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Facebook’s Ten Year Challenge – The Perfect Way To Train Facial Recognition Programs?

Imagine that you wanted to train a facial recognition algorithm on age-related characteristics and, more specifically, on age progression (e.g., how people are likely to look as they get older). Ideally, you’d want a broad and rigorous dataset with lots of people’s pictures. It would help if you knew they were taken a fixed number of years apart—say, 10 years. – Wired
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Time To Stop Saying The Digital Revolution Will Save Us

In the jungle of unresolved emotions, Digital promises something it can’t keep: The right partner. Endless choices. The best friends. Even better friends somewhere out there. The Internet amplifies the Nervousness of our social lives on all levels — privately, socially, politically, economically. The result: Our current reality of constant shitstorms, outrage, conspiracy theories, populism and overall pessimism. The Web can do a lot of things, but it can’t hug you, it can’t heal you, it can’t ...
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Are Some Ideas Too Extreme To Be Expressed?

Which beliefs exactly should be judged as “out of bounds”—and who gets to be the referee? How wide is the circle of ideas that are not even worthy of discussion? Such questions are themselves open to debate, and the judgments we make about them in particular cases will tend to be provisional. Still, this is preferable to the alternative. For there is a growing cost to pretending we’ve arrived at a settled consensus about their answers, or to denying that they are even real questions. – The Poin...
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A Bad Idea Backed By Philosophy (Is Still A Bad Idea)

Sometimes philosophers argue for conclusions far outside the domain of ‘respectable’ positions; conclusions that could be hijacked by those with intolerant, racist, sexist or fundamentalist beliefs to support their stance. – Aeon
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DNA From Ancient Bones Has Researchers Rewriting Ideas About Our Origins. But.

But – these stories have been rewritten before in earlier scientific study. And before we declare a definitive new theory, there are questions… – The New York Times
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What Happens When The “End Of History” Proves To Be Wrong

Francis Fukuyama had a great idea. His “end of history” suggested a way of thinking about what was now happening to the world and synthesized the work of a number of philosophers. “The only flaw in the brilliance of The End of History was that its thesis turned out to be wrong, and wrong in a huge way.” – The New Republic
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When Our Social Media Randomizes Our Memories, It Distorts Our Sense Of Self

Philip Kennicott: “When we remember our lives authentically, we ask a fundamental question: Why did I remember this thing, at this moment? The “Why now?” question gives memory its meaning. Facebook randomizes and decontextualizes memory and detaches it from our current self.”  – Washington Post
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Pens? I don’t need no stinkin’ pens.

After every visit to my dentist, the hygienist hands me a small plastic bag. Inside are usually a toothbrush, a tiny tube of toothpaste, and a small dental floss. Occasionally, even a trial size mouthwash. And have you ever finished a meal at a Chinese restaurant without being handed a plate of fortune cookies, or a sliced orange? Plus more and more banks offer dog biscuits at their branches. Though I don’t know why the freebies started, they are certainly an expected tradition by now. Point is...
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Consider The Lowly Pushbutton – A Challenge To Our Humanity?

And yet, that’s what some thought when push buttons first appeared on machines: “Do you not think that this prodigious diffusion of mechanism is likely to render the world terribly monotonous and fastidious? To deal no longer with men, but to be dependent on things!” Pushing buttons made life too easy, too simplistic, or too rote, when a single finger-action could conjure one’s desires. – Aeon
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New Psychological Studies Try To Answer Classic Questions About Art

“Today, experimental philosophers and philosophically inclined psychologists are designing experiments that can help to answer some of the big philosophical questions about the nature of art and how we experience it – questions that have puzzled people for centuries, such as: why do we prefer original works of art to forgeries? How do we decide what is good art? And does engaging with the arts make us better human beings?” – Aeon
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We Live In An Adversarial Culture. Historians At Their Best Offer A Different Approach

“The virtue of reading like a historian is that critique or disavowal is not the primary goal. On the contrary, reading historically provides something more destabilising: it requires the historian to put her own values in parentheses.” – Aeon
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Intentional Forgetting May Be A Good Strategy For Remembering

“Traditionally, forgetting has been regarded as a passive decay over time of the information recorded and stored in the brain. But while some memories may simply fade away like ink on paper exposed to sunlight, recent research suggests that forgetting is often more intentional, with erasure orchestrated by elaborate cellular and molecular mechanisms.” – The Atlantic
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Decisions, Decisions. Turns Out Many Of Us Aren’t Good At Triaging

One of the paradoxes of life is that our big decisions are often less calculated than our small ones are. We agonize over what to stream on Netflix, then let TV shows persuade us to move to New York; buying a new laptop may involve weeks of Internet research, but the deliberations behind a life-changing breakup could consist of a few bottles of wine. – The New Yorker
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Hell As An Incentive

The “bad place” has been detailed extensively – these are all the bad things that will happen to you if you don’t behave. Hell has been a moral consequence, it has been a spur to behave better. And increasingly we’re being warned of the possibilities of versions of it visiting earth. The point is, the concept of hell is a powerful idea that has framed our thinking. – The New Yorker
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Beauty Isn’t Explained By Science. But Science Needs To Understand Beauty

If there is a universal truth about beauty — some concise and elegant concept that encompasses every variety of charm and grace in existence — we do not yet understand enough about nature to articulate it. – The New York Times
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The Truth About The So-Called Gig Economy

We’re all going to be driving an Uber before long, and everyone who’s not will be freelancing at something else, right? Or maybe the gig economy isn’t growing so fast – or isn’t really growing at all. Economists can’t agree. – The Atlantic
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5 Steps On How To Create A Thriving Voice Over Business

The emergence of the internet has created so many new roles and opportunities, and it has also expanded opportunities in existing roles. Services like voice over acting used to be… Read more » The post 5 Steps On How To Create A Thriving Voice Over Business appeared first on
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The Fine Art Of The iPhone Notes App Celebrity Apology

The list of celebrities who have used iPhone Notes app to apologize in recent months is, well, long. What’s the appeal? False intimacy: “Sometimes statements include grammatical and spelling errors, or profanity, which function (perhaps unwittingly) as rhetorical devices, making the authors seem not only unpretentious but fallibly human. Their notes also frequently employ clichés of spoken apologies: ‘from the bottom of my heart,’ ‘profoundly,’ ‘I wish I knew then what I know now,’ and so on.” –...
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The Market Economy Model Has Crippled All Sorts Of Professions

We are all customers now; we are all supposed to be kings. But what if ‘being a customer’ is the wrong model for healthcare, education, and even highly specialised crafts and trades? – Aeon
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Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views! From the Experts Unbounce : Clix’s own, Michelle Morgan points out that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to ad writing, but following some best practices will help make us more successful. Eight tips that can be applied now to your accounts (and shared with your co-workers)! 3Q Digital How to Get Started with Facebook Lead Gen Campaigns: B2B? Jump start your ’19 goals with som...
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How Sound Can Tip Us To Things Like Climate Change

Scientist Garth Paine: “I have spent decades making field recordings in which I create a setup before dawn or dusk, then lie on the ground listening for several uninterrupted hours. These projects have taught me how the density of the air changes as the sun rises or sets, how animal behavior shifts as a result, and how all of these things are intricately linked.”
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The Keys to Establishing a Workshop Business

Humans are naturally crafty in the sense that we can transform raw materials into something usable. Throughout history, mankind has invented various machines to aid in tedious work. From the… Read more » The post The Keys to Establishing a Workshop Business appeared first on
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Inside The Burgeoning Seduction Industry

Commonly known as ‘pickup’ or ‘game’, the seduction industry first took shape in the United States in the early 2000s. What began as a few online forums and meetup groups soon gave rise to commercial products and services. Some of those with a personal interest in seduction began to style themselves as professionals, offering practical training and personal development for heterosexual men who wanted greater choice and control in their intimate lives. – Aeon
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Cities Of War (An Urban Plan)

“Urbicide is the targeted destruction of cities as a tactic of war. The violence chronicled here is not aerial annihilation—hospitals and homes reduced to rubble—but the “gradual construction of buildings and infrastructure” in ways that collapse boundaries between war and peace, militarizing everyday life.  – Public Books
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Dirty little hands

David Carr was a writer for The New York Times. He was an acclaimed cultural reporter and also was on the faculty at Boston University’s communications school, where he taught a class called Voice Lessons. Which is where he made this point: “Quit sounding like everyone else and begin sounding like yourself.” Now, this advice is not unknown to each of us. But the more times you hear it, from the widest range of authorities, the more likely it is to actually sink in. As a teaching assistant of hi...
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The Huge Ethical Issues Around Artificial Intelligence

“Ethical concerns about these advances focus at one extreme on the use of AI in deadly military drones, or on the risk that AI could take down global financial systems. Closer to home, AI has spurred anxiety about unemployment, as autonomous systems threaten to replace millions of truck drivers, and make Lyft and Uber obsolete. And beyond these larger social and economic considerations, data scientists have real concerns about bias, about ethical implementations of the technology, and about the ...
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Product Photographers: Why You Should Brand Yourself As A Wedding Ring Photographer

If you’re tired of photographing products like perfume and shoes, consider branding yourself as a wedding ring photographer. It’s a solid niche and will generate work from clients with a… Read more » The post Product Photographers: Why You Should Brand Yourself As A Wedding Ring Photographer appeared first on
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“Jazz Is Dying” As Metaphor For The Larger Culture

Matthew McKnight examines Jazz At Lincoln Center: “While the obituary writers may have been right—something’s dying—they have been preoccupied with the wrong thing. By looking for signs of vitality in measures of jazz’s popularity, it becomes easier to ignore what the music, according to Marsalis’s definition, is: a refinement of empathic listening, a model for improvisation, and an embodiment of meaningful time perception. If this is right, then the supposition that jazz is dead carries meaning...
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An Increasingly Algorithmic Culture Threatens Our Relationship With Creativity

We’ve gone from having individual experiences and relationships with the objects around us to slaves of algorithmic calculation and formulas in which the actual things themselves are only considered pieces of larger systems. This is a huge challenge to creativity. – The Point
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2039: What Will The World Look Like In 20 Years?

Eight writers, including Dahlia Lithwick, Kate Julian, and Tyler Cowen, offer their predictions on sex, computers, neo-antebellum politics, China, the Internet, and the Supreme Court. — New York Magazine
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