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Extract from ‘The Journey’: Responses to the archive

This sequence of texts was written in response to various photographs of Nigeria made between 1920 and 1929 that form part of the Colonial Office photographic collection The post Extract from ‘The Journey’: Responses to the archive appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Never Stop Using Your Imagination

You can make the most out of any situation by using your mind creatively. Your imagination is your most important tool, and your strongest skill is your ability to imagine what you want. Imagine the... By Harrison Barnes
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Three Personalities in My Head Talk to Me and Make Me Do Things

I remember hearing a little voice in my head since I was in kindergarten. I thought it was normal so I just didn’t talk about it. As I grew older I became conscious that this isn’t natural and that now there are other two persons living within me. They have different personalities, talk to me, to each other. We discuss a lot, it feels like having roommates, but they are always with me. I’m pretty sure this isn’t schizophrenia at all since the symptoms described by people who have it are nothing ...
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Why Do I Keep Talking to Myself?

From a teen in the U.S.: I came across this website when I was searching up why am I talking to myself and why I create imaginary people, scenarios, and places. It made me realize that I may have an issue with me and don’t know about it. So I’m here to ask for help, because I need to know what’s wrong with me and what I can do to not continue this whole talking to myself problem. I’d like to say that I started talking to myself began throughout my  elementary years till this  day. When I’m alone...
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How Do I Stop Talking to Myself?

From a teen in Canada:  For as long as I can remember I have always had these short moments where I zone out and act out situations that occur in my head. It’s a horrible habit and I’m not ever aware of when I’m doing it, however when I finally come to I stop myself. These situations include alternate realities of my current life, for example if I have a fight with my boyfriend I’ll act out us working things through with a stuffed animal. Or if I’m dancing I’ll pretend I’m at a party with all ey...
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Apple struck a new deal with chipmaker Imagination, the iPhone supplier it once almost crushed (AAPL)

Apple has reached an agreement with one of its former chipmakers, a British firm called Imagination, ending months of spats between the two firms and Apple poaching Imagination staff. In a brief statement on its website, Imagination said it has agreed to "a new, multi-year license agreement under which Apple has access to a wider range of Imagination's intellectual property in exchange for license fees." Imagination was forced to put itself up for sale in 2017 after Apple warned the firm it wo...
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Black Panther’s Daniel Kaluuya Is Bringing a ‘Misunderstood’ Barney to the Big Screen

Barney is a dinosaur who we all know from TV, but now Mattel is bringing Barney & Friends to the big screen.Read more...
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I Don’t Know What’s Going on with My Mind

I have some issues or tendencies which I feel may not be normal and I fear that they may be related to some kind of mental health disorder. I’ve always had the tendency to talk to myself; when I was about 5 or 6 I had a group of imaginary friends and my mum would tell me stories of how I would sit behind the couch and have full blown conversations with them for ages at a time. Now I can’t help but have conversations with myself, usually when I am alone, and it feels so natural that I don’t even ...
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Thinking Differently—It’s Time to Fire Up Your Firm’s Imagination

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Why Do I Talk to Myself?

From the U.S.: I did this all the time as a kid, talk to myself like someone was there. Not like talking with myself to solve problems but just like normal friends having a conversation. It will be a completely animated conversation about anything good and disturbing. And I’l look right where I think whoever I’m talking to (someone made up or sometimes famous or whoever) is standing there. I know it’s not real or reality but the fantasy of pretending is nice. I function at work and home fine but...
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What Your Kid Can Learn By Playing With a Toy House

At the beginning of each episode of the new preschool show Moon and Me, a child places her dolls down to sleep in their toy house. “Lay down, Pepi Nana,” the child says, tucking the figurine under the covers of the tiny bed. “Close your eyes. Don’t you peep. This is the way we get to sleep.” She proceeds with her…Read more...
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Becoming A Better Speaker Through Improv

Doing improv is one way that speakers can become better Image Credit: Stew Dean So the question is do you want to become a better public speaker? If the answer to this question is “yes”, then the next question has to be “how?” It turns out that there are a lot of different answers to this question and some of them work, and some don’t. Through trial and error and experimentation, what has been found to work is for public speakers to engage in some improv. It turns out that spending your tim...
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I Keep Pretending I’m a Fictional Character in a Different World in My Head

Hi, I’m about to be 15 years old and since I think maybe when I was 12 years old I’ve been pretending that I’m a fictional character. I sometimes when I’m sitting in class i pretend to have random conversations to characters I made up in my head I don’t talk out load I just talk in my head, I try to snap out of it sometimes because I miss writing notes down off the board it really interrupts my school work. I didn’t grow up with a lot of friends I usually spent time watching Movies or reading bo...
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How This Odd-Shaped Toy Became the Greatest Tool for My Fidgety Kid

When my son was 4, he—like most 4-year-olds—needed to move. A lot. In addition, he was the type of kid who did well when he was able to get extra sensory input, even during down time.Read more...
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Imagining & Seeing Weird Things

Recently, I have been imagining and having visions of people being killed. I have had multiple dreams where people have been killed, mostly stabbed, in all of which I have killed them. Murder has never appealed to me until quite recently and I find this very weird. I frequently have visions of random people being killed in some way and sometimes, if I’m stood in a large crowd and am feeling particularly anxious I see multiple people being murdered around me. It doesn’t scare me or disturb me, in...
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Artist Paints Creatures She Sees ‘Living’ In The Walls Due To Pareidolia

Do you remember how you used to look at the clouds in the sky as a child and your imagination projected animals and various scenes of life? This phenomenon is called Pareidolia, which scientifically means the tendency to perceive a specific, and in a lot of cases meaningful images in completely random or ambiguous visual patterns. Even though this phenomenon is more common among children... Source
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How To Overcome An Addiction

While I love sugar, if I eat it, I become desperately depressed. It puts me in a state of despair. I’ve been talking about baking cookies for my husband. Someone asked me how I was managing to make all these … Read More... Continue reading How To Overcome An Addiction at ElsaElsa .
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Am I Schizophrenic?

From a teen in the U.S.: Ever since I was a child I had the tendency to imagine and create worlds and people inside my head whom I would interact with. I would spend hours upon hours just imagining different scenarios, conversations, and more people to add to the list. As I got older I couldn’t shake the urge of imagining things and soon enough I would retreat to my room playing music as loud as can be and hours would pass me by while I’m stuck in there doing nothing. I will pace my room in circ...
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Is Being Absurd The Secret Ingredient Behind Innovation Success?

The following is a guest piece by Jamie Anderson and Gabor George Burt. As Albert Einstein once said “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”. But in the business world, there is a disdain for absurdity. Work has become far too serious, and in most organizations anyone […]The post Is Being Absurd The Secret Ingredient Behind Innovation Success? appeared first on Tanveer Naseer.
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The world’s most non-conventional mayor

As we grew older, our imagination was gradually reigned in, and our thinking eventually settled within the accepted boundaries of conventionality. Last week when I spoke at the Icelandic Marketing Association (IMARK)’s big, annual gathering, and was invited to meet with one of Iceland’s biggest celebrities. No, not Bjork, but the mayor of Reykjavik. And like I advocate in my book, Slingshot, Jon Gnarr lives a life full of continuously overstepping perceived boundaries.  After all, he is actua...
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Celebrating 1200 posts over nearly a decade

“To be successful we must live from our imaginations, not from our memories.” —Stephen Covey, author and leadership expert Nearly a decade ago I started this blog as a resource on Blue Ocean Strategy, innovation and creativity. And in those first few years it quickly became the go-to place on the Internet for up to date information, stories and inspiration on Blue Ocean Strategy.   1200 posts later, it delights me to announce the relaunch of this space. So please check back next week and shar...
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5 Time-Tested Tips to Sparking Your Team’s Imagination and Creativity

By Adam Witty “See it, be it.” I’ve always been a fan of this philosophy. If you can imagine something, you’ve taken the first step to creating it. The Wright Brothers imagined a flying machine. Steve Jobs imagined an easy-to-use computer. Walt Disney imagined a place where children and parents could have fun together. Imagination is the key to business success. Yes, a business needs to be efficient, cost-effective, and competitive. Spreadsheets need to be balanced, marketing schedules need to b...
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September is Literacy Month! Read something, anything! Perhaps more comics about reading? [Author: Doug]
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Why Do I Imagine Myself as Another Person?

From a teen in the Phillippines: This started 5 years ago. I was so disapointed on this celebrity childhood idol of mine for changing her image. And then I was always thinking of the past years where she is such a good girl and be upset. I don’t know if its depression but sometimes I’ll just stare on a wall and think of the past years and blame myself for missing them then when I saw her on the news for doing such things i was always ” what happened to her?”; So I started Imagining that i was he...
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Beyond The Backyards – Nature Non-Fiction Picture Books

Picture books enable children to escape and experience worlds quite unlike their own. Non-fiction narrative picture books enhance those journeys even further. The following collection entices young readers to gaze skyward, creep through leaf litter and explore worlds in and beyond their backyards. Backyard by Ananda Braxton-Smith & Lizzy Newcomb Backyard is as it says; … Continue reading Beyond The Backyards – Nature Non-Fiction Picture Books The post Beyond The Backyards – Nature Non-Fiction ...
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Defeat the Olgi Golgis — Build a Fort with Your Kids

We’ve got a small problem on my property, Olgi Golgis run rampant. You can’t hear them or see them, but they are there. I’m not really sure if they are some kind of monster or just bad guys, but the war against them is fought whenever there is a chance to do battle. They appear regularly while we are doing chores, when the kids are at play, and pretty much any time two or more boys are outside. A small gun battle or sword fight with a short chase is required to beat them back. I doubt anyone els...
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Prayer, Peace, and the Imagination

It is not possible to pray without employing the imagination and the understanding. Yet it cannot be doubted that we should make use of them only for the sake of moving the will, and then no more. Some say that it is not necessary to use the imagination to represent to ourselves the sacred humanity of the Savior. Not, perhaps, for those who are already far advanced on the mountain of perfection. But for those of us who are still in the valleys — though we wish to be climbing — I think it is expe...
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Books of The Times: In ‘The Mirage Factory,’ a Thriving Los Angeles Born From Humble Beginnings

Gary Krist tells the story of the city through the lives of three people whose restlessness and ambition transformed it in the early decades of the 20th century.
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Pampered Pooches – Four Inspiring Dog Picture Books

In honour of the new Duchess of Sussex’s affection for all things canine, today we snuggle up with four memorable picture books featuring the pooches we love to pamper. These stories focus on dogs as companions and the glorious relationships we share with them. Dogasaurus by Lucinda Gifford Author illustrator Lucinda Gifford’s combination of dogs … Continue reading Pampered Pooches – Four Inspiring Dog Picture Books The post Pampered Pooches – Four Inspiring Dog Picture Books appeared first on...
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Flights of Fantasy – Imaginative Picture Books

Perhaps one of the most fulfilling perks of writing for kids is the flitting around in my imagination. It’s a weird, boundless place, which allows me to harness old memories and reinvigorate them into wondrous dreams-come-true. These next few picture books are glorious examples of tapping into imaginative flights of fantasy and exploring the possibilities. … Continue reading Flights of Fantasy – Imaginative Picture Books The post Flights of Fantasy – Imaginative Picture Books appeared first on...
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