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#3quotes from Rogers

Image from Wikimedia Commons Although he originally practised as a psychotherapist, Carl Rogers was intensely interested in education. His 1969 publication Freedom to Learn is now considered a classic of education. It was certainly required reading during my own teacher training. Rogers' approach to both psychotherapy and education was humanistic and thus person-centred. His view on learning was that children needed to be fully engaged rather than passive in the classroom:"It is most im...
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Harvard Humanists troll the elites who fund the Harvard endowment by awarding Anand Giridharadas a prize

Anand Giridharadas (previously) is the Aspen Fellow/McKinsey consultant turned anticapitalist gadfly whose brilliant book Winners Take All exposes the "philanthrophy" of the ultra-rich as a form of reputation-laundering with the side benefit of allowing some of history's greatest monsters to look at themselves in the mirror. Enter Harvard University, whose graduates constitute some of the world's richest, most sociopathic, most generous donors to any university -- the Harvard endowment was ...
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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Trump Against the Tide

The president is pushing ever more aggressively to bring America’s emancipation project to a halt, but it won’t be easy.
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Karl Marx: A Reading List

To celebrate the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birthday this month, we present a Marx reading list for general readers, scholars, and students interested in Marxism, German Philosophy, and the history of social and political thoughts, including Karl Marx’s classics texts. Although Marx was born in the early nineteenth century, his theories and critique of capitalist bourgeois society remain dynamic and relevant for 21st century for their insights into politics and the problem of capitalism. The man...
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Aftering critical theory: reimagining civil “religion”

Why haven’t the insights of critical theory been more widely incorporated into the work of religious studies scholars in particular, and humanists more generally? Conversely, why have critical theorists missed the cross-cultural patterns of signification that have shaped post-tribal hierarchies for millennia, when they are so adept at finding hidden epistemological linkages within western political hegemonies? The answers to both of these questions are important because humanists are in desperat...
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Humanism—from Italian to secular

Humanism doesn’t get much good press these days. In many circles it comes accompanied by an adjective—secular—and a diatribe: A war of philosophy and of what defines morality is being fought daily in the media, judicial benches, and legislative halls across the Western world. … On one side stand fundamentalist Protestantism and conservative Catholicism and on the other side secular humanism. The “religious right” claims that humanism is dragging the United States into an abyss of crime and relat...
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Nonfiction: Steven Pinker Continues to See the Glass Half Full

In “Enlightenment Now,” the Harvard professor offers much evidence that the world, our feelings notwithstanding, is definitely getting better.
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Books of The Times: Steven Pinker Wants You to Know Humanity Is Doing Fine. Just Don’t Ask About Individual Humans.

In “Enlightenment Now,” the psychologist continues his argument that conditions are improving for the species as a whole.
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