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Impact Acquires Affluent to Power Agency Managed Partnership Programmes at Scale

With its second acquisition of 2021, Impact offers the most comprehensive set of technology solutions for all players in the partnership ecosystem  LONDON — Impact, the global leader in partnership automation, today announced the acquisition of Affluent, the leading analytics and automation platform designed to help agencies manage partnership programmes for brands at scale. This […] The post Impact Acquires Affluent to Power Agency Managed Partnership Programmes at Scale appeared first on Ad Te...
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2021 Tommy Armour Impact Putters

The new Tommy Armour Impact 2021 line includes revised No. 1 and No. 3 models and a new No. 2 wide. All putters feature new contrasting visuals and a new softer insert. Putters are available now with an MSRP of $149.99. In 2021, Tommy Armour is updating its Impact putter line. In most situations, a big box sporting goods retailer updating a house putter line would not be a big deal. However, the original Tommy Armour Impact putter line proved to be anything but a dismissible batch of budget pu...
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Impact Acquires Trackonomics, Boosts Publisher Commerce Content Capabilities

Acquisition accelerates Impact’s market leadership position in publisher partnership technology LONDON, UK — Impact, the global leader in partnership automation today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Trackonomics Ltd, the leading e-commerce software automation and data attribution solution designed for content publishers. This acquisition enhances Impact’s publisher technology capabilities through the Partnership Cloud. […] The post Impact Acquires Trackonomics, Boosts Publishe...
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Skydance Television Inks First-Look Deal With Impact to Source Content From Emerging Writers

Skydance Television, the diversified media company behind “Grace and Frankie,” “Altered Carbon” and “Jack Ryan,” has inked a first-look deal with global talent network and development accelerator program Impact. The contract will enable Skydance to source television content from writers around the world through Impact’s proprietary open application and evaluation system. Impact’s algorithm claims to […]
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Impact Closes 2020 with Growth in Partnership Automation

The resiliency of partnerships fueled steady growth throughout a challenging year LONDON, UK. — Impact, the global leader in partnership automation, today announced key benchmarks in the company’s growth, including the addition of 500 new clients in the first three quarters of 2020, establishing a total roster of more than 1,200 globally. New clients added […] The post Impact Closes 2020 with Growth in Partnership Automation appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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wegg’s Impact

At Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global® (wegg®), our distinctive programming allows women entrepreneurs to learn how to go global, connect with like-minded business owners, and tap into a vast pool of resources that wegg offers. wegg has already educated more than 2,000 women entrepreneurs and business owners on how to go global. Your tax-deductable donation will help even more women in need access the right training, education, advisory networks, mentorships and community programs to take her busin...
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WHY Creating an impact IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS

“Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one, where doing good really is good for business.” – Sir Richard Branson The world faces some of the most challenging conditions ever seen. COVID has impacted everyone’s lives, both economically and emotionally. The world is going through a massive transformation. A metamorphosis that is seeing the old systems, structures, and ways...
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Water quality and distribution monitoring software Ketos raises $18 million

Water quality and logistics monitoring software Ketos has raised $15 million from a group of investors to take advantage of the growing demand for better water management tools and technologies. The potential for more stringent regulatory oversight of industrial water use and wastewater management from local, state and federal government coupled with increasing consumer and investor demands for better corporate environmental stewardship is driving an unprecedented adoption of technology and serv...
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Impact, a YC-style accelerator for the entertainment industry, spins out from Imagine Entertainment with backing from Benchmark

Hollywood has been better known for making films and TV shows about the tech industry than it has been for being a part of it, but today a new enterprise is launching, backed by a major Silicon Valley venture firm, that hopes to hit pause on that image. Imagine Impact, a content accelerator that launched two years ago under production powerhouse Imagine Entertainment to impart a “Y Combinator” approach to sourcing new work and connecting it with production opportunities, has raised a Series A ro...
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Impact Acquires ACTIVATE Influencer Marketing Platform

The acquisition bolsters influencer capabilities within Impact’s Partnership Cloud, accelerating market leadership position in influencer industry  London — Impact, the global leader in partnership automation, today announced the acquisition of ACTIVATE, a leading brand and SaaS platform in the influencer industry. The acquisition, effective today, includes the industry leading end to end platform for influencer discovery; reporting; […] The post Impact Acquires ACTIVATE Influencer Marketing Pla...
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Impact Releases Tactical Guide for Optimising and Driving Revenue Growth from Partnership Automation Programmes

Impact, the global leader in partnership automation, today released a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study, Smooth the Partnership Journey by Learning from high-maturity companies, provides a set of actionable next steps for optimisation, fully tailored to the maturity level of the individual programme.   The World Trade Organisation cites that 75% of world trade flows indirectly: not through direct selling […] The post Impact Releases Tactical Guide for Optimising and...
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Speakers Need To Learn How To Use Stories To Connect & Engage Audiences

Stories bring out the emotion in our audiences Image Credit: Photo by Andre Guerra on Unsplash The one thing that I think that I can say that everyone will agree with me about is that when we go to the trouble of giving a speech, we want to be remembered. In order to make this happen, what we say has to use the importance of public speaking to connect with our audience. What we need to understand is that the facts that we include in our speech are not going to be tied to the audience’s emot...
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We may not all be infected. But we will all be impacted.

We may not all be infected. But we will all be impacted. We used to say that the only constant is change – and this has gained new meaning nowadays. The coronavirus spreads fast around the globe, and while we may not all be infected by it, we will all be impacted by it. With that said, we can all start to prepare for the changes we will see in social dynamics, behavior, and commerce. So, here’s our angle on the matter and initial guidelines and insights into navigating this new shift (by 360i)...
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Managers Discover The Power Of Emotional Intelligence

Successful managers need to learn how to show emotional intelligence Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash So how good are you as a manager at showing your emotional intelligence to your team? A lot of us would say that we’re not very good at doing this, but then we’d follow this up by saying something like “I’m not that type of person.” It turns out that you’d be wrong. We can all show emotional intelligence to our team and all we have to do is learn how to go about doing it. The Po...
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Why Novelty is So Important for Your Presentation

In our last blog, we talked about the trend of overcommunication. We tend to get bombarded with lots of information these days. That means presenters have to work harder to make their information stand out. When you present, you want to make an impact, right? But how exactly do you do that? Try novelty. Let’s look at some of the traditional ideas about how novel information impacts us and then check out some of the modern research proving those ideas. Then we’ll brainstorm a few ways to use nove...
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How Can You Become More Persuasive In Your Next Speech?

The reason that we give a speech is to persuade an audience Image Credit: Gabriel Caparó So why do you even bother? Why go to all of the effort to give a speech? I mean, if you agree to give a speech you are really signing yourself up to pick a topic, do the research needed, write the speech, practice the speech, and then finally go to the effort of actually delivering the speech. Man, that sure seems like a big commitment. Why do it? If you are like most of us the reason that you are wi...
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Impact Expands its Mobile Partnership Capabilities to Drive High-Value User Acquisition

Impact’s Partnership Cloud can validate high-value app installs, reduce fraudulent activity and identify new partnership opportunities for mobile marketers SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Impact, the global leader in Partnership Automation, announced an expansion of Impact’s Partnership Cloud™, to help mobile marketers drive high-value app installs, prevent fraud and manage all their partnerships in one place. […] The post Impact Expands its Mobile Partnership Capabilities to Drive High-Value User Acqui...
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Thierry Henry excited to start coaching Montreal Impact

MONTREAL — Thierry Henry views his new job as head coach of the Montreal Impact as a fresh start.Speaking to reporters at the soccer club's training centre on Monday for the first time, the French legend preached patience. Henry will be aiming to put his stamp on the Impact, who haven't made the Major League Soccer playoffs in three seasons, finishing the 2019 campaign with a 12-17-5 record.He sought to temper expectations, assuring he has a plan."We will have to work hard, be patient,...
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What Kind Of Expectations Are You Creating Through Your Leadership?

In today’s competitive market, it’s critical that leaders use every tool at their disposal to ensure their organization’s success. But how many of us are tapping into the power of expectations and the benefits it gives rise to? It’s an idea I explore through a wonderful story I share in ... Click to continue reading
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Want Great Insight? Then Experience It!

Listen, Watch…Then Do I’ll argue that while most do the first two , very few get to the last – the do part. That’s the single most important thing. It’s through the do, through direct experience that one develops and picks up on the most important thing. Context. Only through a never ending, ecosystem wide ...
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The 3 Gaps

We all want to make a difference. But  just as you need to put on your own oxygen mask before helping other passengers on an airplane, getting your own life together is the first step to making a positive impact in the world. What stops us are gaps between where we are and where we want to be. Hyrum Smith, author of The 3 Gaps and cofounder of the Franklin Day Planner, believes there are 3 main gaps that hinder us from making the world a better place. The Beliefs Gap exists between what we belie...
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What’s Your Leadership Wake?

The term wake is a boating term that refers “to the trail of disturbed water that is left as a boat moves in the water.” It can be seen from some distance away, and the size of the wake is typically determined by the speed and the size of the boat. Whatever the magnitude of the wake, the one thing that is certain is that a wake is created. A boat simply cannot move without disturbing the water around it. It’s a physical impossibility. What Is A Leadership Wake?  In much the same way as a boat ...
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Two years into investing out of our first Impact Fund: here’s what we’re learning

Two years ago, we raised our first impact fund, closing just under $7M in the fall of 2017. Since then, we have made over 73 investments and our fund is nearly fully invested.  In addition to investments made through our Techstars Impact Accelerator (Austin, TX), Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (Denver, CO) and Cox Enterprises Social Impact Accelerator powered by Techstars (Atlanta, GA), this fund participates in Seed and Series A deals of impac...
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Ethical Artistry: Does Any of This Really Matter? If So, What Practical Steps Can I Take?

This is the final post in a four-part series looking at concert curation and some of the larger ethical dilemmas we all face as artists as a result. If you want to jump back, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are here. The first three parts of this series consider a wide spectrum of topics related to ethical artistry. Part 1 discusses the conviction with which we approach our work and who it benefits; Part 2 considers aspects of the artistic process where ethical issues arise; and Part 3 suggests that...
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Our First Techstars Impact Report

In 2006, Techstars launched with the simple belief that entrepreneurs build a better future. Twelve years and over 1700 portfolio companies later, we’ve watched this belief be confirmed year after year in all corners of the world. Still, 2018 represented a notable milestone for Techstars, we launched Techstars Impact, our first impact fund, exclusively dedicated to backing entrepreneurs tackling our most pressing global challenges. With Techstars Impact, we believe that our deepest proble...
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Astronomers Around the World Are Training in Case a Giant Asteroid Threatens Earth

On October 12, 2017, a 20-meter asteroid passed just 50,000 kilometers (31,000 miles) from Earth. For weeks, dozens of astronomers from labs around the world mobilized, measuring everything they could about the asteroid in preparation for an impact.Read more...
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What Can Google Teach Managers About Teams?

What does it take to create a team that will be successful? Image Credit: danny O. The way that most work gets done is when we create a team of professionals, tell them what needs to be done, and then send them off to accomplish it. However, that is not always what happens. We’ve all had experiences with teams that we’ve used our manager skills to build that have struggled to accomplish their goals, have fought with each other, and generally have not gotten along very well. We know what fa...
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Mission Edge Taps 10 Businesses for “Social Enterprise” Accelerator

Mission Edge, a nonprofit organization backed by the San Diego Foundation and three corporations, has chosen 10 companies and organizations to participate in a 12-week program intended to improve each entity’s financial performance, and thereby long-term sustainability.Called the Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL), the program has previously taken place twice. SAIL’s sponsors are wireless giant Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) and automotive software maker Mitchell, both of which are ba...
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It Looks Like There's a Second, Bigger Impact Crater Under Greenland's Ice

Scientists have spotted a potential asteroid crater in Greenland just 114 miles away from another one announced a few months ago. But the newest crater is even larger—it would be the 22nd largest on Earth.Read more...
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Preview Thursday: The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success

We are pleased to present this excerpt from The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success by David Nielson. Impact Must Equal Intent Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.  —Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters My time growing up was fairly typical. My father worked for United Airlines in a variety of executive positions, rising up to becoming the assistant to the president. My mother was a homemaker and took care of three kids, two dogs, and one parakee...
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