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Morning Player Notes (Mar 22)

The New York Islanders will be without forward Valtteri Filppula for the remainder of the regular season, as he has been sidelined with an upper-body injury, an injury suffered in Boston on Tuesday night.  Filppula's regular season was sub-par, even on a surprising team like the Islanders this season, posting 15 goals and 29 points in 71 games this season, only good enough for 281st in pool [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Afternoon Player Notes (Mar 18)

Currently working on his own personal shutout streak, Ben Bishop of the Dallas Stars suffered a lower-body injury late last week and he was unable to put any starts in on the weekend, missing out on Friday and Sunday games.  He's currently listed as out day-to-day and did come out for a little bit of practice on Sunday, but there's no apparent timetable for his return at the moment.  The Stars [Author: Clayton Corley]
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A huge trove of medical records and prescriptions found exposed

A health tech company was leaking thousands of doctor’s notes, medical records, and prescriptions daily after a security lapse left a server without a password. The little-known software company, California-based Meditab, bills itself as one of the leading electronic medical records software makers for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies. The company, among other things, processes electronic faxes for healthcare providers, still a primary method for sharing patient files to other provide...
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Mammoth Biosciences adds the final piece of the CRISPR diagnostics puzzle to its toolkit

With the announcement today that Mammoth Biosciences has received the exclusive license from the University of California, Berkeley to the new CRISPR protein Cas14, the company now has the last piece of its diagnostics toolkit in place. Cas14 is a newly discovered protein from the lab of Jennifer Doudna, a pioneer in gene-editing research and a member of the first research team to identify and unlock the power of CRISPR technology. Doudna and Mammoth Biosciences co-founder Lucas Harrington we...
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Teens should be able to get vaccines without consent from parents, say NY lawmakers

Teens 14 and older should be able to get vaccinated on their own, says a new bill in New York.Lawmakers were inspired by Ethan Lindenberger, an Ohio teen who fought to take vaccines against his mom's wishes.Anti-vaccination attitudes have been blamed for recent measles outbreaks. None Should kids who are old enough be allowed to make their own vaccination decisions? Such is the proposal being considered in New York, where a new bill would allow teens over 14 to get some vaccines without having t...
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Morning Player Notes (Mar 12)

The flu bug was pretty active on Monday night, biting Columbus Blue Jackets forward Boone Jenner and holding him out of the lineup against the the Islanders, a game they would have liked to have won to help their playoff cause, but instead dropped, 2-0.  Jenner has been a pretty good spark plug at times for the team, potting 12 goals and 31 points in 64 games this season, ranking him 235th in [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Mar 9)

On Friday night, the Panthers opted to give Sam Montembeault his second start of his NHL career and at the same time, welcomed James Reimer back into the healthy fold, by dressing him as his backup.  This meant that Roberto Luongo got the night off for the Panthers, which is a well-earned rest, as he was pushing pretty hard for the team down this last stretch.  The unfortunate part for the [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Red Wings Shut Down Green

The Detroit Red Wings announced on Thursday morning that Mike Green has now been shut down for the remainder of the regular season, due to his illness. The team announced that Green visited a specialist in regards to his illness and the doctors came back and said that he would need the appropriate amount of rest to overcome this virus and recommended weeks instead of days, thus ending his [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Afternoon Player Notes (Mar 5)

Well, there are some early lineup notes to look at before the action gets started today, so let's kick right into it. The Dallas Stars are expected to scratch Alexander Radulov for tonight's game against the New York Rangers. Obviously, he's drawn the ire of the team's coaching staff and will get a seat up in the press box. The Russian only played a little over 16 minutes in the team's last [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Mar 2)

Playing a little catch-up after a busier finish to the week at the office. From Thursday night, Jamie Oleksiak was a healthy scratch for the first time since returning to the Dallas Stars in a trade from Pittsburgh, sitting out against the Kings. The Stars have been struggling to find some consistency of late and the move to put Oleksiak upstairs obviously didn't hurt them, so it will be [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Cold vaccine tests show promise

The bad news: there's no cure for the common cold, because there's no such thing as a common cold. Many different kinds of viruses cause colds, and to date no one has come up with a cure-all. The good news: A number of researchers have had promising results giving mice a cold vaccine. The sobering news (from The Guardian):  "about 80% of drugs that make it into clinical trials because they worked in mice do not go on to work in humans." Scientists today identify seven virus families that cause t...
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Week Twenty-One Newsletter

Well, I better hurry today... it's trade deadline day and there is already move in the books from the overnight chatting sessions.  It sounds like it could be a busy day, so let's hop to what last week looked like. It was a big goalie battle for the Player of the Week, as all the major skaters finished with 7 points, instead of the 8 points required to earn the honour.  It came down to the [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Feb 24)

There were some post-game reports after the Bruins lost to the Blues in the shootout, that defenseman Torey Krug was held out of action late in the 3rd and through overtime, due to a lower-body injury. The coaching staff tried to assure everyone that the injury isn't considered serious and he was held out for precautionary reasons. The Bruins don't play again until Tuesday and that will be [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Feb 23)

Florida Panthers defenseman Mike Matheson was not in the lineup for Thursday night's game against the Carolina Hurricanes, as he is currently dealing with a lower-body injury.  Matheson was reportedly hurt on Tuesday night against the Sabres, suffering the injury and not returning to the game.  Not many details have been posted about his status, but with 5 goals and 20 points this season, he [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Feb 20)

Well, the Columbus Blue Jackets coaching staff were not holding back any of the gory details about how ill Artemi Panarin was on Tuesday night, but that's what you have to do when your superstar forward is the subject of many trade rumours and the questions come about whether or not they are holding him back to keep his trade value.  Panarin was held out of the game against the Montreal [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Week Twenty Newsletter

Well, I've taken my sweet time today to produce the Newsletter... it's a holiday in Alberta, so what's the rush?  I just wish there was some good news to report is all, it may have been out a little bit earlier, but we all know how the pool is going these days.  Gross. It was an unprecedented start to the Newsletter this week, as we had ourselves a 4-way tie for the top of the individual [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Feb 15)

The flu bug reared its ugly head again on Thursday night, taking a bite out of Nashville Predators defenseman Mattias Ekholm and forcing him out of the lineup for their game against the Montreal Canadiens.  It doesn't sound like anything too serious, just a day-to-day issue.  The Predators are in Vegas on Saturday night, which is the team's next game, which you would think he would be good to [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Schizophrenia's surprising link to the gut

For decades, researchers have tried in vain to answer the question: What causes schizophrenia?At the same time, we've developed a growing understanding of how intimately linked the bacteria in our gut and our brains are.New research shows that schizophrenics have vastly different microbiomes, potentially uncovering a cause of — and maybe a future cure to — schizophrenia. None Researchers have tried to pin down what exactly has to happen for schizophrenia to rear its ugly head, but to little avai...
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New "swallowable needles" could deliver insulin as a pill

Insulin breaks down in the stomach, so diabetics haven't had the option of taking insulin in a pill.A new device whose design is inspired by tortoises can be swallowed and inject diabetics with insulin from the inside.Though it's still a prototype, the device is an exciting development for delivering insulin and other drugs. None No matter the delivery mechanism, consistently getting a dose of insulin is inconvenient, complicated, and non-negotiable. The unfortunate nature of insulin is that it ...
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2019 already boasts more measles cases than all of 2010

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded 79 measles cases in 2019.Three outbreaks are responsible for the high number of cases, particularly an outbreak in Washington State that's affected at least 50 people so far.The measles vaccine is effective, though vaccine hesitancy and the virus' extremely contagious nature put some communities at risk. None Americans reported more measles cases in the first weeks of 2019 than all of 2010, according to the Center for Disease Control and...
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Noon Player Notes (Feb 6)

Arizona Coyotes goaltender Darcy Kuemper was hurt on Monday night, when the team played the Dallas Stars, suffering an upper-body injury when Mattias Janmark collided with him. Kuemper finished the game, not substituted at all before the final buzzer, but it looks like there was something more to it overnight. The Coyotes recalled Adin Hill to take the bench for Tuesday night's game against [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Morning Player Notes (Feb 5)

One note missed through the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft, which may have been some key information at the time, was that goaltender Adin Hill was sent down to the minors on the 14th of January, somewhat hidden away in the all of the shuffle.  The Coyotes goaltending situation is rather fluid, so there's always a chance of a return. This was missed at both levels, the team picking the player, [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Quit kissing adorable hedgehogs, says the CDC

The CDC has identified an outbreak of salmonella caused by contact with hedgehogs. A hedgehog can appear healthy and still carry salmonella. Conscientious hygiene is required for anyone living with a hedgie. None If you live in New York City, Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii, or Washington, D.C., we know you don't own a hedgehog — they're illegal in those places. However, if you live anywhere else…As a society, we've been developing a massive crush on these impossibly cute creatures: 2,752,58...
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Scientists may have found a way to kill cancer cells without chemotherapy

Researchers at Northwestern have discovered a genetic "kill code" that might enable the destruction of cancer cells.This novel new therapy "downstream" of chemo might destroy cancer cells without affecting the body's immune system.While no animal trials have been conducted, this potential therapy could signal the demise of chemotherapy. None One of the biggest criticisms about our current approach to treating cancer is chemotherapy. Critics liken it to dropping a bomb on a village instead of sin...
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Green Tea & Rose Lemonade With Honey Hibiscus Syrup

Guest contribution by Paula Geerligs Right now, I am really into making honey-based herbal syrups for iced teas and lemonades. My current favorite is a green tea and rose lemonade with honey hibiscus syrup. My latest obsession began when I caught the common cold, which led me to reach for the elderberry rosehip syrup that was waiting for me in the fridge (I knew the cold was going around, that’s why I was prepared!) I could have taken it by the spoonful, but I thought it was a better idea ...
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New therapy turns cancer cells into fat to stop it from spreading

In 2018, an estimated 627,000 women died from breast cancer worldwide. Researchers recently discovered a drug combination that turned cancer cells into fat cells, preventing its proliferation. The drug therapy could be used to halt metastasis, the leading cause of death from cancer.It may be a family member, a friend, a coworker, or even yourself, but chances are breast cancer will invade your life at some point. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 242,476 new cases of fe...
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What doctors can learn from patients who draw their illnesses

One important, but often neglected, factor in the transition from sickness to health is in how patients perceive and understand their illness.It's challenging for physicians to gain insight into the mental and physical state of their patients.A new review of 101 articles has found that asking patients to draw their illnesses can help predict health outcomes and provide doctors insight into their patients' experiences. None One of the challenges to making sick people healthy is to make sure they ...
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A 'vampire' fungus has killed millions of bats since 2006. Here's why it matters.

White-nose syndrome has killed at least 6.7 million bats, though this estimate was made in 2012, and the current figure is almost certainly much higher.Bats serve a crucial role in our ecosystem and economy, and white-nose syndrome is already pushing many species to the brink of extinction.Researchers and scientists are working hard to develop novel methods to cure white-nose syndrome; a few methods have shown promise, but none have yet been deployed in the field. None The fungus Pseudogymnoascu...
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Morning Player Notes (Jan 11)

The Nashville Predators had to make an emergency recall of goaltender Troy Grosenick before their game against the Blue Jackets on Thursday night, as the lead up to the game, we didn't know which goalie wasn't able to dress, let alone start.  As it turned out, it was the projected starter for the game, Juuse Saros, who was the one that sat out, due to an illness, which forced Pekka Rinne to [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Noon Player Notes (Jan 10)

One note missed this morning... Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Blackhawks was under the weather on Wednesday and couldn't play in the evening's game against the Nashville Predators.  It sounds like he was ruled out fairly early, unable to go in the morning skate, but I don't think it is anything to get too concerned about.  The Blackhawks don't play again until Saturday night, at home to Vegas, [Author: Clayton Corley]
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