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Reading music....

We’re well into November and I am deep into The Mirror & the Light but am going to be very honest and say it still hasn’t quite grabbed me as much as I’d hoped. I suspect this is all my fault, I’ve read or listened in dribs and drabs and perhaps that makes for a lesser impact and a disjointed atmosphere, but I’ve just passed P 300 330 so progress is being made. I’ll be staying the course along with anyone else out there still with me in 1536.  And I have just read that astonishing chapter where...
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Update... The Mirror & the Light

‘Ah. Privy Seal is greater? Privy Seal is all I could desire. The ambassador takes a sliver of veal.’ An exchange between Thomas Cromwell and Eustace Chapuys, and though I’ve now read it for the fourth time of asking it still leaps off the page at me as a wonderful play on words. Privy Seal - Sliver of Veal. And I mistakenly read ‘silver’ in there too. Magical. I’m up to page 214 and have a nice notebook on the go too,   But I now have to confess I’ve hit a bit of a confused phase wit...
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Here we go again... The Mirror & the Light ~ Hilary Mantel

I don't believe this. The last time I settled down to read The Mirror & the Light Lockdown the First happened and the book proved to be entirely the wrong sort of confinement reading for me. And now what happens... We plan to read it through November together and what happens, here in the UK at least, Lockdown the Second. It's almost as if Anne Boleyn is sending messages, warning me off, because if I read that opening chapter once more about the narrow shoulders fitting in the arrow box, and...
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The Irish Giant: Charles Byrne, my uncle and Hilary Mantel

The rogue gene still active in mid Ulster and the row over a 237-year-old skeleton.
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A Conversation...

Bookhound and I were having one of our conversations the other day, it went a bit like this... Me : 'Clocks go back this weekend.' Him : 'That means it's only five weeks to Advent and the C*******s bough coming into the kitchen.' Me : 'But surely it was only last week we packed the deccies away and put them in the loft...' And we suddenly realised that this year had somehow vanished, and we have no real markers for it other than those we'd prefer to forget. No month in New Zealand obviousl...
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Nobel Literature Prize 2020: Controversy or crowdpleaser?

Names tossed about in the speculation include Caribbean-American author Jamaica Kincaid, Canadian poet Anne Carson, Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Hungary's Peter Nadas and American novelist Thomas Pynchon. The post Nobel Literature Prize 2020: Controversy or crowdpleaser? appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The Mirror & the Light, and shall we...

Firstly a few housekeeping details... an update on the Comments, or lack of, situation Thank you to those who let me know there were gremlins and my apologies to Handheld Press that it happened on the very day I had posted about  Potterism by Rose Macaulay and their very kind offer of a discount. Fear not the discount code EMILIE can be used with any of their books by Rose until October 25th and if anyone wanted to leave a comment on that post now please do. More Rose Macaulay to come. Sadly i...
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Hilary Mantel: 'Being a novelist is no fun. But fun isn’t high on my list'

The Booker prize-winning novelist answers questions from famous admirers and readers on Thomas Cromwell, ghosts and her writing processAs soon as the third volume of her Wolf Hall trilogy was out in the world, Hilary Mantel returned to her Devon study to give The Mirror and the Light a new life as a play, in a remote script-writing partnership with actor Ben Miles. The first reading is due to take place this week, but, without being able to meet face to face, it’s been a long haul, she says. The...
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'That pressure of time': Pete Buttigieg on writing books and trusting in America

As the US election looms, the former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination discusses the threat of technology, how positive change could be round the corner – and what Hilary Mantel’s Henry VIII taught him about political lifePete Buttigieg’s short, powerful new book is about the necessity of trust, “personal, social and political”. But it is also a brisk account of what has led the US so close to the abyss, everything from the “sense of comfort and legitimacy” conferred on white ...
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Hilary Mantel’s New Novel Was Thought To Be A Shoe-in For The Booker Prize. But…

After announcing the lineup, judge and novelist Lee Child said The Mirror and the Light was “an absolutely wonderful novel, there’s no question about it”, but “as good as it was, there were some books which were better”. – The Guardian
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Hilary Mantel: I am 'disappointed but freed' by Booker decision

Two-time winner, previously a favourite to win with the third novel in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy, says books ‘surf on the tide of the times’Two-time Booker prize winner Hilary Mantel has said that she is “disappointed” but “freed” after not making this year’s shortlist, congratulating the six authors now in competition for the £50,000 prize.Mantel, who won the prize for the first two novels in her historical trilogy about Thomas Cromwell, had been tipped to win a third time for the final volum...
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Booker Prize 2020: Four debuts make shortlist as Hilary Mantel misses out

Four debut novels are on the Booker Prize shortlist, but two-time winner Hilary Mantel misses out.
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Most diverse Booker prize shortlist ever as Hilary Mantel misses out

With no room for Mantel’s conclusion to her Wolf Hall trilogy, the six finalists also include four debutsHilary Mantel will not win a third Booker prize with the final novel in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy, after American writers made a near clean sweep of this year’s shortlist.With four writers of colour among its six authors, the shortlist, announced on Tuesday, is the most diverse line-up in the prize’s history. Four debut novelists – Diane Cook, Avni Doshi, Douglas Stuart and Brandon Taylor –...
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Shakespearean sisterhood: Maggie O'Farrell on Hamnet

The Women’s prize for fiction winner discusses plague and avenging Anne HathawayIn the run-up to publication of her novel Hamnet at the end of March, Maggie O’Farrell bought herself a vintage dress. “There was going to be a party and a book tour and I thought I’d wear it to the launch,” she says. “I remember waking up that morning and seeing that Covid had reached Italy. I took it to the dry-cleaners and, five days later when I went to collect it, everything had been cancelled. It was a very wei...
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Don't expect any more historical fiction from me, says Hilary Mantel

Writer tells Edinburgh festival audience she wants to focus on short stories and theatreHilary Mantel has spent the last 15 years consumed by Tudor intrigue and writing award-winning historical fiction, but fans should not expect much more in that vein.“I haven’t got another big historical novel in view,” she told the Edinburgh international books festival on Sunday. “I think that’s quite important to say, so I hope people will stop writing to me with suggestions. It’s lovely that people have th...
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Booker prize-longlisted author Tsitsi Dangarembga arrested in Zimbabwe

Author whose novel This Mournable Body was announced as a finalist earlier this week, was held during anti-corruption protestsTsitsi Dangarembga, the award-winning Zimbabwean novelist who was nominated for the Booker prize longlist earlier this week, has been arrested during anti-corruption demonstrations in Harare.Dangarembga, whose novel This Mournable Body was longlisted for the UK’s premier fiction award next to Hilary Mantel and Anne Tyler, documented her arrest in the city’s suburb of Borr...
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Booker Prize 2020: Hilary Mantel makes longlist

Thirteen novels have made the longlist, which will be whittled down to six in September.
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Booker Prize Longlist Includes Hilary Mantel and Anne Tyler

“The Mirror and the Light,” the conclusion to Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell trilogy, is one of 13 books nominated for this prestigious British literary award.
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Hilary Mantel and Anne Tyler in Running for Booker Prize

“The Mirror and the Light,” the conclusion to Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell trilogy, is one of 13 books nominated for this prestigious British literary award.
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Hey, At Least We’re Not In Tudor England

At that time, says Hilary Mantel, we would have been quarantining more seriously. “Speaking at the Hay literary festival, which is entirely online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Wolf Hall author said the Tudors ‘were very good at quarantine in those days. They took it very seriously. I think he would have locked us down for a bit longer” – The Guardian (UK)
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Hilary Mantel: 'Thomas Cromwell would have locked us down for longer'

Hilary Mantel: 'Thomas Cromwell would have locked us down for longer'Wolf Hall author tells online Hay festival that ‘the Tudors were very good at quarantine’
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Just What Was The “Sweating Sickness” In Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell Trilogy?

“It was known in Cromwell’s time as sudor anglicus, meaning the ‘English sweat,’ and there were five outbreaks of it in England, the first in 1485 and the last in 1551. Victims did, in fact, often die within hours of their first symptoms, developing a high fever and ‘copious malodorous sweating.’ … Because the disease killed so swiftly, and because it had other peculiar features — it seemed mainly to affect English people, even when it travelled across borders, and it was particularly infectiou...
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Family Matters and Mr Atkinson's Rum Contract...

Everyone’s family is extraordinary in its own way. This much and more I discovered in all those years of listening to family histories as a health visitor. It was important to get a feel for where a family had come from, the experience, the highs the lows, the tensions, the ‘issues’ and it wouldn’t take more than a few open questions and saying yes to a cup of tea to learn more. I look on it as one of the privileges of the job, and it was one of the aspects I loved the most and found so fascinat...
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Bernadine Evaristo and Hilary Mantel up for Women's Prize for Fiction

The final book in Hilary Mantel's trilogy is up against Bernadine Evaristo's Booker Prize winner.
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Bernardine Evaristo and Hilary Mantel up for Women's Prize for Fiction

The final book in Hilary Mantel's trilogy is up against Bernardine Evaristo's Booker Prize winner.
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Novelists pick books to inspire, uplift, and offer escape

From Hilary Mantel to Kazuo Ishiguro and Marlon James to Sebastian Barry, writers share their favourite literary comfortsAuthor of American Wife and the forthcoming Rodham: What If Hillary Hadn’t Married Bill (Doubleday, May) Continue reading...
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Tiger King and a bloody mary: Hilary Mantel, Simon Armitage and other writers on lockdown life

Simon Armitage pogos to neo-punk, Anne Enright craves for Cary Grant, The Seventh Seal cheers up Julian Barnes, Diane Evans works out to hip-hop and Jeanette Winterson talks to herself … writers reveal how they’re surviving the corona crisis Continue reading...
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Here’s What TPM Is Reading While Social Distancing

Staying mentally grounded has become increasingly difficult as COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle and our lives. Finding things to help distract ourselves and to get out of our heads for a little bit are a must, whether it’s a new hobby or skill, talking to family and friends, TV shows, movies or a good book. While we at TPM join much of the world in practicing social distancing, we asked our staff to share what books they’re reading while they cope with isolation. Next month, we’l...
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Hilary Mantel, help me grasp the machinations of Dilyn the dog

The Tudor trilogy is beckoning, but anxiety has made handwashing my new favourite occupationMy mental health is a never-ending source both of fascination and concern. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been gripped by health anxiety. You name an illness and I’m certain to have believed I’ve had it. Not just as a passing thought, but as an all-consuming obsession that made normal day-to-day activities – not to mention sleep – nigh on impossible. But the one thing I did take a little comf...
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Opinion: This 16th-century ghost story captures a burning contemporary truth

Before Hilary Mantel turned her attention to 16th-century English statesman Thomas Cromwell, the subject of her 2009 novel 'Wolf Hall,' the British novelist had long been preoccupied with ghosts.
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