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Amazon’s IMDb Launches Original Series ‘UnMade’ About Comedians’ Rejected Hollywood Pitches

IMDb, the Amazon-owned entertainment database, has premiered its latest original show: “UnMade,” featuring Rainn Wilson, Nick Cannon, Kristen Schaal, Reggie Watts and other comedians discussing early pet projects that were never produced, until now — sort of. In each episode, one of the guest comedians recounts a project they created and pitched back when they were […]
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Amazon launches IMDb Freedive ad-supported free streaming movies and TV shows

IMDb, the information-rich film and TV website, launched a free, ad-supported, streaming video channel in the U.S. this week. IMDb Freedive offers a television series and feature films on the IMDb website and on Fire TV devices. The post Amazon launches IMDb Freedive ad-supported free streaming movies and TV shows appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Amazon launches IMDb Freedive, an ad-supported streaming service

IMDb, the information-rich film and TV website, launched a free, ad-supported, streaming video channel in the U.S. this week. IMDb Freedive offers a television series and feature films on the IMDb website and on Fire TV devices. The post Amazon launches IMDb Freedive, an ad-supported streaming service appeared first on Digital Trends.
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IMDb Has Launched a Free Streaming Service called Freedive

Everyone wants in on that sweet, sweet streaming action – including IMDb. The Internet Movie Database has officially launched its own streaming service called Freedive, and as the name suggests, it’s free. That’s good! Unfortunately, it also has a lot of ads that cut into your movie every so often. That’s bad! Still, the selection is strong, and if you’re looking to watch movies for free, this is a good option. Users can watch Freedive through their computer or through Amazon devices. More on t...
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A Trump 1950s TV Episode Truth Movement?

You’ve probably seen this really bizarre story of the Twilight Zone-like episode of the TV show “Trackdown” from 1958 which bears some difficult-to-believe resemblances to 2019 America. A conman named Trump comes to a town and gets everyone panicked that the world is about to end unless they agree to let him build a wall that will save them. As I wrote yesterday, when I first happened on the story I had to read it several times and then check it several different ways because I was sure it had t...
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IMDB Launches Free Movie and TV Streaming Service Called Freedive

IMDB has launched a free streaming service called Freedive that features dozens of movies and TV shows. And while it doesn’t have new releases, the selection isn’t half bad, with movies like Drive, Adaptation, Gattaca, True Romance, Last Action Hero, Legends of the Fall, and Panic Room as well as TV shows like Fringe,…Read more...
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Amazon’s IMDb launches a free streaming service, Freedive

Amazon’s IMDb movie website today announced the launch of a free streaming service, called Freedive. The service offers viewers in the U.S. access to an ad-supported collection of TV shows like  Fringe, Heroes, The Bachelor and Without a Trace, as well as Hollywood movies like Awakenings, Foxcatcher, Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run, The Illusionist, The Last Samurai, True Romance, and others. The content is free to watch without a subscription, and can be viewed on a phone, laptop or a big scr...
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Amazon’s IMDb Launches Free Ad-Supported Movie, TV Service in U.S.

Amazon has extended its tentacles into the ad-supported VOD space — stocking IMDb with a back-catalog of dozens of movies and TV shows that are free to watch. The Amazon-owned movie database site has launched IMDb Freedive (, a free streaming video channel available in the U.S. TV shows on IMDb Freedive include past seasons […]
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‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘Captain Marvel’ Among Fandango and IMDb’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

Disney-Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” and “Captain Marvel” are next year’s most anticipated movies, a pair of surveys reveal. “Avengers: Endgame,” the fourth title in the lucrative franchise, led the “most anticipated blockbuster” survey by ticketing service Fandango and came in second in the page view rankings of IMDb users. “Captain Marvel,” starring Brie Larson, placed first […]
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10 Rewatchable Movies You Just Can’t Turn Off

10 rewatchable movies you just can’t turn off One main characteristic of cinephiles is that their favorite movies are incredibly rewatchable.  Sometimes, these rewatchable movies are a bit odd and esoteric. This author will watch random films like The Ninth Gate and Starship Troopers until he knows them by heart.  Rewatchability is one of the best qualities a movie can have.  It is great to go back and watch Inception again to try and discover a few more nuggets of information as to wh...
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New Dolly Parton video: Girl in the Movies

Video: Dolly Parton – “Girl in the Movies” From The Dumplin’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, out now. Dolly Parton can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. And while she’s certainly no stranger to sentimental corn, this new song might be taking it a bit too far. IMDB tells me that The Dumplin’ is … Continue reading New Dolly Parton video: Girl in the Movies → Read more at Glorious Noise...
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I didn't blog the death of Stan Lee, so why am I blogging the death of William Goldman?

Both were important writers in American popular culture whose work did not reach out to me personally. But I will link to the Goldman obituary (WaPo), because I have consumed his work. It loomed large in the part of the culture where I lived. I've never had any interest in superhero comics. Never read them. Never cared. Have no opinion other than it's something I see other people like. Those other people can talk about the meaning of Stan Lee. But Goldman is another story.IMDB lists 34 movies he...
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Jack Black shares funny showbiz stories

Did you know that he once "smoked a jay" with Tim Robbins, Giancarlo Esposito, and Robert Altman on a mountaintop at a Cannes film festival after-party? Or that he was cast by Lee Majors himself to appear in The Fall Guy? In this uncensored video, Jack Black shares honest and often hilarious moments from his career in show business by looking at his own IMDB page. It's all great, but be sure to watch it at least to the part where he talks about Johnny Skidmarks. I was in stitches. (Digg)
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Amazon Is Reportedly Partnering With IMDb to Create a Free, Ad-Supported Fire TV Channel

Amazon and its subsidiary company IMDb are preparing to launch a free, ad-supported service for its Fire TV digital media player “similar to The Roku Channel or some parts of Hulu,” CNBC reported on Monday, citing sources knowledgeable about the project.Read more...
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3 Suggestions on a Saturday Night

This week sure flew by! I thought I'd share the quote from since it's been a tough week for a lot of people. Lots of women are finding the courage to share their own #MeToo moments and that is not easy and incredibly brave.So hopefully this Saturday night you can relax with loved ones and enjoy one of my suggestions!1) My Saturday Night Reading Suggestion: I just finished book four Diamond of Darkhold from the Book of Ember series. What an incredible series this was and I'm so ...
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Amazon Might Develop Original Movies With Sony and Paramount, Amazon Streaming May Get Ads

Amazon is upping its stake in the streaming war. Though the company has built a respectable reputation as a theatrical distributor through its Amazon Studios and has garnered acclaim through its Emmy and Golden Globe-winning original TV series and Oscar-winning movies, it still trails the competition in many ways. Netflix currently has the streaming movies market cornered, but it appears that Amazon is taking larger steps to develop its own Amazon Prime original movies. Amazon in Talks to ...
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Prepare for the Hunt in A New Alpha Trailer and Poster

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Prepare for the hunt in a new Alpha trailer and poster Sony Pictures and Studio 8 revealed a new poster (via IMDb) and trailer for their upcoming Ice Age-set drama, Alpha. Check the mout below! Alpha is an epic adventure set in the last Ice Age. Europe, 20,000 years ago. While on his first hunt, an initiation to his tribe’s most elite group, a young man, Zeta, is injured and left for dead after a bison hunt goes horribly wrong. Awaking to find himself broken, alone, and mi...
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Long Beach-born porn star Yurizan Beltran died primarily of drug overdose, says LA coroner

Adult film star Yurizan Beltran, seen in a 2013 photo, died on Dec. 13, 2017, primarily of an accidental drug overdose, said the LA County coroner’s office. (Photo by Michael Dorausch reproduced under the CC-by-2.0 license) LOS ANGELES — Porn star Yurizan Beltran’s death late last year was primarily caused by “hydrocodone toxicity,” and her death has been listed as accidental, the coroner’s office reported today. The 31-year-old woman, whose full name was Yurizan Beltran Renteria, died at a re...
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True Travel Story: How to Avoid Becoming a Serial Killer’s Next Victim

In my nomadic wanderlust over the years, I’ve always tried to learn as much as possible along the way in hopes of becoming a more savvy world traveler. However, on my first trip to Australia, several unexpected twists and turns would serve as a cautionary tale regarding the importance of planning ahead, intuition and how to avoid becoming a serial killer’s next victim. Spoiler alert: I survived. Two days before Christmas in 1993, I found myself stuck in Brisbane, Australia during a transit ...
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Autopsy scheduled today for body believed to be that of missing Hollywood model

Adea Shabani, 25, was last seen Feb. 23, 2018, on Wilcox Avenue between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. Her family has hired a private investigator to help find her. (Photo courtesy of the LA County Sheriff’s Department) LOS ANGELES — An autopsy is scheduled today on a body that was pulled from a shallow grave in Northern California and is believed to be that of a model and aspiring actress who disappeared in Hollywood last month. Los Angeles police Capt. William P. Hayes...
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LAPD looking at shallow grave that could be related to missing Hollywood model-actress

Adea Shabani, 25, was last seen Feb. 23, 2018, on Wilcox Avenue between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. Her family has hired a private investigator to help find her. (Photo courtesy of the LA County Sheriff’s Department) LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police today were investigating the discovery of a possible shallow grave in Northern California, but authorities would not say if the discovery is related to the search for a model and aspiring actress who disappeared from Holly...
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Search for missing actress continues after North Hollywood actor believed to be involved kills himself in Corona

Adea Shabani, 25, was last seen Feb. 23, 2018, on Wilcox Avenue between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. Her family has hired a private investigator to help find her. A man described as her boyfriend who police believe was involved in her disappearance killed himself after a law enforcement chase. (Photo courtesy of the LA County Sheriff’s Department) LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police continued a search today for a missing 25-year-old aspiring model and actress more than a ...
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Why Beautiful Design Isn’t Always Best For Small Businesses and Startups

There’s always beauty in good design, but good design isn’t always beautiful. How can this be true? The answer is simple. Good looks aren’t everything, as Steve Jobs liked to remind people: Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, “Make it look good!” That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. You can have a good design ...
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Space Boobs In Space is the best thing on Prime Video

Prime Video doesn’t have a show like Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Instead, it has Space Boobs In Space. Where the former’s about a fictional female crime fighter, the other is a low budget piece of body-positive feminism that deserves to be taken just as seriously. Not all heroes wear capes or leather jackets; some wear just enough to cover their nipples. Space Boobs In Space is a film by underground studio Gonzoriffic. According to IMDB it was shot on an estimated budget of about $1,000 using smart...
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Google's Walled Garden: Are We Being Pushed Out of Our Own Digital Backyards?

Posted by Dr-PeteEarly search engines were built on an unspoken transaction — a pact between search engines and website owners — you give us your data, and we'll send you traffic. While Google changed the game of how search engines rank content, they honored the same pact in the beginning. Publishers, who owned their own content and traditionally were fueled by subscription revenue, operated differently. Over time, they built walls around their gardens to keep visitors in and, hopefully, keep th...
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IMDb Touts First-Ever Skill for Amazon Alexa

MMW learned today that IMDb, a leading source for movie, TV and celebrity content, has just announced that it has launched its first voice controlled service with a new Flash Briefing skill for Amazon Alexa. Upon verbal request, the new IMDb Flash Briefing will help fans with Alexa-enabled devices decide what to watch each evening by providing a list of the top five most popular television shows based on IMDb trending data. Updated daily, entertainment fans can access the “IMDb’s What’s On TV” A...
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SAG-AFTRA’s Gabrielle Carteris Blasts Ruling on Actor-Age Censorship Law

SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris has blasted a federal judge’s recent ruling barring California’s legislation requiring that subscription entertainment database sites remove an actor’s age, if requested by the actor. U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria issued the ruling on Feb. 20, backing IMDb’s 2016 lawsuit attempting to invalidate AB 1687. IMDb — a subsidiary of […]
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Here’s how to see all the 2018 Oscar Best Picture nominees

The biggest night in Hollywood is less than 2 weeks away! The 90th Annual Academy Awards ceremony airs at 5 p.m. March 4 on ABC, which means you only have a limited number of days left to binge all the Oscar nominated films – or at least the ones you have yet to see. Trying to track down 9 movies to see in theaters can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we are here to make it a bit easier. If you are looking to see all the Best Picture nominees, there are a few options for you. Several large theat...
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Judge says state can't force IMDB to take down actors' ages

A federal judge this week blocked a California law that would have forced subscription websites like IMDb to remove age information in online profiles if asked.
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Board Question #90783: On the TV show Futurama Nixon's head in a jar ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,On the TV show Futurama Nixon's head in a jar is the leader of the country (planet?) and he/it lives in the White House with the headless body of Spiro Agnew.So in the episode in which we see that Fry has a second job as a security guard at the head museum, where all the US Presidents' heads sit, in any of the shots showing all the presidents, is Nixon there, or a conspicuous empty space where he should be?-comicon panel nerds want to know A: Dear Comicon, Nothing gets m...
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