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A linguistic League of Nations

Some time ago, a question followed my discussion of sound-symbolic and sound-imitative sl-words (March 13, 2019): “What about slave?” Obviously, as I replied, not all words of a certain phonetic structure belong to the same homogeneous group. Yet ever since, I have been planning to write something about this tricky subject. Slave would not have deserved special attention if it were not so close to Slav. By way of introduction, I decided to devote some space to the use of ethnic names in words an...
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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers to add Dancers and the Hrothgar

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will add a second set of new jobs and races to the MMORPG, namely Dancers and the Hrothgar. The Dancers use throwing weapons and can buff teammates, while the Hrothgar are a male-only, leonin race. The post Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers to add Dancers and the Hrothgar appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Embracing the cattle

A story that keeps recycling the same episodes tends to become boring.  So today I’ll say goodbye to my horned friends, though there is so much left that is of interest. In dealing with cows, bulls, bucks, and the rest, an etymologist is constantly made to choose among three possibilities: an ancient root with a transparent etymology (a rare case), a migratory word, or a sound-imitative formation. Like cattle breeders, words are nomads, but some are more sedentary than the others. Here is a quot...
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Soundtrack Review: Beowulf Return To The Shieldlands

Beowulf Return To The Shieldlands Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Beowulf Return To The Shieldlands by Rob Lane. Buy the score here (if available) At a glance: Geek Score: 86.3 Total Minutes Of Excellence: 11.6 Album Excellence: 24.8% How are the scores calculated and what does it mean? Beowulf: Return To The Shieldlands is a 2016 British television epic fantasy mini series on ITV starring Kieran Bew, Joanne Whalley & Ed Speleers. Based on an epic po...
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Food & Horror: Gender and Consumption II: Sex and the Slow Destabilisation of the Ordinary

Octavia Cade is the author of Book Smugglers Publishing’s The Mussel Eater. Food & Horror is the monthly food-and-horror series by Octavia that will be appearing on The Book Smugglers this year. I’ve always thought that one of the primary characteristics of horror is destabilisation. It’s taking the ordinary and presenting it skewed, so that the normal methods of interaction, of amelioration, don’t work. It up-ends expectation. This is not to say that horror always up-ends expectation and thi...
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