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SecondNature raises $16.4M for “healthy home” subscription products, like air and water filters

After a confusing trip to the store to purchase an air filter back in 2012, two N.C. State University students, Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry, came up with the idea to make this routine home maintenance purchase a subscription-based business. The following year, their startup FilterEasy had a few hundred subscribers. Fast forward to now, and that service — now called SecondNature — has grown its customer base to hundreds of thousands by expanding beyond its original direct-to-consumer model to...
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Which Should You Renovate First? Kitchen or Bathroom?

Many homeowners have renovations nestled amongst their future plans. The two focal areas, which can really make a house feel more like a dream home, are the kitchen and the bathroom. When executed intelligently, they can completely change the feel of a home, and the way you interact with it. Expert renovations can have significant ripple effects on improving your general quality of life. But which one should you tackle first? The kitchen or bathroom? There are many factors to consider befo...
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Do you know your interest rate? 27% of mortgage holders don’t

Knowing your mortgage interest rate could save you a lot of money in the long run.
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Top 6 Products Every Household Needs in 2020

As you move into a home, you have to put into consideration some of the essentials things such as home insurance cover, home warranty to cover repairs, the neighborhood, and security among others. Then there are basic needs that would make your living smooth. These cover things like kitchenware, furniture, and bedding. These are items that would make your home look neat, clean and organized. You can add household items as you would wish to design your home. For now, let’s dive into t...
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Homeowners Discover The Error Of Using A Firearm For Booby Trap

This Thanksgiving, while most people in America were enjoying their holiday meal or some football, one man discovered why using a pistol rigged as a booby trap was a bad idea.  Booby trapped firearms, or “spring guns” have been controversial for more than 200 years, with the only documentation coming from the negative outcomes.  The […] Read More … The post Homeowners Discover The Error Of Using A Firearm For Booby Trap appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Homeowner says he lost a 500-pound emerald worth $280 million in California wildfire. (Thanks to Rod Nunley)
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How To Protect Your New Family Home

Buying and moving to a new home is a wonderful experience and, even if it’s not your first property, it’s an important milestone for any family. It’s probably the biggest investment you are going to make in your life and, as such, it warrants a high level of home protection. You need your home to be a safe haven for your family, pets, and possessions, but how do you go about ensuring you have the best levels of protection in place? To help you feel and stay safe, here are some importan...
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Homeowner finds naked man singing in kitchen, drinking milk

ERIE, Pa. (AP) — Authorities say a Pennsylvania homeowner who heard someone singing inside his home found a naked man drinking milk in his kitchen. Erie police say the homeowner heard the singing around 3 a.m. Monday. He grabbed his pistol, went to investigate and soon found the man sitting on the kitchen floor. The […]
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7 Tips To Get Your Home Summer-Ready

Summer is just around the corner, and your home can be ready for the heat and fun of this season if you put some essential tasks on your to-do list. When it’s warm and sticky outside, you can tackle some projects to keep your home looking great and feeling cool inside. Here are the best ways you can get your house ready for the summer season this year with a little spring cleaning. Clean Your Gutters The summer season means lots of thunderstorms and occasional downpours. Before the...
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4 Tips For Planning A Big Move

Planning a big move is something that everyone has to face at some point in life. This is especially true seeing as it’s unlikely that you’ll stay in one place of residence forever. However, moving homes can be extremely stressful which is why it isn’t something everyone looks forward to. You can make it a less stressful experience if you give yourself enough time and plan and equip yourself with the right knowledge. On that note, keep reading if you want some helpful tips on how to go abo...
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4 Hacks For Unclogging Your Sink

Many are times when your sink clogs and you do not know what do. There are many ways in which you can do the unclogging of the sink on your own. Depending on the complexity of the problem, the tips we shall discuss here could help you to work out the clogging problem and ensure that the sink is working again. So, what are some of the things one can do to unclog their sink? Well, you need to know more about how to unclog a bathroom sink with hair and other materials. Here are 4 hacks f...
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How To Know If Tree Removal Is Right For Your Home

Trees provide shade, fruits in some cases, attract birds and are often a centerpiece of attraction. Apart from these, they reduce air pollution by taking in harmful carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. But as is the nature of all living things, trees grow and undergo wear and tear, and ultimately die. This is when tree removal becomes necessary. Contrary to what most people imagine, it requires skill and an experienced person to conduct the activity. Arborists or tree surgeons are qual...
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5 DIY Projects You Shouldn’t Try To Tackle

So you wanted to create cabinet boxes or maybe perhaps you want to retile the kitchen floor. You say to yourself that you can do it and you just cannot pay the extra buck for the help you “know” you do not need. The only problem is, you are wrong. It is true that quite a lot of household repairs and upgrades can be done by a homeowner that is handy with a hammer. But there are still quite a lot of home changes that you should leave to the professionals. Part of millennial thinking ...
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Why Is Your Pressure Washer Losing Pressure?

Pressure washers are great for doing outdoor cleaning projects in no time. This handy tool can get rid of paint stains, dirt, debris, and grime for the side of your home, concrete, car and other outdoor surfaces. However, in order to achieve total cleanliness, it is vital that your pressure washer is in the correct working condition. Thus, if you are thinking of purchasing a pressure washer, it is vital to know some of the common problems that the unit is likely to encounter. This inc...
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Homeowners Love Their D.I.Y. Remodels, Says Realtor® Survey

Washington, D.C. – January 3, 2019 ( Homeowners looking to add personality and individuality to their home are more likely to undertake a do it yourself remodel than hire a professional, according to the National Association of Realtors®’ 2019 Remodeling Impact Report: DIY. The report also shows that cash-strapped millennials are the most likely of any generation to take on a DIY project. The report examines the differences between remodeling when hiring a professional compared to h...
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Five Questions With… Sarah Poriss: Crumbling Foundations and Employers

The holidays are here and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions. I recently caught up with Attorney Sarah Poriss who I’ve known for many years and realized she had an interesting perspective for employers and how to start the year off right. Sarah runs her own small firm focusing, in part, on foreclosures for individuals.  Recently, she’s been handling matters for homeowners impacted by the crumbling foundation crisis happening in eastern Connecticut.  What follows is an edited online...
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How to Recover and Clean Up After a House Fire

For many homeowners, the idea of a house fire is their worst nightmare come true. However, it’s not always the flames themselves that are the hardest thing to deal with. Once the flames are extinguished and the smoke clears, the recovery work begins. It’s often challenging to know where to start after a house fire. Assuming that your homestead was not a complete loss and it can be cleaned up and repaired, there are some important steps to take to ensure that everything is handled approp...
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Can You Afford To Renovate Your Homestead?

Homesteading is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice among Americans seeking to be more independent, despite decades in which the small family farm has been in decline. And though these small family farms vary widely in price and overall scale, few realize that taking a DIY-approach to life is so expensive. If you’re considering investing in a homesteading property, then, it’s vital that you consider the costs involved in growing your own food and raising animals, as well as how to renov...
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3 Common Mistakes People Make During A Home Renovation

Many homeowners that are planning on a big renovation have never taken on such an overwhelming commitment. They will have a vague idea about the experience from watching television shows like Fixer Upper and from word-of-mouth, but they will likely have a lot of misunderstandings right off of the bat. Here are some common conundrums you are bound to face whenever you agree to take on a massive home renovation. 1. Trying to save money by doing it yourself. One of the most popular re...
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How To Make Buying A Condo Simple & Stress-Free

Condominiums have, in the last several decades, become associated with all things luxurious. To indulge in the many amenities and beautiful views that recent developments have to offer, many people are thinking about buying a condo, particularly along the Toronto skyline. Condos are becoming more popular, not just because they are enjoyable, but because condos allow you to  showoff  an idyllic kind of lifestyle. As a result, however, developments that come with the promise of extravagant ar...
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How To Find The Best House Sitter

Housesitting is a great solution for the homeowners, especially with pets, and also for those who want to visit other areas of the country or the foreign locales but their budget is limited. The homeowner provides the home sitter free accommodation in exchange for having somebody in the house when they are away and look after your pets. The homeowners also get the person to look after the garden and their pets. Small remuneration may be involved depending on the quantity of work. If...
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Top 3 Plumbing Challenges You Can Fix On Your Own

Plumbing problems are common in many households. Sluggish sinks, leaking faucets and the toilet that just won’t flush happen to everyone from time to time. Plumbing issues can be embarrassing and problematic, especially if you let them go and don’t take care of them. Whereas some of them can only be fixed by professionals, some common challenges can be fixed quite easily with a little know how. Taking early action on clogs, drips, and leaks is critical in preventing serious damage such as c...
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5 Hacks For Moving Without a Big Hassle

When planning on moving, most people are faced with challenges on how to effectively carry out the entire process. Whether the move is due to relocating because of a new job offer in a different locality, your company has posted you to another branch, you are moving out of your parents’ house or even just for a change of scenery, it’s always fun to move to a new place. However, despite the excitement that comes with moving into a new house, the process of moving out can be a daunting experie...
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Homeowner’s association issued gator warning before attack

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — Two days before a South Florida woman was fatally attacked by an alligator, an emailed warning about a trespassing gator was sent out to homeowners in the waterfront community where she lived. The Sun Sentinel of South Florida reported Sunday it was unknown if Shizuka Matsuki ever got the warning. The […]
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Memphis Gun Owner Uses AK-47 Rifle in Self-Defense from Two Attackers

Memphis Gun Owner Uses AK-47 Rifle in Self-Defense from Two Attackers Memphis TN –-( myth from the anti-gun groups crumble. A homeowner defended his home against two home invaders with his AK style rifle.A Memphis Tennessee homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, returned home from the barbershop on Monday at 7 PM. When he approached the front door, he found his door pried open and his dog wildly barking. He entered his house to find 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon and 17...
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Homeowner survives explosion that destroyed house

SOLEN, N.D. (AP) — A homeowner in Morton County has survived an explosion that destroyed his house. Sheriff’s officials say the man was walking out of his home in rural Solen Sunday morning when it exploded and caught fire. KFGO reports the man suffered an arm injury, but was able to drive himself to meet […]
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Homeowner’s Insurance: How Much Can You Save By Comparison Shopping?

In an ideal world, you would always comparison shop every product or service. But in the real world, that takes time and effort. Is is worth the bother? To estimate the potential benefit of shopping around, Priceonomics analyzed homeowner’s insurance premiums across 12 states (for a similar level of coverage). They ranked each state by taking the difference between quotes in the 25th and 75th percentiles. We found that the difference between the premiums was substantial, and shopping arou...
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FREE Printable Roof Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Being a homeowner is tough and sometimes it’s easy to forget all the things that need regular maintenance, like your roof for instance. That’s why we put together a checklist of things you should check for when doing your annual roof inspection on your homestead. Roof Maintenance Checklist and Inspection Tips Annual roof maintenance begins with the inspection of the roof materials to determine if it has undergone any deterioration. It also considers the design aspects to detect any faults in...
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5 Tips To Cleaning Up Your Home After Water Damage

Sometimes you may experience water damage in your house or in your home in general. This could be due to flooding or even a broken water pipe that leaks in the house. What are some of the things you should do when you experience this challenge? It is also possible that too much rain could cause a leaking roof that leads to damages to your items. In this article, we shall discuss some of the tips that can help you to clean your home after water damage. You could also consider contacting a compa...
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Marcus by Goldman Sachs® Reveals What Homeowners Would Sacrifice for Their Dream Home

New York, NY – May 1st, 2018 (BUSINESS WIRE) National Home Improvement Month is the perfect time of year for people to improve one of their most valuable assets, their home. To kick off the month, Marcus by Goldman Sachs® reveals the results of a recent study to uncover what homeowners would sacrifice in order to make their renovation dreams a reality. Survey: The survey revealed that 57% of homeowners planning to make home improvements this year would sacrifice their smart phone for 30 days if...
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