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Kandagawa Jet Girls Pop Up Shop Teeming With Lusty Goods

Fans of moist jet ski racing in desperate need of more Kandagawa Jet Girls will be pleased by the opening of this pop up shop, as the Akihabara store is offering all sorts of goods themed after the franchise that will probably be bought up soon by dedicated collectors. The pop up shop is located […]
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Video: Behind the scenes of the Astro Boy anime (1963)

Osamu Tezuka's iconic Astro Boy TV series premiered on New Year's Day, 1963. (First episode below.) By some accounts, the cartoon was watched at its most popular point by 40% of Japanese people with a TV. I love watching cartoonists draw familiar characters and the above behind-the-scenes footage from the Astro Boy production is a real delight. (via r/ObscureMedia)
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April Fools Day 2020 Still Replete With Hearty Gags Despite the Coronavirus

The arrival of April 1st has beckoned the usual preposterous announcements and tricks from companies, developers, animation studios and the like; however, due to current world events, there have been some companies who have lost their sense of humor and announced that they will not be participating in the holiday. A list of April Fool’s […]
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OWL WISDOM – Love and Tea

Breathe, movement, thought, feeling, love. Peace. Presence. Drink, Love. Be one with it. J.R. Cook Image provided and copyright held by autho
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One-Punch Man Illustrator: “My 10-Year-Old Daughter Is a Mangaka!”

Esteemed artist Yusuke Murata, the illustrator for the redrawn version of the One-Punch Man manga, has shown that his young daughter looks set on becoming a mangaka herself, possibly inheriting her father’s drawing powers. Murata has found great pride in his offspring and their latent talent as he eagerly shared his young daughter’s art with […]
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Furry Degenerate Makes Artist Delete Account for Drawing “Child Porn”, Brags About Views

Twitter’s art policing cultists have coerced another innocent artist into deleting their account as one particularly aggravating furry has been deemed responsible, labeling the artist’s Animal Crossing drawing as “child porn” and then subsequently bragging about the clout they were showered in. The artist in question, Mimolet, sketched some raunchy artwork of a girl fondling […]
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Azur Lane’s USS Marblehead Possibly References Ero-Manga

The latest shipgirl added to popular smartphone game Azur Lane, USS Marblehead, has surprisingly come with several references recognizable to those experienced with Japanese fan-made ero-manga and memes. Official art of the American Omaha-class cruiser depicts her with a small ID tag featuring a picture of a girl in glasses – commenters have suggested that […]
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Enjoy this rather weird social distancing flipbook animation

Keep on doing your part by staying inside and keeping a safe distance from one another. For those who don’t have that option for whatever reason...thank you and stay safe #FlattenTheCuve #QuaratineLife— The Flippist (@TheFlippist) March 21, 2020 The Flippist presents "Social Distancing... A Flipbook," inspired by Kirsten Lepore's wonderful "Hi Stranger" (2017) and Juan Delcan's "Safety Match" (2020).
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Uzaki-chan Bounces Around in a Bikini for This Tapestry

People anticipating the advent of the Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai anime might be fascinated by this tempting “Comiket 98 Special Set” as it contains a tapestry and hooded sweatshirt for collectors to hoard, the tapestry being decorated with a voluptuous illustration of the titular Uzaki-chan in a bikini. The Kadokawa store is hawking the special combo […]
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Lewd Artist Megao 3rd Completely Mesmerized by Huge Nipples

There are a myriad of artists who tend to have preferences when it comes to their erotic artwork; the accomplished Megao 3rd is no different as their illustrations of beguiling big-breasted beauties usually has them blessed with truly mammoth mammilla that would alert even the most inattentive male. Like any anime and video game loving […]
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Game Of Thrones : The Costumes Book Review

One of the four books in the Game Of Thrones series of giant hardcover tomes published by Insight Editions ( Art Of GOT, Photography of GOT and GOT storyboards ), this volume explores the splendid costume designs featured in HBO’s highly acclaimed fantasy series. Discover how BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning costume designer Michele Clapton dressed the heroes and villains of Westeros and beyond, including Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and many more. The book showcases...
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Artist Matarou an Expert in Sketching Gorgeous Anime Beauties

Matarou, one of many countless artists who pride themselves in drawing erotic illustrations, may stand out for their rather distinct and lusty style, often endowing the women he draws with bombastic oppai. From schoolgirls to maids, bikinis and devil girls, Matarou emphasizes the most inviting parts of the female form in their extensive collection of […]
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Shoko Nakagawa Works Her Hand for Kimetsu no Yaiba

Artist, actress and Pokemon addict Shoko Nakagawa earned even more favor online as she uploaded a video of herself sketching artwork of Kimetsu no Yaiba‘s characters, showcasing the extent of her artistic prowess and proving that she can draw things other than guro. Mentioning that her favorite character from the anime was Zenitsu, Shoko-tan uploaded […]
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Patreon Totally Not Banning All Anime

Patreon has addressed the “rumor” that they are banning all art of a specific style (artists previously claiming the platform is ousting art of the “Japanese-style”), assuring users that they are only removing art that “sexualizes minors”, based on the characters in question possessing “underage characteristics”. Patreon’s official response to the matter: The invisible guidelines […]
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Tales From The Loop Official Trailer

Amazon Prime Video recently released the first trailer for their upcoming sci-fi series Tales From The Loop, adapted from Simon Stålenhag‘s highly acclaimed art book of the same name. Check it out below – If you’re a fan of Simon Stålenhag’s amazing art work , you’ll be just as excited as I am for the series; especially when the cast includes such amazing actors like Rebecca Hall ( The Prestige, Ironman 3 ) and Jonathan Pryce ( Game Of Thrones, Brazil ). To top this off, the series is dire...
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Waero Exiled From Patreon for “Sexualizing Minors”, Claims Platform “Ousting All Anime”

Erotic artist and animator Waero had their account forcibly expelled from Patreon due to their art “sexualizing minors”, though the artist has shockingly alleged that any illustration of the “Japanese style” is now considered unacceptable by Patreon. A Twitter user distributed Waero’s explanation of his ousting from Patreon, with the artist explaining that even large-breasted […]
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The Pretty Operators of Arknights Admirably Adored by Artists

The animal girl-filled mobile tower defense RPG Arknights has somewhat recently received its Western release following the original Chinese version being published earlier last year, immediately earning praise for both its cute girls and gameplay. While lacking when it comes to fanservice, artists quickly seized the opportunity by producing their own, recognizing the potential of […]
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Voluptuous Terrors 2 : Horror And Exploitation Film Posters Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. Voluptuous Terrors 2 explores classic Italian film poster designs that sprang forth from the post-war period through to the 1980s, focusing on exploitation/Sexploitation and the horror genres, often with compositions almost invariably including curvaceous female figures in jeopardy, juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terror. The visual style of the art work featured in this art book is much similar to two other books I’...
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Jubilant Revelry Washes Over Twitter for Hatsune Miku Day

Worshiped fictional idol Hatsune Miku has been commended once again as the advent of Hatsune Miku Day has ushered the usual flood of fan art on social media, an opportunity for artists to utilize their talents whilst exhibiting their unrestrained passion for the virtual diva. The usual Twitter tag was used to celebrate the special […]
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Spectacular Queen’s Blade Exhibition Celebrates the Franchise’s 15th Anniversary

A celebratory exhibition was held in honor of the lusty Queen’s Blade franchise’s 15th anniversary, treating participants to a myriad of marvels such as sexy illustrations, art from the recent Queen’s Blade Unlimited, anime figurines and other remarkable goods. The event took place at the Melon Akihabara Event Building and likely had fans feeling nostalgic […]
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Panzertales World Tank Museum Illustrated Art Book Review

World Tank Museum is series of 1/144 scale miniature tank toys sold by Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy. The company commissioned illustrator Morinaga Yo to create these beautiful art work from the toys, and this book Panzertales – World Tank Museum Illustrated is a collection of some 50+ tanks from the toy series. I have no particular interest in tanks or warfare but I do love Morinaga Yo’s art work, the style and presentation somewhat similar to Miyazaki Hayao’s Daydream Notes. Morinaga also h...
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Lewd ArKnights Soap Encourages Smelly Otaku to Bathe

ArKnights, yet another Chinese gacha game where players collect cute girls, has offered up some special soap for smelly otaku to lather themselves in, with those who use the soap enough acquiring the nude girl hidden inside – benefiting both the buyer and bystanders who happen to be in their vicinity. While unofficial and made […]
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Narmaya’s Uncensored Outfit Also Unlockable in Granblue Fantasy Versus

A new DLC character recently implemented into Granblue Fantasy Versus, Narmaya, can also have her original uncensored outfit unlocked after finishing RPG Mode, a deed the developers previously allowed for Zeta and Metera to restore their censored costumes to their former glory. Both the English and Japanese trailers showing off upcoming DLC fighter Narmaya had […]
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Sinensian’s Disturbing Art Has Inhumanly Massive Members

Lovers of enticing art who like to occasionally search for strange fetishes or artists talented at inducing nightmares will find Sinensian fascinating, as the illustrator has a penchant for colossal futanari members, ones so indescribably gargantuan that they cause the receiving woman’s body to bulge beyond mortal comprehension. Those capable of appreciating such ludicrous sizes […]
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Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Tries out Ring Fit Adventure

Oppai-laden Twitter-exclusive comic Getsuyoubi no Tawawa has shifted in the direction of Nintendo Switch game Ring Fit Adventure, as the online manga’s latest chapter involves the titular Ai-chan trying the game out and naturally leading to some visual humor involving her coveted J-cup chest. Getsuyoubi no Tawawa has been known for begetting Twitter-based phenomena such […]
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Illustrations by James Firnhaber

James Firnhaber is a young and rising freelance illustrator living in Philadelphia. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post and Philly Magazine. Firnhaber influences include his love of mythology, magical realism and traditional animation. Here is a sampling of his book-themed work. Enjoy! Alice in Wonderland – created for a reading campaign     untitled – illustration based on the novel The Book Thief, 2018   untitled – completed for school assignment   Sta...
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Eye candy for Today: Jean Giraud illustration

Mystere Montrouge, plate 10, Jean Giraud This is an image from a portfolio of prints published in 2001 by Jean (Moebius) Giraud. Dreamlike, inventive and striking, it’s yet another wonderful example of his line and color approach, without the spotted blacks and feathering characteristic of American comics art. Note the subtle gradations in the face and headdress. I found this copy of the image posted on Reddit  
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Artists Sketch Fate/Grand Order Servants Imitating Shounagon’s Double V

An influx of artists have begun sketching Fate/Grand Order characters giving the “double v” pose, with this sudden surge of cute art being due to the game’s new addition of Sei Shounagon, as her Noble Phantasm concludes with her gracing players with the adorable gesture. Sei Shounagon’s Noble Phantasm, enamoring so many players that artists […]
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Otomo Katsuhiro Illustrates Album Covers for Skapara

Akira manga artist/anime director Otomo Katsuhiro has illustrated three album art covers for the 30th anniversary special album by the Japanese Jazz/Ska band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ), often abbreviated as Skapara. Check it out below – I cannot say I’m familiar with the music of the band, but I’ve definitely seen their music posters and albums when I was living in Tokyo. This is not the first time that Otomo has taken on commercial illustration work of course; many of ...
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Commentary: Alexandra Bowman of Georgetown's "The Hilltop Show" Responds to Callout and Critics

by Alexandra Bowman Ms. Bowman is a 19-year-old student, political cartoonist, and humorist at Georgetown University. We interviewed her last December. When I met her in person last weekend, she told me about a minor university controversy about a pulp paperback book collection in a GU dorm library that had started to go national due to Brietbart picking it up. I offered her space at ComicsDC for her response. For the record, I'm in my mid-50s and grew up with many of the books pictu...
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