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Kaori Hero’s Art Full of Passion

Artist Kaori Hero has a distinct passion for Nintendo characters but also dabbles in creating his own original maidens, additionally demonstrating no restraint when it comes to depicting all the perfect beauties satisfying their carnal desires. A few samples of the artist’s passionately lewd creations:
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Nissin Cup Noodle Commercial – One Piece Edition

Japanese Cup Noodle maker Nissin is back again with a new series of anime themed commercials, this time featuring characters from the super popular manga One Piece. The commercials re-imagine the One Piece characters as they would appear in a contemporary, modern day setting; like students of a Japanese high school. Check it out below – The character designs are once again created by illustrator/concept artist Eisaku Kubonouchi, who also worked on the 2 previous anime themed Nissin Cup...
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Judith Kerr obituary | Julia Eccleshare

The author and illustrator best known for the classic children’s book The Tiger Who Came to TeaThe creator of the classic children’s books The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat, Judith Kerr, who has died aged 95, was unusual in being equally successful as a writer and an illustrator. She always claimed that she was “a very slow” illustrator and that her work was “more rubbing out than drawing”, but in a career that ran from 1968 to this year she created more than 30 books, mostly a...
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Super Smash Bros. Ero-Gallery Smashes in a Different Way

Super Smash Bros. has been known to be wildly cherished by its dedicated players ever since its inception years ago, with erotic art of the franchise naturally being high in abundance as a result and possibly elevating the game’s hype further. A sample art gallery showing various Nintendo characters smashing:
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Voluptuous Terrors : Horror And SF Film Posters Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. Voluptuous Terrors explores classic Italian film poster designs that sprang forth from the post-war period through to the 1980s, focusing on science fiction and the horror genres, often with compositions almost invariably including curvaceous female figures in jeopardy, juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terror. The visual style of the art work featured in this art book is in the same vein as two other volumes I’ve revi...
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Artist BluetheBone Perfectly Replicates the Retro Style

Anime fans infatuated with the character designs of the 80’s and 90’s will find that artist BluetheBone possesses the same interest, as the talented individual has managed to replicate the style to an impressive degree while also having his drawn girls perform sexy deeds. Both art and animations in this retro style have been produced […]
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Stockings Day Worships the Beautiful Black Legwear

Japan has worshiped the delightful article of women’s clothing that is stockings with the arrival of Stockings Day, illustrations and photos of women in stockings naturally overflowing from Twitter and bound to be positively received by those tired of the constant political nonsense that so commonly populates the platform. Tasteful imagery of stockings via both […]
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Greg Rutkowski

Greg Rutkowski is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Poland, whose clients include Wizards of the Coast. Among his other fantasy subjects, Rutkowski paints terrific dragons, with a feeling of leathery textures and lots of creative variations. His digital paintings often have a nicely naturalistic and textural painterly approach. In addition to his concept pieces you’ll find digital paintings of landscapes in his online portfolio and deviantART gallery. Rutkowski has digital paint...
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Medusa Project Completely Hard for Petrification

A Twitter user going by the relevant name of “Medusa Project” has demonstrated their peculiar fetish for women being turned to stone, hardly proving surprising or uncouth to hardened veterans who have witnessed every known fetish in existence. The account commonly retweets illustrations of petrified girls or modified animations that now include girls getting stoned:
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Luscious Black Tights Are in Abundance at Yomu’s Art Exhibit

Lovers of black tights who just need more and more will potentially be enthused by this new illustration exhibit, which specifically contains art produced by the tights-obsessed Yomu (who is also serving as both illustrator and story-writer of currently airing ONA Miru Tights). This event is actually Yomu’s 4th exhibit, his penchant for the lithe […]
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Joseph Mugniani

Joseph Mugniani was an Italian/American artist, printmaker and illustrator active in the 20th century. He is best known for his illustrations for the works of Ray Bradbury, who was also his longtime friend. Mugniani was also the author of several books on drawing and painting (Amazon link). I particularly enjoy his darkly textural lithographs. The best source I’ve seen for images of Mugniani’s work is this article on Monster Brains.  
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Sayika’s Fate/Grand Order Ero-Art Exudes Eroticism

Erotic artist Sayika has transitioned his lewd craft from Re:Zero to the extremely popular Fate/Grand Order, focusing predominately on the busty and curvaceous Minamoto no Raikou, Tamamo no Mae and Nero Claudius and providing perverts with all the material they would ever desire. Samples of the artist’s bountifully large-breasted masterpieces:
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Heinrich Vogeler

Heinrich Vogeler, was a German painter, printmaker, illustrator, architect and designer active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His teyle ranged from Art Nouveau illustrations to realist etchings and impressionist influenced paintings.  
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Snow Miku 2020 Finalists Wondrously Snowy

The six finalist designs for the official Snow Miku design contest have at last been decided, with each iteration of Miku and her bunny pal Yukine naturally being quite adorable and fittingly winter-themed. The finalists were revealed during the “Snow Miku Time” livestream (which can be viewed via YouTube) – the six lucky artist designs […]
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Avengers Re-Imagined as Ukiyo-e Woodblock Art

Celebrating the recent release of Avengers: Endgame, popular Japanese artist TAKUMI has re-imagined the iconic Marvel Avengers characters as ukiyo-e woodblock art. TAKUMI’s art prominently features one of the movie franchise’s main villains, Thanos, along with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, War Machine and Rocket Raccoon. All the […]
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Toranoana Golden Week Event Littered with Lewdness

Photos for the 2019 Golden Week Toranoana Belle Salle Site event have made their way online, showcasing the various illustration exhibits and doujins that were present and bound to instill jealousy in otaku and Western barbarians who were unable to attend. The event took place for the first time at the Belle Salle Akihabara building, […]
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Kyuritizu Ero-Art Gallery Full of Nude Dakimakura Beauties

Anime fans with a passion for dakimakura will appreciate artist Kyuritizu as he tends to focus on perfecting drawn depictions of well-known girls from various mediums invitingly laying on bed sheets, the quality sure to have fans unable to resist the urge to make purchases. More of the fluffy and huggable ero-art:
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The new Creative Commons search engine is out of beta, with more than 300 million images!

I am totally, utterly reliant on Creative Commons images for Boing Boing, and mostly I use Google Image's mediocre search tool for this purpose, but no more! Creative Commons's new search engine is out of beta, and contains more than 300,000,000 images, along with tools to make attribution easier! (via Kottke)
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Black Tights Deep Art Book a Heaven for Tights Enthusiasts

Lovers of sleek black tights may find the Black Tights Deep art book to be a pleasing purchase as it compiles a wealth of illustrations featuring phenomenal girls wearing the supple stockings. The art book (“Black Tights Deep”) possesses pictures sketched by 44 different artists as well as interviews with each of them – some […]
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Fantastic minimalist embroidery portraits of musicians, writers, and artists

My dear pal Barbara Rushkoff embroiders fantastic minimal portraits of musicians and other artists, writers, and thinkers whose work has inspired her over the years. I love the seeming simplicity of her illustrations that still beautifully convey the essence of her subjects! Also, the name of Barbara's Instagram account has me in, er, stitches: yr_resting_stitchface Above: Robert Smith of The Cure. Below: Billie Eilish, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of the B-52's, Nilufer Yanya; Mark Hollis o...
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Rukitsura Touhou Ero-Gallery Plump in All the Right Places

Ero-artist Rukitsura‘s interests include not only the maidens of Touhou but shapely bodies as well, as their art naturally has the varied girls of the franchise participating in sexy fantasy scenarios as a form of relief from all the bullet dodging. Rukitsura may very well become a new favorite amongst fans of the ancient series:
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Fate/Grand Order’s New Servant Astraea Heavily Criticized

Another batch of new Servants has come to ridiculously popular gacha game Fate/Grand Order, though one elegant maiden in particular has been criticized for her questionable art, that being the drill-haired beauty Astraea (Luvia). The official art for Astraea, which does seem to stand out in comparison to the art for other Servants: The artist […]
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The Mood Is Already Of War 3 – Otomo Katsuhiro Manga Review

Akira creator Otomo Katsuhiro and writer Toshihiko Yahagi is back with a 2nd sequel to their first manga collaboration Kibun Wa Mou Senso ( The Mood Is Already Of War ). The story continues 38 years after the fictional war happening on the Sino-Russian border, with 3 of the protaganists returning; Hachimaki, Megane and Boi. The first chapter is now published in the April issue of the omnibus manga Action, and comes with a foldout poster. ( see image further down ) (image above) The fi...
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Ootomo Takuji Ero-Art Gallery Beyond Erotic

Accomplished ero-artist and mangaka Ootomo Takuji has been in the industry for the longest of time and has provided perverts everywhere with delectable characters, not only exposing both their breasts and bottoms but also whilst in the middle of some sexual acts. A few samples from Takuji’s passionate portfolio:
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[For some time, I’ve wanted to feature more comics artists from non-English speaking countries — particularly Belgian and French comics (bandes-dessinées) — but I’ve been put off by the challenges of providing links to images and information across language barriers. With this article, I’m going to try a method of providing both original language and Google Translate links to relevant sites and pages.] Li-An (Jean-Michel Meyer) is a French comics artist perhaps best known for his work on The T...
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Artists Lusting After Persona 5’s Yoshizawa Kasumi

Artists have seen potential in new upcoming Persona 5 character Yoshizawa Kasumi as they’ve been sketching illustrations of her since March, though the recent unveiling of her leotard outfit has possibly spawned the most erotic depictions of the girl yet. Yoshizawa Kasumi’s grace and beauty (as well as her flexibility due to being a gymnast) […]
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Plants Are Nice Zine

By artist/designer/musician Mikie Poland, Plants Are Nice is an ode to flora and growth. Across 22 pages, readers will find drawings of plants, various doodles and sketches, notes and more. Ultimately, it’s a sweet zine about “appreciating plant time.”
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Guen Douglas: The Berlin Tattoo Artist Bringing Sass & Sexiness Onto Your Skin

photos: Guen Douglas.  Berliners are known to have a certain affinity for tattoos. Luckily for us, the city attracts some of the world’s most amazing tattoo artists whose designs truly transcend the visuals. One particular artist whose works are especially brilliant – bold, beautifully executed, and abounding in cultural references, is definitely Guen Douglas from the Taiko Gallery studio. We had a little chat with Guen to find out more about her background, style, and some inspirations behind...
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Ashido Mina Ero-Gallery Pink in Every Crevice

Boku no Hero Academia‘s adorably pink “alien” girl Ashido Mina has accumulated a sizable fanbase due to her perky and enthusiastic character. Her exotic appearance has made her a prime target for ero-artists however, who have wasted no time exposing all her unique body’s many secrets. More of the perversely pink ero-art:
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Easter Bunny Girl Ero-Gallery Hops Forward

The Easter holidays have descended and even if some countries don’t necessarily celebrate the holiday, some individuals at least contribute to it in other ways (such as by sharing or sketching 2D bunny girls). Both Western and Eastern artists have taken the incentive to draw some erotic Easter bunnies:
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