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Toronto Maple Leafs’ Jekyll & Hyde Season in Review

Because the 2019-20 NHL regular season was suspended on March 12 due to health concerns in the wake of the coronavirus, I thought it might be a good time to review the Toronto Maple Leafs season. Here goes. Maple Leafs’ Down & Up Season In Review If the regular season ends where the team currently resides in the standings, the Maple Leafs record would be 36-25-9. They would have 81 points, which puts them in third place in the Atlantic Division. If there were playoffs “organized” using t...
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Hyde: Three GMs weigh Dolphins' 'scary propositions' in drafting QB | Commentary

Three former NFL general managers said the Miami Dolphins shouldn't draft Tua Tagovailoa at No. 5 — or trade their three first-round picks to land Joe Burrow.
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Hyde: New Dolphin Byron Jones talks the way you want a star to talk | Commentary

Dolphins cornerback says, "II love the prospect of joining a team on the come-up."
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How to turn your living space into a home office, home school and more during coronavirus

It’s not something we’ve had to think about before: What happens when your family is home all or the most of the day, trying to work, do schoolwork, create, cook, exercise and relax? You might find yourself having to create multiple workspaces – for you, your spouse and your kids to do schoolwork. You also have to find ways to keep the common areas functional and free of clutter. Luckily, those with experience in working from home, as well as interior designers, professional organizers, homes...
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Hyde: Raise one final toast to Duke of 'Ice! Cold! Beer!' | Commentary

A mainstay at South Florida sporting events died last Friday after a months-long illness.
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Hyde: It's Belichick vs. Brady for master of the universe | Commentary

The Miami Dolphins are big winners of free agency. But the biggest? Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -- Enzyme targeted by TB antibiotic later stops the drug destroying it

Crick and Imperial researchers have found that a key antibiotic widely used to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis does not work as expected - a finding which could be used to develop new drugs.
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Hyde: In a world without sports, at Ground Zero of the fans' anguish is ... | Commentary

So many moments missed - and Marlins Man had tickets to many
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Pelosi Says Virus-Relief Bill to Get a Vote as GOP Awaits Trump

(Bloomberg) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House will pass legislation on Friday to help Americans deal with the spreading coronavirus outbreak without waiting to see whether President Donald Trump will go along.After days of negotiation with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin but no word from Trump, Pelosi said Democrats will press ahead with a vote. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said separately in a letter to colleagues that the bill “incorporates nearly all of what the administrati...
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Sasse Rips Pelosi for Trying to Smuggle Hyde Amendment Loophole into Coronavirus Package

Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and Democrats for reportedly trying to ensure federal funding for abortion as part of the coronavirus economic stimulus plan.“While schools are closing and hospitals are gearing up, Speaker Pelosi is waging unnecessary culture wars. Speaker Pelosi should be fighting the coronavirus pandemic, not politicizing emergency funding by fighting against the bipartisan Hyde Amendment,” Sasse told National Review in a statement. ...
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Hyde: Should Dolphins be in on Dwayne Haskins or Taysom Hill?

Haskins could be available if Washington takes Tua
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Hyde: Zach Thomas, Bobby Bowden, Kendrick Nunn — here's what they overcame to succeed | Commentary

Zach Thomas, Bobby Bowden, Patrick Surtain, Roberto Luongo — sports greats answer what they overcame.
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Hyde: GM Grier's legacy to be decided in next two Dolphins months | Commentary

No GM has had more money or draft picks. Now can he find a quarterback?
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New immune cell with 'Jekyll and Hyde properties' identified

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have identified a rare, new cell in the immune system with "Jekyll and Hyde properties". These cells play a key protective role in immunity to infection but - if unregulated - also mediate tissue damage in autoimmune disorders.
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Scientists discover new 'Jekyll and Hyde' immune cell

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have identified a rare, new cell in the immune system with 'Jekyll and Hyde properties.' These cells play a key protective role in immunity to infection but -- if unregulated -- also mediate tissue damage in autoimmune disorders. The findings should help us design more effective vaccines to prevent infections such as MRSA, and may also assist help us develop of new therapies for autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.
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Harvey Weinstein found guilty in landmark #MeToo moment

NEW YORK — Harvey Weinstein was convicted Monday at his sexual assault trial, sealing his dizzying fall from powerful Hollywood studio boss to archvillain of the #MeToo movement. He was found guilty of criminal sex act for assaulting production assistant Mimi Haleyi at his apartment in 2006 and third-degree rape of a woman in 2013. The jury found him not guilty on the most serious charge, predatory sexual assault, that could have resulted in a life sentence. The verdict followed weeks of often h...
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Cuddles and Rage talk Bites of Terror - their new horror comic

by Mike Rhode Cuddles and Rage (aka Jimmy and Liz Reed) have a new book coming out soon, but it's not a friendly little children's book. Instead it's 144 pages of horror comics starring anthropometric food.  As their press release states -  Tales from the Crypt meets All My Friends Are Dead in Bites of Terror: 10 Frightfully Delicious Tales (Quirk Books; On sale: March 24, 2020) by the creative duo Cuddles and Rage, also known as Liz and Jimmy Reed. The team’s adorabl...
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Hyde: Ten Simple Steps to Lead the Dolphins From the Wilderness | Commentary

Tua decision, top free-agent need, draft a lot of lineman, don't overvalue that 5-4 finish ...
Tags: News, Hyde, Tua

Hyde: Joe Burrow must act rude like us to elude Cincinnati, become Dolphin | Commentary

It's not enough for No. 1 draft hopeful to drop crumbs about not wanting to play for Bengals.
Tags: News, Cincinnati, Hyde, Joe Burrow

Hyde: As Team Tua maneuvers, Dolphins' draft work hinges on an element no one acknowledges | Commentary

Team Tua Tagovailoa used 2020 Super Bowl week to project him as more of an elite quarterback talent than injury risk.
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Hyde: Chiefs' Super Bowl lesson for Dolphins — and every team — requires two things of equal value | Commentary

Here's Super Bowl lessons for every NFL team, including the Miami Dolphins, as Kansas City's greatness looks sustainable.
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Former actress testifies that Harvey Weinstein raped her and that he had a 'fragile ego'

A former actress testified Friday that her sometimes consensual relationship with Harvey Weinstein became abusive, saying the former film producer was like "Jekyll and Hyde" and raped her twice.
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Hyde: From Broward to Super Bowl, Nick Bosa living the family dream | Commentary

Nick and Joey Bosa rose from Broward fields to NFL stardom with their parents' help
Tags: News, NFL, NICK, Hyde, Broward, Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa

NBC: Trump Fan Tied To Yovanovitch Surveillance Scheme Pretended To Be DEA Officer

Anthony de Caluwe, a Dutch Trump fan with ties to indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, pretended to be an officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration while purportedly tracking former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, NBC News reported Wednesday. Several people told NBC News that de Caluwe, who provided the updates of Yovanovitch’s supposed locations that American landscaper Robert Hyde had sent to Parnas, introduced himself to them as law enforcement at the DEA or sometimes the...
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Hyde: Dolphins legend Dan Marino plays the Super Bowl (the way a Hall of Famer doing business does) | Commentary

Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino talks Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, dishes on the Super Bowl -- and sells Isotoners.
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Digital Zoroastrian at the British Library

The British Library is fortunate in having an unparalled collection of over 100 Zoroastrian works ranging from the oldest, the ninth century Ashem Vohu prayer written in Sogdian script discovered by Aurel Stein in Central Asia in 1907, to, most recently, manuscripts collected especially for the Royal Society in London during the late-nineteenth century. Although Zoroastrianism is Iranian in origin, most of our manuscripts in fact come from India. They are written in Avestan (Old Iranian), Middle...
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Hyde: It's Madison vs. Welker (sort of) as two ex-Dolphins make own journeys to Super Bowl | Commentary

Two former Dolphins players meet again after successful runs as Super Bowl assistant coaches.
Tags: News, Dolphins, Madison, Hyde, Welker

Hyde: How did Chiefs see in Patrick Mahomes what no one did? It started with one man | Commentary

The face of the Super Bowl, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is in Kansas City thanks to the scouting of one man.
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This Week’s Shows: Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Upcoming Los Angeles concerts: Will Reagan, Juliana Hatfield, J. Laser, Love Ghost, Salute to Prince, Jean-Michel Blais, Forty Feet Tall, Gold Star, Georgi Kay, Siames, Wale, Shakey Graves, Ian Sweet, Precious Kid, Mattiel, the Shakes, Caspian, Reggie Watts & Karen, Randy Houser, Wolf Parade, Nicole Kiki Jaffe, Martin Rev, the Brilliance, She Wants Revenge, City of the Sun, No Parents, Trapt, the Marcus King Band, Tune-Yards, Baynk, Slander, Periphery, Ron Pope, Vanessa Zamora, ZOOLUXX, Object A...
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