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Practical Spacious Egg House Design with Stunning Style

Starting with practical egg residence constructions, we were be able to see the great construction layout of a modern home design included with the practice and simplify thought. The great expectation of simple and modern person was something simple design in functional style. This egg home tries to cover those expectations and give additional benefit for us. This egg house was already complete with boxes inside on that covering with the thought of space saving home imaginations. We will sleep o...
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Expressive Small Pink House Design in Green Interior Applications

Don’t be fooled by appearances; the exterior of this small pink house could not differ more from the interior! To counter expectations and avoid a feeling of “matchiness,” the color palettes chosen provide a striking contrast, moving from a pink exterior to a surprisingly spacious-seeming interior decorated in shades of green. Grey curtains provide privacy and help delineate public and private areas, as well as divide the house without the visual weight of walls, while space-saving tricks like t...
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Modern White Shell House Design

Practically, these artistic stone fence decorations were suitable for almost house designs series. We can try to apply this ornament for our modern or contemporary style. Believe it or not, the most attractive appearance of this stone fence was suitable for nature house theme say for example sea house, beach home, mountain home, hill house, etc. this review was concern on nature look shell house designs included with stone fence application. White paint scheme of the house build combine with sto...
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Simple Contemporary House Design with Classy Inspirations

The classy contemporary house inspirations in this house design series was try to find out a new option of a home design included with the complement system and the entire element that build up this building. The main elements that build up this home were come from the friendly material such as wood. Aware or not, wooden material already help the owner of this home to show up the concept of contemporary from this home. Looking out these open air terrace space ideas and we will see how close this...
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Exceptional Inspiring Home Transformation Design

The exceptional living room designs in this home transportation probably suitable for those who need more than just a written review of home transformation or home renovation. Here were several pictures that were complete with the home furniture inspiration and home appliance furnishing plants. The maximize concept of our home transformation will impact the success or unsuccessful process of home renovation. Continue with the outdoor dining room layouts, we will see the similar theme of home int...
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Boxy volumes anchor a beautiful home into a rocky cliffside

When Montreal-based firm YH2 Architecture was tasked with the almost impossible feat of building on an incredibly sloped, rocky landscape, it came up with a solution that goes back to the age of time: building blocks. Using the natural landscape to its advantage, the firm constructed the gorgeous House Dans l’Escarpement out of two concrete “boxes,” one vertical and one horizontal. The ingenious design not only let the project expand vertically but also reduced the footprint of the home on its ...
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A solar-powered home in Maine rises above the sand dunes on wooden stilts

Portland-based firm Caleb Johnson Studio has unveiled a beautiful cedar-clad home elevated off the ground on stilts so that the natural “landscape is allowed to flow under the house.” The solar-powered home, named “In the Dunes,” was designed to not only protect the natural dune terrain, but the resilient design also reduces the risk of damage caused by potential coastal flooding. Located in the coastal town of Wells in southern Maine, the three-story home is built on sand dunes overlooking th...
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Contemporary Lake Home Design with White Bright Interior Ideas

Started with contemporary living room ideas, now we were will see the extraordinary design of home design with extraordinary place also. The calm environment of the outdoor space of this lake house will be complete since the designer of this house was adding several calm and applicative furniture and interior with similar theme. The bright transparent home interior of this house was looking maximize the landscape look of this house include with the furnishing plans and other application system o...
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Inspiring Home Trends Design Pictures

These inspiring best home trends designs were started from this year, the 2012. The extraordinary trends of this house trends can be look out through several years ago complete with the application system of this home and the supporting performance of this living space. As a good start, this practical winter home constructions probably similar with the contemporary concept. Simple and humanism inspiration was spark almost the whole side of this home. The nature look of winter inspiration can be ...
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Newly Glass Concrete House Design with Romantic Garden Layouts

These romantic outdoor garden pictures were use as the welcoming application for this house. The decorative look of the garden space was completed with the romantic lighting from the lighting fixtures of the garden space. The green layouts of this space will show our charity for the world and reduce the effect of global warming. Continue with the open plan low living room layouts, we were still can look out the garden space with the garden application. Using glass window, the panoramic landscape...
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Nice Concrete Desert Home Design Pictures

The outdoor swimming pool plans that were available in these nice outdoor landscape layouts were looking use as the welcoming space for the guest of this home. The combination of wooden material with concrete material was shown the best combination in this world and we were freely to try out the concept and the design of this application. Using fresh water as the rejuvenating accent, this outdoor pool will comfort our body and soul. Continue with the transparent home interior decor, we will look...
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Architects design gorgeous forest-enveloped home with lounge space on its green roof

Brazilian firm, MF+ Arquitetos have unveiled a beautiful wooden home design with a massive open-air lounge on its sprawling green roof. Located in a lush green forest outside of Madrid, Casa Spain is a 6,400-square-foot family home built to be a refuge in the woods. Designed to seamlessly blend into its forestscape and natural topography, the home’s heart is located on its dual-level green roof, which comes complete with a lounge area and fire pit. Although the gorgeous family abode is tucked...
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Two energy-efficient cork homes are elevated off the landscape in northern Spain

Barcelona-based firm López-Rivera Arquitectos has unveiled two beautiful homes tucked into a dense forest in northern Spain. The natural forest, which is comprised of cork and pine trees, inspired the architects to clad both homes in a gorgeous cork facade. The sustainable material helped create an energy-efficient and resilient design that is also raised off the ground to reduce the impact on the landscape. Located in Platfrugell, Catalonia, the two cork houses are located on a rugged landsc...
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Vintage Brown Wooden Home Design

Started with the classy wooden home designs inspirations in this site and we don’t have to be worry to try something new in our life. The classic design was not indicate old fashion style. The performance if this house still humanism and nature look. The material constructions that use to build up this home were come from the natural material and we can get in simple way. In addition, we can add or combine the main material of this home with several modern constructions. We were freely can combi...
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Fabulous Classy Concrete House Design with Green Investment Plans

The high exposure home interior plans in this home was looking complete the amazing performance o this concrete home. The simple thought of both designer and the owner was give several accents for this low design being looks high and comfy. The huge look of this home was come from the arrangement of the building and the placement of the furniture structure. Continue with small comfy living room areas that place on the front space of this home, we will welcome by the nice performance of the low d...
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Practical Suburban Home Design in Simple Layouts

Welcoming by open plan garage home ideas, when we were enter this home we will see the practical design of a humanism home include with the efficient application. Actually, the concept of simple and practical was come from the placement of this home and the character of the owner. Located in suburban space, the owner of this home completely want to show the semi-modern look of the home include with the local wisdom or surrounded space. The main construction of this home starts from the material ...
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5 ideas for cool coffee bar carts for your home, whatever your decorating style. Barista not included.

I’m thinking of taking my coffee obsession to the next level, with one of these cool coffee bar carts. Kind of like bar carts, only…for coffee. I’m seeing them absolutely everywhere, and I love the idea of a dedicated space for my coffee supplies — but one that’s easily moveable so that it can be […]
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Home decor inspiration: How to hang fabric on your walls instead of wallpaper

It’s that time a year that I start to get a little stir crazy at home and have this major urge to redecorate. The newest home decor trend that caught my eye: fabric walls instead of wallpaper. Okay, so it kind of hit the internets about six or seven years ago, but it’s back with […]
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Green Investment Aluminum House Design with Artistic Furnishing Ideas

Artistic house furnishing inspirations in this home design series was offer a new home design inspirations with unique application. The using of aluminum in this home was uses as the cover of the concrete material and uses in from of the concrete material. The similar paint probably hides the solid material. believe it or not, if we were try to use this aluminum as our home material without existing material, the thing that we will get was the feeling of cold and warm when the summer come. Furni...
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Report: Houzz lays off 180 employees, eyes IPO

The company reportedly recently laid off 110 people in Britain and Germany and 70 in the U.S., amounting to roughly 10 percent of the company. 
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A modern vacation retreat is embedded into the rolling hills of southern Portugal

Tucked into the rolling meadows of Southern Portugal’s Alentejo region, a beautiful 2,691-square-foot vacation home holds court in an idyllic area that is perfect for disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Cercal House, designed by Lisbon-based studio Atelier Data, boasts a Mediterranean style that is embedded into the landscape in order to blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. One of the most complicated challenges for the architects was the site’s problematic...
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Jet black lakeside home in the Netherlands designed to embrace the surrounding nature

Located just south of Amsterdam, the Vinkeveense Plassen is known for its incredible lakes and surrounding nature. When one family approached Dutch firm, i29 Interior Architects and Chris Collaris to build a home in the idyllic area, the designers created a beautiful 592-square-foot home strategically designed to embrace the incredible natural surroundings. Situated on a elongated island plot next to the lake, the home was designed with an inside-out strategy to make the most out of the limit...
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Former camping site turned into gorgeous family home clad in charred wood and natural stone

When tasked with creating a family home in Austin, local firm, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, decided to go with a blend of charred wood, locally-sourced stone and glass panels. The result is the stunning Llano retreat, a design that was strategically built to embrace the natural landscape, while providing a contemporary, but cozy living space.   Situated along the Llano River in central Texas, the building site was used for years by the family as a camping and fishing spot for the weeken...
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Beautiful Fairy Tale Cottage Design as Contemporary Home Design Inspirations

These beautiful fairy tale cottage inspirations were dedicated for those who want to have an extraordinary home design and want to get closure with the nature. Here, several pictures that we can see was try to show up the entire green ideas and an eco – friendly thought of a living space. Believe it or not, these entire pictures were covering with the green application and remind us with the mountain home design. this entire innovative living space ideas were rob our attention and make our eyes ...
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6 Hacks for a Quick Kitchen Renovation

Most homeowners are looking for ways to add luxury to their kitchen these days. With the current home design trends looking so attractive, it’s hard not to want to update your kitchen. Sure, you can just go ahead and call a kitchen renovation company to renovate the entire kitchen; but for many homeowners that is simply not in their budget. If you do not have the time or the money to tackle a full kitchen remodeling project, give one of these 6 ways a shot and rest assured of a styli...
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Modern Prefab Home and Residence Ideas

Applying these brilliant home constructions ideas were recommended for those who want to have a home included with the thought of sustainable and eco – ideas. We were be able to see the eco- construction of the home building and the strong line of the green application surrounded this living space, the perfect environment for those who need a calm and comfortable space. If we can’t live in a green and natural space, we can try to make it by our self and enjoy the green and fresh air for our fami...
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Extraordinary Inexpensive Tropical Home Designs with Tree House Inspirations

The extraordinary tropical home constructions were the main point of green – investment for our living space. The designer of this home was tried to combine between green livings in eco – ideas. uses as a space for living together with our family and as a space for welcoming our friends, here was the best space in the world since we will welcoming them with the calm and fresh environment of the jungle and the nature. They will get the complete airy space in this world. Furthermore, these innovat...
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Stunning carbon-neutral home uses traditional materials to create a synergy with its natural setting

London-based practice Foster Lomas, has unveiled a stunning carbon-neutral home on the Island of Man. The Sartfell Retreat is a private home built by local craftsman using locally-sourced drystone walls. The home boasts plenty of sustainable features, including an off-grid water system for fresh water and a plush green roof, covered in carbon-capturing hay and native wildflowers, further creating a strong connection with the home’s breathtaking natural setting. Located near Sartfell Mountain, ...
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Inspiring green Prefabricated Home Design with Farm House Inspirations

Look at these modular home design pictures and try to give the best living space for our family. Actually, the main concept of this home was sustainable and the thought of green living as an investment for our live and our earth. We can see these home design pictures were completed with the green plants and the prefab material. The using of stone and brick was indicating the sustainable thought of the owner and the designer. Furthermore, the comfy calm living space applications system was provid...
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Gorgeous, low-maintenance home comprised of dual farmhouse-style buildings

When architect Tim Sharpe and his wife Rani Blancpai decided to build their own home, they knew they wanted a design that would be low-maintenance in terms of energy and upkeep for years to come. To create their ultra-durable and low-energy home, they combined two extended barn-like volumes, clad in both galvanized steel and Australian spotted gum wood, to create a modern farmhouse installed with various passive features. Located in Byron Bay, Australia, on a large lot surrounded by hoop pines...
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