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Merch! Netflix Does Deal With Walmart To Sell Lots Of Branded Stuff

Hoo-boy. “The new Netflix Hub at Walmart will bring Netflix-branded gadgets, clothes, music and games to Walmart’s online store exclusively. … (It) will also include programs … like a crowd-sourcing feature called ‘Netflix Fan Select’ that allows fans to vote on which merchandise they’d like to see.” – Axios
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Bauer wins 13 Gold awards in the all-Ireland radio awards

Bauer’s radio stations in Ireland have won a total of 41 awards including 13 Gold across Newstalk, Today FM, 98FM and SPIN. The IMRO awards included Music Station of the Year for SPIN 1038, Current Affairs Programme for The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk and Entertainment Inserts for Gift Grub on Today FM’s Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show. Dublin’s 98FM also took home Gold for General Music Programme The Fix. Other big winners for the group at the virtual event on Friday evening include Today FM’s De...
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Woo-Hoo or Woo-Woo? Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Returns

The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad has resumed operations for the first time since the pandemic forced a shutdown in March 2020.
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The Best Hal Holbrook Movies You’ve Never Seen

(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week, we look at some lesser-known gems from a recently passed star.) It’s been a while since the great Hal Holbrook graced the big screen. He showed up on television here and there, and he starred in a handful of indies over the past few years, but it was Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (2012) that last saw the graceful, gravelly voiced actor ...
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Bonnaroo 2021 Moved To September

Hoo boy, coronavirus is about to send ripple effects through a second festival season. One of the biggest fests of them all, Bonnaroo, just announced its 2021 edition will take place three months later than normal. More »
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QOTD: Wishing for Something Grander?

Big Jeep day yesterday, wasn’t it? Hoo boy. The off-road brand tempted buyers not just with a plug-in hybrid Wrangler, but also a taste of what’s to come in the full-size segment. The Grand Wagoneer Concept, which closely mirrors a production vehicle we can expect next summer, generated an instant reaction from TTAC chatroom denizens — […] The post QOTD: Wishing for Something Grander? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Kent fire crews tackle blaze after 'big, big explosion' near Rochester

Firefighters called to scene after blaze tears through industrial building in HooA huge fire has torn through an industrial building near Rochester in Kent after a “big, big explosion”.Onlookers reported a mushroom cloud and secondary explosion at the scene in Hoo as firefighters continued to battle the blaze. Continue reading...
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Hoo fire: 'Huge explosion' as fire rages at industrial unit

Those living nearby the site in Hoo say "the place shook" and describe hearing "two massive bangs".
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Hoo fire: Large blaze breaks out in industrial building

Those in the area are being advised to keep windows and doors closed due to the amount of smoke.
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Strap in for a detailed explainer on flat-earthers' beliefs

Johnny Harris took on the brain-melting task of truly understanding the argument that the earth is flat, including the modern conspiracy theory that the military guards ice walls circling earth's perimeter. Hoo boy. The truly terrifying stat in the video is that a recent poll found only two in three people age 18-24 have always believed the world is round: Image: YouTube / Johnny Harris
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Amateur radio operators in the news: Ham takes on cycling challenge to raise money,

Kevin Richardson, GB5UC. Father and daughter from Hoo determined to complete cycle challenge from Land’s End to John O’Groats A teaching assistant spent much of lockdown in his garage on a charity virtual cycle ride. Kevin Richardson and his teenage daughter Lauren had planned an epic trip from Land’s End to John O’ Groats this summer to raise money for the RNLI. But amateur radio enthusiast Kevin had to settle for a solo challenge around “the coast of Britain” from the family home in Hoo. He...
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Scent of a Brand: Cadillac Wants to Be Ahead by a Nose?

Hoo-ah. While some readers might argue that Cadillac still has a long way to go to recapture the prestige it once enjoyed, maybe they’d feel differently if their house — or body — emitted the rich scent of the crested marque. Whatever that might be… According to a U.S. trademark application, it would seem that […] The post Scent of a Brand: Cadillac Wants to Be Ahead by a Nose? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Comment on crispy crumbled potatoes by Susan

Woo Hoo! I’m heading to the garage to get into my stache of potatoes! This will be a nice surprise for the family tomorrow.
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Calibre on Centos 7 - Hoo to run it in a container?

I would like to run calibre (and set up a minimal development environment) on CentOS 7. (I cannot upgrade to CentOS 8.) Unfortunately the glib on CentOS 7 is too old. (See this MobileRead thread). So I was think of using a container to run calibre. Does anyone has experience with this, preferably on CentOS 7 and maybe with Singularity Containers?
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The Most Ergonomic Camera Ever Made

A discussion got going yesterday about the user-friendliness of the new Leica SL2. Assuming you care about such things (some people just deal with whatever they have and get on with it), what's your idea of the most ergonomic or user-friendly camera ever made? I do care about such things (I'm an idealist type, which, with objects and shopping, makes me an optimizer—that's what I enjoy), and, after giving this a lot of thought—too much thought, no doubt—I think the most ergonomic camera I've ever...
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Chris Wren 3, Last Mayor Rwrites & Mentoring – Writing Update 2019 week 39 & 40

Hoo boy. It has been 24 weeks since I last updated this writing blog! What have I been doing? Wrote book 3 of the Chris Wren thrillers, Reparation. Substantially rewrote and released book 4 of the Last Mayor series, The Loss. Just now (an hour ago) got done rewriting book 5 of the Last Mayor series, The List. Mentored another writer on marketing 1-1. Spoke to a writer’s group on marketing. Released books 1-3 of the Chris Wren thrillers. Ramped up Facebook and Amazon ad spend such that I’m now ma...
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Chris Wren 3, Last Mayor Rewrites & Mentoring – Writing Update 2019 week 39 & 40

Hoo boy. It has been 24 weeks since I last updated this writing blog! What have I been doing? Wrote book 3 of the Chris Wren thrillers, Reparation. Substantially rewrote and released book 4 of the Last Mayor series, The Loss. Just now (an hour ago) got done rewriting book 5 of the Last Mayor series, The List. Mentored another writer on marketing 1-1. Spoke to a writer’s group on marketing. Released books 1-3 of the Chris Wren thrillers. Ramped up Facebook and Amazon ad spend such that I’m now ma...
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Test Your Typing Speed in 54 Languages at 10FastFingers

Hoo boy, I just got my heart rate up with a typing test. At 10FastFingers, you can test your typing speed in most major and European languages, measure yourself against other typists in your language, and compete in realtime (but only in English).Read more...
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How games conquered the movies

We used to think that as video games matured, as a medium, they would become more like Hollywood, becoming more focused on character development, plot reversals, and tight, suspense-driven narratives, rather than action set pieces alternating with cinematic cut scenes. Hoo boy, were we wrong. Instead the exact inverse has happened. Action movies have become more like video games. And you know what, this is no bad thing. I thought of this while watching John Wick 3 last night. (Which I loved, as ...
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"HOOHA may appear in the dictionary with the definition that you see in the clue..."

"... but I can tell you that is not how that 'word' exists in most people's minds in 2019. I wanted HOOPLA and honestly considered the possibility that I'd have to cram two letters into one box somewhere in there."Writes Rex Parker about today's NYT crossword, which clued "hooha" as "Big to-do." Anyway... my dictionary, the unlinkable OED, defines "hooha" with one meaning only, "A commotion, a rumpus, a row." Historical examples include:1931 Punch 14 Oct. 402/1 The devil of a hoo-ha in the p...
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A Renewed Passion For Design And Development

At the close of last week’s post I mentioned that working on a new site for myself has reinvigorated a little of the old passion for design and development. While I was very hesitant to start working on the site again, I’ve had a lot more fun than I expected since I’ve been writing code. I wasn’t looking forward to it all. I came up with a design a few years ago that I mostly liked. It wasn’t quite what I wanted and probably still isn’t, but I liked it well enough. I had an idea for the na...
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Producers are meeting California’s new, tougher rules for cannabis safety

Tougher requirements for marijuana purity that kicked in this year in California aren’t triggering the high failure rates that emptied shelves at cannabis shops last summer, when the state began phasing in mandated testing. The better results signal that the cannabis industry is stabilizing in its second year of regulated sales, despite a roller coaster first year that included one testing lab caught falsifying marijuana test results, industry officials and others said. There’s still concern abo...
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Hoo-whaaat?!? Lil Jon + Kool-Aid collab

It seems that every year, more and more artists release their own covers and versions of holiday songs. Probably for good reason - consumers love revamps of the classics and new hits to keep their holiday playlists fresh.So why shouldn't brands get in on this holiday trend? Enter Kool-Aid and Lil Jon, who just released a krazy Christmas track, complete with a music video, that consumers will either love or hate. Get on Spotify now and add it to your playlist.And the partnership is a no brainer ...
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The Best Miami Travel Tips From Our Readers

“I use the term ‘Swamp Unicorn’ to describe us Miami Natives,” says reader maidus. “We’re magical creatures and are rare to find in a town that’s filled with some of the world’s biggest pricks that decide to come here and live ‘la vida loca’ and give this place a bad rep.” Hoo boy. People got feisty in the comment…Read more...
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Red Dead Redemption 2

Hoo boy, I am playing some serious video games today! Red Dead Redemption 2 just came out, and it’s being called the best video game ever made. I bought it at Sainsburys along with some bagels and curry flavor baked beans. I’m only 2 hours in, still locked into the strict story/tutorial mode, but it is fun. It’s also gorgeous. Graphically this must be the greatest, deepest virtual world ever created. That’s something. I also have Witcher, but it hasn’t grabbed me like this. Maybe it is the exten...
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The Walking Dead's Latest Episode Only Made a Single Mistake

Hoo boy. So last week, The Walking Dead had its lowest ratings ever. And mean, ever—below that even of season one, before it became a phenomenon. Compared to this disaster, Rick’s plans for a peaceful future are in pretty good shape! But that’s only because “completely falling apart” is still better than “presumed…
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Favorite Newsletters

Hoo-boy, a lot has changed in blogging since I started. Back then, people relied on RSS feeds to read blogs. Something changed, and now it’s social media and direct email notification that readers use to connect. I used to think newsletters were adding yet another – sigh – email to my Inbox. But now I find myself looking forward to my favorite newsletters showing up in my Inbox, and I feel like I’m getting a personal message from someone I like, with news, tips, links, recipes, and more. That’s...
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A Week In Jersey City, NJ, On A Joint $220,000 Income

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.We're going on book tour for our new book, Money Diaries: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Your Finances... and Everyone Else's. First stop: San Francisco on Tuesday, October 2! Grab your tickets here!Today: a nurse practitioner/assistant professo...
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Buds You Can Actually Keep Spotless

What’s the difference between a toilet seat and your ear buds? For starters, your toilet seat is probably cleaner! For unknown reasons, headphones and ear buds are one of those unique exceptions to cleanliness that we’re all guilty of ignoring. No matter how expensive or fancy a pair you’ve got, there’s no avoiding the dirt, debris, and ear gunk that builds up inside.The HOO headphones present an all-new way of keeping things tidy. The design features a grooved/hallow body that can be blown out ...
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