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‘Isn’t It Romantic?’ Director Todd Strauss-Schulson Watched Every Romantic Comedy Made Between 1988 and 2007 to Prepare [Interview]

Isn’t It Romantic? is in theaters right now. The story follows a New York architect named Natalie (Rebel Wilson) who works hard to get noticed at her job. But more often than not gets relegated to the sidelines, sent out for coffee instead of presenting her big ideas for her firm’s clients. Life takes an odd turn when Natalie gets knocked unconscious and wakes up in her own romantic comedy. It’s both an unsettling nightmare and a hilarious dream. Director Todd Strauss-Schulson (A Very Harold & ...
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‘Paddington’ Animated Series Will Have Ben Whishaw Reprising the Voice of Everyone’s Favorite Marmalade-Loving Bear

In this cold, bleak world, there’s only one thing that seemingly brings everyone together: the Paddington franchise. The good-hearted series has introduced the marmalade-loving bear to a whole new generation, while offering a bold suggestion: be nice to others. Crazy, I know! While we wait for Paddington 3, here’s some good news: there’s a Paddington animated series on the way, and Paddington himself – aka Ben Whishaw – will be reprising his role as the voice of the very polite bear. Accordi...
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Visual Feasts: Merchant Ivory Do What They Do Best in 'Feast of July'

None Left in the lurch by the movie-going public in 1995, Feast of July was probably one of the more demure productions to come out of the Merchant Ivory workshop. Based on a minor work by H.E. Bates, who wrote mostly charming and very British novels about the English working life, the film was further sidelined by its rather unenthusiastic critical reception. Time, however, has been kind to the film and it isn't really the forgettable fluff that the likes of Roger Ebert claimed it to be. Lift...
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Small-Screen Stream: True Crime, ‘Sex Education,’ and the Reign of Netflix  

(Welcome to Small-Screen Stream, a feature where we share the best television shows streaming and where you can watch them.) Netflix has been the talk of the town these last few weeks. In December, its original movie Bird Box became its most-streamed ever, and the company –  once notoriously private about ratings –  has started slowly releasing viewership information. And then, the Oscar nominations happened, where two Netflix movies –  Roma and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – took...
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Daily Podcast: Let’s Talk About The 2019 Academy Award Nominations

On the January 22, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall , weekend editor Brad Oman and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk about the 2019 Academy Award nominations. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Play , Overcast , Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it). Opening Banter: The /Film team got up early to cover the...
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2018 Kaedrin Movie Award Winners

The nominations for the 2018 Kaedrin Movie Awards were announced last week. You've all been on the edge of your seats since then, but fear not, I'll be announcing the winners today. Next week, I'll announce the winners of some more goofy, freeform categories that we call the Arbitrary Awards, and not long after that, I'll post my top 10 of 2018. Finally, we'll have some Oscars talk (predictions and probably live-tweeting or more accurately, retweeting funnier people than I am) and then it's on t...
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Kourtney Kardashian After Luka Sabbat Vacation: I ‘Want to Be in Love

On the hunt for romance. Kourtney Kardashian admitted to her Instagram followers that she hopes to find another lasting connection. A Timeline of Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick’s Relationship The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 39, shared an Instagram Story video of herself watching the 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill on Saturday, January 19. In the clip, Julia Roberts’ character, Anna Scott, recites the iconic line, “I’m also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking ...
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Actor Hugh Grant Would Like His Film Script Back

Grant says the script with notes all over it was in a bag that was stolen from his car. He's appealing for the script to be returned, and also, he says, his kids' medical cards.
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Hugh Grant Makes Appeal For Return Of Script Stolen From His Car

“In the unlikely chance that anyone knows who broke into my car tonight and stole my bag, please try and persuade them to at least return my script. Many weeks worth of notes and ideas. And perhaps my children’s medical cards.” – Variety
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Hugh Grant appeals for return of script stolen from his car

Actor reports bag being taken and asks for it to be returned to film company in west LondonHugh Grant has appealed for help tracking down personal items stolen from his car, including a script.The actor tweeted on Sunday night about the theft, writing: “In the unlikely chance that anyone knows who broke into my car tonight and stole my bag, please try and persuade them to at least return my script. Many weeks’ worth of notes and ideas. And perhaps [also return] my children’s medical cards.” Cont...
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Hugh Grant Seeks Return of Script After Theft from His Car

There were, he added, many weeks' worth of "notes and ideas" in the stolen script.
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Hugh Grant pleads for help after a script was stolen from his car

There were, he added, many weeks "worth of notes and ideas."           
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Hugh Grant Appeals for Script Stolen in Car Break-In

Hugh Grant has appealed for the return of a script that was stolen by thieves who broke into his car. “In the unlikely chance that anyone knows who broke into my car tonight and stole my bag, please try and persuade them to at least return my script,” the star of “A Very English Scandal” […]
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Hugh Grant Appeals for Return of Script Stolen in Car Break-In

Hugh Grant has appealed for the return of a script that was stolen by thieves who broke into his car. “In the unlikely chance that anyone knows who broke into my car tonight and stole my bag, please try and persuade them to at least return my script,” the star of “A Very English Scandal” […]
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Hugh Grant appeals over script stolen in car break-in

The actor said papers taken from his car contained weeks' worth of notes.
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Hugh Grant appeals for return of stolen script with months of notes

Hugh Grant has appealed for the return of a script filled with notes that was stolen from...
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2018 Kaedrin Movie Awards

Welcome to the thirteenth annual Kaedrin Movie Awards! Lucky number 13! A baker's dozen! The idea is to recognize films for various achievements that don't always reflect well on top 10 lists or traditional awards. There are lots of formal award categories and nominees listed below, but once those are announced, we'll also leave some room for Arbitrary Awards that are more goofy and freeform. Finally, we'll post a traditional top 10 list (usually sometime in early/mid-February). But first up is ...
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Music Scores Big Wins At Golden Globes 2019

Music related films scored big wins at last night's 76th Golden Globe Awards. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was the surprise winner for Best Drama and "Green Book" the winner of Best Film Comedy/Musical.  Rami Malek best actor for “Bohemian Rhapsody" and Glenn Close won best actress for “The Wife. ”Lady Gaga won for co-writing the "Star Is Born" title track "Shallow." BEST ACTOR IN A TV SERIES – MUSICAL/COMEDY Sacha Baron Cohen, “Who Is America?” Jim Carrey, “Kidding” Michael Douglas, ...
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The 2019 Golden Globes Winners List

The 2019 Golden Globe Winners list revealed! The 76th annual Golden Globe Awards will kick-off soon on NBC with co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, and we’ll be keeping track of all the winners. Check back here as we’ll be updating the list below as they’re announced! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { v...
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Emma Watson 'optimistic for a fairer future' as Golden Globes set to kick off most diverse awards season yet

A year ago they wore all black, taking to the red carpet under a cloud of sexual harassment claims enveloping Hollywood. But now film and television stars are gearing up for the Golden Globes on Sunday night amid renewed optimism as leading ladies dominate the field in what marks the start of the industry's most most diverse awards season yet. Emma Watson set the tone in a message to fans saying how "optimistic" she was for a "fairer future" in cinema one year on from backing the Time's ...
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Hoai-Tran Bui’s Top 10 Movies of 2018

2018 has come and gone, and we’re 84 years older for it. But enough of my opining about what a terrible year it was (you’ll probably get plenty of that in everyone else’s pieces). I’m here to talk about the things I loved in 2018, and that was movies. I don’t ascribe to the belief that there are “good” or “bad” years for movies, there are just the movies that personally speak to you every year. And while that number can swell or dwindle each year, there will at least be a couple that unquestion...
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Trustbusting is now a bipartisan issue

Ronald Reagan may be sainted by the right, but 2018 was the year conservatives broke with his slavish, simpleminded adherence to the Chicago School antitrust theory that says that governments should only regulate monopolies when they give rise to higher consumer prices -- it's also the year the right realized that extreme market concentration in the tech sector could lead to a future in which conspiracy theorists, Nazis, "white identity enthusiasts," and crank misogynists might find themselves ...
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These Are the 2018 TV Shows and Movies With 100% Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Universal acclaim is hard to come by. Even the most beloved film or TV show will have a few detractors. But every now and then, certain titles come along that end up without a single negative review…on Rotten Tomatoes, at least. As 2018 draws to a close, here are the handful of this year’s lucky TV shows and movies with 100% Rotten Tomatoes scores. Before we dive into this, a disclaimer: not every critic is on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, there are many arts critics who aren’t accredited to the...
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What Ever Happened To The Stars Of Love Actually?

It's that time of year: The holidays are here. Along with good tidings and cheer comes a list of must-haves. On that list — for most people — is a required viewing of Love Actually. Whether you love it or hate it, you know it's true.Love Actually came out in 2003 — that's 13 years ago — and in the time since, the movie has come to be associated with everything warm, fuzzy, and British. Who doesn't love watching Hugh Grant dance to "Jump For My Love"? Doesn't everyone love it when that little gi...
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Lily James Joins Four Wedding & A Funeral Sequel — & We Have Questions

The nostalgia klaxon has been rung once more. The occasion? The 25th anniversary of Four Weddings and a Funeral, aka the exemplary British rom-com that prompted a wild fascination with Hugh Grant's middle-parted floppy hair and shaped our adolescent understanding of what that little thing called "love" might look like (rainy, apparently).To mark the occasion, much of the original cast have reunited to film a short sequel especially for Red Nose Day 2019 and, unsurprisingly, we're all very excit...
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Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral Miniseries Adds Three to Cast

Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral Miniseries adds three to cast According to TVLine, Sleepy Hollow‘s Tom Mison along with Tommy Dewey (Casual) and Ashley Madekwe (Revenge) have been cast in guest-starring roles in Mindy Kaling’s Four Weddings and a Funeral miniseries for Hulu. Mison is set to portray the role of Quentin while Dewey and Madekwe will play the characters of Ted and Julia, respectively. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; v...
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Netflix tops other streamers with most Golden Globes nods, but Amazon beats it on TV

Netflix is having another good year when it comes to racking up the Golden Globe nominations. Last year, Netflix topped the list of the most-nominated networks alongside HBO with 12 nods, even if that didn’t translate to many wins for the streaming service. This time around, 8 nominations for its TV series and another 5 in the film category. However, Netflix is not the most-nominated “TV” network. This year, that honor goes to FX Networks, which accumulated 10 nominations for its shows like...
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9 Golden Globes surprises, snubs and more as the nominations are revealed

Nominations for the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards arrived on Thursday and while a lot of the news was expected – “A Star Is Born” continues to roll in the early rounds of awards shows’ nods – there was plenty you might not have guessed in the office pool, such as the fact that “Vice,” the Dick Cheney biopic that doesn’t arrive in theaters until Dec. 25, leads the pack with six nominations. Still, you knew the movie that stars a bulked-up Christian Bale as a Cheney look-and-sound-alike was goin...
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Golden Globe TV Nominations Favor New Shows and Familiar Faces

Star power and staying power were rewarded by Golden Globe voters this time around in the television nominations. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association put the spotlight on a number of new programs enhanced by mega stars: Julia Roberts’ “Homecoming,” Jim Carrey’s “Kidding,” Michael Douglas’ “The Kominsky Method” and Hugh Grant’s “A Very English Scandal.” FX’s […]
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‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ Gets A Short Sequel For A Good Cause

Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell return and "not everything will go as planned," screenwriter Richard Curtis said.
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