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A New Enemy Attacks the Dark Knight in the First Batman: Hush Trailer

A New Enemy Attacks the Dark Knight in the First Batman: Hush Trailer One of the keys to Batman‘s success as a hero is that his enemies aren’t privy to his greatest secrets. That’s going to change in the upcoming animated film, Batman: Hush; which finds the Dark Knight under attack by a new villain. Unlike Batman’s previous adversaries, Hush seems to know everything about Bruce Wayne’s double life. And Hush is using that knowledge to strike at both Wayne and Batman, while the villains of Goth...
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Stay cool and sleep well with this incredible Weighted Blanket

How well you sleep at night can have a direct impact on our mood the following day… and nobody likes a cranky co-worker! So, a good night’s sleep can set us up for the day ahead? But how do we achieve this? Well, the Hush Iced Weighted Blanket is here to assist in the achievement of a deeper sleep, all year round!Hush Iced provides all the benefits of a weighted blanket without the sometimes unbearable heat; the outside layer is made up of a Bamboo and Cotton blend that helps keep sweat at bay...
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Gromo x Hush – “Hurry”

[email protected] “Natural High”, “Roll”, “RIP”, you should be very familiar with the electrifying sound of NYC songwriter/producer Gromo. The phenomenon showcases his versatility as he invades the realms of Hip-Hop and R&B on his latest single, “Hurry”. A catchy infused production from the youngest Ultra Music Festival performer as he reunites with vocalist Hush once again for another hit. “Hurry” is a modern-day love story filled with infectious sing-a-long over a radio-friendly dance...
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Gromo x Hush – “RIP”

Following the release of “Roll,” Gromo and Hush team up once again to drop “RIP,” a catchy trap single ready for radio play. The release immediately intrigues listeners with reverse mallets, foreshadowing the melodious nature of the track. Alongside a heavy dose of bass and knocking chill-trap beat, Hush’s silky voice and clever lyricism provides further interest, vocally blocking all forms of negative energy. With nothing but good vibes and crisp production, Gromo and Hush are poised to make s...
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Funding roundup: MyUpchar, Shubh Loans, Pi Ventures and more

Funding announcements for August 2018 Company Name: MissMalini Entertainment Amount raised: Rs 10.4 crore Type: Pre-Series A Sector: Digital content Date announced: August 28, 2018 Investors: Orios Venture Partners and New Enterprise Associates What they will use the funding for: Video production... ...
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Delhi HC asks Hush to remove ‘confidential’ Ola content from app

The Delhi High Court has ordered Erbauen Labs (the makers of an app called Hush) to remove posts containing confidential business information about Ola, following a petition filed by ANI Technologies, Ola’s parent company. According to the order, Ola has attached about 167 pages of content... ...
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Batman: Hush Animated Movie Leads DC Animation’s 2019 Slate

Batman: Hush animated movie leads DC Animation’s 2019 slate DC has announced their 2019 slate of animated DC Universe Movies, with an adaptation of the fan favorite 2002 comic run Batman: Hush leading the pack. Also announced were Reign of the Supermen, a direct followup to this week’s release The Death of Superman, as well as Justice League vs. The Fatal Five and a bonus fourth film (there are usually only three per year) in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, which will ride the coattails of Wonder W...
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After Decades of R&D, Bose Amps Up VC Deals in AR, Wearables, Wellness

For the first 50 years of its existence, Bose Corporation invested primarily in in-house research and development to produce its lineup of high-end headphones, speakers, and other audio technologies. Bose’s Steve Romine says that’s still an important focus for the Framingham, MA-based company, which has been awarded hundreds of patents for advances in technologies such as noise-canceling headphones. But in the past few years, Bose has also started to look outside its walls for other sourc...
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New Weatherby Custom Shop Rifle: Vanguard HUSH

Weatherby has introduced a new version of their Vanguard rifle called HUSH. It is one of their Custom Shop rifles. The rifle is inspired by the hunting YouTube channel called Hushin. Here is how this rifle describes itself on the company’s website: Planning your next Public Land hunt? I’m the rifle you will want by your side. You can […] Read More … The post New Weatherby Custom Shop Rifle: Vanguard HUSH appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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ITV: Dancing On Ice

Dancing On Ice 2018 Launch To celebrate the return of the much loved entertainment show Dancing on Ice ITV Creative created this beautiful animated story of a Polar bear who dreams of dancing on the ice.From his first scary steps we see that he is a long way from graceful, but with the help of a partner who picks him up, we see his confidence and his skating prowess improve in literal leaps and bounds, culminating with him wowing a woodland crowd who give h...
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Designed by David Trubridge for IQ Commercial and distributed in the U.S. by Wakanine, Hush is a clever synthesis of targeted lighting and acoustical sound dampening. Made of overlapping absorbent synthetic felt panels, Hush is a testament to form following function—the inspired aesthetic emerges from the sound-absorbing properties of the polyester fibers. The weave pattern not only enhances the dampening properties, it enables easy assembly with a minimum of fasteners; thus, Hush can be ship...
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Bose Develops Prototype “Sleepbuds” After Buying San Diego Startup

Bose, the privately held maker of headphones, loudspeakers, and other electronics for audiophiles, has acquired Hush, a San Diego startup founded by three undergraduate engineering students to develop “smart” noise-masking earbuds designed to help users sleep. The Framingham, MA, audio giant has incorporated the Hush technology in a prototype product that Bose is testing in a new product category that might best be described as “health and wellness audio.” In a recent e-mail newsletter, H...
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A Modern Horror Master: The Career of ‘Gerald’s Game’ Director Mike Flanagan

How do you adapt an unadaptable Stephen King novel into a movie? The answer, apparently, is to hire Mike Flanagan . Flanagan may not be the type of household name horror director the way John Carpenter, Wes Craven and George Romero once and still are, but over the last several years, he’s been quietly rising to prominence as one of the most efficient craftsmen in the horror genre. As a horror filmmaker, Flanagan seems to have a knack for taking unlikely, or unworkable, concepts and findi...
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2016 Was a Banner Year For Horror

If you grab an average person off the street and ask them how they feel about the recently departed 2016, they’d probably give you a detached thousand yard stare. Or burst into tears. It was, for the world as a whole, not a great time to be alive. However, it was a great year for horror movies. And that makes a twisted sort of sense. As we discover new ways to fear and despair, the movies will react accordingly. Whether by accident or design, horror cinema represented everything we dread in 201...
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Why We Need Buffy To Keep Slaying In The Age Of Trump

There is an episode in Buffy The Vampire Slayer 's fourth season which is frighteningly prescient given the current political climate. (Does Joss Whedon possess an authentic crystal ball? If yes: Sir, we should talk.)In "Hush," Sunnydale is plagued by The Gentlemen — seven nefarious fairy tale villains who steal their victims' voices so they can't scream while their hearts are being cut from their chests. The Gentlemen's only weakness is classic cheeky Whedon: They can only be beat back by the ...
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Ranked: The Films of Mike Flanagan

Indie horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan’s first 5 films ranked in order of eeriness With maverick indie director Mike Flanagan‘s Hasbro-based board game sequel Ouija: Origin of Evil still in theaters and critics and audiences applauding its macabre and sophisticated merits, we thought it wise to review the first five – to date – feature films that were directed, co-written, often edited by the talented filmmaker and rank them in order of effectiveness. Flanagan, born in Salem in 1978, began dabb...
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The Best Batman Villains

The Best Batman Villains Batman made his debut in 1939 in Detective Comics #27 where he battled Alfred Stryker, a man who conspired to kill many of his associates. It wasn’t until his third appearance in Detective Comics #29 where he fought his first super villain with Doctor Death, who would go on to be a recurring thorn in his side. His list of adversaries would continue to grow in those early days with the likes of The Mad Monk and in the pages of Batman #1 came three infamous villains wit...
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Mr Hush – review

Director: David Lee Madison Release date: 2010 Contains spoilers I have to say, at the head of the review, that those who know me will realise that what I tend to do for reviews is watch the film (taking screenshots and notes) and then write the review, using IMDb for the actors’ names but avoiding the IMDb reviews until the review is in draft stage at the very least. I was gobsmacked, therefore, when I saw how low the IMDb headline score was for the film. Now I was given access to a stream of ...
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SXSW Film Review: ‘Hush’

One of the more inspired concoctions to emerge from the busy Blumhouse horror-thriller assembly line in recent years.
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Hush Acquired by Netflix Prior to SXSW Debut

Hush acquired by Netflix prior to SXSW debut Netflix has acquired worldwide streaming rights to Mike Flanagan’s (Oculus) Hush, starring John Gallagher Jr. (“The Newsroom”), Kate Siegel (Oculus), Michael Trucco (“Battlestar Galactica”) and Samantha Sloyan (“Grey’s Anatomy”). The horror thriller will make its World Premiere at SXSW this Saturday, March 12th and will be available globally on Netflix beginning April 8th. Siegel penned the script with Flanagan. Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor Macy and B...
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Netflix Buys Mike Flanagan’s Horror-Thriller ‘Hush’ Ahead of SXSW Premiere

Netflix has acquired worldwide streaming rights to Mike Flanagan’s “Hush,” starring John Gallagher Jr., Kate Siegel, Michael Trucco and Samantha Sloyan. “Hush” will have its world premiere Saturday at South by Southwest on Saturday. It will be available globally on Netflix beginning April 8. Siegel wrote the script with Flanagan. Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor Macy and... Read more »
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Full Metal Hipster #31 – Gazing Into The Abyss With Charles From HUSH.

Gazing into the abyss with Charles Cure from New York's HUSH. The post Full Metal Hipster #31 – Gazing Into The Abyss With Charles From HUSH. appeared first on Metal Injection.
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