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Fate/Grand Order Summer Event Swimsuits Already Generating Steamy Art

The developers of Fate/Grand Order intend to maintain the gacha-laden smartphone game’s immense renown and have introduced plenty of new swimsuit variants as a result, prompting artists into sketching their own illustrations of the girls wearing the bikinis. The summer event will unleash swimsuits for Sesshouin Kiara, Illyasviel von Einzbern, and Brynhildr (males such as […]
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Artist “Fixes” Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Heroine’s Design

An artist has accrued a bit of attention online after producing an illustration depicting Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!‘s main female Uzaki Hana in a “new form”, which the artist explained was made purely out of spite for the nonexistent anime character’s anatomy. The tweet generated 1.8K retweets and comments and 6.2K likes in about a day […]
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Erotic Artist Kloah Favors the Warmth of Mammoth Breasts

Those not aware of the content produced by the esteemed Kloah will find the illustrator to be quite enamored with colossal breasts as they frequently sketch women endowed with such a trait, additionally putting their gargantuan mammaries to good use by way of the comfortable squeezing act known as paizuri. As is usually the case, […]
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Kanojo Okarishimasu BD Bonus Art the Epitome of Temptation

Special illustrations sketched for Kanojo Okarishimasu‘s BD bonuses have been showcased, alerting collectors to the many seductive official artworks they can soon have in their possession (should they purchase the BD from all seven outlets). Those interested in purchasing the BDs for Kanojo Okarishimasu can earn special goods (various tapestries, character song CDs, etc) or […]
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Atelier Ryza 2 Pre-Order Goods Enchantingly Divine

As the launch date of Atelier Ryza 2 approaches ever closer, the developers divulged the physical goods and bonuses that players can acquire should they pre-order or purchase the game from certain retailers. Those purchasing from the Gust Shop can acquire the GS Combo Set, which has limited Ryza T-shirt costume “Hyokkori!? Puni Tobidashi Chuui!” […]
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Hololive 5th Generation Virtual YouTubers Bubbling With Personality

Japanese Virtual YouTuber company Cover has revealed the upcoming 5th generation of Hololive VTubers that virtual YouTuber fanatics will soon be able to endlessly fawn over, with the craze seemingly being incapable of dying down. The new all-female virtual idol group features five members consisting of lion girl Shishiro Botan, snow elf Yukihana Lamy, bunny […]
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Ryofu Housen Strips Down into a Swimsuit for Ikkitousen Extra Burst

Ikkitousen Extra Burst has continued its summertime extravaganza as yet another new event has arrived, allowing for the acquisition of another bikini-clad girl as the mesmerizing Ryofu Housen obtains her turn. The new event is called “Tokonatsu! Otakara Island” and, like other events, has players gathering up special coins that can be exchanged for items. […]
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The Mischievous Bunny Day Erotically Bounces Into View

Busty women have donned bunny ears, bunny suits, and fluffy tails for the revered unofficial holiday of Bunny Day, a celebration that has encouraged cosplayers to share photos of themselves in the aforementioned ensemble and artists to sketch up illustrations both naughty and nude. Art and cosplay photos of all sorts were spread all throughout […]
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Tales of the Rays Summer Gacha Loaded With Cute Girls & Swimsuits

Smartphone game Tales of the Rays is also striking while the summer sun is blazing outside as their new event not only introduces some equally scorching new females to acquire but some seasonable swimsuits too. Entitled the “Seaside Mirage” event, players will have the chance to seize Agria from Tales of Xilia and Saimon from […]
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Gleipnir’s Naughty Aoki Clair Eagerly Exposes Herself for Dakimakura Cover

Gleipnir‘s anime adaptation may have ended for now but fans particularly thrilled by naughty main heroine Aoki Clair can at least get a little more out of the series by way of this enticing dakimakura cover. As most perverted dakimakura covers tend to do, two succulent illustrations of the bold heroine can be seen on […]
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Viz Media’s Naruto Blu-Ray Steelbook Cover Art Widely Ridiculed

Anime distributor Viz Media has revealed a specially commissioned cover for their latest Blu-Ray steelbook edition of the Naruto anime series to immense ridicule from Naruto fans and others. The rather incendiary cover: The artist commissioned to create the cover, Whilce Portacio, has previously worked on the Uncanny X-Men comics along with several other Marvel […]
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Toaru Majutsu no Index Smartphone Game Soaks in the Summer Rays

Smartphone game Toaru Majutsu no Index Mokuroku Gensou Shuusoku has also plunged deep into the bountiful summer season as it is now offering as many as four new swimsuits for players to clamor over, all of which are worn by the Railgun anime’s seductive females. The new scenario event “Toaru Futari no Mizugi Jiken” (available […]
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Kuroneko Makes Her Return in Kuroneko If Light Novel This September

The Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai series has continued to push out content in the form of light novels and now fan favorite Gokou Ruri (also known as Kuroneko) is gaining her time in the spotlight as a special Kuroneko If story will soon be hitting shelves. The Twitter account […]
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Life-Sized Ayaka Oppai Mouse Pad’s Nipples Are in Full View

Artist Michiking, responsible for the ero-manga Seikatsu Shuukan, has obtained an inviting oppai mouse pad for their character Ayaka, with the not at all bashful woman proudly presenting herself as her nipples appear through her shirt – the kind girl can caress the wrists of buyers come September. Ayaka can be pre-ordered now.
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KonoSuba Fantastic Days Now Has Even More Fabulous Bikinis

KonoSuba Fantastic Days has not yet ceased its salvo of seductive swimwear as Ria, Aqua, Megumin, and Wiz have gotten their own bikinis that gacha addicts will likely be greatly anticipating during their next binge. A new story event called “Kono Manatsu no Beach de Saishuu o!” has also commenced (ends August 10th), allowing players […]
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Life-Sized Mirai Oppai Mouse Pad Perfectly Pitiful

The more petite ninja girl of Senran Kagura has finally achieved some well-deserved recognition in the realm of life-sized oppai mouse pads, as Mirai can be seen offering what little she can for this new item and bound to be commended by those who worship such top tier cutting boards. Mirai is expected to arrive […]
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Eizouken Manga Artist Attacked by Westerners for Following Loli Pixiv Accounts

The mangaka for Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! (which had an anime earlier in the year) was recently vilified on Twitter for daring to follow artists on Pixiv who create loli-based erotica, with the usual suspects naturally being of the twisted notion that fictional content causes real physical harm. The artists that Sumito […]
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The Classic White Bomberman Arrives as a Girl in Bombergirl

Bomberman Jetter’s classic male character Shirobon (also known as the White Bomber) is arriving into arcade game Bombergirl in the form of female Shiron, the staple decision of transforming male characters into cute girls bound to be revered as a genius idea. Artwork of the cute and petite new girl Shiron: Considering the similar-looking Shiro […]
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Atelier Ryza’s New Look Accumulates a Deluge of Thrilling Art

Artists were so enamored with the unveiling of Atelier Ryza’s sequel game that they have started sketching illustrations of main heroine Ryza, specifically in the girl’s brand new outfit, which shows off a little extra cleavage and has her wearing a different set of personal items. Though Ryza’s supple thighs are commonly regarded as a […]
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Artist Tsurui Can’t Get Enough of the IdolMaster Idols

Art-lovers who still possess a penchant for the original and occasionally neglected IdolMaster girls can perhaps feel recharged by the creations of Tsurui, as the individual has long dedicated himself to the art of tantalizing illustrations and doujinshi featuring these classic maidens. Tsurui dabbles in sketches of both the naughty and fully erotic sort, this […]
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Melon Books Pantsu Art Exhibit Highlights the Sexiness of Pantsu

Connoisseurs of female undergarments might marvel at the extraordinary artwork on display at the “Underwears no Sekai” exhibit as the art showcase focuses on pantsu-centric illustrations, a genre that will leave those uninitiated in the tasteful fetish bewildered. The Melon Books exhibit shows off some of the works in the pantsu art book “Under Wears […]
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Even More Costumes in KonoSuba Ishou ni Chouai o Will Trigger Lust

Potentially securing additional interest in KonoSuba worshipers, event CG for the upcoming costume-themed Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! ~Kono Yokubou no Ishou ni Chouai o!~ has informed prospective players of even more costumes that will be making their way into the game, great news for those enchanted by the comedy isekai’s superb women. Nine […]
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Azur Lane Inducing Fevers With New Hospital-Themed Skins

New content gracing Azur Lane will keep the obsessive fanatics glued to the game as always as an assortment of tasteful hospital-themed outfits have arrived, boosting each ship girl’s sexiness and sure to have many wondering what staple fetish outfits haven’t been added yet. A video introducing the live2D animation that accompanies Hermione’s nurse outfit: […]
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!’s Succulent Fan Art Also Sugoi Dekai

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!‘s official anime airing has naturally spurred artists into sketching lewd illustrations of the focal Uzaki-chan, a celebration that will be cherished by those obsessed with the smug girl, with the art also including other members of the luscious Uzaki family. A lot of the fan art puts emphasis on the girl’s breasts […]
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!’s Uzaki & Her Mother Cheer for New Tapestry

Even more items decorated with the seductive body of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!‘s titular Uzaki-chan have made their way online – a turn of events that will likely not cease anytime soon due to her popularity – and even getting her cute mother involved this time. Hobby Stock alerted anime goods collectors to two new items […]
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KonoSuba Fantastic Days Playing at the Beach in Bikinis

Two new summer-themed events have surfaced in smartphone gacha game KonoSuba Fantastic Days, typically allowing for the acquisition of three swimsuit-focused versions of characters that gacha addicts have no other choice than to ravenously chase after. One of the new events, Shoukinkubi Toubatsu! Flame Kraken Hen (available now until July 30th), offers the event-limited [Oishii […]
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World Witches Hasshin Shimasu! Sequel Will Play Around in 2021

A sequel anime to the moe Strike Witches Hasshin Shimasu spinoff series, World Witches Hasshin Shimasu!, has been announced, promising further escapades of the adorable comedic sort that will prove to be a nice change of pace in comparison to the upcoming Strike Witches continuation, Road to Berlin. According to the official website (and news […]
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Sable – Kimura Shinji Illustrated Children’s Book Review

Sable (サブレ) is an Isekai illustrated children’s book by the renowned anime background art director Kimura Shinji, who has lent his formidable drawing skills to creat the most amazing background art pieces for animated films like Steamboy, My Neighbour Totoro, Tekkon Kinkreet, Children Of The Sea and more. This is the first time Kimura-san is embarking on an original story, which tells the adventures of a little boy Rusk and his pug Sable and they journey into an alternate dimension called th...
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Audobon's Birds of America art released as free, high-res downloads for printing

The National Audubon Society has released all of John James Audubon's magnificent watercolors from his classic work Birds of America (1827-1838) as free, high-resolution downloads for printing. The 435 life-size watercolors in the collection were "all reproduced from hand-engraved plates, and is considered to be the archetype of wildlife illustration." Each image's web page is accompanied by Audubon's wonderful first-person descriptions of the animal. John J. Audubon's "Birds of America" i...
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Prisma Illya Birthday Party Collab Cafe Rich in Sweetness

The 2020 edition of Machi Asobi Cafe’s Prisma Illya birthday collaboration welcomes lovers of the spinoff series to an extravaganza of food and goods, a celebration that will be deemed as mandatory for worshipers of the show’s three precious magical girls. The Prisma Illya Birthday Party Cafe collab, which began on July 20th (the birthday […]
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