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Should You House Hack a House or Condo in Austin

Should You House Hack a Condo or House in Austin? Purchasing a home is an incredibly rewarding experience in one’s life, but it isn’t the easiest decision in the world. You really have to take the time to decide if you are financially ready, and figure out if you know exactly what you want out of your home buying experience.At Open House Austin, we are huge proponents of house hacking your home. House hacking is supplementing your mortgage, taxes & insurance (henceforth referred to simply as “...
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From Star Wars to dinosaurs, the 9 coolest waffle irons

These unique waffle makers come in all kinds of cool shapes and patterns for breakfast fun or novelty gifts.
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For Your Inspiration: 19 Home Offices We Love, Remote Work Edition

Like millions of quarantining families, for the past few weeks my husband and I have been working from home and our kids “distance-learning.” He and I, in general, don’t work well together (he’s on conference calls all day; I prefer to do my work while half-tuning in to the Brian Lehrer Show), nor do our sons (let’s just say one likes to hum and the other really, really doesn’t), so we’ve all retreated to separate corners of our house. My husband snagged the study as his remote office. Our 14-ye...
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The best rice cookers for 2020

Want to make perfect rice every time without standing over a hot stove? Try one of the best rice cookers.
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Top 10 stories of the week: March 23rd to March 29th 2020

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 29th March 2020 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. Exclusive: Lack of consensus and hard questions at IAMAI’s meeting on its DCCC content regulation code “This is not an IAMAI code, and it should not be […] ...
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How to choose which mattress-in-a-box to buy and get it delivered right to your door

Thinking of getting a mattress-in-a-box? Find out which is mattress right for you with our guide to online companies.
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SecondNature raises $16.4M for “healthy home” subscription products, like air and water filters

After a confusing trip to the store to purchase an air filter back in 2012, two N.C. State University students, Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry, came up with the idea to make this routine home maintenance purchase a subscription-based business. The following year, their startup FilterEasy had a few hundred subscribers. Fast forward to now, and that service — now called SecondNature — has grown its customer base to hundreds of thousands by expanding beyond its original direct-to-consumer model to...
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Just Here

F rom the Kitchen. A small tall section of wall is all the wall there is. It's a dark day. I would like to make a big long cloth to hang here.  Right now,  a few pieces of the past, including a painting by my son while in high school, I like it because of the cloth in it. And of course it brings back memories.  Especially in these days when I cannot see him. He never liked it much.  I remember my Mom hanging stuff in her house that I never liked much. Maybe it's just natural for older...
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Using The Coronavirus Lockdown To Further Your Knowledge

People all over the world face a lockdown at the moment, as governments have gotten strict in their attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus. However, rather than viewing this time in isolation as a waste, you can use it to enrich your knowledge and put yourself in a better position so that you are ready for when the economy does recover. With the huge number of online courses that are available today, this is something that everyone can make the most of. With that being said, in this blog...
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Senior Living: Struggling to reach vulnerable seniors living at home amid coronavirus spread

By Judith Graham Contributing writer, Kaiser Health News Close down group meals for seniors. Cancel social gatherings. The directive, from the Illinois Department on Aging, sent shock waves through senior service organizations late last week. Overnight, Area Agencies on Aging had to figure out how to help people in their homes instead of at sites where they mingle and get various types of assistance. This is the new reality as the COVID-19 virus barrels into communities across America. Older adu...
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The best food-delivery apps for 2020

If you want to, or have to, order takeout food, we've gathered great apps to get your meal delivered, pronto.
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The best computer desks for 2020

Need a new computer desk for your new place or gaming setup? Here are some of our favorite computer desks on the market, whether you're a serious gamer looking for an upgrade, or just moved into a new space.
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Top 10 stories of the week: March 9th to March 15th 2020

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 15th March 2020 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. Influences on social media promoting violent extremism among biggest cyber threats, says NTRO Chairperson “Influences on social media” that promote “violent extremist ideologies” are among the biggest […] ...
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a softening

  G ood Morning. I softened the photos today. Because I can. Because I need softened. I wonder if the yellow walls make the light inside look so warm? Or is it just the nature of the light inside itself ? On the edge of Holding Pattern, a soft star.  I looked at the wishing star differently just now. I saw the box. And the arms of the wish as point of departure. Change. And then the wish itself as a soft promise for change.  It is raining softly now and he is just watching.  Things have ...
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Save $50 on an Insignia Digital Air Fryer

Insignia Air Fryer | $50 | Best Buy
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The best blenders for 2020

The best blenders can make you a breakfast drink, and then turn around and make smoothies for the whole family. Some can even make dough, butter, and more. Here are some of our current favorites.
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Everywhere I Look Is a Mess

Everywhere I look is a mess. I can’t look at my house because it is falling off a cliff. Dishes are mounted up to my chin, and laundry, like lava, is overflowing onto all the floors. I can’t look inward because nothing is organized. My sadness is mixing with my anger, and my anxiety is taunting my peace. I am easily triggered. Happiness can only be found if I can escape my reality and my mess, but the mess is everywhere. It chases me when I am on social media, I see it at Target, and I feel it a...
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Five Effective or Inappropriate Real Estate Ads?

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Check out Spotify’s brand new Home screen page

Spotify listeners will get something new when they open the app and listen to music with a better home page that caters to them. Spotify have updated their Home screens for mobile and tablet listeners. Spotify’s goal is to make it easier than ever before to dive right back into the music you love or discover something new to stan on. The new home page is a full refresh with more personal curation and contextual So whether you’ve discovered a new podcast, have been listening to an artis...
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Top 10 stories of the week: March 2nd to 8th March 2020

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 8th March 2020 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. Pakistani civil society groups boycott consultation on social media rules Over a hundred Pakistani civil society organisations have boycotted the country’s consultation on its notified social media […] ...
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a path to Balance

W hat is balance? For me it is not holding myself steady so I do not fall over. Instead it is a sort of dance, a rocking inward and outward, a stretching exercise where the goal is to constantly reconsider center while pushing limits. To Understand center as fluid. Knowing it's changing position.  Managing shift. Reach. A constant in-between. It is so personal really. It's definitely not about following any one else's lead. It's inside. I cannot really explain except that it i...
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Five Effective or Inappropriate Real Estate Ads?

If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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It's March!

day 13 F eel it . Smell it. Spring. I'm charged.  This morning the window sill glowed.  And then , I changed my mind. I want need this window to go all the way to the floor. It's in my head now. It's a must. I'm changing furniture around again. That's a good sign. And yesterday, while splitting old logs, we met our first Eastern Eyed Click Beetle .  At first I thought it was a snake or something... I put a link here 'if you be curious', those are false eyes...
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Day 11

G ood Morning, Soulo like the ledge that tops the half wall that looks down into the FireRoom. He is watching for the deer. This part of the split level arrangement I like too. The ledge begins soon after the sitting table area, which is a little box that juts out from the side of the house.  Any way, while sitting, there is another eye level for hanging. I hung Lightning Woman. Woman Series. Resting. I just basted her to get the pins out. Then zing, just a drawing over the photo, to catch...
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One Way To Make Your House Look New Again

Does the facade of your house need a change? Then begin your journey to a more gorgeous house today with a tile cleanse from Dansk Fliserens today, where you are offered a free trial-cleanse and a guaranteed great result afterwards, if you choose to get your tiles cleaned at Dansk Fliserens. Help for outside maintenance. If your non-existing competences in cleansing of tiles are making you reconsider if tiles even need cleaning in the first place, then fear not. At Dansk Fliserens the...
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Top 10 stories of the week: February 24th to 1st March 2020

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 1st March 2020 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. More than 60,000 cyber crime cases registered between 2016-18: Home Ministry Between 2016 and 2018, a total of 61,361 cyber crime incidents were registered in India, Minister […] ...
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The whale-inspired design of this sparkling water maker is a connoisseur’s delight!

I haven’t had much experience with carbonated water, but I know there are those who love sipping on some sparkling water! Designed by Bokyeong Lee and Chunghee Joe, the Ocean Blast is a carbonated water maker concept. It’s been inspired by the form of a whale, or more specifically, inspired by the phenomenon of a whale rising out of the water to breathe, and expelling air through its blowhole, allowing any water vapor to condense and creating what looks like a white spray of water.Interestingly,...
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A zen minimalist cabin that brings nature in and takes distractions out

We all know the movie Birdbox and we associate it with a stressful situation, I mean it was definitely didn’t fit in the comedy genre, right? However, I came across a different Birdbox by Livit, a Norwegian company, to counteract those feelings and really soothe our souls. This Birdbox is actually a prefabricated shipping container-like cabin that offers one-of-a-kind escapes to lush destinations surrounded by nature.The cabins are simple, rectangular structures with huge circular and oval windo...
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Scott Norman: What it Was Like to Originate Texas’s First Reverse Mortgage

The state of Texas had been resistant to reverse mortgages, and home equity lending in general, for a very long time before things started to change in the 1990s. Much of the change in the state’s perspective on the matter was due to the efforts of Scott Norman, whose career as a legislative aide for a Texas State Senator first introduced him to the issues surrounding the industry. This began a years-long odyssey to get home equity lending approved in Texas. Norman shares his perspective on t...
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Best Mid-Century Modern Interior Designs For Your Living Room

The mid-century living room style mainly encompasses graphic wall art, wooden furniture, and tidy ceiling lines. It has easy sofa sets and comfortable carpets to boost the design of the living room. Mid-century modern interior design applies to the trend that first appeared in the 1950s. The concept still remains a favorite among home interior enthusiasts even after decades. Mid-century modern style blends art with soft-lined furniture. Traditional and futuristic lead in an overall minimalistic ...
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