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Turns Out One-Way Trips to Mars Not Exactly Great Business Plan

Remember Mars One, that company we all knew was a scam but still kinda hoped was real because of how much we liked the movie The Martian? Yeah, it went bankrupt. Read more...
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Elon Musk Announces Plans for Long- and Short-Haul Spaceflight

Care to travel in space for what’s estimated to be the same cost as that of a full fare economy commercial flight? Well, what once seemed like a pipedream is assured to us by Elon Musk as something that will be happening sooner rather than later! Musk is founder of Space Exploration Technologies, better known as SpaceX, a California-based space transport and aerospace manufacturer. Early today, Musk announced that he plans to make city-to-city commuting via space travel a reality, promising met...
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John Glenn was a hero; was he a pioneer?

John Herschel Glenn passed away recently at age 95. He was the first American to orbit the Earth, on board Friendship 7 in February 1962, and before that, a much decorated war veteran, serving as a fighter pilot in both World War II and in Korea, finally retiring as a colonel in 1965. As if that wasn’t enough, after leaving NASA, he won a US Senate seat, representing his home state of Ohio, and served for 25 years. John Glenn was certainly a hero. To some extent all astronauts are: what they do ...
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These Astronauts Are Getting Sealed in a Cave to Practice Life in Space

An underground cave is precisely the wrong direction if you’re hoping to go into space—so why is the European Space Agency sending the latest batch of ISS-bound astronauts on a spelunking expedition? To practice for life in a sealed tin can, of course.Read more...
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NASA’s Human Spaceflight Program Can’t Afford Another Reset From the Next President

American astronauts aren’t likely to set foot on Mars unless the next president resists the temptation to hit the reset button on America’s human spaceflight program once again. The post NASA's Human Spaceflight Program Can't Afford Another Reset From the Next President appeared first on WIRED.
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Two Key Things Astronaut Scott Kelly's Body Will Teach Us About Living in Space

We’re all looking forward to interstellar travel and colonizing Mars , but first, we’ve got a lot to learn about how the human body responds to the cold dark void of outer space. Scott Kelly’s stint on the ISS, which ends tomorrow, is helping us answer some critical questions—including what weightlessness does to our vision, and whether all that extra radiation messes up our DNA.Read more...
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