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Remembering The Incredible Shrinking Man

Do you remember movies you saw as a kid that had a deep and lasting impact on you? For me, one of the first and foremost of these was 1957's The Incredible Shrinking Man. I first saw the film when I was barely out of trapdoor jammies. — Read the rest
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Enjoy an old school Halloween horror marathon hosted by artist Skinner.

Of the many social activities that covid has taken from us this year, Halloween is an especially bitter pill to swallow. If you're looking for virus-free thrills from the safety of your couch this weekend, the folks at Filmbot have put together an excellent Halloween movie marathon. — Read the rest
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‘Silence of the Lambs’ home hits the market in time for Halloween fright

Buffalo Bill's home in the 1991 film "Silence of the Lambs" has listed for $298,500 and represented by Eileen Allan and Shannon Assad of The Allan Assad Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.
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Rick Springfield stars in a musical slasher film sequel to "Jessie's Girl"

Prog-emo band Coheed and Cambria have always had a penchant for the dramatic, having built their career on a multi-generational 4th-wall-busting sci-fi rock opera spanning multiple albums. So it's only natural that the next stage in their musical growth would be … a sonic sequel to "Jessie's Girl" where Jessie gets the girl but she turns out to be a psychotic killer? Sure, I probably deserved it(Damn right, yes you did, damn right yes you did, boy)What kind of friend was I?The hunter became ...
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Video essay on "The Last Acts of Black Horror Heroes"

Cydnii Wilde Harris juxtaposes two iconic horror films with Black male heroes: Night of the Living Dead and the original ending of Get Out, with director Jordan Peele's commentary on why it got changed. The effect is very interesting, but without context it's probably going to be make more sense viewers have seen both films, especially NOTLD. If you didn't know Get Out had an alternate ending, it's definitely worth watching just for that. Image: Vimeo /Cydnii Wilde Harris
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Now Scream This: Stay Inside and Stream These 10 Horror Movies

(Welcome to Now Scream This, a column where horror experts Chris Evangelista and Matt Donato tell you what scary, spooky, and spine-tingling movies are streaming and where you can watch them.) Matt: It’s getting to the point where I don’t know how many times I can reword the same introduction in this space. Viral cases are still on the rise, we should all still be staying home when possible, and horror movies are more enjoyable than ever. How else to reword things? Lock your door, turn out the...
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Long-lost George Romero film discovered and restored after 46 years

In the early 1970s, acclaimed horror director George A. Romero was commissioned by the Lutheran Society to make a new film to help raise awareness about ageism and elder abuse. And in true Romero fashion, he did just that. As Bloody Disgusting describes the story: The Amusement Park stars Martin’s Lincoln Maazel as an elderly man who finds himself disoriented and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies, and humiliations of aging in America are manifested through roller coasters and chaotic...
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Fun and rare 1939 color footage of Boris Karloff goofing as Frankenstein's monster

This rare color test footage of Boris Karloff goofing around during the 1939 filming of Son of Frankenstein is even more fun than the classic creature feature! (via r/ObscureMedia)
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Jason Voorhees pandemic mask available

Want a Jason Voorhees mask from its legendary creator? Complete with a fabric backing to reduce the likelihood of viral transmission? Tom Savini is taking orders. Via iHorror: Savini has worked on two of the Friday the 13th films, the 1980 original as well as Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984. Baker was responsible for the visual effects on The Dark Knight Rises. If anyone can create a fashionable and functional mask for the health and safety of others, it’s this duo! Now horror fans ...
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5 horror movies where females took a big bite out of the bad guy

Hosting a horror watch party for your friends? We've got you covered
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7 terrifying movies featuring the Necronomicon — the book of the dead

It symbolizes evil in horror culture -- and we get to enjoy a plethora of movies about it
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Voluptuous Terrors 2 : Horror And Exploitation Film Posters Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. Voluptuous Terrors 2 explores classic Italian film poster designs that sprang forth from the post-war period through to the 1980s, focusing on exploitation/Sexploitation and the horror genres, often with compositions almost invariably including curvaceous female figures in jeopardy, juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terror. The visual style of the art work featured in this art book is much similar to two other books I’...
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The best horror movies on Netflix right now (March 2020)

Whether you prefer ghost stories or creature features, Netflix has the horror movies that'll make you jump.
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How the New Invisible Man Movie Updates H.G. Wells’ Original Horror Story

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the movie The Invisible Man. Like the 1897 H.G. Wells novel that it’s loosely based on, The Invisible Man movie centers largely, as its name suggests, on a man who discovers how to make himself invisible. But in many ways, the modern reimagining of the sci-fi thriller from writer-director Leigh Whannell (Insidious: Chapter 3, Upgrade) tells an entirely new story. The Invisible Man, out Feb. 28, stars Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass, a woman who begins...
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Here's the trailer for Jordan Peele's remake of the 1992 horror flick, Candyman

I count myself as one of the superfans of horror auteur Jordan Peele, so I'm superexcited to see his remake of Candyman, a 1992 cult-favorite about an urban legend that turns out not to be a legend. Peele produced and co-wrote the screenplay, and it comes out June 12, 2020. From the synopsis: For as long as residents can remember, the housing projects of Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood were terrorized by a word-of-mouth ghost story about a supernatural killer with a hook for a hand, easi...
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The Assistant is a horror movie inspired by Harvey Weinstein

The incredible Julia Garner stars in the upcoming horror movie, The Assistant, which Vanity Fair says, "tracks a day in the life of Jane (Julia Garner), a recent college graduate working as a junior assistant to a powerful, abusive (and unnamed) movie mogul in Manhattan." Vanity Fair has a brief exclusive clip from the movie. Above, the trailer.
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The best horror movies on Netflix right now

Whether you prefer ghost stories or creature features, Netflix has the horror movies that'll make you jump.
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New film ‘Vivarium’ uses real estate agents and cookie-cutter suburbia as backdrop for horror

"Vivarium" takes the fenced-in paranoia of large-scale housing developments to new, creepy levels when Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots are trapped in Yonder's House No. 9.
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How Gretel & Hansel Puts a Dark but Empowering Spin on the Original Fairy Tale

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the movie Gretel & Hansel. The story of “Hansel and Gretel” has been frightening children since the early 1800s, but Gretel & Hansel, director Osgood Perkins’ latest horror flick, pushes the fairy tale into new realms of terror. Now, that’s not to say that the Brothers Grimm original, in which a young brother and sister are abandoned by their parents in a dark wood before stumbling into the clutches of a cannibalistic witch, has ever been particularl...
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Watch the gloriously brutal trailer for Danzig’s horror movie directorial debut "Verotika"

Famed "Mother" crooner and former ex-lead-singer of the Misfits Glenn Danzig has finally directed his first film, and of course it's a horror anthology. The movie's called Verotika, and while I'm slightly disappointed he didn't name it Die Die My Darling, this absolutely bonkers minute-long trailer makes up for it. The trailer doesn't really tell you what the movies about, per se, but it definitely gives you some gorey, self-indulgent, eerily terrifying B-movie vibes—though wheth...
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The best horror movies on Netflix right now (January 2020)

There's no need to scour the entire Netflix catalog for the hits. We've compiled a list of the best horror movies on Netflix, whether you're into modern monsters or classic scares.
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Voluptuous Terrors : Horror And SF Film Posters Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. Voluptuous Terrors explores classic Italian film poster designs that sprang forth from the post-war period through to the 1980s, focusing on science fiction and the horror genres, often with compositions almost invariably including curvaceous female figures in jeopardy, juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terror. The visual style of the art work featured in this art book is in the same vein as two other volumes I’ve revi...
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Not only is Chucky back, he haunts your smart home in Child’s Play reboot

Chucky is a classic horror movie villain dating back more than 30 years ut the character is getting a reimagined in the new reboot coming in June that gives the evil doll control over smart home functions. The post Not only is Chucky back, he haunts your smart home in Child’s Play reboot appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Kids Start Bawling as Movie Theater Plays Horror Trailers Before Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun

The upcoming horror movies Ma and Brightburn aren’t intended for little kids. But a movie theater full of children got an unwanted peek at the films recently anyway when the trailers were screened for unsuspecting families. The poor kids were there to see the new Peppa Pig movie, Festival of Fun.Read more...
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Horror films are good for your health

When one thinks of horror movies, the first thing that might come to mind is that nothing good ever comes from the terrifying moments. The horrifying experience brings about feelings of anxiety, fear or intense. So, who would ever consider watching a horror movie for health benefits? Well, grab the opportunity and enjoy the health […]
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Immensely Disturbed by Violence in Media

Recently, a friend went on about how much she enjoyed horror films. I’ve always hated them, but found myself unusually disturbed by her enthusiastic interest. It wasn’t that I was scared or found such movies gross, I simply cannot cope with the fact she could gleefully watch people die in horrific ways. This spread beyond the horror genre, to the point I completely stopped watching movies or shows and playing games, or really indulging in anything, that featured violence or death in any way. I u...
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Now that the dark nights, misty mornings and low temperatures are kicking in, and winter is just beginning, it’s all starting to feel a little spooky. As Halloween approaches, why not escape the cold and stick on a scary film? Just make sure you’ve got a cushion handy to hide behind – these five are bound to get your heart racing… 1. Avalanche Sharks If anything, this film deserves a watch simply for the sheer humility of it. Rating 2.3 on IMDB, Avalanche Sharks tells the story of a bikini cont...
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Cult Cryptic Presents: Our Top Picks From the Back of the Rental Store

We’re in the middle of the holiday season commonly referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year”: Halloween. We reached out to our spoopiest, most horror-obsessed set of BFFs, Becca & Jak from Cult Cryptic, to give us the lowdown on exactly which horror films deserve our shrieks and screams this year. There’s one thing that I have always loved about Jak & my relationship: no matter how differing our interests and opinions may be, we always manage to balance each other out. Where Jak’s f...
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The new “Halloween” gets solid reviews

With the flood of reboots, it’s hard to get excited about yet another “Halloween” movie, but this one bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis is getting some very solid reviews. Here’s a take from the review: Those elements aside, “Halloween” is an engaging, brutal, creepy and occasionally hilarious horror film. All of the actors, including Will Patton as a local police officer and Toby Huss as Karen’s husband, deliver great work, covering the emotional gamut while feeling natural and ver...
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