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How Are Music Festivals Becoming More Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable?

The onset of summer means it's festival season once again - time for rocking out to your favorite artists and spreading good vibes all around. Unfortunately, good vibes won't be the only things spread around, as festivals typically generate vast amounts of garbage and waste. Here we look at what festivals can and should be doing as they move toward a more sustainable model. ________________________________ In this recent piece on MusicThinkTank, Sam Bowman explores some important initia...
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It's No Longer A Major Label World

If there was still any doubt in your mind that you didn't need to be signed to a major label in order to succeed in the music industry, wonder no longer, as new data reveals just how much of market share indies have gained in recent years. __________________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 If you thought that you needed to sign with a major record label or publisher in order to have success, that’s no longer true and there’s a lot of data to prove it. No met...
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It’s Time to Embrace the Fashion Sock

Socks have historically been one of the most under-appreciated players on Team Fashion, especially when it comes to women’s fashion. Men’s fashion has been appreciating socks for so much longer than we have, but with the whole gender-based fashion thing slowly melting into the past, women everywhere are starting to bask in the glory of a stylish sock. It’s arguable that socks are the most genuine representation of a person’s individual style, and possibly even their personality. Think about it. ...
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Indie RPG YIIK Plagiarizes Best-selling Author Haruki Murakami

Developer of indie RPG YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, Andrew Allanson, has been called out as it seems his game uses text taken directly from Haruki Murakami’s “After Dark”. To further evidence the developer having intimate knowledge of Murakami’s work, he stated himself in an episode of the “The Dick Show” podcast he was “trying to make […]
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Slow Pulp: Do You Feel It

Roaring and somewhat reminiscent of a staticky space transmission, Slow Pulp’s “Do You Feel It” turns from a minimal soundscape into a classic—almost hair metal—anthem. Guitars slowly creep in as steady drums keep it all together. There’s an almost live quality to the track—which emits incredible energy over its short but sweet two mintues.
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8 Best Methods For Promoting Your Music

In the digital age, many traditional obstacles to cultivating a successful career have been lifted. But this also means the field is more crowded. Cathy Baylis looks at how entrepreneurial artists can most effectively promote their music and stand out in the crowd. In this latest contribution to MusicThinkTank,  outlines the eight best and most effective ways to promote your music to an audience. "An industry report conducted by the Next Big Sound shows that over 90% of all artistswor...
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Unique Music Merchandise Ideas

Just like any small business, a band needs to turn a profit. Merch can be an excellent way to bring in additional revenue while also being the perfect avenue through which to expand a personal or artistic brand. _______________________ Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog Being in a band has its perks, for sure. You get to travel around doing what you love, you don’t have to clock into work every day, and you will never have to come up with an excuse to get out of sho...
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How Spotify Pre-Saves Can Boost An Album Release

With the streaming age in full swing, pre-saves have booted out pre-sales and become a great way to get fans access to your music first, and give you a play count boost when your album finally drops. In this piece C hristine Elise Occhino walks us through how to utilize the Spotify pre-save feature for maximum efficacy. ___________________________ Guest post by Christine Elise Occhino of Soundfly's Flypaper In the new digital music market, pre-save (formerly known as “pre-sale,” bef...
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Johnny Utah: Honeypie

Upbeat and playfully awkward, Philadelphia-based Johnny Utah’s “Honeypie” is equal parts disco-pop and indie delight. Though brief (at just over two minutes long) the song is infectious, thanks to a glitzy beat, handclaps, tambourine, and the overlying falsettos.
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SoundCloud Adds Pioneer DJ Integration

SoundCloud has launched its latest DJ software integration with Pioneer DJ. Through its We DJ app, SoundCloud users can instantly stream and mix SoundCloud’s catalog of 200 million tracks from  20 million creators. A SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription is needed. Pioneer DJ joins DJ software integrations with Serato, Virtual DJ and DEX 3. SoundCloud will be rolling out additional DJ software integrations later this year. How To: Download and log into Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ on...
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Spotify 'Storyline' Let's Artists Tell Stories Behind Their Songs Instagram Style

Spotify is widely testing its own version of Instagram Stories for musicians and songwriters. "Storyline" provides curated commentary about each song running slideshow-style as the song plays    Spotify Tests ‘Storyline’ – a Snapchat-Style Stories Feature Offering Additional Artist Content by @waxeditorial — (@MacRumors) May 14, 2019 Currently available to a limited group artists, Spotify's Storyline borrows from...
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BUSINESS OF INDIE: Why Downtown Bought CD Baby • Vinyl vs Mother Earth • Canada's Indie Awards • More

In this week's edition of the Business Of Indie , Downtown music's CEO speaks out on why they acquired CD Baby, confronting the environmental impacts of vinyl records, Canada's 2019 Indie Music Award winners and more.  Like Hypebot's More News  section,  The Business Of Indie  is nestled under its own  Indie tab at the top of the site and features a regularly updated compendium of indie news from hundreds of global sources.   READ BUSINESS OF INDIE HERE. [Author:...
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A Hat in Time Becomes Furry in Latest DLC Expansion

Independent developer Gears for Breakfast has released the newest Nyakuza Metro DLC for their successfully kickstarted platformer A Hat in Time. The newest piece of content will take Hat Girl into a futuristic Japan-inspired metro system run by giant anthropomorphic felines. The Nyakuza Metro DLC will add more time pieces for Hat Girl to collect along […]
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Men I Trust: Norton Commander (All We Need)

With a muffled bass line and airy vocals, Men I Trust’s “Norton Commander (All We Need)” is an enveloping, downtempo love song. The Montreal-based trio’s lead Emma Proulx whisper-sings over the slow-burning song—setting an intimate scene. Adding to the laid-back and breezy vibe, the video places Proulx and friend (actor Lawrence Dickerson) driving and dancing through southern California at dusk.
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4 Benefits To Recording, Releasing Commentary For Your Music

Sometimes it can be hard to convey everything you want about your music through the album alone - luckily this creates the perfect opportunity to release commentary, giving fans insight into your creative process while keeping them engaged in the music. ____________________________ Guest post by Hugh McIntyre of the Symphonic Blog Do you ever feel like you’re not able to convey the full story when it comes to a certain song with lyrics alone? Maybe there’s a fantastic behind-the-sce...
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Ready to hang out your shingle? Avoid these 5 mistakes

As attractive as having your own brokerage firm might be, the sad fact is that many fail. To ensure that your business isn't doomed from the start, avoid these mistakes when opening your own brokerage.
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Marketing Smart: Who Is The Audience? [Jack Udell]

While many artists seek exponential growth borne of a viral stunt, too many of them focus on the tactics and strategy of making this happen without giving enough thought to what it is that their audience actually wants. _________________________ Guest post by Jake Udell from Art of Manager I need a stunt… I get that text multiple times a week  You too may be in need of viral power… A marketing driver capable of creating exponential growth for your artist or product. The cha...
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Facebook Alters Its Video Ranking System

In what looks like a move that could possibly be changing things for the better, Facebook is once again tailoring its video algorithm, giving preference to videos containing longer runtimes and more repeat viewers, while penalizing so called 'content mills.' ______________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 In a move that’s probably better for everyone but a select few, Facebook is tweaking its algorithm when it comes to videos. The move penalizes subscribers that use...
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YouTube, Google Music Services Have Just 16M Subscribers [REPORT]

YouTube Music and Google Play Music have a total of just 15-16 million subscribers, according to two new reports; and growth has plateaued. The number includes customers who are on promotional trials. The company added 5 million music subscribers since YouTube introduced the new service last May, sources tell Bloomberg. Compared to the 1.9 billion people who use YouTube monthly or even the 100 million that subscribe to Spotify, 15-16 million paid subscribers must be a disappointment to...
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TuneCore Upgrades Music Publishing Administration Service

TuneCore has announced enhancements to its  Music Publishing Administration services including faster song registration, an all-in-one solution for monitoring distribution and publishing, faster international royalty collection and an improved ‘splits’ process. Five years ago, TuneCore began offering Music Publishing Administration services for its distributed artists. TuneCore is the first company to integrate ‘RightsApp’ powered by Sentri) into its publishing administration services ...
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Tinder Adds ‘Festival Mode’ To Enable Music Fest Hookups

Hookup app Tinder has added “Festival Mode” which effectively connects users at music festivals who are looking to 'connect.' The new feature allows users to add badges to their  profile to show which music festivals that are attending over the summer. The app then prompts users to make a selection on the Festival Mode card, which will give other users a heads-up that they’ll be at a festival and potentially willing to meet. Users will be able to select from 12 festivals in both the US...
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The Event Marketing Lifecycle: When Can You Sell The Most Tickets?

When and where you market your event is essential to selling tickets, and thanks to a plethora of data, we can now map out an event's entire marketing lifecycle in order to pinpoint when the most opportune times to sell the maximum number of tickets will occur. __________________________ Guest post by Sophia Vaccaro of Eventbrite It would be great if you could plan your event advertising strategy based on what you wish would happen with your ticket sales — but you know that wishes d...
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Listen Up

Genre-bending new tunes by some of our favorites this week Collard: Hell Song From his debut album Unholy, “Hell Song” is a genre-bending jam by London-based Collard. With elements of rock, blues, funk and R&B, the track is hazy, sultry and full of Collard’s fiery falsetto. Produced by Zach Nahome, the song will appeal to Prince and D’Angelo fans—but Collard isn’t imitating either of them. …
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Baby Rose: Sold Out

Baby Rose’s rich vocals rise with emotion from the complex but supportive arrangements in “Sold Out.” Vocals aside, the track is hazy—raw, emotional and soulful, bound by R&B and soul influences. There are moments of sunny bliss, even when the lyrics detail bitter heartbreak and moving on.
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Pandora Adds Ticketmaster Integration

Pandora has partnered Ticketmaster to bring more concert dates to the platform. “In our ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive and seamless artist marketing experience, Pandora has partnered with Ticketmaster to transform live event promotion,” SiriusXM owned streamer said in a statement. According to Pandora, which plans to pull touring data in real-time from Ticketmaster’s API, artists will now be able to “communicate with their fans about live events easier than ever before.” The ...
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3 Updates Make Facebook A Better Place To Market Music

Facebook is rolling out FB5, a new design for that’s "simpler, faster, more immersive and puts your communities at the center."  Three of the updates offer musicians and music marketers new and better opportunities to stay connected with fans and sell more tickets. Some of the updates will roll out this week in the mobile apps, with more feature's being added in the coming weeks. In a change that should help sell more tickets, starting this summer, a Facebook Events tab will be located...
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Super Mario Bros. First Level Reimagined as Ten Different Games

The Big Breakfast Collective – a team consisting of Alex Williams, Phillip Busch, Dennis Lorenze, and Mattia Traverso – has recreated part of the first Super Mario Bros. level as ten different games. The indie developers have re-imagined the 1-1 level of Mario as a text-based adventure, a classic FPS, an FMV adventure game, a point & […]
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TUE. BRIEF: Spotify Hits 100M Premium Subs • Twitter Expands Live Streams • Pandora + Ticketmaster • More

TUESDAY 4.30. 19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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AM BRIEF: Spotify Hits 100M Premium Subs • Twitter Expands Live Streams • Pandora + Ticketmaster • More

TUESDAY 4.30. 19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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How Not To Get Caught In The Set It And Forget It Trap

Too many artists forget to change bios, links, call to actions, photos after an album, tour and other milestones and events. On this week's Music Biz Weekly podcast Michael Brandvold  and Jay Gilbert discuss some tips we learned from speaking with YouTube, like setting up your video name, description, keywords and custom thumbnail. Did you know that even the file name matters? [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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