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3 Home Improvement Failures – Which One Is The Worst?

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Labor and Materials Might Constrain Remodeling Growth, but the Pandemic Is Only Part of the Story

Editor’s Note: The following is a commentary by Carlos Martin, project director for the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. The Remodeling Futures Program seeks to produce a better understanding of the home improvement industry and its relationship to the broader residential construction industry. Learn more here.  One sector that has experienced sustained growth in the housing industry has been home remodeling. Despite the home improvement i...
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Home Improvement Fail

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5 Additions Technology for Your Home that Adds Real Value

Technology is constantly advancing. Today, we are more technologically advanced than ever. Even to the point that private citizens have their own spacecraft. Albeit they are billionaires. But you don’t need to be a billionaire to install technology for your home that adds real value. Valuable tech starts from the price of a week’s worth of Starbucks coffee up to a considerable amount. Smart Home Systems You have probably heard of smart technology. It seems like everyone just puts the word sm...
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Create A More Luxurious Home Space For You And Your Family

Are you interested in improving your home? If so, then you might want to consider exploring the steps that you can take to guarantee that it is more luxurious. This won’t just provide short term benefits. It will also mean that you can sell the property for a far greater price on the market. The right changes to your home could add thousands onto the real value of the home. Here are some ideas that could be worth exploring. New Tech First, you should think about explore tech options that you...
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Renovation startup Curbio raises $65M in Series B

Curbio's technology platform streamlines home repairs and only collects payment when a property sells. The company plans to use its new cash to expand its technology and geographic reach.
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3 Reasons Your Family Could End Up Sleeping Elsewhere Tonight

As soon as we become homeowners, most of us inherit a list of jobs that we need to tackle eventually. From new windows to bathroom renovations, these tend to be tasks that can at least wait until we have the time and money to tackle them. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for every issue that’s likely to arise during your homeownership journey. This is particularly the case if you’re attempting to raise a young family in the space, especially considering the importance of routine and reliabl...
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10 Best Solar Parking Lot Light [Reviews 2022]

Our team scanned 41925 reviews before putting any suggestions for the solar parking lot light in this article. Comparison Chart of Top 10 solar parking lot light Continue Reading The post 10 Best Solar Parking Lot Light [Reviews 2022] appeared first on
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10 Best High Cri Led Bulbs [Reviews 2022]

Our team scanned 49843 reviews before putting any suggestions for the high cri led bulbs in this article. If you have short time on your hand then check bellow quick comparison table. Top 10 high cri led bulbs - Quick Chart Continue Reading The post 10 Best High Cri Led Bulbs [Reviews 2022] appeared first on
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Glass Shower Enclosure Is The Missing from Your Home Renovation

‘It’s a privilege to wake up in the house that existed before us and will exist after us. Such is the power of renovation.’ Just like millions of others, you may also consider home renovation as touching up your home, fixing the plumbing or electrical issues, painting the walls, fixing the cracks or unnecessary loopholes, etc. Well, this may culminate all the home repair and renovation needs but still lets you skip a lot of crucial home improvement factors. And one of them is skipping the idea...
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5 Tips for Looking After Your Garden Space

It sometimes feels like a full-time job looking after the interior of your home, which is one reason the garden is often overlooked. But when it comes to the warmer seasons and spending more time outside, you’ll be glad you paid a bit more attention to the trees and plants in your garden. Check the Health of Plants Introducing new plants into your garden isn’t as straightforward as going to the garden center and choosing the prettiest ones. Sometimes plants don’t get along with each other, t...
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4 Signs You Aren’t Ready for Homeownership

Buying a house before you’re financially and emotionally ready can wreak havoc on your finances. I’ve watched friends buy houses in their early twenties and sell them a few years later for a loss because they weren’t prepared for the responsibility of homeownership.  I just bought my first home with my partner last year. Even as a personal finance writer, I wasn’t fully prepared for all the costs that come with owning a home. I spent nearly double the amount I budgeted for home maintenance t...
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2022 Home Design Trends That Will ‘Wow’ Homebuyers

It seems like it was just yesterday when people were downsizing their homes, gravitating towards properties with public communal spaces and fawning over open floor plans. But today? The pandemic has changed all of that. Not only are more people relocating to larger, more remote homes outside of big cities, they’re also redesigning the inside of those homes to better align with their not-quite-lockdown, not-quite-post-pandemic lifestyle. In a recent article from®, Houzz‘s 2021 Emergin...
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What Are The Hidden Dangers In Your Home

Because your home is such an important investment, as well as being somewhere you and your family need to feel safe, you want to do all in your power to preserve it and keep it in good shape. However, it’s not just the things you can see that are wrong that need your attention; most properties, no matter how old they might be or how well looked after they are, will have a multitude of hidden dangers that could be highly problematic once they come into the open. Rather than waiting for anything h...
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Bathroom remodels top owners’ renovation wish lists for 2022

A new Zillow report found that 72 percent of homeowners plan to renovate in 2022, and more than half would consider a bathroom remodel.
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Kitchen and Bathroom Projects to Lead Renovation Trends in 2022

The new year means the chance to tackle more home renovation projects. According to new research from Zillow and Realm, 72% of homeowners will consider at least one home improvement project in 2022. The most popular projects for 2022: Bathroom: More than half of homeowners surveyed would consider a bathroom renovation next year. Buyers said they would also consider paying a premium for spa-inspired bathroom features, such as “curbless” showers (3.6% price premium), heated floors (3.2%) and fre...
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How to wall mount a TV

Need some help installing your new TV? Our handy guide includes an informational video on how to wall mount a TV, along with other tips and tricks.
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4 Tips on How To Lower The Cost Of Your Home Repairs

There is no doubt that major house repairs can leave most homeowners feeling anxious. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the costs of any maintenance and repairs to your home, while your insurance will cover the costs of anything that causes major damage to your property. Of course, not everyone has the financial means to pay for large-scale repairs, especially if they do not take out a loan to meet the expenditures. How would you feel if there was a way to carry out repairs in or on your h...
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Handy Man Fails

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Don’t Skip the Home Inspection: 5 Reasons Why

When you’re buying a house, especially during a hot market, it may be tempting to forego certain steps to expedite the process. Waiving a home inspection, however, is never going to be a good idea. Here are five reasons why you should never skip a home inspection: Weakened Negotiations After a home inspection is completed, the buyer can reevaluate their offer, renegotiate the terms or even pull out. More than 80% of home prices are negotiated at least twice when they include a home inspection. I...
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Curbio’s Rick Rudman Named a Comparably ‘Best CEO’

Curbio recently announced that Rick Rudman ranked among Comparably’s “2021 Best CEOs” for small to mid-size companies. The 2021 Best CEOs list comprises the Top 100 highest-rated leaders of small- to mid-sized companies, based on anonymous employee feedback submitted directly to Comparably. More than 60,000 companies were considered for inclusion in Comparably’s annual rankings. “I am honored to be recognized as a 2021 Best CEO by Comparably. Knowing that these rankings are based on employee fee...
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National Kitchen & Bath Association Predicts Strong Year-End Despite Cooldown

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)—a nonprofit trade association for the kitchen and bath industry—and John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) recently released its most recent Kitchen & Bath Market Index (KBMI), aimed at measuring the health of the kitchen and bath industry. The KBMI for Q3 shows that despite a continued strong market, ongoing industry challenges are having a cooling effect on what has been a very positive full-year outlook. While the overall kitchen and bath indu...
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Can’t get the cat out of your listing? 5 tips for dealing with pet odors

Bad odor is one of the hardest challenges to overcome when selling a home. Find out how to get to the root of the problem and fix it once and for all.
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This home startup lets you order custom curtains and shades that are shockingly affordable

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. If you want beautiful, high-quality curtains or shades, you've probably considered going custom — which is usually expensive.  Mesken is a home startup for custom curtains and shades at a fraction of traditional prices.  The easy-to-navigate site helps you make measurements and guides you through every step of the process. Mesken Custom Curtains $...
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Revolutionizing Home Renovation in an Ultra-Competitive California Market

California real estate firm reels in a ‘refined’ relationship with Curbio The stars must align with a highly viable market and a very willing firm that’s poised to co-brand services to lure a potential vendor into opening a brand-new office in one of California’s most competitive regions. That’s exactly how things developed recently between Curbio and Willis Allen Real Estate, as the La Jolla, California-based firm’s extensive search for a perfect home improvement partner concluded with a highl...
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10 Simple Tips On What To Consider When Renovating Your Home

Your home is the place where you live, eat and sleep. Therefore, it is important to make your home comfortable for you and your family. You want it to be designed in a way that makes you feel good every time you come back to it after a long day of work or school. If you are thinking about renovating your home, it’s time to do some basic research on how this can be done without blowing too much money or running into problems before they even start. Here Are 10 Simple Tips on How To Renovate Yo...
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Curbio Names Jennifer A. Moyer as Chief Financial Officer

Curbio has announced Jennifer A. Moyer as its new chief financial officer. Moyer joins Curbio with nearly three decades of financial experience, most recently serving as the chief operating officer and chief financial officer of the Upside Travel Company. Throughout the course of her career, she has held several executive leadership positions, including chief financial officer of Holdings, Inc. and chief operating officer of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, a subsidiary of The Wash...
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Curbio Launches End-of-Year Giving Campaign

Curbio, Inc., has announced a new campaign to support families who are unable to afford a safe and healthy place to live during this season of giving. For every estimate provided by Curbio through the end of the year, the company will donate a flat rate to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that helps people around the world build or improve a place they can call home. Throughout the month of December, each real estate agent who requests and receives a home improvement estimate for t...
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What agents need to know about double-pane windows 

Having the ability and the vocabulary to discuss different types of windows and knowing about their energy-efficient capabilities is beneficial for real estate agents who are selling both new construction and renovated properties. Here's what to know.
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Curbio, Uber and the Great Contractor Labor Shortage

I was not surprised when Zillow announced plans to slow its pace of home-buying, partially due to “operating within a labor-and supply-constrained economy inside a competitive real estate market, especially in the construction, renovation and closing spaces.” Said more plainly, they can’t find enough contractors to fix up the homes they’re buying before they put them back on the market for resale. The contractor labor shortage is real. It’s been exacerbated by the pandemic, but it’s a problem th...
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