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4 Key Things to Remember if Your Partner Is Blackmailing You

Without a doubt, being a victim of blackmail can make you feel miserable. In such situations, your partner might compel you to do something that does not please you. Even when such instances can be terrifying, there are things you ought to remember. Read on to get a sense of how to respond to blackmails from your partner. Keep Calm Note that a blackmailing partner will pressure you to do what they want. They, therefore, will require you to answer immediately. They can persuade you to respond in...
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12 things travel teaches you

A h, Earth. You big, beautiful globe of infinite experiences. Whether it’s learning how to tandem glacier hike in freezing rain in Norway, how to greet the Himba people with a proper handshake in Namibia, how to cook quinoa 11 different ways in Peru, or how to face your fear of heights by bungee jumping in New Zealand, travel offers a global education that textbooks just can’t. Full stop. So next time someone gives you grief about booking yet another trip, let them know you’re only doing it fo...
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