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Winner-Take-All Urbanism (Hey, Amazon HQ) Leaves A Lot Of Cities Behind

What can be done for the non-New Yorks, the non-San Franciscos, the non-Seattles? “Left to their own fate, state and local policymakers often end up shoveling money at companies in the hope of attracting future investment. It isn’t working. For today’s left-behind communities to bounce back, the federal government has to act.” – The Atlantic
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The Most Expensive Thing To Buy Now Is Human Interaction

The poor and middle-class can’t escape screens, and the data they hoover up both mindlessly and with (scary) intention. But the rich can, and do. – The New York Times
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Wait, Who Exactly Is The Real-World Analogue To The Baddies In The Most Recent Marvel Movie?

Spoiler alert, perhaps obviously. But really, whom are the Kree meant to represent? It’s unclear, or variable, perhaps, but for sure: “The Kree become a scapegoat, an oppressive empire that oppresses the oppressed.” – Los Angeles Review of Books
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Might Our Morality Change With Artificial Intelligence? (Is That Even The Right Question?)

Because AI might ‘think’ differently to how humans think, and because of the general tendency to get swept up in its allure, its use could well change how we approach tasks and make decisions. The seductive allure that tends to surround AI in fact represents one of its dangers. Those working in the field despair that almost every article about AI hypes its powers, and even those about banal uses of AI are illustrated with killer robots. – Aeon
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New Thinking On Getting Old

As the population surges into young old age and old old age, the number of books wrestling with that question has grown from a trickle to a tsunami. Apart from the science journals and science-fiction novels debating whether is it possible or desirable to prolong the lifespan by fifty or a hundred years, or (might as well go for it) eternally, books designed to help readers navigate the treacheries of ageing fall roughly into three categories: the scientific, the personal and the political. – T...
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Big Gods, Little Gods – Do Cultures Get The Gods They Need?

Anthropologists say small societies generally worship Gods who only need to be worshipped. Larger societies’ Gods have many more rules for how followers behave… – The Economist [registration]
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How To Start an Online Diamond Business

Jewelry has traditionally been an offline market, mainly due to the early practice of counterfeiting precious gems and misusing their value. However, in the recent, jewelry marketplaces are shifting online.… Read more » “How To Start an Online Diamond Business” The post How To Start an Online Diamond Business appeared first on
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‘Affect Theory’ And How It Explains Living In 2019 America

So what is “affect theory”? “Under its influence, critics attended to affective charge [in society]. They saw our world as shaped not simply by narratives and arguments but also by nonlinguistic effects — by mood, by atmosphere, by feelings.” Writer Hua Hsu looks at the work of one of affect theory’s main proponents today: Lauren Berlant, co-founder of the Feel Tank (as opposed to think tank) Chicago, and her idea of the “cruel optimism” Americans hang on to. – The New Yorker
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Self-Publishing Opportunities: Discover Short Reads

It’s been at least a year since I deep-dived into self-publishing opportunities for short ebooks. Not only has this sector grown, with more ebooks published, it’s also more lucrative. You’ll find the details in our new program, Short Reads’ Secrets: A Short Reads Self-Publishing Report. Discover new self-publishing opportunities There are two primary categories for […] The post appeared first on Angela Booth's Fab Freelance Writing Blog.
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Why Trying To Protect The Natural World By Assigning It Human Rights Is A Bad Idea

“How can the law account for the value of complex, nonhuman entities such as rivers, lakes, forests and ecosystems? … Perhaps we should take the idea of ‘the human’ as a rights-bearer and extend it to the complex, nonhuman systems that we wish to protect, that we know are deserving of care and concern. Tempting as it is, this move must be resisted.” Human rights attorney Anna Grear explains why. – Aeon
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What Are Vices Of The Mind, And Why Are They Dangerous?

“So-called ‘virtues of the mind’, such as open-mindedness, thoroughness, and intellectual humility, have been extensively discussed by philosophers. Arrogance, imperviousness to evidence and an inability to deal with mistakes are vices of the mind. They have until very recently attracted much less philosophical attention.” Philosopher Quassim Cassam argues that these vices need more attention, because they can cause so much damage. (Exhibit A: The Iraq War.) – IAI News
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AI Is Not Just Changing How Scientific Research Is Done, It’s Changing The Scientific Method

Some scientists see generative modeling and other new techniques simply as power tools for doing traditional science. But most agree that AI is having an enormous impact, and that its role in science will only grow. Brian Nord, an astrophysicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory who uses artificial neural networks to study the cosmos, is among those who fear there’s nothing a human scientist does that will be impossible to automate. “It’s a bit of a chilling thought,” he said. – Quanta ...
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Prediction: Half Of All Colleges Will Go Out Of Business In Ten Years

Compare Amazon’s ability to deliver what you want, how you want it, and when you want it, to that of the average college or university. Or even to the growing number of online universities, hybrid universities… and especially to the “traditional” institutions that offer online learning options. Amazon would crush those folks. – Inc.
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Is Practicing Philosophy In Public A Good Thing?

It is one thing to share information about philosophy and another to offer non-philosophers a way of participating in the activity. Public philosophy aspires to liberate the subject from its academic confines: to put philosophy into action. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure it is. – The Point
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The Internet Is Being Walled Off Country By Country. There Are Dangerous Consequences

As the web becomes more splintered and information more controlled across the globe, we risk the deterioration of democratic systems, the corruption of free markets and further cyber misinformation campaigns. We must act now to save a free and open internet from censorship and international maneuvering before history is bound to repeat itself. – TechCrunch
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The Seductive Escape Of Designing New Roller Coasters

In a new movie, a little girl imagines a roller coaster (and an entire amusement park) into existence. The glamor and thrills of amusement parks, and roller coasters in particular, can lead kids’ imaginations in exciting ways – and maybe can lead those kids to leave their towns and families and wind up in new, unknown, sometimes scary (but thrilling) terrain. – The New York Times
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Learning While You Sleep Isn’t Just A Fringe Idea

Nope. Studies are showing, more and more, that the people who listen to information while they sleep may actually be learning it pretty well. For instance, in a recent study, “68 German students were asked to learn some new Dutch words before 11 p.m. Half the students were allowed to go to sleep while the words were played back to them. The other half stayed awake while listening to the words.” Guess who learned the words? – The Wall Street Journal
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Is Disappearing Or De-Platforming People Or Work Defensible In Free Speech Terms?

No-platforming is when a person is prevented from contributing to a public debate, either through policy or protest, on the grounds that their beliefs are dangerous or unacceptable. Open-speech advocates highlight what we might call first-order evidence: evidence for and against the arguments that the speakers make. But they overlook higher-order evidence. – Aeon
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Jill Lepore On The Animating DreamS Of American Democracy

The history of the United States is a history of bias and brutality and hubris, but it is also a history of idealism and hard work and soaring optimism. What emerges is an invitation to regard these tessellated truths and conflicting motive forces with an equanimous understanding that can inform a juster, more beautiful, and less conflicted future. – Brainpickings
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Here’s why it is now “Damn” and not “F*cking.”

  Those of you who are having a particularly slow day will be delighted to learn that I have changed the title of my funny Father of the Bride book from And I Have to Pay for the F*cking Flowers? to And I Have to Pay for the Damn Flowers? I made the change so that Amazon will allow me to advertise the book. (Long, dullish story.) If you have already purchased the book thank you. However, if you have not yet bought a copy, you might want to buy the new version. It still makes for an unexpected, ...
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We’re Trying To Teach People That Failure Is Just An Opportunity To Improve. But What If It Isn’t?

According to the theory, if students believe that their ability is fixed, they will not want to do anything to reveal that, so a major focus of the growth mindset in schools is shifting students away from seeing failure as an indication of their ability, to seeing failure as a chance to improve that ability. As Jeff Howard noted almost 30 years ago: ‘Smart is not something that you just are, smart is something that you can get.’ – Aeon
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Art’s AI Potential – It’s Not Just Crunching Data

When marketers and technologists think about the applications for artificial intelligence, it’s common to think along the lines of data processing, GPS route-finding, and logistics efficiency. But as artists and creatives embrace the technology, new possibilities are presenting themselves in the forms of creative direction, visual design, and song creation. – CMO
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Senator Elizabeth Warren Wants To Break Up Big Tech Companies, Including Apple

Wow. Senator Warren is dropping antitrust ideas as fast as, well, Facebook and Google and Amazon and Apple gobble up our time and privacy. After her Medium post didn’t mention Apple, Warren said she meant Apple as well, and she explained: “What was applied to railroad companies more than a hundred years ago, we need to now look at those tech platforms the same way.” – The Verge
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How Should Europe Come To Terms With Its Bloody, Violent 20th Century?

A multi-year project can’t figure out how Europe can reconcile all of the mass graves, no matter how many memorials and museums are built. And things are scary: “After all the truth commissions, all the resolutions of the UN, the international tribunals, we are returning to new forms of fascism, to new, very primal antagonisms.” – El País
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The Latest For Donors Is Traveling Like A Musician, Ballerina, Or Conductor

And by that, we don’t mean “worrying about your instrument all of the time,” but rather, if you have the money, “you can simply donate money to your favorite nonprofit — amounts seem to start at around $2,500 — in exchange for the opportunity to tag along on an international tour with the organization.” – The Washington Post
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What’s stopping you from doing the best work of your life? – Interview with Aaron Dignan

Today’s interview is with Aaron Dignan, founder of The Ready, an organization design and transformation firm, and author of a new book: Brave New Work: Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Organization? Aaron joins me today to talk about the book, the core problem it is trying to address, the idea of organizational debt, what’s stopping you from doing the best work of your life and some of the biggest problems they have faced in helping firms transform the way they work. This interview follows on from...
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A Firm Argument Against Meritocracy

Although widely held, the belief that merit rather than luck determines success or failure in the world is demonstrably false. This is not least because merit itself is, in large part, the result of luck. Talent and the capacity for determined effort, sometimes called ‘grit’, depend a great deal on one’s genetic endowments and upbringing. – Aeon
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Study: The Key To Successful Small Talk

The key to making the most out of small talk, according to Harvard researchers, is to simply ask the other person follow-up questions. In a series of experiments, researchers analyzed more than 300 online conversations and found that those who were asked more meaningful follow-up questions (a.k.a. questions that aren’t “how are you?” or “what do you do?”), found the other person much more likable. – CNBC
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Psychologist Jonathan Haidt On Understanding Versus Advocating

“The mission of a university I believe should be to understand. And if you do a great job of research, that can be the basis for all kinds of activism later. But if you start with a commitment to a certain way of seeing the world, and you start with a belief that some people are good and some people are bad, I think it makes it very hard to understand real social systems.” – Nautilus
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Sound And The Optimal Work Place (Too Much, Too Little…)

Gone are the sound-absorbing dropped ceilings and acoustical tile, cubicle dividers, wall-to-wall carpets, and upholstered chairs. In their place are reflective high ceilings with exposed H.V.A.C., hardwood surfaces, mesh chairs, and lots and lots of glass. The goal is a buzz, similar to the free-flowing coffee and beer that many provide to their clients. A common citation in the literature that promotes co-working is a 2012 study from the Journal of Consumer Research that concludes the right a...
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