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11 Premature Babies Die in Less Than a Day in Tunisian Hospital, Sparking Outrage

The babies died from hospital-acquired infections, a reflection of deeper issues with Tunisia’s health care system, long considered one of the best in Africa but struggling since the 2011 revolution.
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‘God Is Testing Us’: Tears and Outrage at a New Zealand Hospital

Some at the attacked mosques had come from places scarred by war, others had grown up in Christchurch. But they all came together to seek answers about at the hospital.
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‘I could be myself, not a patient’: the Norwegian hospital offering respite in a woodland cabin

Patients at Oslo University hospital can escape the gruelling reality of medical treatment at a custom-built woodland retreatIt’s a cold snowy winter’s day in Norway, but the Skogen Tangeraas family sitting around a bonfire in some woodland don’t seem to care. They’re too busy drinking hot chocolate and cooking sausages. Their dog is splashing around in the stream. The three daughters – aged 7, 10 and 12 – alternate between chopping wood, archery and popping into a nearby cabin to practise gyota...
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Doctors' failure to spot sepsis led to toddler's death, coroner rules

Two-year-old Marcie Tadman was seen by seven doctors at Royal United hospital in BathA two-year-old girl died as a result of neglect after the gross failure of doctors to diagnose sepsis, a coroner has ruled.Marcie Tadman was treated for pneumonia at the Royal United hospital (RUH) in Bath and was seen by seven doctors. She died after a cardiac arrest. Continue reading...
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India Fights Diabetic Blindness With Help From A.I.

A partnership with Google is part of a global effort to build and deploy systems that can detect signs of illness and disease in medical scans.
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Doctor on Video Screen Told a Man He Was Near Death, Leaving Relatives Aghast

A 78-year-old man with lung disease was told by a doctor on a streaming video that he did not have long to live, a strategy that his family saw as insensitive.
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Venezuela Blackout, in 2nd Day, Threatens Food Supplies and Patient Lives

Venezuelan officials blamed the opposition and the United States for the outage, but provided no evidence. At a hospital with a backup generator, one man said, “A lot of us are going to die here.”
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Doctors: The Lesson of Impermanence

A chance encounter with a sand painting helped me learn how to doctor patients I knew I would lose.
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Find Out if Your Hospital Has a High Rate of Infection

In an effort to encourage hospitals to provide better care, the federal government penalizes those institutions that have had the highest rates of infections, readmissions and patient injuries. Under the Affordable Care Act, the government reduces Medicare payments to these hospitals by as much as 3 percent per…Read more...
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England to Offer Hospital Patients Free Sanitary Products

Women and girls will be offered free tampons and other sanitary products, officials said, calling the move “a big step forward” in the effort to end period poverty.
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Patient Shoots Doctor at Florida Veterans Affairs Hospital, Officials Say

The doctor at the V.A. hospital in West Palm Beach was shot in the neck as he tried to subdue the gunman. Another employee was grazed by a bullet.
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Shooting at Florida Veterans Affairs Hospital Injures 1 Employee

The employee was shot at the West Palm Beach V.A. Affairs Medical Center on Wednesday. A suspect is in custody.
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What Would ‘Medicare for All’ Do to Medicare?

The first legislative proposal of the year on the subject could help shape the terms of the debate.
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Pasadena-based Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine receives preliminary accreditation, will accept students this year

PASADENA — The Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine announced Tuesday that it has received preliminary accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and will begin accepting applications from prospective students in June 2019 for admission to the school’s first class in the summer of 2020. Kaiser also announced that it will waive all tuition for the full four years of school for its first five classes at the Pasadena campus. “We’ve had the opportunity to build a medical school...
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Anaesthetists say patients at risk after flawed oxygen guidelines

New findings cast doubts on advice to administer 80% oxygen to patients after operationsPatients may have been placed at risk of serious harm because of flawed advice to administer highly concentrated oxygen after surgery, leading anaesthetists have said.The concerns relate to World Health Organization guidelines to administer 80% oxygen to patients in the hours after an operation. The advice was introduced in 2016 after a series of influential clinical trials led by an Italian surgeon, Mario Sc...
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You Might Not Have to Pay That Medical Bill

The next time you get a medical bill in the mail, it’s worth a phone call to find out if you actually have to pay it, or if it was billed to you erroneously.Read more...
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‘I Remember the First Time I Saw a Teenager Die’

Scenes from the trauma bay haunt those of us who work to save the victims of gun violence.
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When Judges Defy the Supreme Court

The chief justice faces a time of great testing, both of himself and of the institution he heads, as the lower courts move rapidly even to his right.
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Hospital CFO’s, This One’s For You

I write a lot of articles about the revenue cycle in hospitals. In some of them, it looks like I’m picking on chief financial officers. True, I’m the guy who wrote an article telling CFO’s that I don’t want their job. I also wrote an article discussing why hospital CFO’s don’t hire consultants like me […]
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A.I. Shows Promise Assisting Physicians

A so-called neural network analyzed the medical records of 600,000 hospital patients in China, diagnosing their conditions as accurately as doctors did in some cases.
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A.I. Shows Promise as a Physician Assistant

A neural network analyzed the medical records of 600,000 hospital patients in China, and diagnosed their conditions as accurately as doctors did in some cases.
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The New Health Care: Hospital Mergers Improve Health? Evidence Shows the Opposite

The claim was that larger organizations would be able to harness economies of scale and offer better care.
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Greece, 10 Years Into Economic Crisis, Counts the Cost to Mental Health

Depression and suicide rates rose alarmingly during the debt crisis as the country cut wages and health services and increased taxes.
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The New Old Age: When Is the Surgeon Too Old to Operate?

A handful of hospitals have instituted mandatory screening procedures for medical professionals over 70. Many have been unenthusiastic about the idea.
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Doctors: How One Woman Changed What Doctors Know About Heart Attacks

The story of SCAD underscores how much doctors still don’t understand, including about heart disease in women.
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Two babies die after contracting infection at Glasgow hospital

NHS investigating deaths in neonatal unit at Princess Royal maternity hospitalTwo premature babies have died after contracting a bloodstream infection at a Glasgow hospital, prompting the third infection control crisis to hit the city’s health service within two weeks.NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde confirmed on Wednesday night that it was investigating three cases in the neonatal unit at the Princess Royal maternity hospital. It said the infection was “one of a number of contributing causes” in t...
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Long Beach hospital defends discharge of 84-year-old woman dumped at locked Alzheimer’s facility

College Medical Center employees followed proper procedures last month when they discharged an 84-year-old woman with dementia, and then placed her in a cab that dropped her off at a locked Alzheimer’s treatment center in the middle of the night, hospital officials said Wednesday. “College Medical Center is committed to providing its patients with superior service and quality of care,” the Long Beach hospital said in a statement. “College Medical Center fully complies with all regulations concer...
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Hospitals Are Asking Their Own Patients to Donate Money

After a wealth screening behind the scenes, many hospitals target people for fund-raising, sometimes while they are still receiving treatment.
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Donald Trump Did Something Right

His administration has ordered hospitals to reveal their prices. If patients and politicians pay attention, this could be a big deal.
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Medical roundup

“How the Reformulation of OxyContin Ignited the Heroin Epidemic” [William N. Evans and Ethan Lieber, Cato Research Briefs in Economic Policy] Antiquated regulations on methadone need revision [Jeffrey Singer, Cato] Concept of addiction is constantly run together with that of dependence, and applied in such dubious areas as “social media addiction” [Singer] EEOC sues Tennessee hospital over lapse of religious accommodation in its mandatory flu shot policy (but is a mask as effective as the va...
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