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5 Safety Rules You Must Follow When Planning A Family Hunting Trip

If you are an outdoor lover, you will probably want to introduce your kids to the thrill of the wild at some point. It makes sense to take them for their first family hunting tour when they are old enough to handle the rigors of the experience and enjoy the excitement it offers. But it also requires good planning as the leader of the group because you will want your family to have a safe and memorable experience. Fortunately, planning a family hunting trip isn’t as daunting as it sounds. F...
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For peat’s sake, get to the crux of the matter | Letter

Readers respond to an article on the battle to burn England’s moorlandsWhy is an otherwise balanced article on the importance of peat bogs (‘It has become them and us’: the battle to burn England’s moorlands, 1 May) framed by the grouse moor landowners’ point of view, beginning with the title and ending with a gamekeeper’s claim that without grouse moors the Yorkshire Dales “wouldn’t be beautiful”?Burning what is recognised as the UK’s equivalent of the Amazon rainforest – upland peat bog – in o...
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Video shows NRA's Wayne LaPierre shooting but failing to kill an elephant for NRA-sponsored TV show that never aired

In this April 26, 2019, file photo, Nation Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre speaks at the association's Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File A newly released video shows NRA head LaPierre shooting an endangered elephant on a 2013 hunting trip. LaPierre repeatedly fails to kill the animal from close range; his guide eventually makes the kill. LaPierre's wife, Susan, kills anothe...
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Firearm Upgrades While Getting Ready For The Hunting Season

The hunting season is fast approaching. This means that the time has come for you to start preparing your firearms for the sport. And the sooner you start preparing, the better equipped you are. Though there are tons of prepping up to do for the week, we are sure that you may have all the things chalked up on your list. Whether it is the clothing, understanding of the topographic map, or the strategy, we are guessing that you may have done your homework already. But did you know that along wit...
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Is Hunting Becoming Too Expensive or Too Inaccessible?

Is hunting becoming too expensive or too inaccessible for the average Joe? IMG iStock 1146672827 U.S.A. -( In days of centuries past, hunting once was reserved for the nobility. In Europe, royal forests, off-limits to the average peasant were protected by law, and the only way to hunt game was to take it at the risk of one’s life. It even became perfectly legal in some instances for landowners to shoot poachers dead, and in England getting caught hunting in the King’s protected f...
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SIG SAUER Announces New TREAD Predator Rifle

Since SIG SAUER launched their TREAD series in 2018, TFB has brought you news coverage and reviews on this AR lineup. From their original 16″ 5.56 M400 model, to the 11.5″ pistol variant, to the 7.62 upsize in the 716i model, to the enhanced Coil version, the TREAD lineup has typically been well received. In […] Read More … The post SIG SAUER Announces New TREAD Predator Rifle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Two suspended after 'lockdown breach' by east Midlands hunt

Masters of Foxhounds Association launches inquiry as police examine activities of Quorn Hunt membersOne of Britain’s most prestigious hunts has suspended two managers over an apparent breach of national lockdown regulations after taking to fields as part of a 70th birthday “surprise”.Police are also examining the circumstances in which figures from the Quorn Hunt in Leicestershire engaged in an event organised for the birthday of Joss Hanbury, its senior hunt master. Continue reading...
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Montana's Governor Killed a Yellowstone Wolf

The governor of Montana killed a gray wolf in violation of state hunting laws, according to documents obtained by the Mountain West News Bureau. Dude just got into office in January, and now he’s got a warning from state wildlife officials. Incredible start to a new term!Read more...
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Montana governor given warning after trapping and killing a Yellowstone wolf

Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Mont., speaks during the 2017 Capitol Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, in Washington. Associated Press/Andrew Harnik Montana's governor was given a warning after he killed a Yellowstone wolf outside the park last month. Greg Gianforte had not completed a state-mandated certification course before trapping the wolf. A spokesperson for the governor said he immediately rectified the mistake and signed up...
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EU court bans French hunters from gluing birds to trees

Chasse à la glu is an old French hunting method in which the hunters coat branches in sticky lime to trap live birds. Above, a 16th engraving titled Chasse de la grive à la glu ("glue thrush hunting"). Even if the "unwanted" birds are cleaned and released, the lime unsurprisingly causes lasting damage to their feathers. — Read the rest
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Suppressor Hunting Bill Introduced to Vermont House

A new bill has recently been introduced by Representative George Till of Vermont that would potentially allow hunters to hunt using suppressors. While suppressors are already legal in the state, it is currently not legal to go hunting with a suppressor equipped rifle in the state. The new bill titled Hearing Protection Act, House Bill […] Read More … The post Suppressor Hunting Bill Introduced to Vermont House appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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New Mexico Unit 6C

Adjacent to the Valles Caldera National Preserve and home to a large population of elk, New Mexico Unit 6C allows hunters a realistic opportunity at 280-320 inch bulls, with larger bulls being killed regularly. Primary methods of hunting in New Mexico Unit 6C will be spot and stalk as well as hiking and glassing from vantage points.  Depending on the time of your hunt, elk could be bugling during their yearly rut. This can be a physically demanding hunt as the terrain is steep in most areas. We...
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Meopta Introduces New Long Range MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars

Meopta has just announced their new long-range rangefinding binoculars, the MeoPro Optika LR.  The MeoPro Optika LR binoculars will be available in 8×50, and 10×42 magnifications.  According to the press release, these binoculars are able to range targets up to 2,600 and 2,950 yards.  According to the specifications page for the 10×42 version, it has a […] Read More … The post Meopta Introduces New Long Range MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Leupold Introduces Three BX HD Binoculars, Including One With Mil Reticle

Leupold Optics have just introduced three new binoculars to their BX line of HD binoculars, with different optical zoom options within each offering. One of the more unique models, the BX-T (T for Tactical) offers a Mil reticle to aid in ranging, be it for hunting, law enforcement or military applications, or perhaps even competitions […] Read More … The post Leupold Introduces Three BX HD Binoculars, Including One With Mil Reticle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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17 Tips for Maintaining Your Hunting Gear

It pays to be always ready and this is true even for hunting. Even when you’re not successful in your hunting adventure, adequate preparation is always a confidence booster. One of the things you can do to prepare is to keep your hunting gear in good condition always. Here are some tips to help you clean, dry, and store your hunting gear. Guns and Ammo Hunting guns, like any equipment, needs routine care. Check out the following tips to care for your guns and ammo: Keep riflescopes dust-fre...
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Interested in Hunting? 5 Helpful Ideas on Where to Start

If you haven’t done hunting before, there’s nothing to worry about because it isn’t as complicated as you think. Although hunting rules can be a little intimidating for any novice because they’re comprehensive and overwhelming at first, there are various ways to get started. Below are some of the tips on where to start in hunting: Determine the Type of Hunting You Prefer There are several kinds of hunting you can do. Think of the type of game you’re looking for before you start hunting. For ...
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"A Small Antelope Horn" looks at animal tracking and theoretical physics

Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli took a break from studying black holes to track animals with the Hazda. Rubberband depicted his musings about the experience in this lovely collage animation. Image: YouTube / Alexande
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Elk Hunting: Prepping Time is Now

It may seem early to begin prep for elk Season, but with a big game animal like elk, nothing less than the best will cut it.  Elk season varies from place to place. The earliest elk hunting seasons kick off in late August. That may seem like a lot of time, but you have a lot to do! The time is now for big game hunters to check their gear , secure their tags, plot their hunt, and practice their aim! Here are all the things you should be doing now to make that shot. Apply Now to Win B...
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Does My Kid Need a Rifle Scope for Their 22LR?

Is it just a fad or phase? What is needed to mount a scope? Is it worth it to upgrade your 22 rifle with a scope? I’ll help you explore these questions and fill you in on what you need to know. Is Wanting a Scope Just Another Phase? The short answer is “no.” This isn’t the newest pair of sneakers or a toy they’ll grow out of in a couple hours. Once the basics of shooting with open sights is realized, it’s only natural that anyone, kids included, would want to push the limits of their shooting ...
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Game warden fires a perfect shot to rescue two deer

A bow hunter in Jackson County, Kansas last week noticed two whitetail deer whose antlers were locked together. The hunter called in state game wardens including one who, fortunately, was a very good marksman. "At the time, the wardens didn't know how long the bucks had been struggling to free themselves, but quickly observed that the deer had enough energy and wariness remaining, to make approaching them difficult and potentially dangerous," reported the Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism law...
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A hunter who walked away after shooting a teen watching the sunset is charged with homicide

A hunter loading his gun. Kirill Kukhmar/TASS (Photo by Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images A 52-year-old hunter was charged with homicide on Wednesday, two months after he shot and killed a teenager who was watching the sunset with his girlfriend at a state park in Pennsylvania, prosecutors said. Prosecutors identified Kenneth Troy Heller as the hunter who shot the teen. Heller has agreed to be held without bail and is set to enter into a plea agreement at his arraignment in April, the d...
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A hunter who walked away after shooting a teen while he was watching the sunset is charged with homicide

File photo of hunter loading his gun in Russia Kirill Kukhmar/TASS (Photo by Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images A 52-year-old hunter was charged with homicide months after shooting and killing a teenager at a state park in Pennsylvania.  Prosecutors identified Kenneth Troy Heller as the hunter who shot the teen while he waited for the sunset with his girlfriend.  Troy has agreed to be held without bail until his April arraignment, where he will enter into a plea agreement.  Visit Busines...
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Covid rules out Boxing Day hunts and parades amid uncertain future

Cancellations across large swaths of UK add to controversy over hunting governing body’s webinarsTraditional Boxing Day hunts across large parts of the UK have been cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, with those going ahead elsewhere not parading through town centres prior to their yuletide meet this year for the first time in recent history.The centuries-old activity faces an uncertain future after a number of landowners suspended hunting with hounds on their property amid controversy ov...
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Archery Hunting Deer From the Ground

The post Archery Hunting Deer From the Ground appeared first on Archery hunting deer from the ground can be extremely challenging, but rewarding as well. I have found a few things to think about over the years that really help when hunting from the ground.You can ask what is the best way to hunt for the area you are hunting? Public land hunting will be different than if you are huntin...
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Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

The post Late Season Deer Hunting Tips appeared first on It’s the bottom of the ninth with two outs and your team needs a big hit. We don’t want to strike out so we need to be able to adjust our late season swing to make contact. What are some late season deer hunting tips to help us get a deer? We have tried a few and wanted to share some of them with you here to hopefully help you g...
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What is Best Caliber for Deer Hunting

The post What is Best Caliber for Deer Hunting appeared first on What is the best caliber for deer hunting? Well it’s a question that has been asked around camp fires at deer camp for years. Almost all deer hunters have debated the question and all have t...
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Podcast #668: Outdoor Competence With an Expert Backcountry Hunter

You may know Steven Rinella as an expert hunter and the host of the MeatEater television show and podcast. He’s also an author, and his latest book is The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival. Today on the show, we’ll talk about the subjects behind both of these projects, beginning with how Steve found his way into hunting and conservation advocacy, how he explains and makes the case for hunting to those unfamiliar with it, and the benefits that hunting has brought into his life....
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How to Find A Bucks Bedding Area

The post How to Find A Bucks Bedding Area appeared first on Deer bed on average nearly 3/4 of the day. When you learn how to find a bucks bedding area you can figure out where to place a stand that gives you a better chance at getting a shot at hi...
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Best Time of the Day to Deer Hunt

The post Best Time of the Day to Deer Hunt appeared first on What is the best time of the day to deer hunt? That’s the million dollar question everyone wants to ...
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The post Stealing Our Content appeared first on We have a thief stealing our content and causing us to suffer with Google because of duplicate content. Just wanted to know if it doesn’t stop and they don’t delete our content immediately from their site there will be a lawsuit. you are being put on notice. This is not a joke. We are very serious!!!
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