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A man on a lockdown stroll across English farmland discovered an 'extraordinary' Roman villa with epic Trojan War mosaic

Aerial view of the excavations of a large Roman mosaic in Rutland, England.Historic England Archive A man taking a lockdown walk on his father's farm stumbled across a rare Roman mosaic. The 828 square foot mosaic artwork depicts scenes from Homer's 'The Iliad,' the ancient Greek epic poem. Researchers said that the mosaic likely belonged to a wealthy Roman between the 3rd and 4th century AD. A Roman villa complex containing a rare mosaic depicting scenes from Homer's Ili...
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Podcast #518: The Quest for a Moral Life

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your existential wheels in life? That outwardly, you seem to be doing ok, but inwardly, you feel kind of empty?  My guest today would say that you’ve got to move on from trekking up life’s first mountain, to begin a journey up its second. His name is David Brooks and he’s the author of The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life. In that book, David makes the case that there are two mountains that we climb in life: The first is about the self — gettin...
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French Billionaire Niel Offers to Buy Out and De-List Iliad Telecom

PARIS (Reuters) -Billionaire businessman Xavier Niel, the controlling shareholder of French telecoms and media group Iliad, said on Friday that he...
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North Hollywood: Holiday weekend in NoHo wasn’t so-so

For Independence Day weekend, the New York Times’ Jill Cowan wrote a few days beforehand, “antsy Californians are projected to hit the road in record numbers for a newly unfettered Fourth of July holiday. And, as usual, many of us are headed for the coast.” Your columnist, meanwhile, was headed for the San Fernando Valley. Did I run out of gas on my way to the coast? No. A friend in North Hollywood was out of town and offered up her duplex for the holiday weekend. Sounded good. She was hiking to...
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What Was the Earliest Music?

People talk about the break between rock ‘n roll and punk, or punk and post-punk, but they almost never talk about micro-fluctuations in musical taste circa ten thousand years ago. Music history tends to start, for the non-musicologist, with the big-deal classical composers, progressing onwards through swing, big…Read more...
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Blobr, the ‘no-code’ company turning APIs into products, raises €1.2M pre-seed

Blobr, a Paris-based startup operating in the no-code space with tech to make it easier for companies to expose and monetise their existing APIs, has raised €1.2 million in pre-seed funding. The round is led by pan-European pre-seed and seed investor Seedcamp, with participation from New Wave, Kima, and various angel investors. Blobr is also the first company to take investment from New Wave — the new European venture capital firm co-founded by Pia d’Iribarne and Jean de la Rochebrochard — since...
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What the Greek classics tell us about grief and the importance of mourning the dead

As the coronavirus pandemic hit New York in March, the death toll quickly went up with few chances for families and communities to perform traditional rites for their loved ones.A reporter for Time magazine described how bodies were put on a ramp, then onto a loading dock and stacked on wooden racks. Emergency morgues were set up to handle the large number of dead. By official count, New York City alone had 20,000 dead over a period of two months. Months later, our ability to mourn and process d...
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Hector and Achilles: Two Paths to Manliness

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in November 2016. For the Ancient Greeks, Homer’s Iliad was the Bible on andreia — that is, manliness, particularly manly courage. Alexander the Great was said to have kept a special edition of the epic poem (prepared by his tutor Aristotle) under his pillow during his conquest...
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8 Books to Read This Month

When it comes to books, I’m so often the kid in the candy store: I want one of this and two of those and, oh, and don’t forget a handful of them. Naturally, I can’t read every book that captures my attention or imagination. All is not lost, though, because I can still share my book love with you. That brings us to today’s roundup, which is a random collection of books I've placed on my reading list. The titles here—all published this month—were chosen because you may have missed them in b...
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Scaleway releases cloud GPU instances for €1 per hour

French cloud hosting company Scaleway is rolling out new instances with an Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU. The company is opting for simple pricing with a single configuration that costs €1 per hour ($1.13). Many companies now use GPU instances to train models for their machine learning-powered app or service. Some companies also leverage these cloud instances to generate 3D models and other GPU-intensive tasks. If you don’t want to buy a bunch of expensive GPUs, you can leverage GPUs on demand with your...
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France's Iliad seeks to revive sales with high-end set-top box

Telecom operator Iliad unveiled on Tuesday a new high-end set-up box with luxury audio speakers and embedded video applications which it sees reviving sluggish sales in France.
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At 11 Oregon prisons, inmates take in ‘An Iliad’ performance

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — In what the director called a first for Oregon, a professional theater company is touring prisons across the state, performing “An Iliad” for inmate audiences. The Oregonian, OregonLive reports the show is funded through a collaboration between the Northwest Classical Theatre Collaborative, which produces classical theater throughout Portland, and Open Hearts […]
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Umberto Eco Explains Why We Make Lists

Creative Commons image by Rob Bogaerts, via the National Archives in Holland We hate lists, which have told us what to do since at least the days Leonardo da Vinci, and which now, as "listicles," constitute one of the lowest strata of internet content. But we also love lists: a great many of us click on those listicles, after all, and one might argue that the list, as a form, represents the beginning of written texts. "The list is the origin of culture," said Umberto Eco in a 2009 Der Spiegel i...
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Exclusive: Hutchison to get EU okay for Wind Tre deal - source

CK Hutchison is set to win EU approval for its 2.45 billion euro ($2.8 billion) deal to buy out Veon from an Italian joint venture after reaffirming a pledge to help rival Iliad's business in Italy, a person familiar with the matter said.
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Scaleway launches updated cloud servers for $2.40 per month

French cloud hosting company Scaleway announced new servers for its cloud offering. While the company’s offering was already quite cheap, Scaleway is going one step further with prices starting at €1.99 per month (around $2.40 per month). For this price, you get an x86 server with 1 core, 1GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD, 100Mbit/s of bandwidth with unlimited transfer. For twice that price, you get twice the specs, etc. There are four tiers for this new Start1 cloud server lineup. And for the first t...
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See The Iliad Performed as a One-Woman Show in a Montreal Bar by McGill University Classics Professor Lynn Kozak

Homer’s Iliad staged as a one-woman show? IN A BAR! It's an outrage. A desecration of a founding work of Western Civilization™. A sure sign of cultural decline. But wait…. What if McGill University classics professor Lynn Kozak’s performance returns the epic Greek poem to its origins, as a dramatic oral presentation for small audiences who were, quite possibly, inebriated, or at least a little tipsy? Kozak’s Previously on… The Iliad, described as “Happy Hour Homer,” presents its intimate...
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Most Buzzed Designs of January 2018

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in January 2018.Modeled to look like a rifle, the Puna actually packs functionality in every possible detail. For example, its barrel doubles as a scalpel blade, while the silencer that attaches itself to the front is actually a miniature screw-driver.Once grown in, they make for excellent visual dividers and acoustic dampening panels whether it’s for an open floor pl...
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The weapon for writing

The art of handwritten literature and letter writing is upheld by only a few and rarely seen. Which is a shame considering the true beauty of the process and the careful consideration given to the writing implements. Juwon Lee is one designer who understands the intricacies involved with these writing implements and has designed an elegant, modern version of the fountain pen with a complete set called Ilias – honoring the story of Iliad, said to have been written by Homer in the eighth century B...
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French telecoms tycoon Niel to take over Ireland’s eir in $770 million deal

French telecoms entrepreneur Xavier Niel is to buy a majority stake in eir, Ireland’s former state telecoms monopoly, in a 650 million-euro ($770 million) deal that takes his listed company Iliad (ILD.PA) into its second foreign market. The complicated structure of the deal involves both Iliad and Niel’s private holding company NJJ buying stakes from a group of investment funds, which analysts said reconciles his expansionary ambitions with a need to keep Iliad’s debt down in readiness for furth...
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The Last Jedi and Suspension of Disbelief

[There’s no askberkun post today – hope you enjoy this timely essay on films and expectations. There are no spoilers about The Last Jedi, but I’ll allow them in the comments.] We love or hate films based on what we expect of them. It’s easy to blame a movie’s creators, as we are their customers, but in reality half the work is ours. Do you want realism or an escape? Do you want to be satisfied or challenged? To think or to laugh? What rules from real life must be followed or do you want broken? ...
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Vodafone bets on customer data to avoid India-style price war in Italy

BARCELONA/LONDON (Reuters) - Vodafone plans to use its expertise in customer data to help to fend off competition in Italy from French newcomer Iliad and avoid an India-style price war, its chief executive said on Wednesday.
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The Iliad and The Trojan War [excerpt]

The Iliad tells the story of Achilles’ anger, but also encompasses, within its narrow focus, the whole of the Trojan War. The title promises ‘a poem about Ilium’ (i.e. Troy), and the poem lives up to that description. The first books recapitulate the origins and early stages of the Trojan War. The quarrel over Briseïs mirrors the original cause of the war, for it too is a fight between two men over one woman. The Catalogue of Ships in book 2 acts as a reminder of the expedition; book 3 introduce...
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Scaleway doubles down on ARM-based cloud servers

 Iliad’s cloud hosting division Scaleway has been betting on ARM chipsets for years because they believe the future of hosting is going to be based on ARM’s processor architecture. The company just launched more powerful ARMv8 options and added more cores to its cheapest options. Read More
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The real thing: the thrills of inauthentic literature

How much would you be prepared to pay for a library of forged books? In 2011, the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University acquired (at an undisclosed price) the so-called ‘Bibliotheca Fictiva’, one of the largest collections of forged books and documents, which includes, among other gems (such as a ‘Letter from Heaven’ supposedly penned by Jesus Christ), ‘eyewitness’ accounts of the Fall of Troy. Such fictitious accounts were very popular in the Middle Ages, and two fabricated histories i...
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50 Of The Best Indie Bookstores In America

“Indie Bookstores are Back,” The New York Times proclaimed early last year. “People Are Still Buying Books At Indie Bookstores,” Forbes announced a few months later, somewhat incredulously. A quick piece from The New York Post on the “indie-bookstore boomlet” this month seems to seal the deal: independent bookshops are definitely not dying.  Those who tolled the death knell too early are probably just as happy as everyone else. No one wants to see a neighborhood bookshop suffer. Who can resist ...
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Scaleway thinks the future of cloud hosting is ARM-based servers

 Iliad’s cloud hosting division Scaleway is launching a new type of server today. In just a minute, you can launch your server with its own dedicated ARMv8 processor, 2GB of RAM, 50GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. And it only costs around $3.25 per month (€2.99). If you’re not familiar with processor atchitecture, your computer and your smartphone use two different chipsets. Read More
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A Handy, Detailed Map Shows the Hometowns of Characters in the Iliad

Click here to see a larger version of the map. You’ve adjusted to the strangeness of names like Ascalaphus and Phidippus. You’ve more or less figured out who’s on which side in the ancient war between Greece and Troy. But as literary epics will do—from the ancient Greeks and Indians to the 19th century Russians—Homer’s Iliad also presents you with several logistical puzzles you must either ignore or spend countless hours trying to solve: you are given the names of major and minor characters’ h...
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Wordfence Launches Cyber Attack Activity Report

No matter whether you run a personal blog or a professional website, you will find yourself at some stage, the victim of a cyber attack. These cyber attacks, often referred to incorrectly in the mainstream media as “hacking” can take a variety of forms including: DDOS – distributed denial of service attacks engage networks of computers to bombard your server with requests Brute force attacks – where the attacker attempts to guess your login details usually using an automated system that can se...
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“An infernal journey” – an extract from Homer

Homer, despite being the author of the hugely influential The Odyssey and The Iliad, remains a bit of a mystery. We know very little about his life, but what we can see is the huge legacy that he has left behind in art, music, philosophy, literature, and more. By examining both of his epic poems, we can begin to understand more about this mythical figure. In the extract below, Barbara Grazosi takes a closer look at Odysseus’ journey to the Underworld. Of all his many adventures, Odysseus’ journe...
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Hector and Achilles: Two Paths to Manliness

For the Ancient Greeks, Homer’s Iliad was the Bible on andreia — that is, manliness, particularly manly courage. Alexander the Great was said to have kept a special edition of the epic poem (prepared by his tutor Aristotle) under his pillow during his conquests and he’d read from it often. For Alexander, Achilles was andreia incarnate, and so the young king patterned his life after him. When he began his conquest of Asia, Alexander made a detour to pay homage to Achilles’ tomb. Whenever he exp...
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