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Gegege no Kitarou All Too Depressing

Gegege no Kitarou‘s carefree and fun nature has seemingly vanished along with the precious character from the previous episode as conflicts between human and youkai have begun to emerge in even larger quantities than before; with the episode concluding on another devastating moment… Omake:
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Raunchy Resident Evil 2 Mods Make Survival Horror Sexy

Those on the prowl for more erotic mods to use in the Resident Evil 2 remake will not be disappointed as several others have made an appearance, including ones that alter Claire’s breast size and one that gives her an incredibly low-cut shirt. One mod allows players to play as a nude Ada: Claire’s breast […]
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Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Embarrassingly Ends

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou has met expectations and ended on a surplus of adorableness and comedy courtesy of the clumsy Ueno-san and her revolutionary inventions, certain to have fans wondering if a 2nd season may ever come… Omake:
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Onanism Goddess Satisfying the Urge

Another anonymous maiden has shared her sexual deeds with the Internet, fully unveiling an onanism session that will not only educate more innocent individuals on the subject of female masturbation but also satiate the lusts of others. More goddesses.
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Weapon Design Contest Finalists Revealed

Capcom has revealed the finalists for their Monster Hunter World: Iceborn weapon design contest and proudly presented the creations to the public. To vote for specific finalist entries, Twitter users simply have to “Like” the tweet featuring their favorite weapon designs: All of the finalist weapon designs: Monster Hunter: World is already available for the […]
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Tamamo no Mae Ero-Cosplay Wildly Masturbates

Ero-cosplayer Ringo Mitsuki has taken on a very lewd iteration of the Fate franchise’s Tamamo no Mae, attempting to entice her followers with a show involving her gorgeous body and a set of useful toys designed for her pleasure. The raunchy cosplay depicting the fox-girl enjoying a whole assortment of toys:
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Sword Art Online: Alicization Still Serious & Nude

Overly drawn out dialogue scenes have continued to appear in Sword Art Online: Alicization as the series still has the main characters attempting to thwart the nude female antagonist, the episode naturally making sure to get some sexy close-ups every now and again. Omake:
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Revenge Swordswoman Raspberry Rife with Rape

Revenge Swordswoman Raspberry has put more innocent girls in harm’s way as the title involves a woman knight attempting to rescue a princess, though her efforts are blocked by a horde of amorous monsters desperate to rape her. The basic side-scroller leads heroine Raspberry through various landscapes on a dangerous journey to rescue the princess, […]
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Tsubakihara Mira Oppai Mouse Pad Has Inverted Nipples

Another life-sized oppai mouse pad has become available to celebrate the upcoming release of ero-anime “Masterpiece”, with the treasured good depicting heroine Tsubakihara Mira with her breasts exposed and serving as an effective arm rest. The limited quantity item‘s illustration was drawn by none other than mangaka Nanao: The special mouse pad OVA set (which […]
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Anime Japan 2019 Cosplay a Marvelous Spectacle

Aside from a surplus of PVs for upcoming shows, a legion of talented cosplayers and booth babes served as another glorious attraction at Anime Japan 2019, who demonstrated their passion for the medium by way of immaculate costumes and irreplaceable spirit. Cosplayers could be seen wearing the familiar outfits of characters from several different franchises, […]
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Kaguya-sama’s Fujiwara Chika Ero-Gallery Enthusiastically Erotic

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War‘s Fujiwara Chika steals the spotlight every time she’s on screen in this season’s breakaway hit comedy anime. Other than a surprising amount of wit and intelligence, Chika possesses unrivaled cuteness and a fair bit of sexiness in her design. Seeing Chika’s erotic potential, a whole slew of ero-artists have contributed to […]
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Ero-MMORPG God of Hentai Massive in More Ways Than One

France-based eroge publisher and distributor Eroges is expanding its influence into the English-speaking world with new exclusive visual novels, independently developed titles and free-to-play games. Select titles on Eroges’ platform are translated by the publisher itself and converted to HTML5 format for easy access by mobile and browsers – the latest entry to bolster Eroges’ […]
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Domestic na Kanojo Goes All the Way

Domestic na Kanojo‘s newest episode has doled out a series of compelling events in succession, with some beach bikini frolicking making an appearance as the main protagonist ends up having more sex – the airing finally concluding on the teacher’s relationship being found out by school faculty. Omake:
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The Town of Desire Running on Crime & Sex

The Town of Desire tells the tale of a Yakuza daughter on a mission to restore her family’s prosperity and acquire revenge, the determined woman using whatever is at her disposal, even her beautiful body in order to attain extra funds. Heroine Rinka Tomoe’s parents were murdered by the rulers of her city (which runs […]
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Become a Real Servant with Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel Lingerie

Capitalizing off the success of the profitable Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel film, Super Groupies has produced some special lingerie themed around three Fate/stay night characters, perfect for real-world maidens seeking to impress a mate or for males simply wanting new avenues to explore. Lingerie sets for Matou Sakura, Saber and Tohsaka Rin will be available […]
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Mysterious Heroine X Ero-Cosplay Charmingly Flat

Another absolutely ravishing ero-cosplayer has decided to portray one of the Fate franchise’s many Sabers, this time with the woman choosing the spunky and always charming Mysterious Heroine X. But before she goes on to complete her mission of slaying other Saber class Servants, she first needs to take a load off by removing her […]
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Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta Deviously Blackmails

Betrayal and blackmail is unsurprisingly rife in Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta’s 2nd episode, as more happy and married wives are used against their will by opportunistic males, a skill that watchers no doubt wish they could learn for themselves. Various sexual acts towards women can be seen in the ero-anime’s PV: Omake: Yue ni […]
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Izumi Sagiri Kemonomimi Cosplay All Sorts of Lewd

Imouto Izumi Sagiri of Ero-Manga Sensei can be seen wearing her usual nightwear before stripping down into frilly undergarments and both bunny and cat ears, articles of clothing that may prove much more enticing and cause onlookers to want to know more about the series. The more hardcore Ero-Manga Sensei enthusiasts however may be put-off […]
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Superb Stephanie Dola Figure Desperately Covers Up

No Game no Life’s highly abused Stephanie Dola can be seen wearing dog ears and a tail (like the underclass animal she is) whilst in a state of partial undress, bound to make her an item that collectors will be unable to pass up when she arrives in October. The glorious figurine depicts the precious […]
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Atelier Lulua Costume Equipped with Pink Pantsu

Atelier Lulua‘s launch has finally arrived, prompting players to enjoy the turn-based RPG as well as the special pre-order costumes that have come with it, with one, in particular, receiving praise due to it equipping Lulua with pink pantsu. Screenshots of the sexy outfit: Atelier Lulua is available for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch now.
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Toriko no Shizuku the Wildest Cruise Ship Orgy

Exhaustively titled ero-anime “Toriko no Shizuku: Natsu no Gouka Kyakusen de Kegasareru Otome-tachi” has unleashed the sexual perversions of its first episode, as some innocent girls can be seen in an utterly depraved orgy involving multiple males who have no intent of showing mercy. Omake:
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Artist Masami Chie Overflowing with Originality

Masami Chie may soon be the new favorite artist of many as the talented individual has quite a unique and sexy style, with the artist likely to be best known for drawing entirely original girls instead of relying on the popularity of existing ones. While Masami Chie does sketch cute original maidens, they also draw […]
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Lilycle Rainbow Stage a Flirty Yuri Paradise

Yuri fanatics in need of another romantic visual novel that tells stories of girl-on-girl love may likely be infatuated by “Lilycle Rainbow Stage“, as the gargantuan game offers fifteen cute distinct maidens to root for as they build relationships with each other. Initially beginning as a set of yuri drama CDs, Lilycle Rainbow Stage has […]
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Supremely Slim D.Va Swimsuit Cosplay Frolics on the Beach

An incredibly petite and slim cosplayer has traveled to the beach dressed as Overwatch‘s pro-gamer D.Va, enchanting her fans all around the world and showing off more than just her competitive gaming skills. More of the super slim cosplay at the beach:
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Two Live-Action Movie Adaptations Announced for Futari Ecchi

  Aki Katsu’s popular ecchi manga Futari H (Futari Ecchi / Manga Sutra) will be getting two live-action adaptations in the following two months. The first movie, “Eiga-ban Futari H ~Love Again~”, will follow after the events of the arranged marriage between Yura and Makoto, while the second film, “Eiga-ban Futari H ~Double Love~”, resumes […]
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Signal Forces so Sexually Vulnerable

Evil crime syndicates reign supreme in turn-based RPG “Signal Forces” as the game’s main heroines are the targets of their sex-based attacks, leading the girls to a fate of rape and humiliation should they fall in battle. Crime syndicate “Gandead” has been wreaking havoc in the future, causing the government to create an elite team […]
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Ravishing Nude Goddess a First Class Beauty

These naughty photos of a partially dressed Chinese maiden on an airplane will surely impress, unfortunately the divine goddess can only be seen completely nude at what seems to be a hotel and not on the actual plane. More goddesses.
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Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s Chirai is Green in Every Nook & Cranny

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie’s spunky green female alien Chirai has enamored fans with her assertive personality and kindness ever since the release of the highly-impactful anime film. Ero-artists seeing plenty of erotic potential in the sassy emerald green cutie have dedicated their time and skill toward presenting her in the most lascivious of […]
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Nightmare School Highly Resembles Heaven

An eroge possibly epitomizing the perfect male paradise has emerged in the form of “Nightmare School“, a title involving a teacher getting swept up in a mysterious all-girls school where he is lusted after by the students. An in-training teacher finds himself in a rather strange school where he is constantly chased by the girls, […]
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Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai Lusts After Older Sisters

Perverts who enjoy lusting after older sisters will be enticed by the main theme of Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai, as the ero-anime focuses on well-endowed older sisters performing an assortment of satisfying deeds that may cause watchers to have a new perspective on their family members. Some of the nonstop sisterly antics can be […]
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