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Extradited Football Leaks hacker lands in Portugal

Lisbon (AFP) – Rui Pinto, the hacker linked to the Football Leaks whistleblower website, arrived in Lisbon on Thursday after his extradition from Hungary, Portuguese officials said. Portuguese television broadcast images of Pinto’s arrival at... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Kazakhstan 3-0 Scotland: Was this the worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan?

Humbled by Hungary, walloped by Wales and the 4-6-0 night in Prague. But was defeat in Kazakhstan the worst 90 minutes as a Scotland supporter?
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Hungary's Fidesz party suspended from European People's Party

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz party was suspended by the main pan-European, center-right European People's Party on Wednesday, amid controversy over democracy and the rule of law in his country.
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Hungary Orban: Europe's centre-right EPP suspends Fidesz

Hungary's right-wing Fidesz party has been in a long-running row with European colleagues.
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Viktor Orbán's party suspended from centre-right EPP bloc

Move against Hungarian leader’s Fidesz follows aggressive anti-EU campaignViktor Orbán’s Fidesz party has been suspended from the main pan-European centre-right party, as controversy over the far-right Hungarian leader’s place in the European mainstream came to a head.“Fidesz be suspended with immediate effect and until further notice,” Joseph Daul, the president of the European People’s party, announced on Twitter, saying that 190 members had voted in favour and three against. Continue reading....
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Voting rights of Viktor Orbán's party should be frozen, says MEP

European centre-right candidate Manfred Weber cites concerns Fidesz flouted rule of lawManfred Weber, the centre-right’s lead candidate in the upcoming European parliament meeting, has called for the voting rights of Hungary’s Fidesz party to be temporarily frozen over concerns that it was flouting the rule of law, participants in a meeting said.German MEP Weber, who was addressing a committee of the European People’s party that is due to vote on Wednesday on whether to suspend or expel the far-...
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Hungarian party faces discipline from center-right EU bloc

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — A senior lawmaker from Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party says Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party may be suspended from the main center-right bloc in the European Parliament. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s authoritarian style and anti-European Union, anti-migration policies have long put him at odds with many members of the European People’s Party, […]
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Hungary Orban: Party faces European expulsion vote in Brussels

The Hungarian leader has riled EU allies who are considering expelling his party from their bloc.
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Hungary’s Orban to attend meeting on party’s possible ouster

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is traveling to Brussels to attend a meeting of the main center-right alliance in the European Parliament, set to discuss the expulsion or suspension of Orban’s Fidesz party from the group. Thirteen of the European People’s Party’s 49 full members are calling for Fidesz’s ouster after […]
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Hungary: A tulajdonos lehetőségei az építésügyi besorolás változása esetén - KCG Partners Law Firm

2018 decemberében jelent meg a Magyarország és egyes kiemelt térségeinek területrendezési tervéről szóló 2018.
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Hungary: A külföldi munkavállalók helyzete a Brexit után - KCG Partners Law Firm

A Brexit nagymértékben érinteni fogja az Egyesült Királyságban élő és dolgozó magyar állampolgárok helyzetét.
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Hungary: The Investment Agency Will Supervise High Volume Public Constructions In Hungary - KCG Partners Law Firm

In order to create an integrated system for high volume public construction investments, the Hungarian Government has adopted a new legislation.
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Hungary: Legal Frameworks Of Arbitration In Hungary - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

In this article we summarise the legal frameworks of arbitration in Hungary.
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Portuguese hacker to be quizzed over Belgian Football Leaks

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Portuguese hacker awaiting extradition to his homeland from Hungary is expected to be questioned as a witness over Football Leaks revelations being investigated in Belgium. Rui Pinto’s lawyer, David Deak, said his client would be questioned Monday by Hungarian authorities, with Belgian prosecutors also present. Deak says Pinto “will be […]
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Hungary: What Are The Risks Of Changing Your Supplier In Hungary? - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

Changing your supplier is a common situation in business. Can you switch between suppliers without restrictions, if there is no fixed term or exclusive contract?
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Hungary: The First Cuckoo Has Arrived – Here Is The First Hungarian GDPR-Fine - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

The Hungarian data protection authority, the NAIH has imposed the first data protection fine in December 2018 which was based on the infringement of the GDPR.
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Hungary: Litigation In Hungary At First Instance – Preparatory And Trial Phase - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

The new Civil Procedure Code (CPC) entered into force on 1st January 2018, has reformed significantly the Hungarian Civil litigation in order to speed up litigations.
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Hungary: Is A Non-Competition Agreement For Free Valid In Case Executives In Hungary? - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

We summarise the merits of the judgment in our article.
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Hungary: Comment créer une sarl en hongrie? - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

Dans la deuxième partie nous présentons les démarches et couts de la procédure de formation.
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Hungary: The 7 Must-Knows Before Hiring An Employee In Hungary - Dr.Richard Schmidt Law Firm

In this short summary we sum up the 7 most important things that an employer needs to know before hiring an employee in Hungary.
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Brexit: Boris Johnson tells May to try again to get EU to change backstop - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 9.14am GMT A caller, who says he is a passionate Brexiter, says the person he listens to most on this is Nigel Farage. Farage says the deal is terrible. So MPs should continue to oppose it, he says. He says he hopes the Italians or the Hungarians will veto an article 50 extension.Rees-Mogg says he has spoken to ambassadors, and does not believe that will happen. The idea that Italy or Hungary could veto an article 50 extensi...
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Hungary: Étrend-kiegészítők szabályozása az Európai Unióban - Katona & Partners Attorneys at Law

Az étrend-kiegészítők széles körű elterjedése, a szabályozás hiánya vagy országonkénti különbözősége, valamint az áruk szabad áramlása szükségessé tette egységes szabályozás bevezetését az Európai
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Hungary leader grapples with EU as corruption concerns rise

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — As the Hungarian prime minister’s conflicts with the European Union appear headed to a breaking point, calls are increasing for greater scrutiny of his government’s spending of the bloc’s funds. An opposition lawmaker in Hungary has gathered more than 470,000 signatures to pressure Prime Minister Viktor Orban into joining the budding […]
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New Zealand shooting: Brenton Tarrant charged after 50 killed in attacks on two mosques in Christchurch

New Zealand shooting: 49 killed across two mosques​ PM Jacinda Ardern vows to change gun laws Suspect appears in court charged with murder Everything we know about the shooter Brenton Tarrant The victims: Afghan refugee viewed country as 'slice of paradise' Tech giants told 'enough is enough' after shooting live-streamed  Everything we know so far about the Christchurch attacks The main suspect in mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques was charged with one count of murder on S...
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The Saturday Profile: He Used to Call Viktor Orban an Ally. Now He Calls Him a Symbol of Fascism.

The Rev. Gabor Ivanyi presided over the Hungarian prime minister’s marriage. Their subsequent split shows how Mr. Orban has embraced right-wing authoritarianism.
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Experts object to power concentration in new Hungary courts

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Council of Europe’s constitutional experts say Hungary’s budding system of administrative courts gives too much power to leading officials, with “no effective checks and balances.” The Venice Commission, after a meeting Friday attended by Hungary’s justice minister, called on the Hungarian government to amend the laws regulating the courts taking […]
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Hungarian PM says his people want new leaders for Europe

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarians want strong new leaders for Europe and a “fresh start” to halt the continent’s decline amid Muslim immigration, Hungary’s populist prime minister said Friday as he looked ahead to May’s European Parliament elections. “We’re the ones who want a strong Europe, strong nation-states and strong new leaders at Europe’s fore,” […]
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Hungary: Key Things To Know About Global Mobility In Hungary - TMF Group

Hungary and its capital of Budapest is being touted as the next London or Berlin for entrepreneurs, with competitive corporate tax rates and a booming economy.
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