahmad-Noor. Examining why these prejudices and narratives persist (and sometimes thrive), he suggests a multidisciplinary approach to reject cultural obsessions with romanticized history and prevent this nostalgia from perpetuating past oppressions. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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How digital innovation can fight pandemics and strengthen democracy | Audrey Tang

Can technology create a democracy that's fast, fair ... and even fun? Digital minister Audrey Tang shares how Taiwan avoided a COVID-19 shutdown in early 2020 through innovations like developing apps to map mask availability, crowdsourcing ideas that could become laws and creating a "humor over rumor" campaign to combat disinformation with comedy. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TED science curator David Biello and current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers, was recorded June 1, 20...
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‘Zoom University’ students stuck with unwanted leases

Liana Chavez was halfway through her freshman year at Cal State Fullerton when she and three sorority sisters signed a lease for next year at the University House Fullerton student housing complex, one block south of campus. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, shutting down almost all in-person classes at the state’s fourth-largest four-year university. Although all but one of her classes — a lab — will be online during the fall, the Northern California resident can’t get out of that lease unless...
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Malala Yousafzai full of 'joy and gratitude' after graduating from Oxford

Educational campaigner tweets about completing PPE degreeThe Nobel prize-winning campaigner Malala Yousafzai has expressed her “joy and gratitude” after completing her degree at University of Oxford.The 22-year-old shared two pictures of herself covered in confetti on Twitter with the caption: “Hard to express my joy and gratitude right now as I completed my Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree at Oxford. Continue reading...
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'My heart jumps when a patient misses a session': the Brazilian students helping prevent suicide

More than 1,500 people at high risk of suicide have been supported by an innovative mental health programme Iana Raíssa is a 21-year-old psychology student, but her skills and training are already being put to use in a highly responsible professional setting.Every Thursday afternoon Raíssa treats suicidal patients at Walter Cantídio University hospital in Fortaleza, a city in north-east Brazil. Continue reading...
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A path to higher education and employment for refugees | Chrystina Russell

Out of the more than 70 million displaced people worldwide, only three percent have access to higher education. The Global Education Movement (GEM) is on a mission to change that with the first large-scale initiative of its kind to help refugee learners get bachelor's degrees and create pathways toward employment. Hear from students and the program's executive director, Chrystina Russell, about how GEM's flexible, competency-based model sets graduates up for success and empowerment wherever they...
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How racial bias works -- and how to disrupt it | Jennifer L. Eberhardt

Our brains create categories to make sense of the world, recognize patterns and make quick decisions. But this ability to categorize also exacts a heavy toll in the form of unconscious bias. In this powerful talk, psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt explores how our biases unfairly target Black people at all levels of society -- from schools and social media to policing and criminal justice -- and discusses how creating points of friction can help us actively interrupt and address this troubling ...
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The new science of personalized vaccines | Ofer Levy

At the intersection of precision medicine and vaccinology lies a revolutionary scientific pursuit: personalized vaccines. Infectious disease specialist Ofer Levy introduces this promising medical approach, in which tailored inoculations will enable effective immunization of the most vulnerable among us, including the young and elderly, and shares how we're now venturing into a new era of sustaining and supporting human life. (This talk contains graphic medical imagery.) [Author: [email protected] ...
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A dose of reality about generic drugs | Katherine Eban

Investigative journalist Katherine Eban set out to report on a seemingly straightforward question: Are generic drugs really identical to their brand-name counterparts? The answer sparked a decade of interviews, meetings with whistleblowers, on-the-ground reporting across four continents and digging into confidential FDA documents. In this alarming talk, she takes us inside overseas manufacturing plants and exposes the fraud behind many low-cost generic medicines. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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