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Coca Cola Branded 2 Liters only $1.00 at Stop & Shop {2/28 Regional-No Coupons Needed}

Starting 2/28 Regional Stop & Shop stores have Coca Cola Branded 2 liters or Smartwater 1 liters on sale for just $1.00 each – Must Buy 5! Unfortunately there are no coupons currently available. At just $1.00 per bottle this is an excellent deal, especially with all the Holiday Party’s coming up it’s definitely time to stock... Read More Read more about Coca Cola Branded 2 Liters only $1.00 at Stop & Shop {2/28 Regional-No Coupons Needed}
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Coca Cola Branded 2 Liters only $1.00 at Stop & Shop {Regional-No Coupons Needed}

Through 12/20 Regional Stop & Shop stores have Coca Cola Branded 2 liters or Smartwater 1 liters on sale for just $1.00 each – Must Buy 5! Unfortunately there are no coupons currently available. At just $1.00 per bottle this is an excellent deal, especially with all the Holiday Party’s coming up it’s definitely time to stock... Read More Read more about Coca Cola Branded 2 Liters only $1.00 at Stop & Shop {Regional-No Coupons Needed}
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How To Plan the Perfect Party For Any Occasion

Whether you are looking to plan the perfect party for a birthday, a wedding reception, a corporate event or a charity fundraiser, there is a core list of unchanging elements that you need to organize to ensure that your party is a success.  From picking the ideal venue to choosing the entertainment and ensuring that the catering is spot on, if you take the time and effort to plan the most important aspects of a party, the rest will simply fall into place. So, if you have been given t...
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Pepsi 2 Liters just $1.00 at Stop & Shop {1/24- No Coupons Needed}

Starting 1/24 Regional Stop & Shop stores have Pepsi 2 Liters on sale for just $1 each – Must Buy 4! We don’t currently have any coupons available, but at just $1.00 per bottle this is an excellent deal! Especially with all the Holiday Party’s going on. Stock Up! as always check your local ad for any... Read More Read more about Pepsi 2 Liters just $1.00 at Stop & Shop {1/24- No Coupons Needed}
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New Year’s Eve Party Inspiration with Disco Fever + A Flower Recipe!

Someone call ABBA because all of a sudden I’m a dancing queen, feeling the beat, only seventeennnnn after glimpsing this fun New Year’s Eve party inspiration with disco balls, dried flowers and an abundance of iridescent decor. From the holographic shine of the glassware to the funky floral table runner bursting with texture, you’d be hard pressed to find a table that brings a larger smile to our faces than this one! View full post
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Pepsi 2 Liters just $1.00 at Stop & Shop {No Coupons Needed}

Through 12/26 Regional Stop & Shop stores have Pepsi 2 Liters on sale for just $1 each – Must Buy 4! We don’t currently have any coupons available, but at just $1.00 per bottle this is an excellent deal! Especially with all the Holiday Party’s going on. Stock Up! as always check your local ad for any... Read More Read more about Pepsi 2 Liters just $1.00 at Stop & Shop {No Coupons Needed}
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Red Clay Dance Company: Words to Live By: Community Engagement

The leadership of Red Clay Dance Company explores themes and topics inspired by various words that resonate among its artists, students, administrators, and supporters. We have been offering examples in a series of stories this fall and have asked for your responses to them as well.   This month, we conclude with COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: actively attract and occupy the attention, interests, and voices of our glocal community and involve them in the work of artivism to address ...
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What To Wear To Your Husband’s Corporate Party

As a housewife, you might not have the requisite experience of the style code for a corporate party. So, now when it is time to dress for your husband’s corporate party, you are naturally confused about what to wear. Well, if that’s the problem, you have arrived at the right place. Here, taking all your woes and worries into consideration, we have come up with a fresh set of top ideas to help you dress your best for your husband’s corporate party. Let’s get started. Relaxed Jeans, ...
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Festive holiday dresses for every budget and style

Is there anything better than shopping for holiday dresses, you guys? Velvet, tulle, sequins, ruffles, literally anything goes this time of year and it’s just so so fun. So fun in fact that we rounded up 20 of our fave party dresses before we had to stop ourselves. Let’s just say it’s not hard to get carried away in this department… Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping! Row 1: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Row 2: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Row 3: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Row 4: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Row 5: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Now onto shoes… The ...
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Red Clay Dance Presents Winter Sharecase And Holiday Party Dec. 14 at Fuller Park

Red Clay Dance Company (RCDC) engages its community by hosting a Winter Sharecase and Holiday Party Saturday, December 14 at 2 p.m. at Fuller Park Auditorium, 331 W. 45th Place, Chicago.   The performance features students of Red Clay Dance Academy, the official school of Red Clay Dance Company, and Red Clay Dance’s Youth Ensemble. The Academy is committed to offering world-class dance training for youth, teens, and adults. Classes are open to students aged one and older from beg...
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What to Wear to a Holiday Party (& 4 Cute, Casual, Fashion Girl-Approved Looks)

Wondering what to wear to a holiday party? Here are some casual and unexpected looks to help you stand out.
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Mid-Century Valentine’s Day Ideas That’ll Leave You Tickled Pink

XOXO, this flirty mid-century Valentine’s Day bash has plentiful party ideas you’ll want to borrow – a dramatic ombre balloon garland, a Cupid’s arrow escort card display, neon signage and a modern color block invitation suite that still has our hearts thump thumping a little too fast. But the buck doesn’t stop there! You’ll probably fall head over heels for the colorful vintage chairs that inspired everything from the color palette to the cake trio. View full post
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Why You Should Never Miss a Company Holiday Party or Invitation to Your Boss’s Home

--> A few years ago, I spoke with a man (now retired) who had worked in a large corporation for forty years and in his last twenty years, he basically did nothing. He was paid very well and was more or less forgotten—doing very little of anything. He would show up at the office at 9:00 a.m. each day, try to look busy—do a task now and then—and then get in his car at 5:30 p.m. each evening and drive home. When he finally retired from the company, he felt as if he had achieved a great victory. For...
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Leave the Work Holiday Party Early

Tonight is the company holiday party. Don’t fuck it up.Read more...
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This Is One End Of Year Sale You Don't Want To Miss

If you thought sale season was over and done with at 12:59pm on Cyber Monday, think again. Instead, less than a month after blowing a majority of our hard-earned savings in the name of Black Friday deals, a whole new set of discounts are here to make us do it all over again. That's right, it's end-of-year sale time, and there's one brand in particular that's making this round of deals especially appealing.As of Thursday morning, Reformation, our favorite sustainable fashion brand, is marking s...
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8 Stylish eBay Gifts For Your Most Fashionable Friend

Unless you're holiday shopping online — and sometimes even then — it takes the tactical planning of a military operation to avoid multiple stops and then having to double back because you forgot something. Caveat: eBay, where if it's on their wish list, it's ready for you to buy, all in one go.You might know the retailer as the place to unearth rare finds (and it is), but you don't have to search very hard at all to discover chic, on-trend gifts from A1 brands such as Louis Vuitton and Moncler....
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R29 Readers: We Need Your Input For Our Next Story!

Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.To bring you up to speed, we recently launched a new series, Hype Machine, where we round up the top reviewed items on the internet. Boots, sex toys, humidifiers, body pillows (!!!); we're aiming to make the process of shopping for all of your favorite things as painless as...
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Guy Accidentally Invites 25,000 Strangers To Holiday Party

By Adam Wears  Published: December 12th, 2018 
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5 Must-Have Holiday Party Outfits (That Are Actually Affordable)

If you're stuck on what to wear to your holiday parties, read below for five perfect outfits that will turn eyes at any event. It’s finally the month of holiday parties: December! Whether you’re hosting a close friend dinner party (with Secret Santa and White Elephant of course), turning heads at a fancy Christmas event, or are attending the hundreds of festive frat parties that happen this time of year, chances are that you need several festive party outfits, ASAP. As always, we're here to hel...
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4 Christmas Party Ideas For The Best Holiday Season Ever

As we approach Christmas and New Year festivities, party planning is getting into full swing.  Friends and families are all planning all kinds of festive holiday revelries from traditional Christmas dinners to gift swaps and cookie exchanges. There are many more Christmas party ideas that you can work with to make sure the event is not only successful but memorable too. Here are a few tips to help you plan one of the most splendid holiday parties. Select an appropriate date Holid...
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How to Host a Staff Party at the Office

There’s no arguing that it’s been a tough year for business. Firms of all sizes have found themselves tightening their belts just to make it to the end of the… Read more » The post How to Host a Staff Party at the Office appeared first on
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In Case You Didn't Know, These Are the Best Places to Buy Affordable Party Clothes

Our go-to shops for party clothes on a serious budget.With the holiday season and finals week approaching, we are all more inclined this time of year to spend money on extravagances like expensive gifts and take-out food for late night study sessions. Because end of the year overspending is extremely common, you may soon find your bank account to be, well, low. While all of this is happening, we're also gearing up for holiday parties and fancy dinners. So, where should you shop if you want to lo...
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8 Ultra Cute Pink Sweater Outfits

Not sure how to wear a pink sweater? Here are eight different ways to style one. Bright colors are not just for spring and summer, they can -- and should -- be worn into the fall and winter months, too. Want to stay warm in the fall and winter in a colorful way? Consider investing in a pink sweater.Pink sweaters are trending for the fall and winter. They add a touch of femininity to your look while keeping you warm, and they're a great way to stand out in a sea of neutral and dark colors.  View...
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Holiday Party Trends For 2018: Roaring 20’s Parties!

Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about holiday parties and from just a little research it appears that 1920’s Great Gatsby style is one of the top holiday party trends for 2018. I have to say, I kinda love it! A Modern Classic Although the term has made it to the top of the cliche pile, there is some universal truth to it. The two terms seem to clash horribly, but isn’t it a fact that old things get rediscovered and branded as new every day? Our fascination with the 1920’s is...
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QUICK HITS: SOCAN Launches Dataclef • Berklee College • Merlin Japan • AIMP + Reservoir • More

Canadian music rights organization SOCAN has launched Dataclef, a new international services arm that includes a comprehensive music database from more than 200 territories worldwide. Already on board as a client is the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS), that country’s only registered copyright society administering musical works.   • Berklee College Of Music has named Kim Perlak as chair of the Guitar Department. Perlak joined Berklee in 2013 as assistant chair of guitar. She beco...
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CF's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

These are worthwhile gifts for those left on your holiday shopping list. Christmas is literally right around the corner. Holiday parties with friends and gatherings with family are pretty much what's left of December, tbh. If you didn't have a chance to purchase your holiday gifts early, you've still got just a few days to shop for holiday gifts. This week's gift guide is for anyone else who may be lingering on your shopping list.We know with just days left before Christmas it's difficult to fi...
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3 Festive Outfits Inspired by K-Pop

Just in time for the holidays. Starship Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company that is home to many K-pop artists (including Jeong Se Woon, whom we covered previously,) has recently released a song called "Christmas Day," a special holiday collaboration that features its many artists. Check out the music video below!  I was inspired by the looks and the colors in this music video to create three festive outfits inspired by K-pop. Here they are below!  Festive Outfit 1  Product...
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Black and gold New Year’s Eve party inspiration with Crate and Barrel

Okay, Cakies. How completely fun is this whole NYE party situation?! We kinda outdid ourselves in our latest with Crate and Barrel, but can you blame us? New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to break out any entertaining pieces you recently obtained via your Registry, and closing out the year you were married in celebration is a must in our books. Plus, Crate and Barrel just came out with a whole line of NYE-perfect cocktail party goods, including festive little details like tassels and balloons to...
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3 Fun New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas to Try

What to wear whether you're keeping it low-key or going all-out. Cheers to the new year! Well, we made it -- 2017 is officially on its way out, and we're ready to welcome 2018 with open arms!Whether you choose to celebrate the new year by going to a glamorous cocktail party, having a fun night on the town, or having a low-key celebration with friends/family, we've got you covered! If you're wondering "what should I wear on New Year's eve?", look no further.Ahead, see three fabulous New Year's ...
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Turn the Company Holiday Party into a Strategic Career Opportunity

It’s that time of year again. More and more companies are getting back into the habit of hosting a holiday party; some are even taking the holiday spirit to the next level and hosting holiday trips. If you take part in company holiday festivities, it’s important to remember that you are at work. Here’s how you can turn a holiday party or event into a strategic opportunity for your career. Come prepared There’s some some important pre-event planning for you to do. Planning is important, especia...
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