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Best architecture in Africa

Africa is big . Fifty-four countries big. Approximately 11.7 million square miles, or 20 percent of Earth’s land area, big. Around 1.3 billion people, 3,000 indigenous groups, and 2,000 languages big. To say nothing of its age, with a human history that began some 200,000 years ago and has since witnessed the rise and fall of countless empires, survived political wars and religious conflicts, experienced colonizations and reclamations of identity. Yet, despite its size and the individual herit...
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The city will survive coronavirus

In a recent essay, New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman asked “Can City Life Survive Coronavirus?” It seems an apt question in this extraordinary time of mandated retreat from public life.  City streets and spaces normally teeming with people are nearly deserted now, evoking scenes from a Terry Gilliam film.  In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 we have shut down the sites where the rituals of daily urban life unfold, “third places” like cafes and bars and community center...
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Long Beach’s paraplegic star Angela Madsen to row across Pacific

By Gary Metzger, Contributing writer The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of the world’s five oceans. It extends approximately 9,600 miles. It connects Asia and Australia to the Americas. Traversing the ocean on a ship is arduous. Now imagine rowing across it. Well, if all goes well, Long Beach’s Angela Madsen will have rowed more than 25% of the Pacific by July. If you’re counting, that’s about 2,500 miles. Madsen, a three-time Paralympian and U.S. Marine veteran, is aiming to set a wor...
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Chennai Six member says Johnson did 'nothing' to secure release

Nick Dunn was arrested while working as a security guard on an anti-piracy ship in 2013A former British serviceman who spent four years in an Indian prison has said he was let down by the UK government and that Boris Johnson did “nothing” as foreign secretary to secure their release.Nick Dunn, 34, was one of six British men who were detained while working as security guards on the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, an anti-piracy vessel, in the Indian Ocean in 2013. Continue reading...
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 11

France now has 1,331 fatal cases of Covid-19 in its hospitals, an increase of 231 in 24 hours. The number of people in intensive care rose from 2,516 to 2,827. "We are only at the beginning of the crisis,"  warned the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. President Macron speaks to the nation from the heart of the worst hit city. A New Attestation It’s most likely the lockdown will go through April 28th now. And there’s a new attestation with additional boxes to check and a specific spo...
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The Latest: Sen. Romney of Utah tests negative for virus

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 428,000 people and killed over 19,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. The COVID-19 illness causes mild or moderate symptoms in most people, but severe symptoms are more likely in the elderly or those with existing health problems. More than 109,000 people have recovered so far, mostly in China.TOP OF THE HOUR:— Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus.— Putin orders military to help with virus outbreak.— Environmen...
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What the massive locust swarm in Africa and the Middle East means to the US

In this photo taken Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, young desert locusts that have not yet grown wings jump in the air as they are approached, as a visiting delegation from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) observes them, in the desert near Garowe, in the semi-autonomous Puntland region of Somalia. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis) Amid worldwide concerns over the new coronavirus, an age-old but now "extremely alarming" problem is developing in several countries that represents "an unprecedented threa...
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Taj Samudra - Sri Lanka's Stunning Waterfront Hotel

Sri Lanka, the island nation, is a mesmerizing mix of beaches, valleys, mountains, and forests. This compact destination has a wide array of cultures and unexplored hamlets ready to be explored. Quite hard to resist, Sri Lanka has been a favourite destination for couples for a while now. Romantic walks on the beach, adrenaline-pumping hikes in the mountains, discover ancient temples; there is something for every kind of couple. Here we share a list of things to do in Sri Lanka along with accom...
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Sub-Saharan Africa Shuts Borders, Schools to Contain Virus

(Bloomberg) -- South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster to combat the spread of the coronavirus as his counterparts in sub-Saharan Africa took similar steps to curb the threat in a region that accounts for only 1% of global health-care spending.Ramaphosa’s measures ranged from halting flights from nations struggling to control the virus, closing 35 of the country’s 53 land border posts, banning gatherings of more than 100 people and shutting schools from Marc...
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Tropical Cyclone Herold drenches northeastern Madagascar

After meandering near the northeastern corner of Madagascar as a tropical storm, a tropical cyclone developed on Sunday and was given the name Herold.On Saturday, Herold produced 206 mm of rain in Sambava and 104 mm of rain in Antalaha, both located along the northeastern coast of Madagascar.As of late Monday local time, Tropical Cyclone Herold is equivalent in strength to a Category 2 hurricane in the Atlantic and East Pacific basins. This satellite image from Monday afternoon shows Tropical...
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This pandemic risks bringing out the worst in humanity

A woman at an Australian supermarket allegedly pulls a knife on a man in a confrontation over toilet paper. A Singaporean student of Chinese ethnicity is beaten up on the streets of London and left with a fractured face. Protesters on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion welcome cruise passengers by hurling abuse and rocks at them.
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Analysis: This pandemic risks bringing out the worst in humanity

A woman at an Australian supermarket allegedly pulls a knife on a man in a confrontation over toilet paper. A Singaporean student of Chinese ethnicity is beaten up on the streets of London and left with a fractured face. Protesters on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion welcome cruise passengers by hurling abuse and rocks at them.
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Germany plans to send a warship to the Indian Ocean

The air-defense vessel will begin its journey in May with interceptor test-firings off the coast of Norway.
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CHRISTMAS STAR ORCHID - Angraecum sesquipedale

Christmas Star Orchid  - Angraecum sesquipedale The Christmas Star Orchid  - Angraecum sesquipedale, is an epiphytic orchid species native only to Madagascar, an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa. It was first discovered in 1798 by the French botanist Louis-Marie Aubert du Petit-Thouars (1758 – 1831), although it was not formally described by him until 1822. Angraecum sesquipedale and pollinator moth It is of particular interest due to its...
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Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia

New international research by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and colleagues has found a marked change in the Indian Ocean's surface temperatures that puts southeast Australia on course for increasingly hot and dry conditions.
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Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia

New international research has found a worrying change in the Indian Ocean's surface temperatures that puts southeast Australia on course for increasingly hot and dry conditions.
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Police to review inquiry into 2000 disappearance of Dubai ruler's daughter

Family court ruled this week that Sheikha Shamsa al-Maktoum was probably abducted by her fatherThe lapsed investigation into the disappearance of the ruler of Dubai’s daughter from the streets of Cambridge 20 years ago is to be reviewed, police have said.Confirmation that detectives could revive their criminal inquiries follows a damning family court judgment that found – on the balance of probabilities – that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum orchestrated the abduction of two of his daughte...
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Brave snorkeler swims in a group of nurse sharks in the Maldives

A snorkeler in the Maldives had a terrifying but unique experience as he swam above a group of nurse sharks in the Indian Ocean.         [Author: Storyful]
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Dubai ruler organised kidnapping of his children, UK court rules

Ruling backs Princess Haya’s claim that husband Sheikh Mohammed intimidated herCan Sheikh Mohammed’s reputation survive?The ruler of Dubai orchestrated the abductions two of his children – one from the streets of Cambridge – and subjected his youngest wife to a campaign of “intimidation”, a damning UK family court judgment has found.In findings that risk destabilising diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates, a close Gulf ally of Britain, the actions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Ma...
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Bevan Slattery, SUB.CO Aim Across the Indian Ocean with OAC

The Australian serial tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery is taking another fiber project off the drawing board and into the marketplace. Today his latest venture, SUB.CO, announced that the Oman Australia Cable project has now reached 'Contract In Force' status. ... [visit site to read more]
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3D Printed Sand Resort in Mozambique to Open soon

Kisawana Sanctuary will open in 2020 Prices start at $8,124 a night for a one bedroom bungalow and while that certainly is steep, not only will you be able to boast about your stay in the 3D-printed sand kingdom, but you’ll even get your own private chef, dedicated staff, a spa, diving, a marine safari, and access to your own electric vehicle and e-bike. via GQ Benguerra Island is situated 14 kilometers off Mozambique, on the Eastern coast of Africa. Part of the Bazaruto Archipelago, this WWF ...
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Police clash with French islanders fearing coronavirus among tourists

Saint-Denis de la Reunion (AFP) - Police used tear gas on protesting residents of France's Indian Ocean territory Reunion Island on Sunday who tried to block passengers of a cruise ship turned away from nearby Madagascar for fear there may be people infected with the coronavirus on board. The incident came just hours after clashes between police and protesters near the airport in Martinique, another French overseas territory, demanding strict control of any new arrivals as panic over the outbre...
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This Picture Terrified China: The Navy Surfaced Three Submarines At Once

“In July 2010, three SSGNs surfaced nearly simultaneously in Western Pacific and Indian Ocean waters, allegedly to signal U.S. displeasure over Chinese missile tests in the East China Sea."
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Souqs in Middle East, North Africa

If it were possible to distill the essence of the Middle East and North Africa into a single experience, it would be a jaunt through the spice-ladened air of a busy souq. Souqs, collections of adjacent vendors often sprawled out over a plaza or multiple semi-enclosed streets, have served as the economic hubs of Middle Eastern metropolises since their first appearance, which some researchers contend was as early as 2,000 BC. Despite the vast distances and imposing geographies separating them...
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Yearly rainfall totals may be surpassed in Madagascar as more tropical rainfall looms

Meteorologists are monitoring more tropical development near Madagascar which could trigger flooding and also cause some locations to surpass their average yearly rainfall totals less than a quarter of the way into 2020.The island is no stranger to an abundance of wet weather, including the threat of tropical downpours.Much of central and northern Madagascar has been hit the hardest in the region since the start of the year; this includes a flooding event that took place at the end of January.> ...
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AccuWeather's 2020 Asia spring forecast

It's here. AccuWeather's annual spring forecast for Asia is out -- and meteorologists are expecting a warmer-than-average season for much of the continent in 2020.While a large swath is set for ample rain this season, other locations will face building drought.Additionally, coastal areas will be at risk for a few tropical cyclones. Meanwhile, a couple of early-season cold outbreaks are forecast from eastern Siberia into northeastern Mongolia and the northern Heilongjiang province of C...
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Honeymoon from hell: Coronavirus travel bans trap South Koreans abroad

The honeymoons of 34 South Korean newly-weds on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius turned into a holiday from hell after they were rounded up and held in isolation by authorities due to fears over the coronavirus, according to Seoul officials.
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The South African nation does not exist

There is no deep comradeship, common ancestry or monopoly on the legitimate use of force The post The South African nation does not exist appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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True or False Geography Quiz: Answers and Winners! by PW Fun & Learning

Way to go, geography buffs! That quiz took us all over the world, and you kept up with us at every turn. You deserve a round of applause! Note: We had a question about New Zealand and Australia and we meant to ask which one was farther south but the way we worded the question was, in retrospect, a bit confusing. So we threw that question out (begone!) and it won’t factor into your final score. Here are the stats, answers, and winners.   STATS 1,326 people took the quiz. 225 people aced it! The q...
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Former Australian Prime Minister Claims ‘Top Levels’ of Malaysian Government Suspected Pilot of Missing Plane MH370

(PERTH, Australia) — Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the “top levels” of the Malaysian government long suspected that the disappearance of a plane almost six years ago was a mass murder-suicide by the pilot. Abbott was prime minister when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 carrying 239 people vanished on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Australia, working on Malaysia’s behalf, coordinated what became the largest search in aviation history, but it fai...
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