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Malaria Drug Helps Virus Patients Improve, in Small Study

A group of moderately ill people were given hydroxychloroquine, which appeared to ease their symptoms quickly, but more research is needed.
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A Heart Attack? No, It Was the Coronavirus

Cardiologists are seeing infected patients whose worst symptoms are not respiratory, but cardiac.
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How To Strengthen Your Immunity During The Coronavirus Pandemic

(CNN) — As the coronavirus situation intensifies, you might be wondering: How can I keep myself healthy? The answer lies in following the latest guidelines on social distancing, proper handwashing and your local stay-at-home directives. But there are also ways to strengthen your own immune system. Diet is one of them, and we covered that here in part one of our immunity boosting series. Yet what you eat is just one factor. Being physically active, meditating and managing stress, and getting adeq...
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Can You Become Immune to the Coronavirus?

It’s likely you can, at least for some period of time. That is opening new opportunities for testing and treatment.
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In Italy, Coronavirus Takes a Higher Toll on Men

Being male may be a risk factor for illness, just as being older is, experts say.
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Is Our Fight Against Coronavirus Worse Than the Disease?

There may be more targeted ways to beat the pandemic.
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His Immune System Went Out of Whack. The Usual Treatment Didn’t Work. Why?

A 61-year-old man lost more than 25 pounds in a matter of a few months and was not responding to treatment. The doctor was stumped.
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Children and Coronavirus: Research Finds Some Become Seriously Ill

A study of more than 2,000 children with the virus in China found that babies were especially vulnerable to developing severe infection.
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5 Expert Tips On Staying Safe During Flu (& Coronavirus) Season

Washing your hands should be a natural part of everyday life, but with flu season in full swing and concerns about COVID-19, personal hygiene is on over-drive. This hyper-focus on hand washing to avoid the flu is just as important as boosting your immune system. We’ve got 5 tips below on staying safe and avoiding the flu and coronavirus. 1. Wash Your Hands Properly It’s not enough to just “wash your hands”. If you aren’t a surgeon, a molecular biologist, or work in the f...
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Coronavirus Threatens Americans With Underlying Conditions

Those with chronic health problems are more likely to develop severe illnesses and to die, research shows.
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What Does Coronavirus Do to the Body?

Here’s what scientists have learned about how the new virus infects and attacks cells and how it can affect organs beyond the lungs.
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What Does the Coronavirus Do to the Body?

Here’s what scientists have learned about how the new virus infects and attacks cells and how it can affect organs beyond the lungs.
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Can I Boost My Immune System?

Fears about coronavirus have prompted online searches and plenty of misinformation about how to strengthen the immune system. Here’s what works — and what doesn’t.
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Talking to Teens and Tweens About Coronavirus

Experts offer advice on how parents can help adolescents get the facts straight and be prepared.
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Why the Coronavirus Seems to Hit Men Harder Than Women

Women mount stronger immune responses to infection, scientists say. And in China, men smoke in much greater numbers.
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How Do Bats Live With So Many Viruses?

They are considered the probable source of the coronavirus outbreak spreading from China. It turns out that they may have an immune system that lets them coexist with many disease-causing viruses.
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The Secret That Helps Some Trees Live More Than 1,000 Years

By comparing very old and young ginkgos in China, scientists found an explanation for their longevity.
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An Apocryphal Christmas Miracle

An old tale about a children’s ward in 1891 may be a myth, but the diphtheria antitoxin was a real gift.
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Crispr Takes Its First Steps in Editing Genes to Fight Cancer

So far, a procedure that turbocharges the immune system to attack tumors seems safe, but it’s too soon to tell whether it helps patients.
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Measles Can Cause ‘Immune Amnesia,’ Increasing Risk of Other Infections

New research shows the virus can have devastating effects on the immune system that persist much longer than the illness itself.
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How Creating Balance in Your Gut Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

Most of us are pretty familiar with how anxiety feels in our body. When you have anxious thoughts, your body responds with a tightening in the stomach, nausea, gas, heartburn, and indigestion. The connection between your brain and your gastrointestinal tract goes the other way as well. If your digestive system is disrupted, it can send signals to your brain that may cause you to become anxious. This bidirectional connection is called the gut-brain axis. We are still learning a lot about the ...
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In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer

A new study found that certain fungi can settle in the pancreas, where they spur the growth of tumors.
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Half of H.I.V. Patients Are Women. Most Research Subjects Are Men.

Trials of vaccines and treatments have not included enough female participants. Now that scientists are exploring possible cures, the need to enroll women is greater than ever.
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The Ethicist: Can I Get My Anti-Vaxx Sister’s Kids Vaccinated?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on inoculating a sibling’s children behind her back, and more.
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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

The epic hunt for a sunken World War II warship. Why you should eat food off the floor. The future of Japan’s enchanting ice monsters. And more.
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Your Environment Is Cleaner. Your Immune System Has Never Been So Unprepared.

A century ago, British scientists suggested a link between increased hygiene and allergic conditions — the first hint that our immune systems are becoming improperly “trained.”
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H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient, a Milestone in the Global AIDS Epidemic

Scientists have long tried to duplicate the procedure that led to the first permanent remission 12 years ago. With the so-called London patient, they seem to have succeeded.
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11 Of The Healthiest Winter Foods You Should Eat

Winter is a season, which is awaited for its grandeur with a vacation lifestyle and picnics in the back of everyone’s mind. Though it brings a chill in the air, the young and not so young are thrilled by the various activities, like bonfires, barbeque winter foods. Travelling to snow-capped tourist destinations with its panoramic views, which are a rarity in our tropical climate. There are a wide array of succulent dishes, which tickles the bud of the young and the old. The cold, fog...
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Scientists Are Teaching the Body to Accept New Organs

Patients receiving new kidneys and livers must take damaging anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. Now researchers hope to train the immune system instead of just tamping it down.
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A Lifelong Biodome Experiment Could Reveal How the Immune System Shapes Personality

It’s the sort of realization that ought to make you existentially terrified: All of your thoughts and actions are influenced by countless interconnected factors, most of which you are never conscious of. Read more...
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