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Hogan Calls RNC ‘Undemocratic’ For Protecting Trump From A Primary

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) doesn’t see a viable path to primary President Donald Trump right now — in part because the RNC has agreed to protect him from any Republican challengers. “Typically they try to be fair arbiters of a process and I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve been involved in the Republican Party for most of my life. It’s unprecedented. And in my opinion it’s not the way we should be going about our politics,” Hogan told Politico. “It’s very undemocratic and to say, ‘W...
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Hogan Says He Won’t Challenge Trump Unless He Loses Significant Party Support

WASHINGTON (AP) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday that he’s not launching a primary challenge against President Donald Trump unless the president’s political standing within his own party weakens dramatically. Hogan, who was elected to his second term last fall, has emerged as the new best hope of a small group of so-called Never Trump Republicans now seeking a prominent GOP official to fight Trump for his party’s presidential nomination in 2020. In a Thursday interview with The Assoc...
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Gov. Hogan: No Trump primary challenge without major shift

WASHINGTON (AP) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday that he’s not launching a primary challenge against President Donald Trump unless the president’s political standing within his own party weakens dramatically. Hogan, who was elected to his second term last fall, has emerged as the new best hope of a small group of so-called Never […]
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Hulk Hogan Biopic Will See Chris Hemsworth Step Into the Ring for Director Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips is jumping from the Joker to the Hulkster. The filmmaker is set to direct a Hulk Hogan biopic for Netflix, and he’s tagged Chris Hemsworth to play the part. I don’t think any of us thought we’d see the day where Chris Hemsworth starred as Hulk Hogan in a Netflix movie, but hey, the 21st century is weird as hell. THR broke the news about Chris Hemsworth starring in Todd Phillips’ Hulk Hogan biopic. The script will be handled by Scott Silver, who also co-wrote the Joker script wi...
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Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Todd Phillips’ Directed Biopic

Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in Todd Phillips’ directed biopic The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Endgame) will portray Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic set to be directed by the Oscar-nominated Todd Phillips (Borat, A Star is Born) from a script by Scott Silver (The Joker). PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; goo...
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Maryland governor exits talks for new Redskins stadium

OXON HILL, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan has abandoned talks to persuade the Washington Redskins to build its next stadium on a Maryland site currently owned by the federal government. Spokeswoman Amelia Chasse told news outlets Tuesday that Hogan will proceed with acquiring state control of the 300-acre tract near MGM National Harbor. In […]
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The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen from Black Directors

(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week we give a nod towards Black History Month with a look at some of the best, little-seen films from black filmmakers.) Great films and filmmakers are worth celebrating all year round, but we live in a world that likes to categorize and quantify, meaning February has been designated as Black History Month (and Women in Horror month too f...
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Whicker: Rams’ superb defensive effort gets Gronked

ATLANTA – The ball sailed out of Tom Brady’s hand and down the left sideline, with Rob Gronkowski and three Rams converging. To the naked eyes of the crowd in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it seemed like yet another hopeless pass in an evening that overflowed with them. To Les Snead, the Rams’ general manager, it was a replay he immediately wished he could overturn. “It’s interesting when you see that occur,” Snead said, in a massive locker room of resignation and fatigue. “I’m saying, dang, I’ve kinda...
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Rams’ Robert Woods driven to bring Super Bowl title to L.A.

ATLANTA – Rams receiver Robert Woods once joined the New England Patriots for a day. Woods, then a middle-school student in Carson with promising football ability, attended a camp put on by the Patriots. Woods didn’t jump on a bandwagon or betray his local NFL team. He didn’t have one. Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here. From 1995-2016, football kids in Los Angeles had no hometown heroes. The NFL was a myth. Woods grew u...
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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is an attractive 2020 rescue vessel, should the SS Trump sink

Hogan and other alternatives are long shots while Trump dominates the GOP and the national conversation. But the president's troubles are mounting.            [Author: Opinion columnist]
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A Bruised Trump Faces Uncertain 2020 Prospects. His Team Fears a Primary Fight.

With his approval rating sinking, and foes within the party wooing potential Republican challengers, aides to the president are working to shore up his support.
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RNC 2020 buzz: Trump ... vs. Hogan?

The Republican National Committee formally kicked off the 2020 campaign season by bestowing President Donald Trump with its "undivided support" on Friday. But while the party merges its organizational efforts with the Trump campaign, there is still an expectation that someone will join the race.
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You Will Thank Us Later – 5 Tips to Create a Retirement Plan for Entrepreneurs

Most working class Americans are employed by companies that either require or offer retirement savings options in the form of a 401(k), 403b), or pension plan. Because these contributions are automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck, saving for retirement tends to be a rather painless process. Over time, the cumulative effect of regular monthly contributions leads to a nice sized nest egg that can be used in the retirement years. But for entrepreneurs, the story is a little different...
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Hogan … Tidley?: Trump’s A Big Fan Of Spokesman, Didn’t Know His Last Name

President Donald Trump has claimed in the past to have “one of the great memories of all time.” Well … decide for yourself. The New York Times reported earlier this month that “sometimes, with aides,” President Donald Trump refers to National Security Adviser John Bolton as “Mike Bolton.” And on Tuesday, CNN reported yet another instance of the President’s less-than-total recall. In a report on the White House press shop, the network said Trump had once referred to White House deputy press se...
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A Republican Challenge to Trump?

Larry Hogan can offer a serious and meaningful alternative to the corroded conservatism we have in Washington today.
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Maryland governor’s inaugural speech stirs buzz about future

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s criticism of Washington’s divisive politics during his inaugural speech has generated some buzz about whether he might seek national office, but the Republican says he’s not making any plans to end his second term early. Hogan was asked Thursday at a news conference on his budget proposal […]
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First Look: Titleist AP2/AP3 Irons in Black

When you’re on a two-year product cycle and it’s your off year, it’s easy to get lost in the new product release shuffle – even if you’re Titleist. Yeah, the new drivers came out last fall, and yeah, we’re expecting new Pro V1s and Scottys, but irons are on the back burner. And what do you do to boost interest in your year-old offering? Make like the Stones and Paint It Black. AP2, AP3: Back in Black Yep, Titleist is joining the black finish craze as a way of breathing a little life into its ...
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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer Breakdown: Nick Fury Just Highjacked Our Summer Vacation

Fans have been waiting for the Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer since it debuted down at the CCXP convention down in Brazil, and today it finally arrived. Though it doesn’t feel quite as thrilling as the visual overload and excitement that came from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse last month, it’s good to have Tom Holland back as Peter Parker, especially since the last time we saw him, he wasn’t feeling too well. Of course, since this is our first official glimpse at any footage from ...
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First Look: 2019 Srixon Z-STAR/Z-STAR XV Golf Balls

Outside of the equipment itself, the hot topic so far in 2019 seems to be the price of said equipment (and today we have a story on an actual price drop). Golf ball prices, while steady, also fall into the discussion. It’s generally accepted, though not universally loved, that mainstream Tour balls cost upwards of $45 a dozen at retail. Snell has thrown that paradigm a curveball with the MTB at $31.99, and Costco threw that paradigm a momentary beanball with the $15 a dozen Kirkland. Both are ou...
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First Look – Callaway 2019 Apex and Apex Pro Irons

In 2012 Callaway sold off the Ben Hogan brand but held onto various labels Hogan trademarks, including Apex. Two years later, Callaway revitalized the iconic name and launched the Apex irons – a model said to combine the beauty of a forged iron with the benefits of a distance-oriented face construction alongside the single-piece forged Apex Pro irons, which Callaway branded as “A high-tech forged players iron.”   Then, in 2016, Callaway updated both models adding Cup Face technology to the stan...
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'Metal from the Dirt' - Cool profile of Navajo metalheads, and Diné metal shows on the rez

There's a not-to-be missed profile in High Country News on Diné heavy metal bands on and around the Navajo Nation in Arizona, with incredible photos by Clarke Tolton, who also directed the video above. Snip: On the drive through the Navajo Nation, twirling the radio dial yields country station after country station. The genre warbles about the American Dream, life’s struggles paying off, and frustration, loss and regret. Scan long enough though, and you might stumble upon Laydi Rayne’s week...
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Howrey Dissolution Certified Questions To Be Argued Today

An oral argument before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals this morning Monday, December 17, 2018 10:00 AM SPECIAL SITTING - REGULAR No. 18-SP-0218 ALLAN B. DIAMOND, CHAPTER TRUSTEE OF HOWREY, LLP V. HOGAN LOVELLS US, LLP, ET AL... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The evolution of the word “terror”

Terror comes into English in the late fourteenth century, partly from Middle French terreur, and partly directly from Latin terror. The word means both “the state of being greatly frightened” and “the cause of that state,” an ambiguity that is central to its future political meanings. In Early Modern English, terror comes to stand for a state of fear provoked on the very edge of the social. That state is associated with the god Pan and the fear that grips men when they feel themselves removed fr...
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Mary Pickford: Hollywood's Most Powerful Waif

None As has been stated often and as we can't be reminded often enough, Mary Pickford was the most powerful woman in Hollywood during the silent era. Since establishing herself as a star in the 1910s -- really a superstar by today's standards -- she'd taken control of her career and produced her own vehicles. This became officially known when she co-founded United Artists, the era's most important independent production company. Now restored and tinted on 4K Blu-ray/DVD combos are two of her cl...
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Are Harris and Garcetti made out of Teflon or Velcro?

Every politician who manages to stay in office for a decent length of time has her or his share of bad news cycles.  Politics, like life, isn’t always a bowl of cherries, and the key to longevity is being able the weather the storm when things get rough. Successful politicians are able to navigate through choppy waters; unsuccessful ones might as well be on the Costa Concordia. In 1983, Colorado Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder took to the floor of the House of Representatives to excoriate Presi...
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Hogan's career-high 25 points leads SEMO past MVSU, 77-57

Skyler Hogan scored a career-high 25 points with five 3-pointers and Southeast Missouri State broke away in the second half to defeat Mississippi Valley State 77-57            [Author: AP]
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GOP Govs Blame Trump For Dismal Showing With Women, Suburban Voters

Republican governors are getting a very different reading from the midterm tarot cards than President Donald Trump, putting some of the blame on the President for making the party increasingly toxic to women and suburban voters. According to a Friday Politico report, the governors are trying to telegraph to the President to tamp down his rhetoric, all part of a strategy to move away from attack ads and overall negativity. “The Republican Party started to have problems before Trump ever arrive...
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GOP MD Governor Creates Emergency Commission To Redraw House Map

BALTIMORE (AP) — An emergency commission has been created in Maryland to redraw boundaries for a sprawling congressional district in compliance with a federal court order, the state’s Republican governor announced Monday. Gov. Larry Hogan said a “nonpartisan” nine-member commission will craft a redistricting plan for the state’s 6th congressional district that isn’t tarnished by gerrymandering. In Maryland, Democrats were in charge of the last controversial redistricting and the state’s congre...
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Restricting Competitive Keyword Ads Is Anti-Competitive–FTC v. 1-800 Contacts

Starting in 2002 and continuing for about a decade, 1-800 Contacts systematically locked up many of its online contact lenses retail competitors into settlement agreements that prohibited the parties from bidding on each other’s trademarks at the search engines. Perhaps not coincidentally (this was the subject of some back-and-forth among experts), 1-800 Contacts unapologetically and consistently charges higher prices than its online retailer competitors. In 2016, the FTC filed an administrativ...
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