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Now There's a Deepfake Audio Platform Where Celebrities Can License AI-Generated Voice Clips

Whenever deepfakes make the news, it’s almost always for the latest terrifying way bad actors have figured out how to spawn hoaxes or cyberbully people using the AI-powered technology. However, the media industry has found some more practical (and less sinister) applications, such as using face swaps to craft more…Read more...
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Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg will plead guilty to 6 felony counts including sex-trafficking, wire fraud, and identity theft

Joel Greenberg as pictured on Seminole County's website. He served as a tax collector in the county before his indictment in 2020. Seminole County Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg will plead guilty to six felony counts as part of a plea deal. The charges include sex-trafficking, wire fraud, and identity theft. Greenberg's attorneys and federal prosecutors will formally announce the plea agreement to a judge Monday. See more stories on Insider's business page. Ex-Florida county ta...
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SpecTrust raises millions to fight cybercrime with its no-code platform

Risk defense startup SpecTrust is emerging from stealth today with a $4.3 million seed raise and a public launch. Cyber Mentor Fund led the round, which also included participation from Rally Ventures, SignalFire, Dreamit Ventures and Legion Capital. SpecTrust aims to “fix the economics of fighting fraud” with a no-code platform that it says cuts 90% of a business’ risk infrastructure spend that responds to threats in “minutes instead of months.”  “In January of 2020, I got a bug in m...
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Deepfake Lips Are Coming to Dubbed Films

For those who find reading a foreign film’s subtitles too distracting, movies are often dubbed into different languages. But that can be equally distracting when the movements of an actor’s mouth are completely out of sync with what they’re saying. So a company called Flawless has created an AI-powered solution that…Read more...
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Your Old Phone Number Could Get You Hacked, Researchers Say

When you get a new phone number, mobile carriers will often “recycle” your old one—assigning it to a new phone and, therefore, a new customer. Carriers say the reason they do this is to stave off a hypothetical future of “number exhaustion”—a sort of “peak oil” for phone numbers, when every possible number that could…Read more...
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A man in California was charged with identity theft and wire fraud for stealing Shopify data

The logo of Shopify is seen outside its headquarters in Ottawa Thomson Reuters A man in California was indicted for stealing customer and merchant data from Shopify, TechCrunch said. The man is facing charges of aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Last year, Shopify fired two "rogue" workers for stealing customer and merchant data. See more stories on Insider's business page. A California man has been charged with aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to ...
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70,000 SSNs, 600,000 Credit Card Records Leaked After Stolen-Data Hub Gets Hacked

Until recently, the carding store Swarmshop was a popular, illicit online market where cybercriminals could go to sell and purchase stolen credit card and banking data. However, the store’s luck may have run out—and it may have taken a little of your luck with it.Read more...
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That IRS Email to Your College Inbox Is a Scam

The IRS has issued a warning about a phishing scam that targets college staff and students, particularly those with “.edu” extensions in their email. The scam uses phony IRS email templates to fool people into providing their personal information to claim a “tax refund.”Read more...
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Identity Theft Suspect Arrested After Placer County Traffic Stop

PENRYN (CBS13) — An identity theft suspect has been arrested after a traffic stop in Placer County last week. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says, last Friday night, a deputy pulled over a driver along eastbound Interstate 80 at the Penryn Road exit. Exactly what prompted the traffic stop was not revealed, but the driver allegedly gave the deputy a license that didn’t seem to match up. Further, the deputy also allegedly spotted a glass pipe in plain view. Eventually, a search of the car unco...
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Cybercrime Is Booming and It's Costing America Billions

The FBI’s annual Internet Crime Report is out and it shows that hackers and other cybercriminals ran wild during 2020, breaking new records and likely costing Americans billions of dollars. Read more...
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Mom Allegedly Harassed Daughter's Cheerleading Team 'Rivals' With Deepfakes Depicting Them Drinking, Nude

A Pennsylvania woman allegedly released doctored photos and videos of her teenage daughter’s cheerleading rivals naked, drinking, or smoking in a desperate bid to get the girls booted off the team. She now faces multiple charges of cyber harassment of a child.Read more...
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This Mom Allegedly Created Deepfakes to Bully Her Daughter's Rivals Off the Cheerleading Squad

Authorities say a Pennsylvania woman anonymously sent her daughter’s cheerleading coaches deepfake photos and videos of rival teammates naked, drinking, or smoking to get them kicked off the squad, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She also reportedly sent this manipulated content to the teammates themselves and…Read more...
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It's Not Too Late to Pass a National Privacy Law (OK, It Kind of Is)

The federal government cares little about what happens to your most sensitive data. Its main focus today is stopping espionage and prosecuting computer criminals who pose a threat to itself or corporations and banks. Little energy is spent holding those same institutions accountable when malpractice and greed produce…Read more...
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Someone Is Hacking the Hackers

In the latest in a string of “hits” on Russian dark web forums, the prominent crime site Maza appears to have been breached by someone earlier this week. Read more...
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How to Spot a Deepfake Without Even Watching the Video

Deepfakes are videos that glue one person’s face onto another’s body, making the former look like they’re saying or doing something that they never actually did—even if it’s something as harmless as Tom Cruise talking to the camera and hitting a golf ball. They’re hard to spot just from watching the video, but here’s…Read more...
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Consider Your Data Privacy When Making MyHeritage 'Deepfakes'

One should always get a little privacy-skeptical when there’s a new flavor-of-the-week meme making the rounds. This time, it’s MyHeritage’s “Deep Nostalgia” photo animation tool, which renders pretty realistic deepfake animations from images you upload to the service.Read more...
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Identity Theft Suspect Arrested After Traffic Stop In Roseville

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Deputies say they have arrested a woman suspected of identity theft after a traffic stop in Roseville last week. Back on Feb. 19, a deputy pulled over a vehicle near Sierra College Boulevard and Eureka Road near Roseville. After contacting the driver, 43-year-old Jody Corbella, the deputy discovered she was a parolee out of Citrus Heights. A search was then done of Corbella’s purse. The deputy soon discovered someone else’s driver’s license inside. Deputies say that person ha...
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Prevent Stolen Tax Returns With This IRS Tool

The IRS has an effective tool for preventing identity theft, and it’s now available to all taxpayers: a six-digit PIN that prevents scammers from filing a fraudulent tax return using your Social Security number. Here’s how you can get your own now to use when you file your current tax return.Read more...
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Protecting Cardmembers Against Cybersecurity Threats in the ‘New Normal’

Under increasing assault since the start of the pandemic, credit unions must prepare for new fraud trends to be able to protect consumer data. The post Protecting Cardmembers Against Cybersecurity Threats in the ‘New Normal’ appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Don't Trust Phone Calls From 'Venmo' or Any Other Service

There’s a sucker born every minute, but it’s not going to be you this time around because you’re not going to let some scammer try to steal access to your Venmo account. You’re better than that, convincing as said phishing attempts might be.Read more...
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Hacker Group Reportedly Leaks Sensitive Data of 2.28 Million People Registered on Dating Site MeetMindful

Millions of users of the dating site MeetMindful got some unpleasant news on Sunday. ZDNet reported that the hacker group ShinyHunters, the same group who leaked millions of user records for the company that listed the “Camp Auschwitz” shirts, has dumped what appears to be data from the dating site’s user database. …Read more...
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Clone wars / Un air de famille?

THE ORIGINAL? Sony Playstation 2 PS2 – 2000 Click image to enlarge Source : Primé au Club des DA Agency : TBWA Paris (France) LESS ORIGINAL Sony Playstation 5 PS5 “Play has no limits” – 2021 Click on the image to enlarge Source : Agency : Wild FI Buenos Aires (Argentina) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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See Your Social Security Benefits Estimate In an Interactive Chart

Although I’m many years from being eligible for Social Security, I created a my Social Security online account with the Social Security Administration as a part of the “plant your flag” strategy to preempt identity thieves. Social Security Administration used to send paper statements once a year to report your earnings history and your estimated benefit. The benefit estimate on the paper statement assumed that you will work until your full retirement age and you will earn the same each year a...
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California Woman Sentenced In Disability Fraud Scheme

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A woman was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years in prison for scheming with a California state employee to file hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims for disability insurance benefits. Angela Stubblefield, of Tacoma, Washington, was also ordered by a judge to pay nearly $220,000 in restitution, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a statement. Stubblefield’s co-defendant Katherine Decker worked for the California Employment Development Department. Decker used ...
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Stockton Woman Accused Of Identity Theft, Burglary While Serving As In-Home Caretaker In Marin County

MILL VALLEY (CBS13) – A Stockton woman who served as an in-home caretaker in the Mill Valley area is facing charges of identity theft, burglary and embezzlement, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday. The sheriff’s office said victims in the area reported that Brandy Burnice Bullard, 41, stole over $500,000 worth of valuables while employed in Mill Valley. Evidence given to authorities showed Bullard trying to break into a safe in a victim’s home, the sheriff’s office said. Autho...
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Should You Use a 'Dark Web Scan' to Protect Your Identity?

Identity theft is such a growing problem that it’s become almost routine—Marriott, MyFitness Pal, LinkedIn, Zynga, and even Equifax (of all places) have had high-profile online data breaches in recent years, affecting hundreds of millions of people. To help combat this problem, Experian and other companies are…Read more...
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How Financial Marketers Can Help People Who Don’t Protect Their Data

Digital tools help consumers blunt the impact of cybercrime, yet most are not used. Financial institutions can, and must, alter that dynamic. The post How Financial Marketers Can Help People Who Don’t Protect Their Data appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Decrypted: The major ransomware attack you probably didn’t hear about

Watching the news this past week was like drinking from a firehose. Speaking of which, you probably missed a busy week in cybersecurity, so here are the big stories from the past week. THE BIG PICTURE Blackbaud hack gets worse, as bank account data stolen Blackbaud, a cloud technology company used by colleges, universities, nonprofits (and far-right organizations), was hit by a data-stealing ransomware attack earlier this year. The attack was one of the biggest of the year in terms of th...
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After breach, Twitter hires a new cybersecurity chief

Following a high-profile breach in July, Twitter has hired Rinki Sethi as its new chief information security officer. Sethi most recently served as chief information security officer at cloud data management Rubrik, and previously worked in cybersecurity roles at IBM, Palo Alto Networks, and Intuit. In the new role at Twitter overseeing the company’s information security practices and policies, Sethi will report to platform lead, Nick Tornow, according to announcing the job move. So exci...
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Video Captures Man Allegedly Using Stolen Credit Credit Card In Auburn

AUBURN (CBS13) – The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is asking people if they recognize a man who used a stolen credit card in Auburn. The man walked into the Dry Creek 76 gas station at 3960 Grass Valley Highway in Auburn on the night of August 26 and used a stolen credit card, according to a sheriff’s department statement. Surveillance video shows the suspect in the store. Get the app: Download the CBS Sacramento News app for iOS and Android The suspect then reportedly went to the Bel Air off G...
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