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7 Tips For Finding The Best Daycare

The formative years of our child are one of the most important phases wherein the child gets to develop his or her inclinations, be it in math, science or the arts. However, no matter how much time we would like to spend with our children, this is not at all times possible. When both parents are working, it is really improbable that one parent can dedicate all of his or her time towards such child. But, even though, we, parents might be loaded up with work to be able to also provide for th...
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Ever After at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre!

Remember the 1998 movie Ever After: A Cinderella Story starring Drew Barrymore? I do! Based on the movie and the original fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Ever After: a Musical for the Ages is currently running at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre until February 17 and I’ve got a 25% off discount on ALL price categories to this Broadway bound musical production! Synopsis: From award-winning songwriting team Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler comes a captivating musical based on the hit film. Share the j...
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Do You Know Why Uzma Was Killed?

Last week, Pakistani society was struggling with the story of the horrific murder of Uzma, a teenager, who worked as a house maid in the city of Lahore. The 16-year-old was allegedly tortured for months and then murdered by the woman she worked for…for taking a bite from the daughter’s plate. #JusticeForUzma is a campaign that highlights the many terrible ways household help is treated in places around the world. Here, Fatima Asad writes about how she is raising her children to be the change the...
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Fall in LOVE with February’s Desktop Calendar!

Decorate your February desktop with roses that won’t wilt and die a week from now. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) No matter the status of your love life, I want to remind you that love comes from above and that we love because God first loved us. That’s the real gift on Valentine’s Day and always! If we focus on showing love to those who need it most, our holiday will be special no matter what. Can you (or your teens) offer to babysit and allow a young couple the opportunity to spend an eveni...
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Dishes, Instinct, Smell a baby's head

Newness—image, writing, poem by Zann Carter—at the bottom of the page on dishes: page on the benefits of smelling a baby's scalp or a child's head. has a relative, created a year ago, about smelling other things, and they should be linked back and forth, and to instinct. some of those links aren't there, or working, someone let me know, please.) "The last sunset of 2018"by Karen James The photo is a li...
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Space Access is going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area this year

I've been going to Space Access for 12 years.  It has been a lot of fun.This year's Space Access is going to be in Fremont, California, from April 18th to 21st.If you are at all interested in getting into space, and you live in California, you should check it out.If you are really interested in getting into space, definitely check it. [Author: Henry Cate]
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How To Improve Your Teaching Skills

Every year teachers are encouraged to challenge themselves at finding ways to improve their abilities. Whether you teach in a school or you are a homeschooler, you likely think about this idea often and strive to come up with ways for how you can be more successful in your role. Review the following suggestions for how you can improve your teaching skills and run a better classroom. This can be a difficult task because it’s not always easy to self-evaluate and be honest with yourself ab...
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My Two Big Announcements!

I’ve been keeping a secret and I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. I’m writing a new book! It will be called It All Began in a Garden (unless the title changes) and will feature 52 essential oils—one for each week of the year. Designed for both the new and the savvy oiler, it will contain a wealth of information, testimonials, inspirational stories, DIY recipes, diffuser blends, and lots of new, color photos—yes, COLOR photos!! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing i...
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The Resolution that Really Matters at (in)courage

“New year, new you!” “Out with the old, in with the new!” “We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” “What is the one word that will change your life this year?” Both our social media feeds and our brains brim with thoughts this January about new beginnings and deep introspection. Nothing makes us want to examine ourselves, our habits, and our resolutions like the start of a new year. Mentally, it’s not just the first month on a clean calendar; it represe...
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5 Favorite DIY Recipes with Essential Oils

One of my favorite things to do with our Young Living essential oils is create non-toxic, chemical-free DIY health and beauty items, and these are five of my favorite recipes for moisturized skin and glossy lips: Peppermint Sugar Scrub, Anti-Aging Face Serum, Energizing Body Oil, Rosemary Remembrance Balm, and Cinna-Mint Lip Gloss. I hope they inspire you to whip up some DIY beauty products of your own! See the bottom of the post for information about the essential oils I use and the sale that’...
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Good article about how to overcome procrastination and accomplish more growth activities

I recently came across this article:Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s the Key to Being More Productive According to Neuroscience.The author makes several good points.  One of the first is that most activities fall into one of two buckets:  Maintenance or Growth.  Growth activities lead to a much better life in the long run, but we too often procrastinate.He has some good suggestions on how to overcome the procrastination.Well worth reading. Do it now.  Don't procrastinate! [Author: Henry Cate]
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Refresh Your Desktop for 2019!

Your desktop needs a new look for the new year—no diet or resolution required! I apologize for not giving you a desktop the past two months. Truth be told, these winter seasonal desktops STRESS ME OUT! I live in Georgia, which is not a winter wonderland, and calendar-worthy shots aren’t easy to come by (this one is not from this year). I watched two Hallmark movies in December that featured photographers wanting great December shots. I just knew I was going to get amazing ideas for your desktop...
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Happy 2019!

I posted this at Sandra Dodd in person—notes on gatherings and visits. I have no "in person" plans, but I'm still building the site and writing every day. No speaking plans for now I announced in Phoenix in 2017 that I was going to take a break. That was mostly because of some activism I was going to participate in that could affect the conferences, and it was made to affect one of them anyway. More than that, though, my husband retired, and was planning a shoulder surgery, and I had two pre...
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Abundance, food, humor, relaxing

Addition, on Abundance, from New Year's 2013, by Nicole, second item:, humor, bottom of the page (and some clean up and links added elsewhere there) are other links there, if you want more about food, but generally speaking, relax! Relaxation aids on my site: Breathing (with a graphic aid) and Peace (ditto, sort of) photo (a link) by Karen James [Author: Sandra Dodd]
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Don’t Self-Sabotage Your Own Christmas at (in)courage

Sisters, I’m going to admit something ugly here. This is a safe space, right? Lean in close so I don’t have to speak these words above a whisper: I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. There, I said it. (Please don’t judge.) Since we’re being honest, can you relate to this feeling? It makes me feel like a bad person to harbor any ambivalence about a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ — the most important event in all of human history — so I’ve analyzed the source of those fe...
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Potential, change, brawling online

Something old added to the Karen James page: and potential—Karen James' conversation with her teen, and self-reflection. added; if you can smile rather than jump into indignation and fury, you're on your way to peaceful positivity. photo (a link) by Olivia Turner [Author: Sandra Dodd]
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Holiday Tea at Dawn's ~ Cozy Nests (Pt.2)

Hello my friends, and Happy Monday! Welcome to part two of last week's Tea post! (Yes, I am a  bit "off-schedule" here - but that's the way of things lately! Please see my updated Tea schedule at the bottom of this post.) Now, to continue with our conversation on "cozy winter nests," I thought I'd share some pictures of my own special spot as well as some thoughts on how to go about creating your own! I'll get to the nest photos in a moment, but to  begin with, a quick wor...
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Cake or death?

Musings about the Meanings of Cake, with the Spartacus story (the original cake page)Betty's Birthday:How a Peace Corps worker learned what some African kids thought about a picture of a cake with lit candles.(This was linked, then disappeared, and I found another version later. It's very good, and backs Kirby up.) on my site, rescued and refurbished, after Caren Knox recommended it. It's about cake, and death.http://...
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How to Host a Prayer Mug Exchange

One of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season is a ladies’ prayer mug exchange. We had them years ago in my old homeschool group and now more recently at my church. So what is a prayer mug exchange? Each attendee at a prayer mug exchange brings a wrapped tea cup or mug with their name written on a piece of paper inside it. The mugs are placed on a table and you draw numbers to see who will pick one first. Decide in advance whether you will keep the mug you open or whether you want to us...
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Holiday Tea at Dawn's ~ Cozy Winter Nests (Pt. 1)

Hello my friends, and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend and that your December is off to a great start! ❤️ Well, I just had so much to share with you today, I decided to split this post in two! More on that in a bit, but first of all, WELCOME! Thank you so much for joining me for another weekly tea. Today we'll chat about crafting a little "cozy" for ourselves before winter sets in. We'll also talk about my favorite tea, my homemade planner and few of our Advent plans...
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Advent Countdown: Stories & Simple Activities

Hello my friends and Happy Thursday! I know we're but a few days away from the 1st of December, so you probably have your Advent plans already in place, but here I am anyways, to share what my Advent project looks like this year ... :) In addition to a few treasured traditions, I really enjoy coming up with something new for my boys every year! (Check out my Advent Plans & Crafts archives if you'd like to see past projects.) So this year I decided to revolve our Advent countdown ar...
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Happy Thanksgiving

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. [Author: Henry Cate]
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Holiday Tea at Dawn's ~ Thanksgiving Memories

Hello my friends and Happy Monday! Can you believe in a week's time we will be starting the very last month of the year?? Well, I hope you all had a nice weekend, and if you celebrate, a Happy Thanksgiving, too! Ours was lovely, but before I launch into holiday memories, I want to say I am so excited to return to my weekly tea series! My goal is to host afternoon tea here at my blog every Monday, beginning today and continuing throughout the holiday season ... I will include the usual...
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3 Tips for Working Mothers Going Back to College

Going back to college is already a challenge for anybody, let alone a working mother. But in some cases, pursuing a college degree is the only way to go. Whether you feel you are stagnating in your position and would like more chances for advancement, or want to catch up on some lost credits, going back to college can be the only way to reach your professional goals and get a better job. However, any working mother should have a clear plan before embarking on this journey. In this arti...
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New Interview, and related things

I was interviewed November 8 by a nice interviewer named Brett Veinotte, for a podcast and website he named years ago and isn't as attached to as he once was, maybe, "School Sucks." The interview went pretty well, though, and has had 641 views (maybe listens) in eight days. I start of talking VERY fast, but either I'll slow down or listeners catch up, it seems. He called it Sandra Dodd – On Unschooling and Choice"I added that to the page of things to listen to (or to watch):http://sandradodd.c...
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One-Pan Harvest Chicken: Recipe Share!

Last night Bookworm made us an absolutely delicious (and wonderfully seasonal) supper and I thought I'd share a link to the recipe here! One Pan Harvest Chicken - a bit of prep work, but quick to cook. Chock full of tasty, late autumn vegetables (plus apples!), smokey bacon and economical chicken thighs ... Everybody loved it! Next time we might try using boneless/skinless chicken, because for one thing, they're just easier to eat and for another, they may cook more evenly mat...
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It's a Working Weekend!

Hello my friends, and Happy November!  I just wanted to pop in to say I have carved out this whole weekend to work on my homemade planner! So that means I will be sharing updated planning sheets for 2019 with you all very soon! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend, wherever they are ... it's blustery and bright here in New England! Blessings to all, ~ Dawn
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Gift of service, sweetness, peace

New writing from 2009, about making magic for children, by a mom named Alice D. Second item. new links on the Deb Lewis page, at the bottom of the lefthand column: Carter, two things:Poem about washing dishes, and brief video of a rhythmic discovery: a page with links to other things by Zann: photo (a link) by Rose Sorooshian [Author: Sandra Dodd]
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My Early Morning Sisterhood at (in)courage

My family’s late summer and early fall schedule combines one of my favorite things — watching my kids run — with one of my least favorite things — early mornings. I’m a night owl by nature. My name is one of the great ironies of my life; it’s a time of day I rarely see by choice. These months of 8:00 a.m. practices on our county’s greenway and Saturday meets when we leave home in the dark hours of pre-dawn, however, are made not only bearable but enjoyable by the company of the other runners’ m...
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Karen James as a new mom, and other history

Addition of Karen James' beautiful writing about when she blossomed into confident motherhood at the top, Emily Strength, me, on living in history New at the bottom, the history of the entire world (nearly 20 minutes long, and has a few "bad words") photo (a link) by Karen James [Author: Sandra Dodd]
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