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Samuel L. Jackson to Teams with Focus Directors for Hitman Thriller

Samuel L. Jackson to Teams with Focus Directors for Hitman Thriller According to Deadline, Samuel L. Jackson has been tapped to star as a retired hitman in a yet-to-be-titled thriller from Focus directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. RELATED: Robert Pattinson’s Batman Revealed in Official Camera Test! Per the report, the actor will play Morris Stokes, a well-renowned former hitman for mob boss Easy-A, who is thrust back into action when his nephew, Leslie, makes a terrible mistake. Rather t...
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The 10 Best Xbox One X Games You Can Play Right Now

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the most powerful console available on the market. If you want to play a game in true 4K, with the clearest visuals and highest resolution, but don’t want to drop more than $1,000 for a high-end gaming PC, the Xbox One X will take care of your needs. Even better than the system itself is the Xbox Game Pass. For $9.99 a month, Microsoft gives players access to a rotating list of 200 games. These aren’t third tier and C-list games either. Right now you can play ...
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The Hitman’s Bodyguard 2 Snags Late August 2020 Release Date

Hitman’s Bodyguard 2 Gets Late August 2020 Release Date According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, the sequel to the hit 2017 box-office hit, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, has secured an August 28, 2020 release date. It is currently the only film on that date, and will arrive one week after another big sequel, Bill & Ted Face the Music. RELATED: Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen Character Spots Released The sequel will feature Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson (Spider-Man: Far Fr...
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Timothy Olyphant Explains Why He Did ‘Hitman’ Movie

The 2007 film adaptation of the “Hitman” video game franchise is … not good. It received a score of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many critics panning its incoherent plot and terrible dialogue. So, why did actor Timothy Olyphant take on the lead role as Agent 47? He had a mortgage to pay, he told […]
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Hitman 2 Unveils Content Roadmap

Io Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. have announced the content roadmap for their stealth assassination game Hitman 2, highlighting weekly and monthly content releases. The content roadmap takes a closer look at every bit of content coming Hitman 2’s way, starting from spring all the way to the fall season. The overview of all the upcoming […]
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‘Hitman’ Developer Opens New Studio, Teases Future Projects

“Hitman” developer IO Interactive is opening a new studio in Malmö, Sweden, it announced on its official website on Wednesday. “We are super excited and proud to announce IOI Malmö. We will expand IOI to join a buzzing game developer community and bring our own unique IOI culture to this amazing town,” said IO Interactive […]
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Hitman Enhanced HD Collection Trailer Truly Enigmatic

IO Interactive released a short launch trailer for the Hitman Enhanced HD Collection showcasing Agent 47’s prowess in killing his targets in various creative ways. The trailer, mostly demonstrating non-stealthy approaches to assassination: An overview of all the enhanced features of the collection can be found here. The Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is already available digitally […]
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Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Announced

IO Interactive has announced the “Hitman HD Enhanced Collection” which features Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution with several enhancements, including 4K at 60 FPS, improved graphics and more. An overview of the new collection by IO Interactive: In Hitman: Blood Money you experience a globe-trotting adventure from the vineyards of Chile, to the Paris Opera House […]
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‘Hitman HD Enhanced Collection’ Coming Next Week

“Hitman HD Enhanced Collection” will include two remastered “Hitman” titles, IO Interactive announced in a news release Friday. The collection will contain 4K resolution, 60 FPS versions of “Hitman: Blood Money,” originally released in 2006, and “Hitman: Absolution,” which came out in 2012. “Hitman HD Enhanced Collection” is releasing digitally in one week for PlayStation […]
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The 10 Most Fun Video Games Of 2018

There are a number of highly technical "best-of" lists relating to the top video games of 2018. That's not what this list will be. I've realized that a game can be great, and I can appreciate it without it being one of my favorites. Some games are flawed, but still more fun than one that is more impeccably made. With that said, the following list counts down the games I had the most fun playing in 2018. 10. Hitman 2 Hitman 2 is one of the most underrated games of the year for me. I&apo...
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PlayStation Store Kicks Off Five Weeks of Savings Sale

The PlayStation Store’s Holiday Sale is hosting five weeks of special deals on PlayStation titles running through the new year. PlayStation owners can now peruse a lengthy lineup of games going on sale for the holidays, like “Hitman 2,” the “Spyro + Crash Remastered Game Bundle,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” and a smattering of others. […]
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Hitman 2 Sean Bean Killer Suspended from Twitter

Twitter has a history of suspending its users for all manner of jokes and sentences taken out of context that may at first seem like they’re breaking their terms of service. An unlucky user has found himself on the wrong side of Twitter’s ban hammer when he tweeted he wants to kill Sean Bean in […]
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‘Hitman 2’: A beginner’s guide to mastering the perfect execution

'Hitman 2' introduces new and improved story missions with a scale that can feel overwhelming if you're not prepared. Learn everything you need to know to obtain a high score while remaining unnoticed. The post ‘Hitman 2’: A beginner’s guide to mastering the perfect execution appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Hitman 2’ makes a target of the unkillable Sean Bean, but you’d better not miss

Famously mortal actor Sean Bean will be available to kill in Hitman 2 beginning November 20. He'll be in the game as an Elusive Target for two weeks and you'll only get one chance to take him out. The post ‘Hitman 2’ makes a target of the unkillable Sean Bean, but you’d better not miss appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Hitman 2’ review

IO Interactive and Warner Bros introduce us to ‘Hitman 2’, a sequel that embraces what made the series so unique and exceeds at delivering a more polished and complex experience. The post ‘Hitman 2’ review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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New, "unbreakable" Denuvo DRM cracked two days before its first commercial deployment

Denuvo bills itself as the best-of-breed in games DRM, the most uncrackable, tamper-proof wrapper for games companies; but its reputation tells a different story: the company's products are infamous for falling quickly to DRM crackers and for interfering with game-play until you crack the DRM off the products you buy. The company's reputation for unjustifiable bragging is well-deserved: the latest iteration of Denuvo DRM is version 5.3, slated to launch with Hitman 2 on November 13th. But H...
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Sean Bean Dies Again in Hitman 2 Launch Trailer

Famous Hollywood actor Sean Bean, mostly known for his many on-screen character deaths, is back with another deathly performance in Hitman 2’s launch trailer. The actor dying is, of course, not the highlight of the trailer itself. The short launch movie demonstrates the many ways players can get crafty with their assassinations along with several […]
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Hitman 2 Trailer Nearly Perfect

Io Interactive and publisher Warner Brothers are going all out on the new Hitman 2 trailers. The newest one goes over most of the game’s features in quick succession. Hitman 2’s trailer dubbed “Hitman Perfected” goes over the game’s new locations along with new multiplayer modes, improvements to gameplay from the previous iteration, combat as […]
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Hitman 2 Trailer Goes Everywhere

A new trailer for the highly-anticipated Hitman 2 by Io Interactive has appeared showing off new locations where Agent 47 will be carrying out his work. The fittingly dubbed “Untouchable” trailer takes a look at Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Vermont, and Isle of Sgail where the world’s baldest assassin will craftily take down his targets. The very […]
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‘Hitman 2’ Reveals Game’s Six Murderous Locations

“Hitman 2,” due out on PlayStation 3, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Nov. 13, drops Agent 47 into just six locations as he goes after targets. That may not sound like a lot, but if Miami and Columbia — the first two locations already revealed in previews — are any indication, that means there […]
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Hitman 2 announces the oft-killed Sean Bean as a contract target

IO Interactive, the developers behind the Hitman series, today announced the first post-release content for the upcoming Hitman 2, including the subject of the first contract. Soon you — yes, you — will join the long, long list of individuals who can boast they’ve killed Sean Bean. The new Hitman games are bolstered after release with missions called Elusive Targets, contracts only available for a limited time. According to Hakan Abrak, studio head at IO: This new mission starring Sean Bean is o...
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‘Hitman 2’s’ First Elusive Target is Sean Bean

The first “Hitman 2” Elusive Target will be Mark Faba, portrayed by actor Sean Bean. Bean can be seen talking to his psychiatrist in a stark white room as Faba, lamenting on how he knows “all the tricks in the book,” as well as how he could use everyday items like headphones to murder a […]
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8 Movie Franchises That Frequently Reboot

8 movie franchises that frequently reboot Many Hollywood franchises are based on popular intellectual property and belong to major studios. Nonetheless, sometimes those franchises run out of steam. An unpopular installment, trouble with the cast and crew, the sale of character rights, or any other number of reasons can require a fresh start. (Maybe more than one fresh start in some cases.) A reboot might be good for business and can indeed bring a franchise successfully back into theaters. Wh...
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Hitman: World Of Assassination Brings Season One Content Into Hitman 2

IO Interactive decided to take a different approach with Hitman 2, which will combine everything from the first season of Hitman into Hitman 2. The team is calling it the "World of Assassination," which contains all of the missions from the first season jam packed into...
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‘Hitman 2’ will include enhanced versions of all of the previous game’s missions

Hitman 2 will give players the option to replay the first game's missions, complete with gameplay enhancements, and they'll be free to anyone who already purchased the original game. The post ‘Hitman 2’ will include enhanced versions of all of the previous game’s missions appeared first on Digital Trends.
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'Hitman' wanted over Amsterdam cafe shooting

The 55-year-old victim from Sale was shot in the head in what Dutch police believe was a gangland feud.
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Infiltrate the Streets of Marrakesh in Free ‘Hitman’ Summer Pack

The “Hitman” Summer Pack is available for free for a limited time, according to the official “Hitman” Twitter account. Players can download and play the Summer Pack starting Tuesday until July 31 at no cost. Game access is only available until then, but any progress made will be saved and transferred should the play download […]
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‘Hitman 2’ hands-on preview

Good news: 'Hitman 2' is 2016's 'Hitman,' but more. Small improvements and a new Sniper mode add to a package of extremely well-built levels and creative approaches to mayhem. The post ‘Hitman 2’ hands-on preview appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Hitman 2’ Is Officially Happening This November

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and indie game developer IO Interactive announced they’re working on a “Hitman” sequel on Thursday, less than a week after its existence was accidentally leaked online. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Nov. 13. “Hitman 2” promises an entirely new sandbox for would-be assassins to play […]
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Assassins, heed the call: ‘Hitman 2’ launches this fall, pre-order bonus now live

Hitman 2, a direct sequel to 2016's Hitman, launches November 13 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. IO Interactive has ditched the episodic format for the sequel. If you pre-order, you'll gain access to an online co-op mode in Hitman right now. The post Assassins, heed the call: ‘Hitman 2’ launches this fall, pre-order bonus now live appeared first on Digital Trends.
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