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Indie pop's KINLEY Expresses Her Heart on New Album (premiere) (album stream)

Regarding "Lightworkers", KINLEY says, "I wrote this song for my best friend Chrissy and her fiance Ryan. It's their love story, combined with Ryan's cancer journey." "Take It From Me", KINLEY tells PopMatters, "is a reflection of a past relationship. It was a secret relationship since he already had a girlfriend. I thought it could work out. I was naive. This song is a piece of advice to anyone thinking they're in love in a love affair. 'You're better off waiting for the real thing." Regar...
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"A Certain Kind of Dream Quality": An Interview with Donovan Quinn

In what ways do you feel like your songwriting has changed from 2012 to now? I know the album contains reworkings of older material, so that might be a little harder to answer, but how can you chart your evolution as a songwriter? Well, as you get older, you get to know yourself better and better. I think this can be a good or a bad thing because you start to know specifically what your talents are, what it is that you like, and you don't like. Also, in terms of songwriting, probably the bigg...
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Christopher Paul Stelling Wishes You 'Best of Luck'

However, by placing "Hear Me Calling", a blistering rocker just after "Something in Return", Stelling shows that sometimes the path to a new way of life isn't always linear, and some backsliding is inevitable. With that last blast of rock'n'roll, Stelling then ends the album with two quiet reflections. On "Waiting Game", Stelling notes, "Is this a test of our resilience, or is it just a waiting game?" With the final song, "Good Night Sweet Dreams" the wait appears to be over, for now, as the s...
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Americana's Jen Starsinic Probes Depression and Anxiety in "Bad Actor" (premiere)

The Berklee College of Music graduate delivers a poignant, intimate and stunning track with "Bad Actor", highlighting the loneliness of anxiety and depression while avoiding clichés and offering up a musical setting that is at once deeply familiar and stunningly new.Starsinic adds, "I think it's hard to admit to yourself when you're that down, like embracing it is going to make it worse when really it's the only way through it. So writing a song about how messed up I felt was pretty comforting...
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TORRES' 'Silver Tongue' Offers a Subtle Geography of Desire

Importantly, Silver Tongue marks Scott's first time at the production helm, and her music has benefitted from it. Propulsive percussion, woozy guitars, atmospheric pads, and warbly synths ferry the songs across styles, genres: neo-grunge, synth revival, heavy folk, bedroom pop, electro-anthem, post-rock, drone, fantasy film score. It's not all bombast, though. Check out the musical subtleties on "Two of Everything" where three elements—Scott's voice, the synth-guitar lead, and the rumbly bass—...
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Honey Magpie Value the Art of Taking One's Time in "Undecided" (premiere)

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Alexa Rose Breathes New Life Into Americana with 'Medicine For Loving'

The album's strengths well outweigh its weaknesses, and it's mostly due to Rose's vocal acrobatics. Just where you might begin to think a song is leaning too heavily into tropes of the genre, Rose goes up or down an octave or twists a word to make it fit unexpectedly, and the song becomes something stronger, something new. Furthermore, lyrics like "Can I borrow your heart?" or "Got a pretty good deal on a pre-owned heart" that would seem trite coming another performer are transformed coming fr...
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The Lumineers Get Cerebral on 'III'

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Michael Kiwanuka Journeys Into His Soul

"Light", the closing song, is a deeply soulful ballad that might attempt to answer the questions raised by "Solid Ground". With a combination of enigmatic lyrics and music, "Light" might gently evoke some of Jimmy Webb's haunting songs for some listeners. The gradual fadeout of "Light" features an eerie guitar solo and backing singers repeating the lyric, "A mile apart, leave and be free". As the end of the Kiwanuka journey, "Light" leaves the listener in a completely different destination fro...
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Folk Rock's the Dales Contemplate "Easy Times" (premiere)

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Stand and Sway Take It "One Day at a Time" (premiere)

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