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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in June 2019

You know the drill: new month, new movies. June is coming, and bringing it with it a whole new slew of titles you’ll be able to stream on Netflix. Check out the best new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in June 2019. Movies Coming to Netflix in June 2019 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse The best Spider-Man movie ever made hits Netflix in June, and that’s worth getting excited about. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a wildly inventive, massively entertaining and ultimately ende...
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Sofar Sounds raise $25m, but will artists see any of that?

Sofar Sounds are bringing unique, intimate gigs to people’s living rooms and other mysterious locations – but are they for the artists, the audience, or themselves? Sofar Sounds aren’t just a live sessions producer, nor are they quite a gig promoter – they stand in a league of their own. They launched just under 10 years ago with a passion for live music and a disdain for the rest of the live music experience – loud crowds, busy venues, sweaty smells, exorbitant drink prices. Sofar Soun...
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Sales statistics for March 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for March 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. The post Sales statistics for March 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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‘The Mountain’ Trailer: Jeff Goldblum Wants to Give You a Lobotomy

Would you let Jeff Goldblum give you a lobotomy? The answer is probably yes – he’s so charming! But in Rick Alverson‘s surreal new film The Mountain, Goldblum’s lobotomy practices are growing increasingly controversial. The actor plays a doctor in the 1950s, working with a young photographer (Tye Sheridan) on an asylum tour. Watch The Mountain trailer below. The Mountain Trailer Well, this sure looks…odd. The Mountain comes from director Rick Alverson – the filmmaker behind The Comedy a...
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Is this RouteNote Sessions’ most fun session ever?!

It’s not every week you get an act like Tugboat Captain in. Their music is brilliant but their attitude is completely contagious, spreading laughter and enjoyment around the studio and through the screens. This session is sure to brighten your day and fill it with wonderful, infectious sounds. Tugboat Captain FacebookSpotify Routenote Sessions FacebookYouTubeSpotify The post Is this RouteNote Sessions’ most fun session ever?! appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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How to get people streaming your music

We’re proud to make it free and easy for artists to get their music on all the biggest services around the world – now it’s time to get people listening! So your music is online and available for people to hear from wherever they are on top services like Spotify and Apple Music. The next step is to get people listening so the streams start racking up and your fan-base builds across the globe. There are lots of ways to reach fans new and old. We’re going to share some of the best methods...
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Plane Crash in Moscow: 41 Dead After Russian Aeroflot Jet’s Fiery Crash Landing

Viktor Marchukaites/AFP/GettyAt least 41 people, including one U.S. citizen, were killed Sunday when a Russian plane made a fiery crash landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, according to Russian officials. The Russian Aeroflot carrier plane departed from Moscow, en route to the northern city of Murmansk. But flight tracking data shows the jet making a loop in Moscow’s skies before turning back to the airport. In shocking video, the plane can be seen attempting to land at about 7:30 p.m. loca...
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‘The Place of No Words’ Trailer: Where Do We Go When We Die?

Mark Webber‘s The Place of No Words poses a large, unanswerable question: “Where do we go when we die?” The indie drama follows a three-year-old who poses such a question through a fantasy-tinged tryptic, while also dealing real-world troubles. It looks visually inventive and narratively interesting, and could definitely be a smaller film worth looking out for. Watch The Place of No Words trailer below. The Place of No Words Trailer The Place of No Words wasn’t on my radar at all, but t...
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Evan Rachel Wood to Star in Hiroshima-Inspired ‘One Thousand Paper Cranes’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Evan Rachel Wood will star alongside Jim Sturgess and Shinobu Terajima in “One Thousand Paper Cranes,” the story of Hiroshima survivor Sadako Sasaki and author Eleanor Coerr, who wrote the worldwide bestselling children’s book “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.” Independent has boarded sales ahead of Cannes, where the project will be at the Marche. […]
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How to get paid after distributing your music on RouteNote

Once your music is live on all of the biggest stores and services around the world it’s time to get paid. So – your music is online on all the platforms you wanted and people around the world are listening to it. Now it’s time to start reaping your rewards as the streams and sales roll in. We distribute payments 45 days after the end of the month it has been earning in. For example if people were listening to your music in January then your music revenues would be available on the 15th ...
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How to see your statistics on RouteNote

So you’ve got your music online on the world’s favourite services with RouteNote. Now how do you see who’s listening? When your music is online on streaming services and music stores through RouteNote we will receive data on how your music is performing every month. 45 days after the end of each month we will have received and processed all the info on your music’s performance. So on the 15th of every month we will publish all of your music’s statistics. So if your music is online i...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in May 2019

Next month, Netflix will drop a whole new set of films and TV shows for your viewing pleasure. The constant barrage of Netflix originals will be there, as well as some must-see titles from others. Check out the best new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in May 2019. Movies Coming to Netflix in May 2019 Moonlight Barry Jenkins‘s beautiful, Oscar-winning Moonlight remains one of the best films of the 21st century – a stunning, swooning, emotionally-charged portrait of three distinct p...
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‘The Raid’ Remake is Still Happening and Joe Carnahan Shares New Plot Details

When the scrappy Indonesian martial arts thriller The Raid: Redemption became an instant action classic in 2011, it seemed inevitable that a Hollywood remake would be on its way. Lo and behold, Frank Grillo soon signed on to star in The Raid remake, and director Joe Carnahan signed on three years later. But that was in 2017, and since then, we’ve heard nary a peep about The Raid remake. But don’t worry, Carnahan is here to assure us that The Raid remake is still happening, in a new interview wh...
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‘Sadie’ Director Megan Griffiths Tells Us How to Get People to Care About Your Indie Film

Getting a film made is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can go through. From writing the script, to securing the financing, to picking a crew, to casting the film, to finally shooting and editing it, filmmaking requires a huge diversity of technical and creative skills. But in today’s media-saturated world, it’s arguably just as hard to convince people to care about your small indie film. If you have a tiny movie, how do you get it out there? What strategy do you use? What element...
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Bandcamp are pressing vinyls for artists and labels now

Bandcamp’s platform for independent artists and labels is getting a bit more physical with a new vinyl pressing service. Bandcamp provides a streaming platform and digital store for artists and labels to easily share their music with fans and the world. Their store lets uploaders choose to add merch and physical copies to their releases but now they want to open up the wonderful (and thriving) world of vinyl music to independent artists and labels. Bandcamp announced the new service las...
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Protect your music: A guide for artists on copyright

The world of copyright can be a complicated one but as an artist or creator it is VITAL you understand how your work is protected by the law and how to ensure you have the protection you need. Copyright can seem like a scary word sometimes. COPYRIGHT!  See what I mean? But don’t worry, with a little knowledge you and copyright will be the best of friends. Copyrights are all about security whether they are a trademark that protects identifying names and logos, patents that protect an inven...
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Jennifer Lawrence Joins Mysterious New Movie From Distributor A24

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has appeared in 19 movies since her breakout role in 2010’s Winter’s Bone, and Dark Phoenix, her 20th film in 9 years, comes out in under two months. But if it feels like you haven’t seen much of Lawrence lately, it’s because she took a well-deserved break from acting and hasn’t spent much time on a movie set since 2017. But a new report says she’s ending her hiatus with a mysterious new independent film from distributor A24, the company responsible for f...
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Sales statistics for February 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for February 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. The post Sales statistics for February 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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Now Stream This: ‘Destroyer’, ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘Lizzie’, ‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’, ‘The Fly’, ‘Between Worlds’ and More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.) It’s that time again! Time for more great movies you can stream right now. In this edition of Now Stream This, you’ll find a Nicole Kidman cop drama, Kristen Stewart deconstructing the story of Lizzie Borden, a quiet horror film, Nicolas Cage going full Cage, some disturbing body horror, a hilarious documentary, and more! These are the best movies ...
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Trailer Roundup: ‘Family’, ‘Wild Nights With Emily’, ‘Relaxer’, ‘Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?’, ‘Dead Trigger’, ‘Kevin Hart: Irresponsible’, ‘Our Planet’

Occasionally, some trailers slip through the cracks. That’s where a trailer roundup comes in handy. Below, watch as Taylor Schilling tries to bond with a juggalo, Molly Shannon plays Emily Dickinson, Dolph Lundgren fights zombies, and more films that may not have huge blockbuster heat, but are still worth checking out. Family In Family, Taylor Schilling is tasked with taking care of her niece – something she is ill-equipped to do. Hilarity ensues, and at one point, Schilling puts on som...
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Trump news: Mueller report said to 'undoubtedly' contain evidence of conspiracy, as president rages over Jussie Smollett and Mexico

The Mueller report “undoubtedly” contains evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, according to Fox Business legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, contradicting the verdict of attorney-general William Barr and risking the president’s ire.House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings has meanwhile warned of a looming “constitutional crisis” ahead as Democrats express growing frustration at what they see as Republican efforts to prevent the full release of the FBI special couns...
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RouteNote Troubleshooters: How do I see how much I’ve made?

My music has been live for longer than 45 days, where can I see how well my music has done? We receive the statistics and earnings that your music has made throughout a month 45 days after it has ended. So if your music is live in January you will be able to see your earnings for that month on the 15th of March. To see your earnings and statistics you can head to the page here. For a more detailed breakdown with your full sales report head here. If you have any further iss...
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Boots of Spanish Leather never sounded better than in this session

From the irrefutable soul of his beautiful Bob Dylan cover to his more alternative roots in his originals. Sam Varlow’s RouteNote Session is a majestic ride through his mind. Sam and his band prove their versatility through 3 tracks of smooth gold filtering through your ears. Lay back and enjoy this tasty session. Sam Varlow FacebookMusic Routenote Sessions FacebookYouTubeSpotify The post Boots of Spanish Leather never sounded better than in this session app...
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‘The Hummingbird Project’ Infographic Tells You How to Make $500 Million a Year

The Hummingbird Project hopes to expose the “ruthless edge of our increasingly digital world.” The film focuses on two cousins trying to win big in the world of high-frequency trading, a complicated subject I won’t pretend I’m smart enough to understand. It all comes down to quick timing – milliseconds, really. In a Hummingbird Project infographic below, the ins and outs of high-frequency trading are boiled down for you to obsess over. In The Hummingbird Project, “cousins Vincent and Anton ...
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Here are all the awesome award-winning indie games from IGF

Indie games are now offering experiences capable of matching -- and often surpassing -- that of big-budget blockbuster titles. The Independent Games Festival recognized the best of them on March 20. The post Here are all the awesome award-winning indie games from IGF appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Making a music video on a budget

Since MTV broke in the 80’s music videos have become a massive part of artist’s careers. Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you making a great video. First off you want to think about the kind of video you want to make. If you have ideas about what you want for your video then you can look at how to approach that. If you’re totally lost for what your music video will be then look at collaborating with a creative. If you know any filmmakers or artists they could help you realise your potentia...
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‘Adopt a Highway’ Review: An Honest, Open-Road Ballad About Life’s Unpredictability [SXSW]

Actor Logan Marshall-Green ’s directorial debut Adopt A Highway feels tailor-made for Austin’s South by Southwest Film Festival. It has nothing to do with horror, mind you, despite Blumhouse’s production banner. What could double as an acoustic country ballad whispers a nomad folk tale about one simple task: getting by. Indie bloodlines run through Marshall-Green’s jailhouse poetry without overly romanticized narratives, more appropriately about passing moments than revelations. It’s about mu...
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‘Depraved’ Trailer: Larry Fessenden Resurrects ‘Frankenstein’

Indie horror guru Larry Fessenden hasn’t directed a feature film since 2013, but he’s returning with Depraved. The film is a reimagining of Frankenstein, told through Fessenden’s own unique lens. Starring David Call, Joshua Leonard, Alex Breaux, Ana Kayne, Maria Dizzia, Chloë Levine, Owen Campbell and Addison Timlin, Depraved will have its world premiere this month at What the Fest!?, and in honor of the festival debut, the first Depraved trailer is here. Watch it below. Depraved Trailer ...
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Sales statistics for January 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for January 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. The post Sales statistics for January 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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How to get my music on YouTube Music free

Over a billion people use YouTube and with YouTube Music they’ve created a dedicated platform for all of the great music uploaded and released around the world. Get your music in front of that giant audience for FREE with RouteNote. Getting your music on the top services gives people from all around the world the ability to discover and listen to your music at any time. YouTube Music is the new home for music on YouTube bringing a dedicated music streaming service to the world’s favourite ...
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