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3 inspirational art prints to celebrate Mary Oliver’s wild and precious life

I was so sad to find out that one of my favorite poets, the bestselling and Pulitzer prize winning Mary Oliver, passed away earlier today. Her poetry collections were some of my all-time favorites: Wild Geese helped me slow down and appreciate the natural world; Dog Songs made me want to go back in time and hug […]
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Take Coasters From Bars

Drink coasters are a smart thing to have, but a dumb thing to buy. One of life’s great ironies is that the most expensive coasters are usually made of rigid, hefty material that—instead of absorbing moisture—allows it to pool until it cannot be contained, spilling over onto your surfaces. The solution to this is…Read more...
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Classic Build-in Kitchen Fireplace Designs

Build in kitchen fireplace design in this page was completely dedicated for those who thought that kitchen space was not just a space for cooking, but also the place for gathering with our family and make a great conversation. Here, we can see the implementation of happy family through the build in kitchen space and the fireside application. Placing dining room table and the entire component of dining room will make this space more comfy and more inviting. Believe it or not, we will love in this...
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Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Aficionados - Part Two

Behold! Here are even more shops that feature high quality, artisan-made paper delights for the holidays and all year round. Visit the Holiday Gift Guide - Part 1 to double your fun. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Aficionados - Part One

It's my pleasure to present the first part of a curated selection of paper artisans who offer handmade paper items and/or specialty paper supplies in their online shops. Some are longtime friends... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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12 New Papercraft Projects via the 2019 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar

Paper artist, how-to book author, and teacher Helen Hiebert of Helen Hiebert Studio has created a Twelve Months of Paper Calendar for the past three years. These gift-worthy calendars are filled with... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Oversized Palm Springs Paint-By-Numbers DIY!

If you asked me what is the most enjoyable and satisfying art project you can do, I would probably say paint-by-numbers. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an artist or not, anyone can do a paint-by-numbers piece and they all come out looking exactly the same—amazing! Now, it has certainly been a decade or so since I did a paint-by-numbers work of art, but I thought it would be really fun to do an oversized one that I could hang in the house as “real” art and make it a Palm Springs scen...
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How to Choose The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The market for farmhouse kitchen sinks is pretty crowded right now, so the choices can be overwhelming for many shoppers unless you know exactly what you want out of a kitchen sink. A popular kitchen sink option that can narrow down these choices is the farmhouse kitchen sink. Some call it the apron sink. But even if you are sure that this is the style of kitchen sink for you, there are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to make the best choice for your kitchen. First of all, th...
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An Amazing Grove Collaborative Deal!

Hi friends! Today, we’re partnering with Grove Collaborative and I’m here to share an amazing deal Grove is offering for new customers. Watch the video below for full details or click here to get some amazing freebies with your first order. I’ve been using Grove for a while now, and I love how easy it is to stay stocked on clean personal care and cleaning products each month. Your box is completely adjustable each month and you can even skip a month if you don’t need anything. We’ve been wor...
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Hidden Washer and Dryer Cabinet

Everyone has a list of house “problems” that they want to get around to solving someday. For us, our “laundry problem” has been at the top of that list for years. We have a cute little 60s ranch house that has a laundry closet which doesn’t fit modern sized washer/dryers so the laundry has apparently been done in the semi-attached garage for the last few decades. It is definitely a bit of a pain to have to go out a door, down stairs,  through the carport, and in another locked door with all yo...
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7 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Home

The interior of your home is defined by a unique combination of factors, including the layout of your furniture, your choice of colors and textures, and the unique pieces of artwork or decorations that you hang on your walls. But one of the most important elements for creating the right atmosphere is also one of the most overlooked—your lighting. Your choices in lighting type, position, intensity, and character can completely make or break the ambiance and functionality of the rooms of ...
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Nova’s Play Kitchen (IKEA Hack)

Hello, friends! Today, I’m excited to share the IKEA play kitchen we made for Nova’s Christmas gift. I was highly inspired by Laura’s project and also Molly’s from Almost Makes Perfect. I spent so much time scrolling Pinterest looking at ALL the beautiful versions of this project people have done and it’s amazing. I love that so many people have customized them in different ways. It’s a thing! For most people, a big part of it is to try to make the play kitchen look sort of like your own home. S...
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DIY Faux Latch Hook Wall Hanging

One thing you should know about me is that while I love to craft with yarn and make all the pretty textured things, I can’t knit or crochet. Maybe one day I will learn, but for now I like to challenge myself to think outside the box when it comes to yarn crafts. It also probably doesn’t help that I am not patient when it comes to long, time-intensive projects like wall weavings, latch hooking or knitting. So that is where I try to find short cuts to get the look for less (time, that is!). This t...
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Quilted Velvet Pillows Tutorial

It’s that time of year when I want to up the cozy factor of my space—whether that’s twinkle lights, a faux fur throw, or super soft velvet pillows—it all makes these longer evenings a bit more magical. Plus, adding new envelope pillow covers to your space is one of the quickest ways to give your couch or bed a mini makeover. You can slip them on and off with the seasons, but you might never want to put these velvet pillows away! If you’ve got access to a sewing machine and can stitch a straight-...
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Todd’s Home Studio (Before + After!)

Yay, this is so exciting for us! We’ve been in our Nashville home for 3.5 years now, and one of the huge things on our “must have” list when we were house hunting was a space that could be a home recording studio for my husband, Todd. If that sounds familiar to Elsie’s shopping wishlist for Jeremy’s music needs, well, it’s because Elsie and I only know each other because our husbands have been pals for 16 years now, and were in the same band for six years or so back in the day. So we’ll forever...
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Harry Potter Collection at Pottery Barn | Editors Top 10 of the Year

Welcome to our annual editors top 10 of the year! Through the rest of the year, we’ll be sharing 10 of our favorite things (no offense, Oprah) of this past year and we hope you love them too. Of course we love everything we’ve shared, but these things are all extra special to us.  – Liz […]
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Stained Glass Tumbling Block Ornaments

I love it when classic interior design and modern trends collide! Lately, I’ve been enjoying seeing a resurgence of stained glass in interiors, and I’ve also been obsessing over tumbling block patterns—so much that I finally decided to put it on the floor of my entryway. I thought it could be really fun to combine both of these design elements into stained glass ornaments for my Christmas tree. These tumbling block ornaments are so easy to make, I feel like a whole new world of crafting has been...
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The Best Stocking Stuffers On Amazon Prime!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 The stockings are hung by the chimney with care … but do they have presents in them yet? If you are still looking for some last-minute presents (or if you haven’t even started yet), here are some of our favorite stocking stuffers that you can get on Amazon Prime, just in time for Christmas morning! Whether you need presents for your spouse, mom, or the cutest kiddos in your life, our list is sure...
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Our homes for the holidays with Landmark Vineyards

Between Amanda’s home tour, Jillian’s kitchen makeover, and Kristina’s girl’s 1st, we’ve shared many a peek into team 100LC’s homes over the past year or so. Today, we’re sharing how we each decorate when it comes time to cozy them up for the holidays. And because a bottle of vino or two is a must at any holiday table, our friends at Landmark Vineyards helped us find the perfect pairings for each of our styles. We’ve long-loved Landmark for entertaining, so we’ll talk more about our two faves be...
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Baby Doll Stroller DIY

We are at that stage of toddlerhood where her main goal in life is to put an object in something, move that thing somewhere else, take it out again, and repeat this process basically forever! She loves the little wooden shopping cart we got for her to put things in, but it has fixed wheels that are large and the cart is a bit heavy, so it’s harder for her to turn and maneuver than I would like. Since her other great love right now are all her “babies,” (her little stuffed Lovie animals she slee...
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Mommy + Me Craft: Magnetic Christmas Tree

The holidays have been extra fun this year with our little toddler around to “ohhh” and “awww” over the tree, ornaments, and lights. While some of the decor is more kid-friendly this year (we have a little Lola tree with plush ornaments on it just for her to play with), I also wanted to do a fun holiday craft with her that she could participate in. So I decided to make a magnetic tree with ornaments she could paint and move around on the fridge, and it was so much fun! Supplies: –self-laminati...
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A-Frame Putz House Ornament

I’ve been dreaming of owning my very own a-frame cabin for cozy winter getaways. (Haven’t we all?!) While actual real estate endeavors aren’t in my near future, miniature versions of my dreams have always been satisfying substitutes! This cute little a-frame cabin ornament is inspired by my love for vintage putz houses, plus my recent affinity for cardboard crafting. Before I dispose of food boxes from my pantry, I’ll usually consider if I can up-cycle it into a fun craft with the kids—or just f...
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Is your house ready for holiday guests? Simple fixes might be the way to go

Sixty-seven percent of homeowners worry that friends and family will judge their homes when they visit. But simple fixes can hide many imperfections. Or maybe you should rethink whether you are ready to host.
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Naturally Dyed Christmas Tree Skirt DIY

I love the patterns found in vintage indigo mud cloth textiles, but I’ll never be the girl with any dark blue in her Christmas decor. I decided to try out the same dyeing pattern using madder root on linen to create a tree skirt with a bit of a bohemian vibe. Madder root in different amounts can offer colors ranging from a blush pink to a brick red, so it’s a great natural dye to use if you enjoy a bit of pink or mauve. It plays well with candy cane stripes and brass accents! You can use this sa...
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Elsie’s Holiday Home Tour!

Hello hello! Welcome to my holiday home tour! This year we leveled up quite a bit and did our best to make our home magical for Nova’s second first Christmas (since she doesn’t remember last year, it’s like her first Christmas all over again— lol). I have always LOVED holiday decor, but I think in the past I put too much pressure on choosing a theme or matching all the colors. This year, I just went for it and mixed everything that gave me a warm and fuzzy, nostalgic feeling together! Wreath/JOA...
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Elsie’s Storage Room Makeover

Hello hello! I am so excited because today I FINALLY get to reveal my storage room makeover … and this is not just an ordinary storage room. It’s pretty “extra” in all the best ways. Especially my new best friend (a freezer that is making all my dreams come true). And I definitely went a little overboard making the room aesthetically pleasing—but hey, this storage room is honestly life changing. I feel like a real adult finally! We’re partnering with The Home Depot for this post. They’re our go-...
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Macrame Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Raise your hand if you’ve been searching for a beautiful macrame Christmas stocking tutorial to no avail?! Well, after some careful thought, a few wild stabs in the dark, and plenty of patience, I’ve designed a Christmas stocking using simple knots that still offers plenty of structure so that it’s not just decorative! You can make this macrame projects in a few hours using the thin rope I’ve used for a delicate look or size up on your rope and modify the design a bit on your own. Since it’s neu...
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10 DIY Jobs You Can Do In Your Own Home

Making a house a home is something that many of us like to do. Even if you aren’t a housewife or a stay at home mom, you probably still enjoy making your home look good. After all, you probably work hard each day in order to afford the rent or mortgage payment, so why shouldn’t you be proud of what you have? Some people love the idea of doing different jobs in their home. Taking on renovation tasks and making things completely different. Some people choose to call in the experts to tak...
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6 Hacks for a Quick Kitchen Renovation

Most homeowners are looking for ways to add luxury to their kitchen these days. With the current home design trends looking so attractive, it’s hard not to want to update your kitchen. Sure, you can just go ahead and call a kitchen renovation company to renovate the entire kitchen; but for many homeowners that is simply not in their budget. If you do not have the time or the money to tackle a full kitchen remodeling project, give one of these 6 ways a shot and rest assured of a styli...
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Floral Christmas Tree DIY!

How beautiful is this floral tree?! I’ve seen some really pretty trees in hotels and city centers over the years that have included faux flowers or poinsettias in them, and so I thought it would be fun to parter with JOANN to create a floral tree look! The nice thing about using faux flowers and greenery is that you can save the flowers, like you would any other ornaments, to use the next year as well, and they’ll look as fresh and as pretty as ever. Once you pick out the flowers you want to us...
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