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Humane Society International: Save Ralph

Hollywood filmmakers and movie stars have joined forces with Humane Society International (HSI) to produce a powerful stop-motion animated short film, Save Ralph, calling for an end to cosmetic testing on animals around the world. Although banned in 40 countries, the practice is still perfectly legal in most of the world, and even making a comeback in some regions, subjecting untold thousands of animals to needless suffering and death.
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17 Million Animals to Be Slaughtered in ‘Unhinged’ COVID Mutation Scare

ROME—There are few things that make scientists more nervous during an out-of-control pandemic than inter-species contagion of a mutated strain of a deadly virus. That’s why Denmark—the world’s largest supplier of fur—has taken the unprecedented decision to cull its entire mink population of some nearly 17 million animals.New Mystery: What Happens When Animals Get Infected by Humans?The drastic step was taken after 12 incidents of a mutated strain of COVID-19 jumping to humans from the densely fu...
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Humane Society International: End The Lockdown for Animals

‘End The Lockdown for Animals’ uses our experience of lockdown to tell the story of animals suffering in captivity, and draws parallels between both humans and those condemned to a lifelong lockdown. The film was written and directed by Maria Leon, alter ego for Diederik Jeangout, an awarded former advertising creative and winner of campaign of the year in his home country.
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Israel minister announces plan to ban fur trade

Israel may become the first country worldwide to ban trade in fur from wild animals, following an announcement by the country’s environmental protection minister. Calling the buying and selling of animal pelts for the fashion industry “immoral”, Gila Gamliel said Israel would outlaw the practice. "The fur industry causes the killing of hundreds of millions of animals around the world, and involves indescribable cruelty and suffering," the minister from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rul...
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Australian Bushfires and Heat Are Killing Flying Foxes by the Thousands

Bushfires fueled by climate change that are raging across eastern Australia have burned millions of acres, destroyed thousands of buildings, and killed 25 people. But there are other victims: Australia’s endangered flying foxes. These furry, doe-eyed, puppy-size migratory bats have died by the thousands in the fires and in the months of extreme heat that preceded the blazes. While the bushfires have affected billions of animals and killed potentially millions of them, the flying foxes are unique...
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Costa Rica hopes to end selfies with wild animals

Costa Rica, renowned for its wildlife, has recently launched a campaign to dissuade people from taking selfies with wild animals. Despite being banned in the country more than 10 years ago, large numbers of selfies are still being taken with wildlife anyway. To spotlight animal rights, promote wildlife safety and minimize animal selfies, Costa Rican authorities instead recommend taking photos with a stuffed toy. As an animal lover’s utopia, Costa Rica sees many instances of selfies being taken w...
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Zimbabwe sent 30 baby elephants to China, says rights group

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Animal rights activists say that Zimbabwe has sent about 30 young elephants to China where they will be held in zoos. The Humane Society International said the elephants, estimated to be 2 to 6 years old, were separated from maternal herds and held at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park for nearly a […]
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100-Plus Neglected Lions Found With Mange, Neurological Problems, on South African Farm

More than 100 lions at a captive breeding facility in South Africa have been found to be neglected, ill and covered with mange.According to the Humane Society International, the lions were discovered on April 11 by inspectors with the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Inspectors told TimesLive, a South African news site, that two lion cubs were suffering from neurological problems and couldn't walk and that 27 lions had lost much of their fur because of ...
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China Has Postponed Lifting a Ban on Trading Tiger and Rhino Parts for Medicine

(BEIJING) — China is postponing its decision to allow trading in tiger and rhinoceros parts a bare two weeks after the easing of the ban had raised fears the country was giving legal cover to poaching and smuggling of endangered wildlife. The official Xinhua News Agency quoted Cabinet official Ding Xuedong as saying Monday that the change had “been postponed after study.” “Relevant departments of the Chinese government will soon continue to organize special crackdown campaigns with focus on...
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Trilobites: Giraffe Parts Sales Are Booming in the U.S., and It’s Legal

An investigation showed imports made into pillows, boots and other items have become increasingly popular, at a time when the animal’s global population is dwindling.
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Dog meat campaign say tests find rabies at Indonesia markets

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Anti-dog meat campaigners say tests of just nine dog carcasses from markets on the Indonesian island Sulawesi revealed one infected with rabies, highlighting the public health risks from the brutal trade. The Humane Society International and Indonesian groups operating under the banner of Dog Meat Free Indonesia are campaigning to end […]
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'Endangered blue whale' slaughtered with harpoon off coast of Iceland

An Icelandic whaling company has been accused of slaughtering an endangered blue whale in a "deplorable act", provoking anger and condemnation from the international marine conservationist community.   Animal rights campaigners who photographed the whale’s carcass, say it was harpooned and killed off the west coast of Iceland on July 8.   Genetic sampling has been conducted to establish the species of the whale, with experts unable to rule out the possibility it could be a rare blue/fin whale hy...
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Japan whale hunt killed 122 pregnant minkes

Japan killed 122 pregnant minke whales during a highly controversial annual whaling expedition that Tokyo defends as scientific research but conservationists call "gruesome and unnecessary". The four-month expedition in the Antarctic ended in March after the fleet killed 333 minke whales, according to a report submitted by Japanese authorities to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) last month. Humane Society International, a conservationist group, called the figures "a shocking statisti...
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Japanese whaling programme slaughtered 122 pregnant minke whales on ‘barbaric and illegal’ hunt

Animal rights activists have expressed outrage after a report on Japan’s “scientific whaling” programme showed that more than two-thirds of the female minke whales harpooned in the Southern Ocean earlier this year were pregnant females. The report, submitted to a meeting of the scientific committee of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia earlier this month, also showed that 53 of the 333 whales slaughtered were juvenile animals. “The killing of 122 pregnant whales is a shocking stati...
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Stars urge Indonesia to ban ‘brutal’ trade in dog meat

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — International stars of acting, music and sports have signed a letter urging Indonesia’s president to ban what they say is a brutal trade in dog and cat meat for human consumption. The appeal comes after Indonesian campaigners against animal cruelty and Humane Society International in January exposed markets on the island […]
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Olympian Adopts Dog from South Korea

Gus Kenworthy may not have won a medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter games, but the freestyle skier has once again won the admiration of dog devotees around the world for shining a light on the plight of dogs in desperate need of rescue. The animal-loving athlete who saved three street dogs during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia recently paid a visit to a South Korean dog meat farm — one of 17,000 in the country which supplies canines for human consumption. As Kenworthy explains in an In...
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Is This The Biggest Move In Banning Fur To Date?

In a landmark move, Norway will become the 14th European country to phase out fur farming. The country's newly formed coalition government announced a manifesto pledge to ban all fur farming nationwide by 2025.Once the world's largest producer of fox fur — the market is now dominated by China — Norway sees nearly one million foxes and mink intensively bred and killed for their fur coats each year, Reuters reports. According to the Norwegian Fur Breeders Association, the country currently has ar...
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Year in Review: Reality Stars to the Rescue 2017

As we get ready for the start of a new year, let’s take a look back at a few of the many reality personalities who helped to create a new reality for dogs in need in 2017: Since 2016 Lisa Vanderpump has helped canines in all countries through The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which celebrated the second annual World Dog Day this year. A time to pay tribute to our tail-wagging chums, the event also helped to shine a light on the plight of our four-legged friends in China who find themselves in dange...
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Selling Dog Meat May Be Banned At This Year's Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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China’s Dog Meat Festival May Have to Cancel the Dog, Activists Say

Animal rights advocates say the city of Yulin agreed to ban sales of dog meat in the week before the event, although no officials contacted could confirm the reports.
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Taiwan Has Reportedly Become The First Asian Country To Ban Dog And Cat Meat

Taiwan on Tuesday became the first Asian country to outlaw the consumption of dog and cat meat with the passage of a bill that cracks down on animal cruelty, the National Geographic reported on Wednesday. The country’s revised animal protection law gives violators harsher punishments, including five-digit fines, jail time and even public shaming, according to The Associated Press. The act previously only targeted the slaughter and sale of dogs and cats for human consumption. Now anyone found ea...
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Caring Causes: Chamilia and Humane Society International

Chamilia, a Swarovski company, reminds everyone that April 30 is "National Adopt a Shelter Pet" Day in the United States. Chamilia joins in the celebration of animal rights with its "Give Love" charm, created to support Humane Society International. The charm highlights an artistic rendering of a paw print in black enamel.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Dozens Of Dogs Rescued From South Korean Meat Farm Arrive In U.S.

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46 dogs, saved from slaughter, arrive in NY from South Korea

NEW YORK (AP) — Forty-six dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea have arrived at New York’s Kennedy Airport to find new homes. The animals landed late Saturday and were headed for shelters in New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The Humane Society International is responsible for saving the dogs that would otherwise […]
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Website Removes Racist 'Save A Dog, Eat A Chinese' T-Shirts

For some weird reason, ironic graphic T-shirts are a persistent part of fashion. Sometimes they’re adorable (here’s a pickle with a smiley face). Other times they’re confusing (”I’m busy rn.” Really?). At their very worst, they’re downright racist. Such is the case with two T-shirt designs recently pulled from  , a website that lets users design and sell their own T-shirts. Racist Clothing Prints Stating SAVE A DOG/SHARK, EAT A CHINESE Being Sold Online
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Lush Is Helping Fight Animal Cruelty In The Sweetest Way

In addition to offering some of the most Instagrammable bath and body creations known to humankind, Lush's second biggest claim to fame is its long-standing commitment to fighting animal testing in the beauty industry. The brand does everything it can to draw attention to the cause — even using terrifying, but ultimately effective, performance art.And if you, too, like your activism with a side of beauty, we have some good news. Lush is revamping its cult-favorite New shampoo bar to help suppor...
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Dogs raised for meat in South Korea to get forever homes in the US

A group of dogs raised for meat in South Korea are getting a new lease on life. Humane Society International (HSI) has rescued 10 dogs from a dog meat farm located about 55 miles away from Seoul. The dogs, which were raised in filthy, rusty cages for eventual consumption by humans, will be placed in forever homes throughout the US. HSI says it will take time and money to move all 200 animals off the farm, and you can help. Six months of vaccinations, medical examinations, and negotiations lat...
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2016: In Memoriam — Famous Dog Lovers

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2016, DogTipper takes a look back at some of the famous dog lovers we bid farewell to this year. Although they may be gone, their acts of compassion live on. The acclaimed author of Watership Down and The Plague Dogs (which shone a light on the plight of animals used in laboratory experiments), Richard Adams helped animals in need turn the page to a new chapter in their lives during his one-year stint as president of the RSPCA. An animal advocate all his life, s...
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2016 in Review: Fashion World Stands Up for Homeless Pets

As we get ready to embark on a new year, DogTipper takes a look back at a few of the two-and-four-legged stars of the fashion world who know that trends may come and go, but compassion will never go out of style. A perennial fixture on annual best dressed lists, international male supermodel David Gandy is also a role model. A celebrity ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance is a familiar face at the UK charity’s fundraising events. In Nov...
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Scientists Believe The Chickens We Eat Are Being Slaughtered While Conscious

Roughly 9 billion chickens are slaughtered for food each year in the United States, and according to the poultry industry, each one of these sentient animals is mercifully stunned into unconsciousness before its neck is slit by an industrial blade. But scientists have come to a far more ghastly conclusion. Their research shows that the method favored by U.S. poultry processors to stun the birds ― moving them through a vat of electrified water ― does not consistently render birds insensib...
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