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Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi’s classic stone diffusers now come in three earthy coloways inspired by Tuscany. Available in sage, teracotta and sand, these diffusers are handmade from porcelain and feature a matte finish which covers the ultrasonic technology within.
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Beauty hors d’oeuvres: Diptyque Damascena and Centifolia Rose Candles put you in the mood for love

♥ © Copyright of My Women Stuff Original Full Post is found here: Beauty hors d’oeuvres: Diptyque Damascena and Centifolia Rose Candles put you in the mood for love Each year, at around this time, luxury perfume and candle maker, Diptyque gets in touch with their romantic side. Each year, they release a special candle in tribute to the most romantic of all flowers – the rose. This year, Diptyque celebrates not just the rose, but 2 beautiful species of roses. Diptyque celebrates the...
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Top 10 stories of the week: January 14th to 20th January 2019

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 20th January 2019 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. Ananth Narayanan quits Myntra-Jabong as CEO, Amar Nagaram to take over Myntra-Jabong CEO Ananth Narayanan has resigned from the... ...
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Price Cuts on New Construction Homes Becoming More Common

– Nearly all of the nation’s largest housing markets saw the share of new construction homes with price cuts increase between the beginning and end of 2018 – About a quarter of all new construction homes saw a price cut in the fourth quarter of 2018, with the typical drop throughout the quarter being 2.6 percent. – The median list price after a price reduction was $389,900 at the end of the year. – The biggest price reductions at the end of the year were in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where n...
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Matching Your Bed to Your Decor

Creating the perfect living space is a smart balance of colour and coordinating furniture and the bedroom is no exception. Your bedroom should be the perfect space for relaxing and sleeping and therefore should get something of a priority when it comes to decorating. There is nothing relaxing about trying to sleep in a mishmash of colour and clutter, so it is time to take control and get your bedroom up to scratch. Bed SOS has some great ideas for making sure your bedroom is the perfect space. ...
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This $23 Smart Plug Is Perfect For Outdoor Lighting

Despite the proliferation of affordable smart outlet switches over the past couple of years, we haven’t seen many weatherproof options yet, and we’ve seen even fewer models with multiple outlets that can be controlled separately. This $23 option from iClever though has both of those features, and can be controlled…Read more...
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How To Keep Mold Out of Your Basement

The adverse effects of mold are hard to overlook. From unpleasant appearance to respiratory problems and lethal consequences, mold can make our lives truly miserable. Even though it’s clearly not desirable, many people do everything necessary to help the mold grow. They create a highly favorable environment for it to appear and stay for as long as possible. One of the best places for the mold to grow is the basement. Moisture, high humidity, darkness, and lack of UV light allow mold to thrive. S...
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This young man creates wonderful music, free and easy as goldfish in a pond. He’s Kihong Jang, a guitarist with a quiet compelling lyricism.  This post is to celebrate the release of his debut CD, out on Gut String Records. And it’s delightful.  … Continue reading →
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Good Morning

Right before sunrise Soul-o likes to go out for a walk. I switch on the back deck light and he walks to the edge and looks. Then disappears for a bit before coming back for breakfast. Or dessert. Who knows? Lots of loose thoughts and patches strewn around here lately. Winter gets cluttered. And indoor time increases. I'm feeling constrained not heating the studio.  That gap in the roof is actually comforting. Patchwork is one of the sharing segments I've considered.  I've said so muc...
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The Slimmest Homes and Buildings in the World!

And finally, not exactly a slim house but certainly a slim door. This one is from my home town of Harlow, Essex: If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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This little speaker-cap hacks your smart speaker to give you back your privacy

Project Alias looks and behaves like a parasitic fungus, in the sense that it latches onto its host, feeding off it and inhibiting its functions for its own gain. It may sound a little extreme, but it does it all for the sake of privacy. Smart speakers now sit in one out of three American homes… and while they’re great in terms of convenience, they’re a privacy nightmare. Smart speakers are always listening in on everything you say or do around your home, and companies create databases and pro...
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Smart Speakers Make Inroads Into American Homes

Source: Statista When Amazon announced the Amazon Echo in 2014, many people laughed at the idea of voluntarily letting the world’s largest online retailer put a “listening device” in your home. And yet, the Echo, and Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa with it, became a major success, pioneering the smart speaker market in the United States and internationally. According to a recent statement, Amazon shipped more than 100 million Echo devices since 2014, making it the leader in the highly contested ...
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These 2D perspectives unfold to form 3D furniture

Remember all the time spent creating a perspective drawing and trying to get those angles right? Well, this 2D form turned furniture will take you back to those moments with pure nostalgia!South Korean designer Jongha Choi has created a line of space-saving furniture that can be hung on your wall when not in use. The collection, named “De-Dimensions” plays with visual forms, transforming a two-dimensional form into a functional three-dimensional object. Comprising of a stool and a bench, each ...
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These security cameras are monitored by AI as well as a human surveillance team

Do you remember that viral video of the engineer that designed this glitter bomb for parcel-thieves? It was this over-engineered box that contained a motor, a centrifugal cup with glitter, a fart-bomb, and four smartphones that recorded the incredibly cathartic experience of seeing your parcel thief open the box only to be doused in glitter and sprayed with fart-spray. Thieves would see an unsuspecting box on a porch and pick it up. Once they opened it, the motor would trigger, sending glitter...
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5 Unusual Things To Live In

A Boeing 747: A House on a Stick: The Simpsons Home: A Ship: Shipping Containers:
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Try Out a (Part-Time) Standing Desk In 2019 With This Discounted Riser

So you want to try a standing desk in 2019, but you’re not ready to commit to it for eight hours a day...what do you do? You buy a discounted monitor riser, and sit or stand whenever you feel like it.Read more...
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FSBO Demonstrates Desperate Measures In Desperate Times

If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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Choosing a Home – The Essentials (CAR Infographic)

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Self-driving cars won’t just change transport. They’ll change hotels too.

This is the Autonomous Travel Suite by Aprilli. It’s, in theory, a self-driving car, but Aprilli doesn’t refer to it as a car. Aprilli calls it a hotel on wheels, and while that sounds like marketing-team-hogwash, it actually isn’t. Aprilli are touching on the fact that self-driving cars won’t just make transportation easier. They’re going to shake the hotel industry.AirBnb has done enough to really disrupt the massive hotel, resort, and corporate suite business, but self-driving cars like the...
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The Best Real Estate Descriptions For The Worst Homes ;)

If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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Top 10 stories of the week: January 01st to 06th January 2019

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 6th January 2019 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. IT Minister says no risk of data theft as Aadhaar amendment bill tabled in Parliament Amid concerns of the right to privacy and data... ...
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What can’t it do? The top Amazon Echo tips and tricks to use around the house

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa has plenty of neat skills. So many, in fact, it seems like new ones appear every day. We've rounded up the top Echo tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your virtual assistant. The post What can’t it do? The top Amazon Echo tips and tricks to use around the house appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A rare occasion where geometry and alcohol pair well together

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most popular, and one being the least, it’s safe to say that most humans would score geometric solids on the lower side, while scoring fine alcoholic spirits an average of a 9 or a 10. That being said, combining the two isn’t something that really sounds like a winning idea, but Restoration Hardware seems to have pulled it off with their Polyhedron Bar Cart.Designed as a modernist sculptural element that adds flair to any drinking room, the Polyhedron Bar ...
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Required Prep Before Going on a Business Trip

  Hotel accommodation and transport arrangements are not the only important things you need to plan while planning to go on a business trip. To make the most of the opportunities to you, you need to be organized and ready to explore every contact and sales lead. Before you leave home, there are a couple of tasks you need to undertake to ensure your peace of mind and to be sure that you haven’t forgotten something important. Here is a list of a few things you need to look into before you le...
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Install OxyLED's Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit For Just $20

OxyLED is best known for its battery-powered light strips, but this discounted kit plugs into an AC outlet, and is designed specifically for under-cabinet installation.Read more...
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This Discounted Standing Desk Mat Is Basically a Fidget Toy For Your Feet

With the advent of affordable monitor risers, it’s never been easier to become a part-time or full-time standing desk user, but it’s important not to skimp on the anti-fatigue mat when you decide to make the transition.Read more...
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Living In Your Home When Faced With Mobility Issues

As we plan our futures, we plan on retirement, homes and even vacations. As we go through life planning these things out, we should focus on what life would be like without the other. Consider what you would like to have happen later in life and what it would be like if you did not plan ahead for it. Here are some things that you should think about when looking forward to your future. I want you to sit there and think about your future, the things you will have accomplished. Think about buying ...
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5 Features to Achieve a Peaceful Home

Your home should be a serene and peaceful place, but getting to that point is often easier said than done. Turning your home into a haven of peace and comfort takes some work, but it can also work wonders for your mental health. Fortunately, there are a few relatively easy relaxing home decorating ideas you can try. Check them out below: Plenty of Plants Bringing a few plants into your home can lead to massive mental benefits. Researchers have found a variety of positive effects that come fro...
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Our homes for the holidays with Landmark Vineyards

Between Amanda’s home tour, Jillian’s kitchen makeover, and Kristina’s girl’s 1st, we’ve shared many a peek into team 100LC’s homes over the past year or so. Today, we’re sharing how we each decorate when it comes time to cozy them up for the holidays. And because a bottle of vino or two is a must at any holiday table, our friends at Landmark Vineyards helped us find the perfect pairings for each of our styles. We’ve long-loved Landmark for entertaining, so we’ll talk more about our two faves be...
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6 Effective Tricks to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger and Spacious

Living in an apartment unit isn’t new to everyone, especially those people living in the heart of the city. It’s very convenient since it gives you easy access to shopping malls, department stores, restaurants, and most importantly, your workplace. There are a lot of apartment providers that will give you many options. In fact, there are various mobile applications designed to help you find an apartment of your preference location-wise. Another important thing to consider when choosing an apartm...
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