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Rangers May Need Kakko More Than Hughes

It should be pretty clear that the New York Rangers’ 2018-19 season can be considered a success when it comes to their rebuild plan. No, the Rangers did not rid themselves of every aging talent. No, they didn’t get rid of all the contracts folks among the fanbase wanted to go. Heck, some may even claim the team did too much winning in the season. But no one should be disappointed at all with having the No. 2 overall pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad argument to s...
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Another Mock Draft From TSN

from Darren Yourk of TSN, Kaapo Kakko’s string of highlight-reel plays at the world hockey championship are generating a lot of buzz, but his strong performance isn’t enough to knock American centre Jack Hughes out of the top spot in TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button’s latest NHL mock draft at the conclusion of the third round of the playoffs. The 18-year-old Finnish right winger has six goals through seven preliminary round games at the tournament in Slovakia, lighting up social ...
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Bills DE Jerry Hughes signs two-year extension

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — The Buffalo Bills have signed defensive end Jerry Hughes to a two-year contract extension worth up to $23 million. A person with direct knowledge of the contract told The Associated Press that Hughes will be guaranteed about $19 million, and could make as much as $23 million should he meet […]
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Kakko’s Performance Pulling Him out of Rangers’ Grasp?

Maybe the New Jersey Devils are simply jumping at the opportunity to spend the lead-up to the NHL draft tweaking the New York Rangers. The Devils’ recent Twitter strategy regarding their first-overall draft pick in June has often taken a cheeky and witty approach, forcefully vague and possibly designed to provoke hopeless speculation over whether Jack Hughes or Kaapo Kakko will be their choice in Vancouver on June 21. It looks like good fun, the kind of harmless back-and-forth that’s so la...
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Pete Buttigieg was Facebook’s 287th user. Now he says the company has too much power.

When Pete Buttigieg joined Facebook as a Harvard undergrad in 2004, he was the 287th user registered on the site. The social network’s founders were friends of friends, and it felt like an insular message board for Harvard classmates, he remembered in an interview in San Francisco last week. “I don’t think any of us could have guessed what implications that technology would have in the long run,” Buttigieg said. Fifteen years and 2.4 billion users later, as Facebook wrestles with cascading scand...
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American Public Supports Antitrust Action Against Facebook

After the recent scandals involving Facebook, its lackluster protection of user data and the company’s “too little, too late” reaction to fake news and manipulation across its platforms, calls for the social media behemoth to be regulated are getting louder. Last week, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes chimed in, calling for the company to be broken up in a New York Times opinion piece.  “I’m disappointed in myself and the early Facebook team for not thinking more about how the News Feed alg...
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40% of Americans support antitrust action against Facebook after a cofounder called for it to be broken up (FB)

40% of Americans want to see antitrust action taken against Facebook. That's according to a new Business Insider/INSIDER poll of US adults conducted by SurveyMonkey. Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes recently called for the Silicon Valley tech giant to be broken up, and the results may bolster these arguments. Facebook has pushed back against demands for anti-monopoly argument, calling for different regulation instead. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook cofounder Chris...
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Can Facebook Be Fixed? Should It Be?

Many wonder whether the place occupied by social media in our society is, or could ever be, a positive one.
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People pushing to break up Facebook are overlooking one problem: It could bring back 'growth hacking'

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes wants to split Facebook into three companies: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. He thinks that's the best way to protect users and democracy. But it might be easier to regulate one giant company instead of a handful. The competition caused by splitting up Facebook might also return social networks to "growth hacking" and other sins from social media's early days. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Last week, Facebook's first spokesperson, Chri...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #444

US digital ad revenue soars to triple digits Here’s some big digital stats from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to get your week off to a good start. In the US, digital ad revenues hit triple digits for the first time in 2018 at $107.5 billion, up from $88 billion, or a pretty significant 22 percent on 2017. TV ad revenues were $71 billion for the same time period. Mobile surpassed a dwindling desktop for the first time and search captured nearly half of all digital ad revenues. As for...
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Rangers Have Plenty of Options With Late Draft Pick

Lady luck shined on the New York Rangers for both the Draft Lottery and Winnipeg Jets’ Playoff woes. Since all four divisional winners bowed out in the first round, they’ll pick after the Jets, helping secure the 20th overall pick for the Rangers. The last time the Rangers held the 20th overall pick, they used it to select Michael Del Zotto in the 2008 Entry Draft. The Dallas Stars were unable to secure a berth in the Western Conference Final, thus the Rangers will be left with the second an...
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Facebook’s Nick Clegg dismisses call by co-founder Chris Hughes to break up the company

Facebook’s challenges can be tackled through regulation, not by breaking up the company, a key company official says in The New York Times. “While we operate under more regulation now than at any point in the history of the company, we believe more should be done,” writes Nick Clegg, the social media giant’s VP of global affairs and communications in a guest editorial titled “Breaking Up Facebook Is Not the Answer” that appears in the paper’s Sunday print edition and was released online Satur...
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Facebook Says Breaking Up Facebook Won't Do Any Good

Thursday Facebook's co-founder called for the government to break up the company. Saturday Facebook responded, according to an article shared by Slashdot reader soldersold: Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president for global affairs and communications wrote the piece, and in it, he agrees with Hughes that "companies should be held accountable for their actions," and that tech companies such as Facebook shouldn't be the ones handling all of the "important social, political and ethical questions" f...
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Kansas City Scouts 1975 NHL Draft Recap

The 1975-76 season was the Kansas City Scouts’ final season of existence as an NHL team in Kansas City, Missouri. The Scouts were initially baptized into the league alongside the Washington Capitals for the 1974-75 season. Excluding 1979 when the NHL held an expansion draft in order to bring aboard four teams as part of a merger agreement with the WHA, the Scouts and the Capitals were the last true expansion teams brought into the league until the San Jose Sharks came along in 1991. The K...
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Op-Ed Columnist: How Utopia Birthed Dystopia

Cleared of collusion with a foreign power to win election, Team Trump tries to stir up collusion with a foreign power to win re-election. Go figure.
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Breaking Up Facebook Is Not the Answer

Dismantling our company won’t fix what’s wrong with social media.
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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

Donald J. Trump’s big tax losses. Time to break up Facebook? Björk’s new project. Howard Stern, master interviewer. Welcome, NYT Parenting. And more.
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The story of Chris Hughes, who made a fortune by helping Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook, but now thinks it should be broken up (FB)

On Thursday, Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes wrote a blistering op-ed in the New York Times slamming Mark Zuckerberg and calling for the social network to be split up.  Hughes hasn't worked at Facebook since 2007, and cashed out his stake of $500 million or so in the company not long after the IPO in 2012.  In his career, Hughes has worked for Barack Obama's first presidential campaign, led the New Republic magazine, and founded nonprofits.  Here's what you need to know about Chris Hughes. Vis...
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Facebook’s co-founder made a passionate plea to break up the social network, but legal experts say the idea may be dead on arrival (FB, MSFT)

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes's proposal to break up the company faces serious legal and political hurdles, legal experts say. They say Hughes raised important issues of accountability that could be fixed by reforming Facebook's corporate governance structure, but it's unlikely to go far on its own. In a New York Times op-ed on Thursday, Hughes called for Facebook to be broken up into multiple public companies, and said that the company and CEO Mark Zuckerberg should be regulated more tight...
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Finally. A Highly Astute and Long Overdue Critique of Facebook

Chris Hughes, one of the original founders of Facebook, has an unusually astute analysis and critique of Facebook in today's NYT opinion page. He argues that Mark Zuckerberg is a good guy, but that his company is a threat to our economy and democracy. Facebook, he argues, needs to be broken up. It's an article every techie, techie wannabe and politician needs to imbibe thoroughly. In an unusual response to the extensive analysis, the editors of the Times also provide 5 takeaways from Hu...
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Why breaking up Facebook is actually a terrible idea (FB)

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes says Facebook's power is so great across all of the tools billions of people use, that it needs to be stopped. And he's right. But his solution to break Facebook up into separately traded companies, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, while emotionally satisfying, is flawed. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes has made a compelling case about why Facebook, and its CEO Mark Zuckerbergare too powerful. The company has...
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Advertisers have stuck with Facebook through years of scandals. Here are 6 things that would need to change for them to abandon it.

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes called for Facebook to be broken up in a New York Times op-ed. Facebook's domination has been enabled by advertising, which has continued unabated despite years of scandals. That's because Facebook works for them, thanks to its scale and targetability, and advertisers are slow and conservative, experts told Business Insider. That could change if Facebook's targeting continues to be curtailed and advertisers migrate to other platforms, such as Amazon and Google. ...
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A Facebook cofounder says that Mark Zuckerberg's power is 'unprecedented and un-American' in scathing New York Times op-ed (FB)

Chris Hughes, one of Facebook's original cofounders, called Mark Zuckerberg's power "unprecedented and un-American" in a scathing op-ed in the New York Times on Thursday. Hughes, who was Zuckerberg's roommate at Harvard, argued Zuckerberg's social media empire should be broken up into separate public companies, and that Zuckerberg himself wields too much power. Several political officials, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, publicly supported Hughes' call to break up Facebook. Facebook issued...
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Facebook says breaking up a 'successful American company' isn’t the right way to hold it accountable (FB)

After Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes called for CEO Mark Zuckerberg relinquish his stranglehold on the industry and for the company to be broken up in a New York Times op-ed on Thursday, the tech giant has responded.  "Facebook accepts that with success comes accountability. But you don't enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful American company," Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president of global affairs and communication, said.  Hughes is calling for a breakup of F...
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Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Calls for Company Breakup

“Mark’s power is unprecedented and un-American,” Hughes wrote Thursday in an opinion piece in the New York Times. Facebook and other giant technology companies have come under increasing scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe for the sheer volume of personal data they have collected on people using their platforms.
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Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes explains what he learned from sinking $25 million into a business venture that ultimately failed

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes has called for the social network to be broken up in a blistering New York times op-ed article. Last year, he talked to Business Insider about The New Republic magazine, a long-running liberal journal he purchased in 2012 with hopes of making it a financially stable success. After investing $25 million into it and losing three quarters of his staff over editorial changes, the magazine barely added any readers. He sold it in 2016. Hughes told us this taught him ...
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A Facebook cofounder says that Mark Zuckerberg's master plan has always boiled down to one word: 'Domination' (FB)

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes urged the U.S. government to break apart Facebook in an op-ed published Thursday in the New York Times. Hughes says CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always thought about Facebook in terms of "domination." Zuckerberg has grown Facebook into a monopoly that needs to be regulated and held accountable, Hughes wrote. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Mark Zuckerberg always thought his social network would become a superpower, even when it was founded 15 yea...
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Co-founder of Facebook calls for breakup of Facebook

Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook with Mark Zukerberg, and describes Zuckerberg in warm terms as a friend, but in a long op-ed for the New York Times, Hughes calls for the breakup of Facebook and identifies Zuckerberg's shortsighted prioritization of "clicks" instead of "security and civility" for the platform's toxicity, blaming the company's unusual share structure (which gives Zuckerberg an absolute veto over all matters of company policy despite holding a minority of its shares) for a situat...
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Facebook co-founder says it’s time to break up the ‘powerful monopoly’: Watch the video

Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, says some nice things about Mark Zuckerberg in a lengthy new essay he’s written for the Sunday edition of The New York Times, which the paper has released online today along with a companion video (above). For instance, “Mark is a good, kind person.” But he also says that “Mark’s influence is staggering, far beyond that of anyone else in the private sector or in government” and declares that the "government must hold Mark accountable.” How? Well, that’s ob...
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Co-Founder Chris Hughes: Time to break up Facebook

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes says it’s time to break up the social media behemoth. He says in a New York Times opinion piece that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has allowed a relentless focus on growth to crush competitors and “sacrifice security and civility for clicks.” Hughes says Facebook is a monopoly and should be forced to […]
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