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How to Attract More Customers to Your Hotel

With the amount of competition, there is in the hospitality industry, attracting customers to your Hotel is always going to be a tough task. No matter what you do to draw customers, there will always be another Hotel nearby doing something that is a bit different and, most of the time, a bit better. This, then, means that you have to work doubly hard to ensure that you are standing out from the crowd. If you’re to stand any chance whatsoever when it comes to attracting customers in the hostilit...
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How To Generate Superior Content Creation Ideas for Hotels

How To Generate Superior Content Creation Ideas for Hotels I have been conducting a Social Media Management Survey for Hotels since December 2015. The goal here was to get some better ideas of some of the challenges Hotels face today with Social Media. I will use this opportunity to thank all Hotels and Hoteliers that took their time to respond to this survey. This survey was started after I looked at the data from 2015 Better Blogger Survey by my friends at the CoSchedule Blog. Some of the...
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