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YouTuber pranks her followers with “photos from Bali” taken at her local IKEA

That social media is full of fakery is old news. But what fascinates me is just how easy it is to fake your life on Instagram. YouTuber Natalia Taylor recently decided to test it out herself. She “traveled” to the nearest IKEA store and took some photos, even purposely leaving some IKEA price tags in […] The post YouTuber pranks her followers with “photos from Bali” taken at her local IKEA appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Romantically Challenged Guy’s Guide to a Successful Valentine’s Day

No matter what your significant other has said about Valentine’s Day, it’s still important to her. Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or just went on a few dates with someone, Valentine’s Day matters. Even men with the best of intentions need a little help sometimes with this love holiday. This foolproof list will help guide you through this tricky holiday so you don’t end up screwing it up. Remember the day Start thinking about Valentine’s Day a few days early so that you aren’t out...
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The Scent of Love: Choose a Valentine’s Fragrance from Love Potion Fragrances 1-4!!

  If you are looking for a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,  birthdays or anniversaries, this might be your lucky day. Love Potion 1-4 fragrance collection is something you should check out because the collection features 4 unique scents and each has some amazing ingredients that ultimately create an interesting fragrance story. More […]
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Mardi Gras King Cake Crescent Rolls Recipe

These Mardi Gras King Cake Crescent Rolls with cinnamon sugar and cream cheese filling are super easy to make! Just insert a plastic baby and let the good times roll! Mardi Gras season is officially here! And do you know what that means? KING CAKE!!  I fell in love with King Cake on my first... Read More The post Mardi Gras King Cake Crescent Rolls Recipe appeared first on Mommy Musings.
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Gadgets and Gizmos Galore! 100+ Cool Tech Gifts to Give to the Men in Your Life

It doesn't matter whether he's your boyfriend, brother, dad, or grandfather, shopping for gifts for men who already have their dens decked out with every tech toy imaginable is tough. They love to try out the newest gadgets, leaving gift-giving holidays like Valentines Day, Father's Day, and birthdays hard to navigate. We've put together a shopping guide with the best gifts of 2020 for the guys who have it all and are always looking for more of the coolest high-tech gizmos out there. From gadget...
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Top Tips For Post-Holiday Blues

From changes in the amount of light (which can trigger seasonal depression) to a common feeling of letdown after the holiday season, many of us feel a little blue after the holidays have ended. If you’ve been very active, have not been practicing good self-care and have basically been cramming extra tasks into every day just to get through the holidays, you are not alone. The good news is you can restore, rest and revitalize in the days following the festivities and beat the post holiday blues. ...
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5 Most Common Holiday Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Holidays, especially at the end of the year, are the ultimate time to distress yourself and enjoy, before finally embarking on yet another hectic routine. Many people tend to plan their vacations to take place outside the city, most preferably near the beach or the snowy areas. However, accidents also tend to happen while you are out enjoying your holiday. Many of these accidents occur during the holiday celebrations and tend to cause long term injuries as well. As such, it is best to r...
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You May Think You Opened All Your Gifts, but Sephora’s New Sale Brings One More

Everyone talks about the night before Christmas, but what about the day after? It's not only when you can finally breathe a sigh of relief for surviving another holiday but also often one of the best times to score deals and steals . . . and perfect timing to spend any money you may have just received. In the spirit of the season, Sephora's got one more gift for us this year: an extra 20 percent off their sale items starting right now. That's right, all Beauty Insiders can knock 20 percent off ...
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Winter Storm Threatens Rain, Flooding and Mountain Snow As Millions Prepare to Travel After the Christmas Holiday

A record-breaking 115.6 million people are expected to travel this holiday season between Dec. 21 and Jan. 1, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Now that they’ve made it through Christmas, many are going to prepare to head home. But for some that will be easier said than done. A powerful winter storm in the Southwest of the United States could impact millions who are traveling after the Christmas holiday. Storms in the Southwest of the U.S. Southern California exper...
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Peace in Harmony

My sisters and I offer you our annual gift. The post Peace in Harmony appeared first on Lavender Luz.
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Santa Claus Spotted on a Motorcycle in Bristol, Tennessee

Santa Claus — who seems to be very patriotic to the United States — was spotted riding a motorcycle eastbound on State Street in Bristol, Tennessee on Christmas Eve 2019 and apparently giving his reindeer some much-needed time off, foregoing Rudolph the Black Lunged Reindeer for a large shiny bright headlight. What? You don’t know about Rudolph the Black Lunged Reindeer?!? Perhaps you never heard the first refrain of this now-famous Christmas classic... The post Santa Claus Spotted on a Motorcyc...
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The True Spirit and Meaning of Travel: What We Can Learn From Christmas 2019

The year is 2019; and here we go again: after almost two months of what seems to be non-stop advertisements for endless sales and a continuous onslaught of music in celebration of one of the holiest days for Christians around the world, there are people who believe that the true spirit and meaning of Christmas is lost in a vast sea of commercialism and profit — and I could not help but wonder if a similar sentiment can be analogous to the true spirit and meaning of travel. Although the miles and...
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Most Powerful New Year Quotes to Motivate Anyone for a Fresh New Beginning in 2020

After sending out inspiring Christmas quotes, follow up with our new collection of motivational Happy New Year quotes. Post them on your social media and inspire all your friends and followers too! And if one quote or saying resonates with you, own it! Start the year with the right mindset. Print out your favorite saying of the bunch or make it into your wallpaper. Put it up where you’re guaranteed to always be looking at it so you’ll never forget. It’s a new year, friends! It’s another 364 days...
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Robot Reindeer Happy Holidays

A classic robotics video from Boston Dynamics in 2015. Think of how much more developed the robots are now! Yikes. [YouTube]
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Holiday bridal inspiration with a red reception dress

Morning, Cakies! A ruby red bouquet is so striking, isn’t it? This autumn editorial coming to us from Ryann Lindsey Photography and LoveLee Celebrations proves just how gorgy holiday-inspired weddings can be. With a palette of red, gold, and green, it’s sure to inspire those of you with a fall 2021 wedding date. Peruse the rest below… The yellows and oranges of fall were mixed in with vibrant reds and greens. Who here loves a vintage engagement ring? Cynthia Findlay Antiques provided this...
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WordPress Holiday Plugin: Top Picks You Can Use This Season

Although it’s the holidays, your business should still be up and running to accommodate your customers. Being online and responsive is vital if you want to boost your sales this season. But what can you do? Similar to how you put accessories to your physical store, you need to  decorate your site to attract customers and stay on top of the competition. You can do that by using a WordPress holiday plugin. Let’s delve deeper to know more about them: WP Snow Effect This plugin offers snowfall an...
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Barking Up the Right Tree

Regardless of holiday party plans, as host or attendee, no matter how long or short (or nonexistent) gift and wishlist’s may be, I have two words for you: Peppermint Bark. All it takes is chocolate and crushed candy canes, yet it can elicit the same level of enthusiasm as a laborious multi-tier Christmas cake. You’d think the stuff was sprinkled with pure gold judging by the way some people clamor to snap up piece after piece, as if they had struck it rich at the dessert buffet. Something about ...
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I Created the Most Stunning Holiday Beauty Look With Pat McGrath's Star Wars Palette

For fans of the Star Wars saga, chances are you've been counting down the days until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters, right along with the number of days left in the decade - what a way to end 2019, am I right? As if the pop culture gods hadn't already blessed us enough this year (let's not forget about Baby Yoda), makeup artist Pat McGrath released an entire limited-edition makeup collection dedicated to the new film - and it just so happens to be perfect for completing a holiday ...
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Goat snuck onto UPS truck

UPS driver Bruce Slette found a goat in the back of his UPS delivery truck, and the images he snapped and sent to his daughter have now gone very viral. They're really quite funny. My dad is a UPS driver in rural North Dakota & today he sent me these photos with no context — Maria Helen (@maria_helen13) December 19, 2019 “My dad is a UPS driver in rural North Dakota & today he sent me these photos with no context,” wrote Maria Helen. Oh yes there's video. Bu...
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Should You Break Up Before Or After The Holidays?

You know it’s coming. You’ve seen the signs for weeks, maybe even months. You know it’s the end of the road for your relationship. Breaking up at any time of the year is difficult and painful, but it becomes significantly more complicated and awkward during the holiday season. This leaves many people asking themselves, is breaking up during the holidays good or should you do it after? How The Holidays Can Impact A Break-Up Decision If things aren’t going well leading into the holidays, they a...
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Pantene Is Shedding Light on How Difficult the Holidays Can Be For Many LGBTQ+ Individuals

Pantene is offering a platform for LGBTQ+ individuals who feel conflicted about going home for the holidays. The brand recently kicked off a new video series with GLAAD and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, which includes a moving a cappella performance of "I'll Be Home for Christmas," as well as interviews with four members of the chorus. "You will have joy and you will be loved." The interviews minimally touch on beauty routines and are primarily focused on each individual's experience with ...
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The Best Under-$25 Liquid Eye Shadows That'll Last Through Your Wildest New Year's Eve

It's 9 p.m. on Dec. 31 and time is running out. Your best friend is getting in an Uber, en route to pick you up for the big New Year's Eve party. You're dressed in head-to-toe sequins, hair twisted into the only kind of updo that can potentially withstand the excitement of the ball drop, and yet . . . still no makeup. And you totally thought the most stressful part of your night would be choosing which bar to go to with your 30 closest friends. Then, you got to your vanity and realized ironing o...
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20 Last-Minute Beauty Gifts on Amazon - All Under $70

If you have a beauty lover on your hands and you're pressed for time this gift-giving season, there's no reason to worry. Amazon not only stocks everything from top-selling curling wands to makeup palettes, but if you have Prime, you can get your orders in the mail in just two days. Seriously, if you order right now, you can still get your gifts by Christmas Eve, and that's something worth celebrating. What would we like to receive underneath the tree? Facial sculpting tools, advent calendars, a...
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Ecommerce lessons from Singles Day: How to plan next year’s holiday outreach

What originally began as a joke of a holiday on a Chinese university campus on 11/11 (because the number 1 resembles a lonely man), has now become “Singles Day,” the biggest ecommerce shopping day of the year in the world – even outpacing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In 2009, Alibaba decided to try to capitalize on this cultural phenomenon and has now transformed it into a multi-billion dollar sales and marketing opportunity. This year, Singles Day shoppers spent $38 billion, $13 billion o...
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Bourbon Fruitcake Crumb Cake

This Bourbon Fruitcake Crumb Cake is a vanilla bourbon cake filled with candied fruit and then topped with vanilla crumb and a bourbon glaze. The post Bourbon Fruitcake Crumb Cake appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
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20 New Year's Eve Makeup Ideas That Are Easier Than They Look

New Year's Eve makeup ideas can seem intimidating and over the top, but they don't have to be! In fact, there are plenty of low-maintenance New Year's Eve makeup looks that you can easily pull off without having to break the bank or watch a million tutorials to master. We got inspired by some of the best celeb makeup looks of the year, on red carpets and beyond, and we've put together some of the best options that you can recreate yourself for a stunning, low-hassle New Year's Eve. Whether you'r...
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Indie Beauty Brand Love — 2019 Holiday Beauty and Hair Gift Guide

I can’t believe it’s almost here! Are you ready for Christmas yet? It’s ALMOST but not quite too late to get that last minute shopping in. Without further ado, here’s my list of independent, mostly Black owned, mostly woman owned brands who are making skincare, body care, beauty and hair care products you will love! Adwoa... Read More The post Indie Beauty Brand Love — 2019 Holiday Beauty and Hair Gift Guide appeared first on Afrobella.
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Happy Holidays to Jessica Alba Only For Sharing This Feel-Good Beauty Gift List

So you didn't make it onto Jessica Alba's holiday gift list this year. That's probably to be expected (unless, of course, your name is Cash Warren), but that doesn't mean you can't still get in on the clean, eco-conscious, and just-plain-good beauty gifts on her radar this holiday season. "I'm all about gifting with a purpose for every generation," Alba told POPSUGAR. That's why we worked with the actress, philanthropist, and Honest Beauty founder to curate your ultimate guide to presents "that...
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Ulta Is Having a Massive Holiday Sale Right Now, With Beauty Products Up to 50% Off

No offense to Santa or anything, but do you really need a partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, three french hens, or any other arbitrary farm animal when you could have the real deal: beauty gifts - for up to half the price. Ulta Beauty gets it. Starting now through Dec. 25, the mega retailer will be participating in its annual Holiday Beauty Blitz sale, where you can score up to 50 percent off on your favorite beauty products and brands. Here's how it works: every week, Ulta will highlig...
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10 holiday gifts for eco-friendly coworkers

If you have coworkers who are eco-conscious or you hope to encourage them to be, then a thoughtful gift will certainly convey that you appreciate everything they do as your teammates — all while helping the planet. Besides, showing gratitude for the people you work with is tremendously helpful for boosting morale, building rapport and cultivating a positive work environment. To spread the holiday cheer and the message of sustainability, here is a gift guide for eco-friendly presents for coworker...
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