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Cattle Ranchers Are Trying to Get the Word 'Meat' Taken Off the Labels of Meat Substitutes

The rise of Impossible Foods and its signature Impossible Burger, the plant-based burger brand that is all the rage lately, and their faux-meat ilk has apparently rattled some in the cattle business. The New York Times reported this weekend on a spate of state laws aiming to outlaw the use of the word “meat” on labels …Read more...
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A food startup backed by 2 industry giants is diving into the alt-meat market with a 'super protein' enabled by a discovery in Yellowstone's volcanic hot springs (ADM)

A new kind of 'super protein' startup launched on Monday with backing from Silicon Valley VC firm 1955 Capital and the venture arms of two global food companies. The raw materials for its approach came from research done deep inside Yellowstone's volcanic hot springs, where organisms must adapt to a barren environment. The startup, called Sustainable Bioproducts, claims it can brew up high quantities of its product while having a minimal impact on the environment. Protein is what’s for dinner...
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​Vegan burgers make men feel fuller than beef, study finds

A recent study compared mens' physiological responses after eating beef and plant-based burgers.All men said they felt fuller after eating the plant-based burger.Vegan burgers are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and abroad, likely due to their health and environmental benefits. None Which do you think would leave you feeling more satiated: a cheeseburger made of good ol'-fashioned meat and cheese, or a vegan burger with tofu? The likely answer is the vegan burger, according to new rese...
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Kickstarter's Tech Predictions for 2019

Testing out the eVscope at the Kickstarter and Hardware Club CES after-party.  Every year our Design & Tech team joins hundreds of past and future Kickstarter creators at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It's where companies big and small show off recent and upcoming products, making it an ideal place to divine the future of tech—if you can cut through the chaos of 4,000 companies exhibiting various degrees of "innovation" to 180,000 attendees. To take a stab at it, we asked creators and c...
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Plant-based burgers Impossible and Beyond get an upgrade and more recognition

There are plenty of new gadgets coming to market, from 8K televisions or Alexa-equipped toilets. But publisher Digital Trend’s pick for top tech winner at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wasn’t a gadget at all. It was the Impossible Burger 2.0. The new, improved versions of the plant-based patty and its main competitor, the Beyond Burger, are rolling out in restaurants ranging from hipster hangouts to huge fast food chains as they strive to give diners alternatives to eating ...
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We tried the new Impossible Burger at CES heres what we thought

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is in full swing in Las Vegas. While smart home technology, televisions and wearable tech takes center stage, many surprising innovations are grabbing media attention. Take, for instance, the latest iteration of an Inhabitat favorite — the Impossible Burger. We tried the newest recipe from Impossible at this year’s CES; keep reading for our thoughts. Delicious in tacos or served as a classic burger, the Impossible Burger has become a favorite for vegeta...
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Impossible launches its second-gen burger at CES

CES is, at best, a mixed bag on the food front. It’s certainly true that Las Vegas has a number of world class restaurants, but on most days, you’re either standing in impossibly long lines for terrible convention center fast food or fighting it out for some press center box lunch. The folks at Impossible Burgers, however, were kind enough to hire Border Grill’s Mary Sue Milliken to help grill up its latest offering at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. The definition of technology is, admittedly, prett...
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Will meat-free products redefine fast food in 2019?

Can plant-based proteins bring home the bacon? Restaurant experts think so. Sixty-four percent of chefs surveyed by the National Restaurant Association for its 2019 What’s Hot Culinary Survey expect plant-based burgers and sausages to become a top trend. Products such as the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are already seeing big growth. They are part of a new generation of veggie burgers said to look and taste more like beef. There’s a market for meatless menu items in fast food restaurants, a...
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Beyond the Cow: ICYMI, BYND IPO PDQ, and Perfect Day AKA Muufri JDA w/ ADM, FYI

It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States but we are feasting alternatively on acronyms here in Digestville. I.E., e.g., ICYMI, BYND IPO PDQ, and FYI Perfect Day AKA Muufri JDA w/ ADM. As they said at Bletchley Park, let’s get out the Enigma machine and decode. In New York and California this week, the nutrition side of industrial biotechnology — and specifically, the “beyond the cow moovement is, ahem, mooving faster with news that Beyond Meat has filed for its IPO and Perfect Day has inked ...
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Plant-Based Burger Maker Beyond Meat Cooks Up Plans for an IPO

We’ll soon find out if Wall Street has the appetite for investing in alternative meat technology.Beyond Meat, a maker of plant-based meat products, has filed for an IPO. The El Segundo, CA-based company set a preliminary target of $100 million for the stock offering, a figure that will likely change as the company moves closer to its stock market debut. Beyond Meat has applied for a Nasdaq listing under the stock symbol “BYND.”Investors are still sizing up Beyond Meat, but the brand has become ...
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Impossible Burgers to hit grocery stores in 2019

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based patty that bleeds and sizzles when it cooks, and for the past couple of years, you could only find it in restaurants. Made from the magic ingredient heme, an iron-containing compound that mimics a meaty flavor, this patty has a smaller environmental footprint than its beef counterpart, and it has become extremely popular since its debut in 2016. Starting next year, the beloved Impossible Burger might just find its way onto the shelves of a grocery store ne...
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The 40 Hottest Technologies in the Advanced Bioeconomy 2018

In California, Impossible Foods took the #1 spot in the 2018 “40 Hottest Technologies in the Advanced Bioeconomy” rankings, published today in The Digest, the world’s most widely-read bioeconomy daily. The announcement was made live at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC Global), which is meeting in San Francisco this week. Impossible Foods was honored for its innovations in making “meat without the cow”. The annual rankings, which recognize innovation and achievement in technolo...
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Watching the Wu-Tang Clan Ponder Life While Eating Burgers in Space Is Gloriously Satisfying

On September 12, Impossible Foods launched its plant-based Impossible Burger at White Castles nationwide. The partnership is a somewhat historic one for the award-winning food start-up as White Castle becomes the first national restaurant chain to offer the Impossible brand. So what is the best way to celebrate such a monumental feat? Naturally, you fly...
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Impossible Foods And White Castle Team Up With Wu-Tang Clan To Feed And Entertain You

Leading food startup Impossible Foods launched its award-winning, plant-based burger at all White Castle restaurants nationwide for $1.99 on September 12, making it the first nationwide fast-food chain to offer the Impossible Burger. To spread the good slider news (while simultaneously making a dent in cracking life’s big questions), Impossible Foods and White Castle have partnered with the Wu-Tang Clan trio to debut a four-part online series, “Wu Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders,” pre...
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‘Harold and Kumar’ actor Kal Penn shares why he backed the startup behind Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘bleeding’ veggie burger, which is now at White Castle

Kal Penn, the actor who played Kumar in the 2004 cult comedy "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," now has a reason to return to the burger chain in real life. This week, the chain is adding Silicon Valley's favorite "bleeding" veggie burger from startup Impossible Foods to the menu at all of its nearly 400 restaurants. Impossible Foods' veggie burger sizzles and tastes like a beef burger thanks to key ingredient heme, and is backed by Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Kumar is going back to ...
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Impossible Foods is going to every White Castle

Five months after launching a pilot program with the iconic White Castle fast food chain, Impossible Foods is taking its meatless burger substitute to every one of the company’s restaurants. Impossible Foods goes to White Castle With the rollout, White Castle becomes the largest fast food chain to include the Impossible Burger on its menu and the largest customer for the purveyor of beef-like meat-substitutes. Where’s the beef? For Impossible Foods it’s in boosting burger sales and raisi...
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Kal Penn from 'Harold and Kumar' wants you to go back to White Castle for a Bill-Gates backed veggie burger that 'bleeds'

Kal Penn, the actor who played Kumar in the 2004 cult comedy "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," now has a reason to return to the burger chain in real life. The chain's vegetarian sliders made with patties from startup Impossible Foods will become available at all of its nearly 400 restaurants nationwide on Wednesday. Impossible Foods is known for its Impossible Burger, which sizzles and "bleeds" just like a traditional burger, and has received funding from several big name investors, incl...
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There’s no meat, eggs or dairy _ but don’t call them “vegan”

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not vegan, it’s “plant-based.” So will carnivores bite? As companies try to cater to Americans’ interest in lighter eating, the term “plant-based” is replacing “vegan” and “vegetarian” on some foods. The worry is that the v-words might have unappetizing or polarizing associations. Impossible Foods, which makes a meatless patty that’s […]
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Impossible Foods highlights their impact and journey to 2035

In California, Impossible Foods published their 2018 impact report highlighting their progress toward its founding goal of eliminating the need for animals as a food production technology by 2035. The company announced they are hiring a second shift of employees to double production at its first large-scale factory, in Oakland, California, and their flagship product, the Impossible Burger, is now served at more than 3,000 restaurants in the United States, Hong Kong and Macau — up from 40 restaur...
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Impossible Burger totally possible according to the FDA

Last month, while I was in Boston on assignment, my EIC took me out for lunch. Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger was on the menu at the joint we went to. I had my doubts, as I ordered the thing, but it seemed like a rare opportunity to try the hard-to-find lab-grown burger that I shouldn’t pass up. It was absolutely delicious. Thanks to the FDA’s declaration that all of the ingredients in the Impossible patty are safe to consume, for most everyone, we might start seeing the plant-based meat in...
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Seattle Food Tech looks to replace the chicken nugget with a plant-based copycat

Christie Lagally spent half of a decade working on planes as an aerospace engineer — but now she’s trying to attack the food industry head-on with a hopeful attempt to change the way we eat chicken. That’s the aim of Seattle Food Tech, which looks to create what effectively looks and feels like a chicken nugget out of plant-based food. That means trying to mimic it all the way down to the puff it gets in an oven, and while some companies like Impossible Foods go after the look and feel of a burg...
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Impossible Burgers' Key, Bloody Ingredient Wins FDA Approval

The FDA has approved the key ingredient used in the vegetarian-friendly Impossible Burger. "The ingredient, soy leghemoglobin, releases a protein called heme that gives the meat substitute its distinctive blood-like color and taste," reports CNBC. The burger comes from a company aptly named Impossible Foods, which started raising millions of dollars in 2015 to pursue a plant-based burger that truly tastes like meat. From the report: In a letter to Impossible Foods released Monday, the FDA deemed...
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That bleeding vegetarian burger from Impossible Foods is now FDA-approved

Impossible Foods created a vegetarian burger that "bleeds" just like a real, juicy, half-pounder does. This week, the FDA determined that the key ingredient in Impossible Foods' veggie burger poses no risk to our health. The post That bleeding vegetarian burger from Impossible Foods is now FDA-approved appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The startup behind Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘bleeding’ veggie burger has scored a major victory in its battle for legitimacy

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based patty made by Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods, with backing from Bill Gates. Some advocates said the burger was unsafe because of a key ingredient called heme, which the FDA initially said it couldn't recognize as safe without further research. On Monday, the FDA gave Impossible Foods the official green light that heme is safe to eat. The magic ingredient that made Silicon Valley's favorite veggie burger "bleed" but also spooked a handful of adv...
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The startup behind the Bill Gates-backed veggie burger that ‘bleeds’ is part of a transition to animal-free meat — here are the other frontrunners

Tasty alternatives to meat aren't enough for these startups, which are working on burgers, fried chicken, and sushi that verges on the real thing — all without the usual environmental waste or ethical concerns. While some companies pursue creative plant-based recipes for burgers that "bleed," others are coaxing animal cells into real flesh. These startups are on the front lines of the future of meat, and some are already changing what we eat. Remember when ordering a veggie burger meant doom...
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Protein, Protein: The bioeconomy’s latest technology fad is, actually, a pivot back to an ancient and enduring concern

In the bioeconomy, the grass is always greener on the other side of a corporate repositioning, and we’ve seen the product and feedstocks fads roll onto the shoreline with numbing regularity. We had ethanol until there was biodiesel, and algae until there was jet fuel. Then, chemicals until there was Brazil, and drop-in fuels until there was methane. We had greenfields until there were bolt-ons, gene transformation until there was CRISPR. We had plastics until there was nylon, and fatty acids un...
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Impossible Foods makes a wheat protein burger with taste and aroma of meat

Impossible Foods has $400 million in funding. Pat Brown founded it in 2011. They now are selling factory produced meat to 2000 restaurants. They have sold 4 million burger patties. Their goal is to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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There's a growing battle between fake meat startups and Big Meat, and neither side is backing down

In February 2018, the US Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) filed a petition to the USDA arguing that lab-grown and plant-based meat startups should not be able to call their products "meat," since they do not come from slaughtered animals.  The startups say they are not backing down. While lab-grown meat products are not available to the public yet, a number of startups are attempting to make it more commercially feasible. Plant-based meat companies, like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, already...
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The magic ingredient in Silicon Valley's favorite 'bleeding' veggie burger is under fire

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based patty made by Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods with backing from Bill Gates. The burger is available across the US, most recently in White Castle burger chains. Environmentalists and journalists are taking issue with the burger's safety because of a key ingredient called heme, which is made using GMOs. But the scientific research suggests that the burger is perfectly safe. Today's veggie burgers can be described with a handful of delicious-soundi...
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This startup wants to help the planet with meatless burgers

Impossible Foods is trying to persuade consumers in the United States and Hong Kong to bite into burgers that bleed beetroot juice rather than blood.
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