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How Much Could We Lose At Trial?

It's an important question. So why don't people answer it accurately?
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Book Smarts Versus Street Smarts? Don’t Forget To Hire Both

GPA and law school pedigree will still weigh heavily on hiring decisions, but street smarts are quickly becoming a leading factor.
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How To Defend Your Practice

Battling cyber criminals in the legal profession requires a vigilant mindset.
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How In-House Counsel Can Maximize Competitive Advantage [Sponsored]

The report suggests that the best way forward is to focus as much on the impact of the services delivered as on finding efficiencies and reducing legal spend.
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Embracing ‘Unprofessionalism’

Non-attorneys offer a lot to the legal industry -- clients need to recognize that.
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Want Our Business? Don’t Forget Your Discount

While discounts may not make or break every engagement, you can be sure they will help start each new engagement on the right foot.
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Morning Docket: 04.11.19

* Game of Thrones bar prep? How does the Rule Against Perpetuities consider reanimated corpses? [] * Labor Department flags Biglaw for diversity failings. That's not the announcement most expected to hear from this administration, but we'll take it. [American Lawyer] * Julian Assange got kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy and is now in custody. It seems as though Robert Mueller might have wanted to keep his investigation open a couple more weeks. [Huffington Post] * Speaking of the M...
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On Thinking Versus Really Thinking

If you'd like to develop a reputation as a competent person, you'll choose to think seriously about stuff. 
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Why Cybersecurity Matters: A Lawyer’s Toolkit

The legal industry is among the juiciest of all honeypot for hackers, given the datasets held by firms, practitioners, and within the public judicial system itself.
Tags: Technology, Law, Cybersecurity, In-House Counsel, Jennifer DeTrani

Bringing Diversity To The In-House World: Get Ready For The ‘Legal Department Edition’ Of The Mansfield Rule

Which corporate legal teams are willing to hold themselves to these high standards?
Tags: Law, Diversity, In-House Counsel, Diversity Lab, Mansfield Rule, Manfield Rule: Legal Department Edition

Ex Post Facto… Not A Good Time For Edits

Never forget to expressly ask for the opportunity to review your legal team’s work prior to its dissemination.
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Morning Docket: 04.04.19

* Gordon Caplan showed up in court. At least he didn't hire someone else to do his appearance for him. [Hartford Courant] * Mueller people think the report might be worse than the four-page summary written by Trump's stooge might suggest. [CNN] * Wait, Jones Day may be a terrible place to work? [American Lawyer] * In-house counsel needed in the Bay Area. [Corporate Counsel] * Facebook user records just left laying around in public. Red angry face. [Law360] * The mayor from Mayer. [American ...
Tags: Facebook, Privacy, Law, Australia, Bay Area, Trump, Ny Times, Mueller, Mayer, Hartford Courant, Mayer Brown, Robert Mueller, In-House Counsel, Jones Day, Morning Docket, Gordon Caplan

Morning Docket: 04.03.19

* President Trump doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report being released to Congress and the public anymore, which is strange since it was a “complete and total exoneration.” [POLITICO] * Meanwhile, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee seem to be divided over how quickly they want to subpoena the full Mueller report from Attorney General William Barr. Either way, a vote will take place sometime today. [Washington Post] * Law firm merger act...
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She Shoots. She Scores. GOAL! How To Win Internal Meetings For The In-House Counsel Attendee

I recently had the pleasure of sitting through an all-day, all-hands department meeting for my product team focused on planning and strategy for the upcoming quarter. And by pleasure, I mean, it was akin to sawing off an extremity with a dull blade while an episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club was blaring in the […]
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Morning Docket: 03.29.19

* President Trump claims that the FBI and the DOJ will be investigating the Jussie Smollett case because it’s an “absolute embarrassment to our country.” Meanwhile, in more realistic news, Chicago wants the Empire actor to pay $130,000 to cover the costs of the officers who worked on the case. [Wall Street Journal] * According to Diane Feinstein, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat, “the blue slip is essentially dead.” May the century-old tradition rest in peace. [Big Law Business] *...
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Lawyers Aren’t Infallible

Sometimes lawyers make mistakes. Shake them off, and keep going.
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Stephen R. Williams

Celebrating Women Lawyers During Women’s History Month

Despite all the progress that women lawyers here have made here in the last 140 years or so, we still have a long way to go and much to do.
Tags: Law, Women's Issues, Biglaw, In-House Counsel, Women's History Month, Jill Switzer

Which Law Firms Are Best For Your Specific Market? The ATL Outside Counsel Industry Rankings

Biglaw firms claim specialties in many areas, but which ones do the best work in their industries?
Tags: Law, Rankings, Biglaw, In-House Counsel, Litigation Finance, Lake Whillans, Outside Counsel

Navigating The Legal Landscape Of Cannabis

A patchwork of legal laws and the unique nature of the cannabis business require creativity, agility, and cyber-awareness by counsel.
Tags: Law, Marijuana, Cybersecurity, Cannabis, Compliance, In-House Counsel, Jennifer DeTrani

The Horror Within: Grappling With Insanity Babble When It’s Your In-House Counterpart

What do you do when it’s the attorney leading the descent into madness?
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Kay Thrace

Women Lawyers ‘Speak Up’ On RBG’s Birthday

We can’t think of a better way to have celebrate RBG’s birthday. Can you?
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Morning Docket: 03.18.19

* Sorry, bro, but one of them doesn’t like beer anymore: The Tenth Circuit denied 20 appeals of its earlier decision to dismiss misconduct complaints against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but this time, the panel was split, with one judge saying the "entire council should be disqualified." [National Law Journal] * "It’s not enough to legalize marijuana at the federal level — we should also help those who have suffered due to its prohibition." If you're a Democratic candidate running for presiden...
Tags: Politics, Supreme Court, Law, Marijuana, Nbc News, Diversity, New York Times, Gloria Allred, Thomson Reuters, Trump, Preet Bharara, Democratic, Election 2020, Sonia Sotomayor, Southern District of New York, Tenth Circuit

Don’t Worry About My Feelings, Outside Counsel, I Want The Facts

As outside counsel, your duty is to serve your client, no matter the feelings that may be hurt.
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Stephen R. Williams

The Litigation Finance Survey Report: Check Out Our Findings [Sponsored]

A detailed and sometimes surprising portrait of the ongoing dynamics of the practice.
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Should Clients Insist That Young Lawyers Get Trial Experience?

It’s really not our job, says in-house columnist Mark Herrmann.
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Wokest Job Opening In History For The Right General Counsel

I should apply for this. I saw it first.
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Improving Organizational Collaboration In Response To Cyber Attacks

It’s crucial to align HR, legal, and IT when an insider threat is discovered.
Tags: Technology, Law, Cybersecurity, In-House Counsel, Jennifer DeTrani

Outside Counsel Rankings List The Firms You Want To Call

Our second annual look at the firms in-house counsel think you should call.
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