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How China’s Realme sold 50 million phones in just over 2 years

Starting a new phone brand in 2018 might seem too late in an already crowded market, but Sky Li was convinced that consumers between 18-25 years old were largely under-served — they needed something that was both affordable and cool. A few months after Li founded Realme in May that year, the smartphone company organized a product launch at a college campus in India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market. It brought its own production crew, built a makeshift stage and invited local rappers...
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Financial experts say the shift from cash to real-time payments in Asia has accelerated, but the real challenge will be connecting those infrastructures across borders

Ari Sarker, co-president, Asia Pacific, Mastercard Mastercard RTPs are a critical element of nation building in the region, in particular around increased digital and financial inclusion India is global leader in RTPs, with 41 million transactions per day, closely followed by China While domestic RTP systems are growing across almost all Asian countries, cross border payments remain a challenge Business Insider has named some notable leaders transforming finance in Asia....
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Interest Cut in Asian Market: Explore How the Market is Being Affected

The central bank recently announced unexpected cuts to interest rates in New Zealand, Thailand, and India. China has also made a decision to reduce the interest rate so that it can achieve massive growth in its economy. While this decision of the central bank and China has proved to be very beneficial for Asian Market as they have experienced a massive boost in their economy.  It is said that the People’s Bank of China has cut the main interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to 4.6%; it i...
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India releases Chinese soldier who crossed their disputed border while helping 'local herdsman find lost yak'

Chinese soldiers during a training session at Pamir Mountains in Kashgar, in China's western Xinjiang region, August 28, 2020. Getty Images / STR / Contributor India has handed over a Chinese soldier who strayed across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between the two countries. The Chinese soldier was apprehended in the Demchok region of eastern Ladakh on Monday, according to The Economic Times of India. The Indian Army claims the People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldier was disoriented ...
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India-China dispute: India hands over soldier who crossed border

The PLA soldier was apprehended by India after he strayed across their contested border on Monday.
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Misleading India-China claims being shared online

Videos of the India-China border stand-off have been circulating - but they are not what they claim to be.
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Kingdom of mountains: Dogras and the East India Company

The Treaty of Amritsar, between the East India Company and the Dogra ruler, Raja Gulab Singh on 16 March 1846 was a watershed, for it not only created the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir under the suzerainty of the British Indian Empire, it also virtually defined the southern, eastern and... Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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Tensions between 3 nuclear-armed powers are rising toward the boiling point

Demonstrators shout slogans as they burn an effigy depicting Chinese President Xi Jinping during a protest against China, in Kolkata, June 18, 2020. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri The disputed borderlands between India, China, and Pakistan are increasingly becoming a flashpoint for conflict. The world can't ignore these growing challenges, and while the international community should look to help manage the situation, direct US involvement is probably not the best way forward, writes Abby Pokr...
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Stones of silence: Ladakh and beyond

Given the nature of the terrain, the Indo-Tibet boundary was always going to be a problem. Apart from its vastness—extending from the Karakorams in the west to the area beyond the Lohit River in the east—the actual demarcation could never be done. Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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Trump blames California — again — for fires, blames Democrats for protests and street violence

LOS ANGELES — President Donald Trump reiterated Tuesday that California is responsible for its raging fires. He said in the course of a wide-ranging 47-minute telephone interview on Fox & Friends that there are forests throughout the world, some abutting cities, with even more “explosive” trees than California’s dead trees, “but no fires.” The president has said in the past that California should do a better job sweeping leaves off forest floors as a fire-prevention strategy. He then broached Th...
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India-China dispute: China returns five missing Indian nationals

Chinese troops abducted the five Indian civilians in a disputed border area, reports say.
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Armed parachute drills by elite Chinese forces point to a military build-up amid flaring tensions with India

More than 300 Chinese troops parachuted onto the Tibetan plateau during a recent training exercise, according to Chinese state media. CCTV Chinese state media reports that over 300 Chinese troops conducted a jump over the Tibetan Plateau during a recent exercise. Drawing on elite forces from various units for high-altitude airdrops suggests China is preparing for potential conflict, analyst says. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. China appears to be preparing thousands of...
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AP Explains: What's driving India-China military standoff

Tensions along the disputed India-China border seem to be getting worse, three months after their deadliest confrontation in decades. The Asian giants accused each other this week of sending soldiers into the other’s territory and fired warning shots for the first time in 45 years, raising the specter of full-scale military conflict. The face-off began in early May with a fierce brawl before exploding into hand-to-hand combat with clubs, stones and fists on June 15 that left 20 Indian soldiers d...
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TikTok joins Europe’s code on countering illegal hate speech

Popular short video app TikTok has joined the European Union’s Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech, making it the ninth platform to abide by the code, the company announced on Tuesday. “Our ultimate goal is to eliminate hate on TikTok. We recognise that this may seem an insurmountable challenge as the world is increasingly polarised, but we believe that this shouldn’t stop us from trying,” said Cormac Keenan, head of trust and safety, EMEA at TikTok. “We have a zero-tolerance stanc...
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India-China dispute: The border row explained in 400 words

Here's what you need to know about a border dispute that has turned deadly high in the Himalayas.
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Parsi Embroidery: A Heritage Of Humanity

With fewer than 55,000 individuals in India, Parsi Zoroastrians have carved a niche for themselves in the country. From leading industrialists like Ratan Tata and Godrej to an army of talented Bollywood actors, prodigal Parsis are an asset to India’s culture and economy. Article by Dr. Shernaz Cama | Edited by Jyoti Boken | Socio Martini While their lip-smacking food, unusual last names, stellar Bollywood movies, acting skills and the sweet mention of ‘dikra’ (well-behaved boy) are a part of Ind...
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India-China tensions rise amid reports of abduction

Reports say Chinese troops abducted five Indian civilians, but Beijing is yet comment on the allegation.
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India, China accuse each other of provocation in new border standoff

India and China accused each other Monday of military provocation on their contested Himalayan border where a deadly showdown erupted in June -- even as commanders from the two sides held talks aimed at easing tensions.
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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative backs Indian education startup Eruditus in $113 million fundraise

Mumbai-based Eruditus, which works with top universities globally to offer more than 100 executive-level courses to students in over 80 nations, said on Monday it has raised $113 million in a new financing round as it looks to further scale its business to reach more learners. The Series D financing round for the 10-year-old startup was co-led by Leeds Illuminate and Prosus Ventures . Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and existing investors Sequoia India and Ved Capital also participated in the ro...
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Vivo pulls out as IPL 2020 title sponsors

The development follows a public outcry following clashes at the India-China border in June
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Vivo set to pull out as IPL 2020 title sponsors

The development follows a public outcry over following clashes at the India-China border in June
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India: Taming The Dragon: Cautious Moves By India In The Game Of Chinese Checkers - IndusLaw

While India-China relations have seen their fair share of ups and downs, owing largely to their approximately 4000 km long shared border, the past few weeks have witnessed heightened tensions, ...
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These are the 10 most discussed tech topics during COVID-19

COVID is changing the world and our technology conversations are changing with it.As part of work identifying promising technology use cases to combat COVID, The Boston Consulting Group recently used contextual AI to analyze more than 150 million English language media articles from 30 countries published between December 2019 to May 2020. While the research reflects media coverage and not technology development, the analysis still reveals a range of shifting interests. These shifts can give a s...
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Kargil War Redux in Galwan? A war reporter’s recollection of Operation Vijay

By occupying areas in Pangong Tso lake region till Finger 4, China’s PLA has effectively taken over India’s buffer zone territory and reduced its claim line by 8 km from what it was in 1960. There is another matter that is hardly occupying any media attention. The entire focus is on Chinese... Canary Trap is a platform for exclusive, well-researched, and objective information relating to intelligence, terrorism, corruption and politico-security matters.
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‘We Have Our Whole Lives Here’: Students Weigh Studying In Person Vs. Losing Visas

PHOENIX (AP) — International students worried about a new immigration policy that could potentially cost them their visas say they feel stuck between being unnecessarily exposed during the coronavirus pandemic and being able to finish their studies in America. Students from countries as diverse as India, China and Brazil told The Associated Press they are scrambling to devise plans after federal immigration authorities notified colleges this week that international students must leave the U.S. o...
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Blast From the Past: It’s a small tea world after all

With the wealth of valuable knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, we feel that some previous posts are worth sharing again. Thus, Fridays are “Blast From the Past” – where we choose a T Ching post from this month but a previous year that we feel is worth another read and breathe new life into it. Enjoy! Originally Posted: July 2011 Contributor: Dharlene Marie Fahl   “How many stories can you write about India?” Dan Robertson of The Tea House asked me.  ...
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Asia’s internet registry APNIC finds about 50 million unused IPv4 addresses behind the sofa

About three /8’s worth is a decent chunk of the total pool and locals unready to go all-in on IPv6 are hungry APNIC, the regional Internet address registry for India, China, and 54 other Asia-Pacific nations, has found about fifty million IPv4 addresses behind the sofa.…
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With the clock ticking against TikTok, Facebook expands Instagram Reels to India

Within ten days of TikTok’s ban in India, Facebook on Wednesday announced that it will start testing Instagram’s short video service, Reels, in the country. The company was already testing the service in Brazil, Germany and France. Reels’ is similar to TikTok, and will be integrated within the Instagram app. “People can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects and new creative tools”, just that users will have different ways to share their creations: “With their followers ...
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“India has ceded territory to China. Status quo ante has been lost. China has redrawn LAC”: scathing editorials call the Narendra Modi government’s bluff on the ‘Surender’ in Ladakh

Click to view slideshow. Editorials in India’s major English newspapers on the “mutual disengagement” that India and China have agreed upon, are nearly unanimous in their verdict: under “strong man” Narendra Modi, India has surrendered its territory to China. The mature and considered reading of the newspapers is in marked contrast to TV news channels parroting the BJP-led NDA government line, relayed via WhatsApp. Barring The Economic Times, the editorials unhesitatingly call out the failure of...
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