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Make Your Knives Feel Brand New With The Uber-Popular Lansky BladeMedic, Now Just $8

No matter how great your kitchen knives are, they all need some tender loving care from time to time. This $8 Lansky BladeMedic includes two v-sharpeners, a fold-out sharpening rod, and a ceramic sharpening edge for serrated knives, all in a handheld package that can fit into any kitchen drawer.Read more...
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Feet – A Clever or Disgusting Way to Market a Home?

Yuck or yes!? If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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How To Prepare For Home Improvement Projects

In 2016, a couple in Ohio made a startling discovery behind the ceiling of their basement. A suitcase stuffed with $23,000 in cash was hidden just beneath the surface. Though it was unclear who put it there or why, they used the funds to help pay off their mortgage. A few years later in 2018, construction workers in Georgia made another discovery hidden behind the walls of another building. Over one thousand human teeth lined the inside of the walls. It was later revealed that during the early 2...
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The best computer desks for 2019

Looking for a new piece of furniture that will fit in your office, dorm, or gaming cave? Here are some of our favorite computer desks on the market, whether you're a serious gamer looking for an upgrade, or just moved into a new space. The post The best computer desks for 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Our experience as bee guardians

Last year I wrote about a German company that was encouraging people to keep bees as pets. A reader pointed me to a similar project in Britain. run a ‘bee guardian’ scheme, where you are sent red mason bee cocoons in the spring. They hatch in the garden, breed, and then you return the […]
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4 Ways a Personal Garden Can Save You a Bundle on Food This Year

4 Ways a Personal Garden Can Save You a Bundle on Food This Year is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!Every year we are working on eating healthier and saving money, at the same time. In our current environment, this can really be a huge feat sometimes! Gardening can save you money. If you are striving to eat healthier, while also saving a bundle on your food budget, then here are 4 ways a personal garden may help you achieve this lofty...
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Alisson heaps praise on Liverpool defender Joe Gomez after return to action

Gomez appeared as a second-half substitute during Liverpool's 4-1 Champions League quarter-final second-leg win over Porto [Author: Alex Milne]
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Top 10 stories of the week: April 15th to 21st April 2019

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 21st April 2019 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. Delhi HC seeks Centre’s response to petition challenging Aadhaar Ordinance The Delhi High Court on Friday sought the Centre’s... ...
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Hemp Grow Kit

Limited to 200, this hemp set by Back To The Roots includes everything you need to pot, plant and grow your own hemp—though it shouldn’t be used commercially or industrially. The kit features a handy informational booklet, organic and non-GMO seeds, as well as soil and five pots. Since the passing of the USA’s farm bill, industrial hemp cultivation is legal and fruitful—and this at-home …
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‘Mesa’ Combines a Planter and Hand-held Vacuum Into a Surprisingly Elegant Solution!

One’s designed to hold dirt, the other’s designed to eliminate dirt. Sam Lavoie says there’s no reason the two of them can’t get along! The Mesa, designed as an entry for Render Weekly’s design challenge, combines a planter and a hand-held vacuum cleaner into a singular form. The result is a design that’s decorative, utilitarian, and creates a pretty harmonious partnership between two unlikely categories and products.The Mesa makes for a pretty decorative planter to be placed inside your house, ...
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Here's a Nice Magnetic Hook Sale, If You Had Magnetic Hooks On Your Wish List

I present, for your consideration, these magnetic hooks. They hold 80 pounds if they’re stuck to something upside down, or 15 pounds if they’re on a vertical wall. They cost $10 for a 6-pack with code L69OCBL2. Read more...
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How to Get Motivated for This Year’s Spring Cleaning

Now, we can officially say that spring has sprung. The pressure is on to get dusting, hoovering, and feng-shui-ing your home. A big spring clean can be a surprisingly rewarding experience. However, finding the time, energy, and enthusiasm to start can be tough. Here, we’ve come up with a simple list of ways to get excited for your big spring clean. Check out the following amazing spring cleaning hacks you can try this season: Take inspiration from the silver screen Via ...
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The best Amazon Echo tips and tricks to use around the house

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa has plenty of neat skills. So many, in fact, it seems like new ones appear every day. We've rounded up the top Echo tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your virtual assistant. The post The best Amazon Echo tips and tricks to use around the house appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Woolsey Shuffleboard Table

Crafted from high-quality maple, this beautiful Sean Woolsey Studio shuffleboard table fits all game-night needs. It features a teak handrail and black marble inlay to mark all the game lines and numbers. Plus, with a base made from steel and a Sunbrella fabric cover, it can be placed outside—safe from all the elements. Available in three sizes, 10 different finishes and the option for custom …
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We Were Made for Home

When we close our eyes and picture home, the elements are never far removed. Hot or cold, wet or dry, beach or mountain, fire or ice. It’s what we feel, what we dream, what we embody. Home is always a place, and who we are is grounded in that big or small plot of ground. I grew up in the cold winters of Minnesota, and I used to feel at home amongst ice. Summer gardens gone under deep snow, and tree branches brittle and dripping with ornate, frozen glass. I looked forward to the days turning cold...
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The best espresso machines of 2019

Brew professional-style espresso drinks and become the envy of your neighborhood with one of the best espresso machines on the planet. We have options across a range of price points, perfect for any budget. The post The best espresso machines of 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Debate: Should you count your own home in your net worth ‘number’?

We’ve not one but two of our favourite bloggers guest posting today. What’s more they’re going at each other head-to-head! Roll up, roll up, for a bare knuckle cage fight – personal finance style! Okay, not really, Mr YFG and Fire v London are too polite for that. But we hope you enjoy their gentle jousting nonetheless. T here’s a divisive issue that has been tearing the nation apart forever. Bloggers are at odds over it. Family members squabble over it. Maybe you’ve even put off retiring beca...
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The best white noise machines you can buy

Some people are more sensitive to sound during sleep than others. Luckily, there are a number of white noise machines on the market to mask the noise. Here are our five of our current favorites. The post The best white noise machines you can buy appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Top 10 stories of the week: April 8th to 14th April 2019

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 14th April 2019 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. Xiaomi warned about critical flaw in its two Android browsers but does nothing The Hacker News reported on Friday that two browser apps... ...
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8 Ways You’re Actually Inviting Burglars Into Your Home

According to FBI crime statistics, there were an estimated 7,694,086 property crimes nationwide with losses of $15.3 billion in 2017. Though you certainly don’t want your home to become the next target of potential thieves, sometimes you might be unwittingly inviting burglars into your home and putting your property (your family as well) at risk. To avoid ending up in a low-hanging fruit in the eyes of intruders, make sure you’re away from these 8 home security mistakes: Unlocked doors, windows...
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Garden and home events in the San Fernando Valley, LA areas, April 12-19

  Romneya, also known as matilija poppy. (Photo by Stan Shebs/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)   Here is a sampling of upcoming garden classes, events and lectures in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area.   APRIL 12   Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve: Park hours: sunrise-sunset daily. The Jane S. Pinheiro Interpretive Center hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday; 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday during the season and special events. Wildflower hotline: 661-72...
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Just Going is not always a straight line...

C ontinuing on this piece ... added a few more loose patches. I renamed it Haven ... aka Open House. Now feeling it is Safe and Open at the same time. I remind myself, on this chilly April morning, I am not running a race, I am simply trying to catch up with myself. Before I disappear.  What if ? this place, Spirit Cloth is changing Perhaps a place for quiet reflection. Thought Catching. Comments off. At least for now. Attention turned to Patchwork in Perspective . Part one in process, P...
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Nokia’s Home Assistant encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle

Now if a Google Home or an Apple HomePod could give me inputs on how to stay healthy, by collating my information and giving me tips on how to live a better life, I’d definitely consider it. If a home assistant could tell me if my sleeping patterns needed improvement, or that my diet could use some tweaking, or perhaps some outdoor time for my heart-rate, that’s what I’d really value in a home assistant. Nokia’s Home tries to be that guardian. Designed as a conceptual device by Rik Oudenhoven du...
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If You Want a Foam Mattress, Today's a Great Day to Buy One

Are you still sleeping on a mattress that you didn’t buy on the internet and get shipped to you in a box? You can fix that today with Amazon’s limited time Tuft & Needle sale. Read more...
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How Your Home Affects Your Mood (And What To Do About It)

Your home should be your castle, but it’s hard to be comfortable when you feel like the walls are caving in. The psychology of space goes deeper than just our physical likes and dislikes, choice of paint color or decorations. The way we feel about our spaces, especially in our home, can be both a reflection and cause for our mental state. So, what if this space simply isn’t working for us? When Honey-Do Turns Into A Nightmare For most homeowners, there’s a long to-do list in the back of our m...
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The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

Designed by IKEA, and Powered by Sonos, you’re looking at the Symfonisk, a range of offerings by the two collaborating companies. Designed as a table-lamp-speaker and a bookshelf-speaker, the Symfonisk aim at merging home-decor with smart-technology, and powerful audio to create products that simply enrich houses. The table-lamp comes with a lamp and lampshade at the top and a speaker at the bottom, while the bookshelf speaker is designed to occupy the spatial footprint of an encyclopedia (somet...
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Jamie Carragher makes Jurgen Klopp prediction ahead of Liverpool semi-final

The Anfield legend believes the Premier League has always been the most important thing for the club [Author: Sam Elliott]
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Benefits Of Hiring A Moving Company When You Plan To Move

Source: goodfreephotos At first, moving is exciting because people love the change that comes with it, but still, there is a lot of stress. You probably haven’t moved in so long that you just wouldn’t know where to start. You might not have a clue on how to make sure all your commodities are safe and okay throughout the whole journey. You do not have to do it yourself. Hire a moving company and all your worries would be put to rest. There are a few advantages attached to hiring a moving company...
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Home Security System for Seniors

Elderly people don’t show much enthusiasm for technology, but when it comes to their safety, security, and independence, modern technology has proven to be quite useful in ensuring their peace of mind. Considering that most cases of assault, robbery, and other crimes against the elderly typically happen in or near their home, installing a comprehensive home security system can help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your senior loved ones. Reasons to get a home security system for seniors ...
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Top 10 stories of the week: April 1st to 7th April 2019

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 7th April 2019 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E, for their support. What Mozilla said in its submission on the E-Commerce Policy Mozilla’s submission to DPIIT, accessible here, outlines a position of... ...
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